Mutharika courts British investors, assures of conducive investment environment in Malawi

Malawi President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has assured British investors of a conducive environment in terms of geographical dividends, skilled human resource base, legal system and administrative environment once they choose Malawi as their investment destination.

Part of the audience during meeting with APM in London

Part of the audience during meeting with APM in London

MHC deputy CEO Eunice Napolo speaking at the event

MHC deputy CEO Eunice Napolo speaking at the event

Serious talk in progress

Serious talk in progress

Businessman James Chuma speaking on behakf of Malawi's businesspersons.

Businessman James Chuma speaking on behakf of Malawi’s businesspersons.

During a meeting with British investors in London on Tuesday, President Mutharika unpacked the many advantages that Malawi has first as an individual investment destination and also as a regional and continental strategic economy.

He pointed out Malawi’s historic relations with the United Kingdom as a platform from which UK investors should base their trust and potential in the Malawi market. “Being a former British colony, the culture in government business and commerce is modelled on the British tradition. English is also the country’s official language and it is the language of instruction in the education system; and the legal system is based on English Common Law,” he said.

The President told the investors that Malawi, despite being a landlocked country is linked strategically to SADC, COMESA, East Africa Community (EAC) and Africa as a whole.

“ Africa is simply looked as a place of resource extraction, minerals, oils, gas and labour force. With its 800 million plus population and a US$1 trillion goods and services market, Africa is increasingly becoming a major centre of production and consumption. The continent is organizing itself into a single trading bloc with less barriers to trade and is also developing its basic infrastructure for transport and logistics, energy, water, telecommunications and others necessary for private sector investments. All these provide huge opportunities for investment,” said President Mutharika.

Narrowing down on Malawi market, the President highlighted the deliberate policies that his government has put in place to support the private sector and accommodate new investors in the economy.

He said government has streamlined the investment process so as to make it simpler, fast and effective.

“We have established the One Stop Service Centre at the Malawi Investment Trade Centre (MITC) which is now working on defined time lines for processing investor applications. The centre offers company registration services, immigration permits, fiscal incentives, and land services. MITC handles all investor requirements even for institutions that have not yet moved to the One Stop Service Centre, for example, the environmental impact assessment services, utility connections among others,” said President Mutharika adding that MITC is also mandated with the allocation of land for industrial parks to be established in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

He added “We have a legal and regulatory regime conducive to private sector development and we continue to improve on this through continuous reviewing and passing of relevant legislation through our Parliament”.

Among some of the existing investment opportunities in Malawi are in agriculture under the Greenbelt initiative (GBI), manufacturing, tourism plus eco-tourism, energy, infrastructure development, transportation, Banking and Finance, ICT and extractive industry.

The Malawi leader assured the investors of readily-available markets for their goods and services.

“We are a growing and expanding market. In addition to increasing domestic demand for Malawi products, there is potential for Malawi to serve regional and global markets. Malawi enjoys preferential access to strategic markets to SADC and COMESA region spanning more than 20 African countries in east, south, north and central Africa.

“Malawi also duty and quota free market access to the European Union (EU) under the Everything But Arms (EBA) framework, enjoys tariff preference for exports to China, duty free access to India, and preferential trade benefits from the USA under AGOA,” he said.

The assurances were extended to crucial areas such as security and a highly skilled and/or trainable workforce.

The interface meeting – organized by United Kingdom’s Minister for Africa, Hon. James Duddridge and United High Commissioner to Malawi, Michael Nevin- was attended by business leaders and captains of the industry from both the United Kingdom and Malawi, officials from the UK and Malawi government among others.

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21 thoughts on “Mutharika courts British investors, assures of conducive investment environment in Malawi”

  1. Mjomba Yusuf Jonas says:

    Kuli mikundatu uku, madzi kapena mowa?

    thats why akunyamula mtundu onse kuti azikathandizana kugwetsa misinje imeneyi

  2. Jj says:

    You need a retard of an investor to come to Malawi and not go to Zambia or Tanzania. This high level delegation is all about themselves not about attracting investors.

  3. Mbuli says:

    Can we fix domestic issues first before we woo investors to a country with:
    1 failing economy
    2. Poor infrastructure
    3. Unreliable electricity
    4. Unreliable water supply
    5. Poor security
    6. Worst level of corruption
    7. Poor governance
    8. No health care
    9. High bank interest/ lending. Rates
    10. No disposable income

  4. Independent Diplomat says:

    Keep it up Mr President. We will not leave you alone. We are aware of the fact that you inherited a lot of man-made problems, such as cash gate;

  5. chimwemwe says:

    Please sort out the kwacha it is losing value every single day RBM is just watching and doing nothing, RBM staff just replace them as there job is to protect malaiwans from inflation and excessive devaluation, but they are doing nothing, and therefore inflation is getting out of hand, i am suprised Chuka has still maintained his job anywhere else in the world he would have gone by long, Tatopa ndi mabvuto

  6. Kumpwepe says:

    Eunice Napolo is she not MP for Thyolo Thekerani?

  7. Mzozo kununkha says:

    Nice of you Mr President, your efforts are quite remarkable how ever we must walk a talk so as to have our ailed economy fixed. Time is another factor as regards the road to success

  8. Bololo says:

    Keep talking to investors Mr President, and whilst you are at it relentlessly pursue your government’s agenda of public sector reform.
    It makes no sense to draw water with a leaking bucket. At the moment the reforms are progressing at a snails pace.
    Scarce resources are still being wasted on luxuries, just see the number of huge 4 X 4 vehicles belonging to government and parastatals plying our roads and bloated inefficient civil service full of slackers all feasting on our taxes.
    Malawi needs to cut its cloth according to size, balance it’s books, all these meetings will be in vain if this current attitude of business as usual is not curtailed. The country needs to be run like a business that wants to grow and prosper.
    If the VP is the champion of reform why is he not leading by example with all these long convoys for himself and his wife. Is it just another case of a Ten point plan which was good enough for the masses but not for the champion who was busy enjoying flying around the world in 1st Class with dollar bundles and building mansions when the rest of us were scratching our heads barely surviving on crumbs.
    Politicians should walk the talk.

