Mutharika courts opposition MPs: Mzomera, Menyani, and Mkandawire

President Peter Mutharika and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has engaged on poaching exercise from opposition camps, luring Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmaker Alekeni Menyani and People’s Party (PP) MPs Harry Mkandawire and Rev Christopher Mzomera Ngwira.

Mzomera Ngwira: The self-styled poster boy for the federal movement

Mzomera Ngwira: The self-styled poster boy for the federal movement

Menyani: Being enticed to dump MCP

Menyani: Being enticed to dump MCP

DPP insiders say Mutharika had cast his net wider to woo more lawmakers to his party, a scheme which has seen him netting Leonard Njikho to join DPP. He was elected as an independent MP from Mzuzu City.

Another independent MP from Karonga central Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo is also said to be lured to rejoin the DPP.

Opposition United Democratic Front (UDF) legislators have already joined government benches.

Sources say Mutharika is luring MCP’s Menyani with a cabinet post to work with DPP.

And he met Mzimba West legislator Harry Mkandawire and Mzomera to entice them for a PP rebellion.

Mkandawire has since resigned from PP claiming he could not continue serving a party under whose watch the plunder of billions of kwacha in public funds at Capital Hill were exposed.

However, Mkandawire has clarified that his resignation from PP founded by Mutharika’s predecessor, former president Joyce Banda, was not in preparation for a return to the party he dumped after the death of Bingu wa Mutharika in April 2012.

Previously, Mkandawire also served as United Democratic Front (UDF) regional governor (North) before joining DPP.

“Me joining DPP ?… I did not quit PP to join DPP,” said Mkandawire.

The President wants to silence Mzomera who has been advocating for a federal system of government.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila denied that Mutharika was on poaching spree, saying he has no information of the meeting with opposition lawmakers.

But he said the President could meet any MP to discuss development in their constituencies and how best they can collaborate with Government on other matters.

He said Mutharika’s doors remained open to all parliamentarians wishing to engage Government on issues concerning their areas and people they represented.

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59 thoughts on “Mutharika courts opposition MPs: Mzomera, Menyani, and Mkandawire”

  1. pamsundu says:

    Nothing wrong PP survived on poached Mps as caretaker Government



    Here dpp is showing that it is incompetent, it is failing to trust its own mps. Take them and go out in politics togather with them come 2019. voting for was wastage of my time

  4. Kambodya says:

    Malawi walero

  5. Hello! says:

    There are several ways of dealing with people who have dissenting views from yours if you are not competent enough to deal with those dissenting views. One of them is to bring them under your arm-pits so that they no longer hold those dissenting views. The alleged move by Prof. Peter Mutharika’s administration may entail that the administration would like to silence the dissenting views. This is another way of killing democracy. For example, look at the CSO members who have been given lucrative positions under the current administration. Are they talking the same stuff they used to talk before taking up those positions? The answer is a BIG NO!!!

  6. Kenkkk says:

    Dpp, you will be very hypocritical if you start taking these zig zagging mps. What for? Is federalism so frightening to you dpp people as vote recounting?

  7. MATAKO says:

    Nothing new here. Typical Malawian politics which is like prostitution. Always go where the grass is greener no morals and princiipals

  8. Mzozodo says:

    APM plz dont panic with those fulambwez. Federalism was an issue raised out of frustrations after PPs miserable loss. Mzomerayo panopo anatha fasho. Ndizinyalala mfunazo.

  9. Denguzman. says:

    If this is true then APM is useless, these are the pipo who talked il things about ur late bro so what is pleasing u to call them back to DPP? Inutu tsoka likukusatani koma mukatengera malangizo amfumu Ngongoliwa tsogolo laulamuliro wanu lidzakhala lowala.

  10. Denguzman. says:

    If this is true then APM is useless so beware of these recycled politicians.

  11. Patrick Phiri says:

    Musanamize anthu inu. DPP does not poach.

  12. Greencardless Malawian says:

    I wouldnt be surpprised for a minute if Mkandawire moves to DPP for as cheap as K2m but im yet to understand the integrity of Mzomera Ngwira; my judgement will depend on whether he does accept the ministerial position or he accepts a hand out and goes silent on the federalism issue. I dont know the MCP guy but I guess he would be worth and pay be paid much more than Mkandawire

  13. Hot Iron says:

    Engaging Government means meeting with the President? I though the MPs are part of Government and the President is part thereof. After all, parliamentary business must be transacted in the parliamentary house. Ndale ziyambanso kunyansatu akapeza majority awa. My ears listen more, my eyes open and see more!

  14. Mmopiya says:

    Let them go the speaker will use section 65 for crossing the floor.
    Harry Mkandawire,Rev Mzomera Ngwira are political prostitutes and Alekeni Menyani mufera za weni ,mutha ngati makatani

  15. Kenkkk says:

    The catch is as kasaila says the president can meet any parliamentarians to discuss development in their constituencies. Also he says the door is open to any parliamentarian to engage the govt. But do they really need to meet the president himself to discuss development in their areas? Good opportunity for this dpp govt to lure and entice some of these money and position hungry mps.