  9. Lake Malawi says:

    Amalawi matama too much; mulibe ndalama koma kumsonkhano ndi azungu eni ndalamawo inu busy ndi ma ipad pamene olemerawo akulemba pa paper with a pen choncho mungalandire chithandizo. Chithunzi izi ndizopatsa chidwi kwambiri.

  10. Chingolopiyo says:

    Busy for nothing! 1 Malawi has 18hrs of blackout. 2 Malawi has eratic water supply. 3 Insecurity is another problem: gunmen gud rob a whole bank or shoot an invester or an ACB staff be kidnapped and killed with no trace. 4 Just by the name Mutharika to the Britons mean: {a}Personal non grata, {b} Intorerance to critism. {c} Corruption of highest level, etc

  11. Nathenje trading centre says:

    our president is now impressing me,some people think these meetings are fruitless but am telling you one or two of those investors will really come and invest in Malawi,remember how carlsberg from Denmark was brought to Malawi? it was just like a simple thing, infact Kamuzu used to send a mere minister the likes of JZU and others for discussions with the Danish,and look now at how carlsberg has greatly impacted and improved our economy but what did Malawi have that time to convince a foreign investor,nothing,but because of positive aggression and right mind of Kamuzu he managed to do and achieve whatever he wanted in his mind.

    Nobody in the world thought Malawi could’ve its own University,Kamuzu shocked them!

    Nobody in the world thought Malawi could’ve its own state of the art international airport(Kamuzu international airport),Kamuzu shocked them!

    Everyone in the world thought Kamuzu was losing his mind and needed mental check up for proposing a very huge project of creating a new capital city in Lilongwe which would involve millions upon millions of Dollars which was considered as an almost impossible thing even for the well to do countries,but you know what Kamuzu shocked the world!

    Legendary musician Jimmy cliff sang a very beautiful song titled YOU CAN GET IT IF REALLY WANT.

    And to quote what Professor Bingu wa muthalika said a few years ago THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT,THE LIMIT IS IN YOU MIND

    This is a lesson for us from Kamuzu,never limit yourself with your mind,I have heard on several occasions poor minded Malawians saying APM is just wasting his time no investor will come to Malawi,they say amalawi ndife ayani ife tili ndi chani ife,that’s what many mentally retarded Malawians say.

    The importance of improving infrastructures and service delivery cannot be over emphasised but then does that mean we should stop talking to potential investors.
    Keep it up Mr president

  12. Bob says:

    This man is staying too long outside the country.

  13. Telling the Truth says:

    Peter Mutharika is not presenting the truth. We are now enduring prolonged electricity blackouts and that domestic demand for goods and services is weak as the majority of Malawians have low incomes. Furthermore Malawi for a long time is party to bilateral and multilateral trade agreements so it is not something new. It is not helping Malawi .Mutharika’s focus is wrong and will not bear any meaningful results. Mutharika does not understand why Malawi is still the poorest country in the world 51years after independence. Bad governance and failure to implement policies that increase the disposal income of the majority of ordinary Malawians is what is holding back Malawi. Since Peter Mutharika became President in May 2014 the economy has deteriorated with inflation topping 24% interest rates at 45% and the Kwacha is losing value. Clearly Peter Mutharika is failing Malawians. He has no clue on how to revive the economy.

  14. Zambulo says:

    All Mutharika knows is foreign investment. He does of know how to solve local problems. By thge way, let him come back. He can’t be away for 10 days. It is too much.

  15. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Why would an investor come to Malawi and not Tanzania?

  16. James kotoki says:

    I just want to warn you my fellow British citizens that there is no security in Malawi and if you want to die go and invest in Malawi because you will be butchered by the DPP armed robbers and the police won’t do anything.Do your research and you will believe me.

  17. flyton Manda says:

    We are waiting for the massive investment baba. We will be patient baba. We will wait at the airport baba. We will scan the slies for sign of these investors baba. We will dress in our best attire in anticipation for these investors baba. We will stop stealing from the treasury and cashgate baba.good luck baba.

  18. Zanako says:

    Praying for success . however let’s sort out electric and water issues plz

  19. Koma says:


  20. Nhuma says:

    This was a good meeting indeed. But that old man playing games on ipad does not show me the meeting was indeed serious. yes I know you could minutes with the ipad but real serious discussions you would go paper and pen for fast and better scribbling of points. Well, I would also be expecting my president to mention that Malawi has well qualified, experienced and committed workforce. We need to highlight our human capital when negotiating with investors. Again you must say we have a trusted and functional legal system that check corruption. The challenge we have in Malawi is corruption in the private sector – its what makes the country very poor. Again investors would require security and safety assurance. How prepared are we to handle terrorism etc. How are good is our relationship with our neighbours – Zam, Moz and Taz to support our development and economic efforts etc. That’s very important Mr president.

  21. gwaza says:

    nkhani ndi magetsi, security komanso skilled workforce to make a conducive environment. azungu amenewa afunse kwa machinese awawuze zenizeni za ku Malawi. Ndiye kuli vuto la umbava anthu ogwira ntchito. olo APM akudziwa kuti zomwe akunenazo ndi phula lokhalokha. chomwe akufuna kumeneko ndi kagulu kakeko ndi ma allowance

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