  16. Matokoso says:

    This is a cheap article aimed at tarnishing the name of Alekeni Menyani; the rising star of the MCP who is more visible than his foul mouthed party leader. Mzomera Ngwira is a spent force and Harry Mkandiwire just a heap of political dung. A Malawi stop the PHD nonsense.

  17. Akatswiri says:

    Hon Menyani please if this is true avoid it coz it will bring you down and it will be your end.

  18. nyavizwazwa says:

    Find new people not the recycled ones. If you get out of the government they will run away shun and look for the one who is in government. They are not true friends. A friend indeed is a friend in need.

    A Tumpale sungani chipani cha amanu.

  19. Mwanna says:

    I reverse my decision, dont entertain them . They are fortune seekers please, they will spoil the mighty DPP

  20. Umangodziwiratu kuti voice ya opposition ili m’bin

  21. Mwanna says:

    They have learnt a lesson. They will never dump DPP. Forgive them. Thats politics. Even Lipenga and Wakuda, the worst dumper.

  22. kanyimbi says:

    Please APM, people voted you into power because they sympathised with you. Now if this is true, then you are cutting your own neck. Did you win because of these people? Just perform, ask wisdom from wise presidents in other countries.

  23. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Politics of poverty indeed. What are these MPs looking for in DPP? And you Menyani, you are finished. Leave this to seasoned opportunists crooks such as Mzomera and Harry!

  24. samson says:

    Central region is MCP and remember, MCP pano ikupita ma region mwinamo, come 2019, kudzakhala zozwizwitsa. A Menyani timakukondani ndinu a nzeru musakopeke ndindalama anthu ndikuwaila amaene adakuikani pampando please watchou mulungu akukanthani

  25. Mlakho says:


  26. Youn says:

    Menyani please chonde, ukatengeka utha ngati Ngwengwe plus ena ambiri, you will be used and dumped. Anthu a ku Dezdza ajatu amakukonda chifukwa choti ndiiwe wa Kongeresi. Ndikulankhula izi ngati mzako. Please take my advice seriously.

  27. chatonda says:

    Its not a surprise for the two Tumbuka MPs. They are always like that all along in the democracy. They are unstable people in the whole country. I do not know what is wrong with this tribe. They always want to eat and eat with any government that comes. As for Menyani, this is a shame because you do not deserve this silly approach to enrich yourself. MCP will win elections in 2019, do you want to cry like many people who joined the sinking Titanic Ships before? Shame and please do not erode your integrity to the DPP. This may mark the end of your political career. I am writing from the UNIMA and please be careful. Examples are many to remind you how others fell down and are nowhere near any political post any more in Malawi.

  28. Black Market says:

    Wayamba kutenga ma advice a Bakili Muluzi omagula ma MPs, you will not go far. APM ask and check around who survived after taking Muluzi’s advices. This is your turning point to failure. Bingu worked with few MPs in the first term and he performed very well but when he had many MPs in the second term he tumbled and died prematurely because power was too much and he failed to contain them all.

  29. Malawiana says:

    A Menyani tamangokhutani brandy ku Africana osati mwayambazi muyaluka dala.

  30. Jelbin mk says:

    On silencing federalism calls by netting Mzomera is not enough move because Mzomera is not the architect of federalism calls as the media put it. Mzomera was for secession and Dr Bina Shawa and other members of the pressure group which includes my own biological father (without Mzomera and any member of parliament) are for federalism movement so peter’s attempts to silence this movement will result futile is he is poaching antelopes a suburb or a city than poaching in the bush. Mzomera has no influence on federalism, not at all whenever the pressure group meets Mzomera is neither nor represented nor is he a member of the committee (check the content of the pressure group committee again)

  31. Maikolo Timvereyani says:

    DPP do not invite Mzomera and Harry to your party. They are opportunists and will only come to destroy your party. They have done it with PP

  32. Kanthu Ako! says:

    Nyasa Times!!

    Why do you perpetuate this idea that a president in Malawi is all mighty, and can tell people to desert their parties and join the ruling party.

    MPs are grown men and women, with their own minds to make up. If someone does not want to be poached, they will refuse.

    Somehow to imply that DPP is active and the MPs are passive in all this is ridiculous. How does Peter Muthalika know who to approach? it means he has been told these people are considering moving.

    Akulu akulu ananena “Chigololo ndi mwini thako”

  33. Ntcheu Boy says:

    Hon. Menyani you should learn from your freinds past mistakes, people like: Ntaba,W.Gwengwe,Kamanya,Abel Kayembe and many more. Where are there now? beware and watchout. Mind you your from central region of Malawi, for the past elections survey has shown that the region belongs to MCP as far as politics is concerned.

  34. nYAU SITHOBWA says:

    Atumbuka tafatsani let me give you examples of people who are so quiet eg

  35. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi politics, taking advantage of the poor. Very sad indeed.

  36. Zanimuwone says:

    Tawatumbuka tileke kulondezga Harry na Mzomera. Awa ndi wanthu wakutimbanizgika mitu. Sono tikole ntchini apa? Wekha wakuti FEDRALATION kweni sono dozo ntho! pa ndalama. Sono imwe mukuwalondezga mbwenu mukuzgoka vindere.

  37. mbani says:

    Not with MCP

  38. Go to DDP regume killer but 2019 it not 2far u will never win again ur seat under DDP killer patty ask billy kaunda.

  39. the councillor says:

    amenyani, ku dedza dpp!! Ask kayembe, kumtsaira? Kate kainja sorry, gwengwe!!! You are being advised by dogs!! Anyway two terms ndiyambiri wadyapo!! Indeed light travels fastet than sound

  40. abwana says:

    Harry mkandawire,mzomera Ngwira mmmmmm can’t happen DPP doesn’t work with crooks??? The two are total crooks.may god protect dpp.

  41. Bololo Wachitumbuka says:

    Basi mtumbuka kungomupasa ndalama mwamutha olo akane avomera

  42. mtichimwitsa says:

    Amenyani masiku amathera kuchitseko mudzayikumbuka mcp blieve me or not

  43. My advice to Mnyamata wakwithu Menyani is to Join Dpp without hesitation if you ever had a dream of becoming a cabinet Minister,MCP does not take you seriously that’s why Abusa did not include you in his Shadow cabinet,however,life is about yourself and there’s no guarantee that Ng’ona party will bounce back to power
    not as long as Mzimu wa Sangala/Chiwanga/Gadama/Mc William Lunguzi just to mention a few still haunting this Party
    Dpp Woyeeeeee!

  44. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    A Menyani, kumenekotu ndi ku Dedza. Tinene kuti za Gwengwe mwaiwala kale? I don’t think you can forget so quickly. If you have forgotten then you can ask him (Gwengwe), he will tell you. Dumping MCP in central region is as good as saying your part in politics is over. Try it yourself.

  45. nobel says:

    Let Menyani join DPP just as Gwengwe did. That’s his last political life. Someone said that the greatest lesson of history is that people don’t learn from history. I don’t think Malawians are ready to entertain such politicians. For how long will Malawi remains in these uncivilized politics? APM is zero pa 10.

  46. ujeni says:

    Instead of concentrating on developing the country; Mutharika thinks its important to go back and do same old monkey tricks. Mutharika is a disgrace to democracy.

  47. That’s the best way to fall as an Mp. Can’t you take a good example of Lucius gays?

  48. vero says:

    Mr Menyani.. ndikale mbiri zayaamba kunveka….are you waiting to capitalize pa blunder yomwe mcp ingapange mtsogolo muno? inu dzipitani…. Akuti mukadye. money….

  49. Peter Benga says:

    It doesnt give any sense to defect to another party.The people in your constuencies entrusted you by giving their votes,dumping them is a sense of rebellion

  50. Nhuma says:

    The same old tactics of our ruling parties in Malawi. The same cycle of developments. May God bless Malawi. We now need a game changer to come into power not this old rubbish politics….

  51. lol says:

    So, a Mzomera phokoso lija mumapanga la federalism zimene mumafuna ndi zimenezi mwazipeza?

  52. Chikatere says:

    Amenyani you will regret if you leave MCP. Leave anthu a kumpoto a dyera omwewo azipita ku DPP.

  53. Ndale za mu Malawi ndizokhumudwitsa kwambiri. Mr Speaker please make use of Section 65 if any of the fore-stated cross the floor. Mr Mzomera Ngwira mudayambitsa Federal system nanga sono mwasinthaso? Be happy to be in the Opposition benches!

  54. Bwitoto says:

    Zomvetsa chisoni kwambiri….sob…..sob ….sob……sob…..!!!!!!

  55. Ingwenyama. says:

    Shame on you the people of Mzuzu City electing an ignorant MP like Hurry what a great mistake you’ve done.

  56. Ma Mp akwanthu kuno kwakula ndi dyela osati kufuna kunthandiza anthu omwe tinakusankhani. Osankhala anthu omaganiza ngt Lucius bwanji ??? Ku cipani ca UDF kuli anthu ambili omphunzira bwino koma alibe kuunika, lero mwagulisa cipani ndi DPP, wanzeru ndi munthu mmodzi yemwe amaoneka ngt ndi openga koma akulingalira anthu omwe tinamusankha. Tiyeni pangani cibwanaco tikumana 2019 ndikumene ambirinu mukanthere.

  57. Dont force sum Mps to rejoin ur durty part. Any one have gote achoice to choose any party.

  58. yituwa mphande says:

    Honourable Menyani before dumping MCP look at Sosten Gwengwe his political career

  59. haward says:

    Ngati u mp mwatopa nawo a Menyani pitani ku Dpp ulendo wanu wathera pompo. Ndale za kumalawi ndimakhumudwa nazo pamenepa dyera, kuba, kuponderezana, tsankho, kudzikundikira chuma komando kusawerenga omwe adativotera. Mulungu atithandize sure

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