Mutharika dates Tanzania’s Magufuli at UN as Lake Malawi border dispute rages on

Government says it has asked the Tanzanian government to facilitate the meeting of President Peter Mutharika and President John Pombe Magufuli on the sidelines of the UN meeting in New York to discuss the Lake Malawi issue which has further soured the relationship between the two countries.

President Magufuli: Tanzania claim to half the Lake Nyasa known also as Lake Malawi

President Magufuli: Tanzania claim to half the Lake Nyasa known also as Lake Malawi

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation minister Francis Katsaira said Tanzania has released a new Lake Malawi map which shows the east African country has taken a chunk of Lake Malawi, which is potentially rich in oil and gas..

“We have already reported them to the African Union and very soon we will be reporting them to Comesa and Sadc,” he said.

Kasaira said Tanzanian authorities have threatened to beat up and arrest Malawians who will disregard the new map.

The old map, drawn up by Germany and Britain gives the whole Lake Malawi, except a small part to Malawi.

Tanzania has taken much interest in the lake after oil was discovered in the lake popularly known as lake of stars.

Katsaira said both Malawi and Tanzania were supposed not to interfere with the Lake Malawi issue as the matter was with the African Union and a mediation team.

He therefore said the government is waiting for a response from Tanzsnia on the proposal for Mutharika and Magofuli to meet inorder to iron out the misunderstanding over the lake.

Malawi disputes Tanzania’s claim to half the lake – Africa’s third biggest.

It has accused Tanzania of raising tension by allegedly intimidating Malawian fishermen on the lake.

Malawi awarded oil exploration licences to firms to search for oil in the lake, which Tanzania calls Lake Nyasa.

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27 thoughts on “Mutharika dates Tanzania’s Magufuli at UN as Lake Malawi border dispute rages on”

  1. Issakwisa says:

    I am afraid this is going to be another annexation of Malawi by the Government of Tanzania


    TANZANIAN BROTHERS,On behalf of Pan-Africanist Malawians,we extend our profound gratitudes for keeping thousands of Malawians in your country myriad of them without legal status.Right now the government of Malawi is demanding Lake Nyasa/Lake Malawi as its lake and that Tanzania has no rights to part of the Lake.Tanzanians,you might remember the former invidious tyrant and an imperialist dupe Hastings Banda ,claimed the lake,and parts of mainland areas such as Iringa,Njombe,Mbamba Bay,Songea,Mbeya,Tukuyu and Kyela and furthermore,he claimed part of Eastern/ Northern Zambia and part of Northern Mozambique.So the present damands from the current President Peter Muthalika who once lived in Tanzania as a refugee,unfortunately,he has hopelessly forgotten that generosity,is following Banda’s footsteps.What our brothers and sisters of Tanzania must know is that not all Malawians support their President’s demands,he is a political novice and a tribalist who sidelines the Northerners at best.We Malawians in diaspora,catagorically disassociate ourselves from Muthalika’s misguided rhetorics and we can assure you that he has no support among African nations especially,Southern Africa neighbouring States.We strongly believe that the Lake belongs to all of us whether you are Kenyan,Zambian,Namibian,Angolan,Nigerian and indeed,the whole of Africa.There are thousands of Malawians fishing in Lake Lukwa and Lake Tanganyika illegally for that matter,but Tanzanians regard them as their brothers.Some of us we shall continue to unreservedly protest Muthalika’s treacherous ambitions.AFRICA UNITE!!!

    1. ALFRED FUTEH says:

      It’s misfortune for our Malawi contemporary leaders of the 21st Century to have colonial minds of taking a piece of land of another country. It is now the time to think as neighbor Africans to the natural resources given by God in Lake Nyasa for the benefit of the two countries instead of thinking utopia. We are living at a time mostly guided by law and in this case international law for the case of Lake Nyasa issue. Are Malawians happy to border Tanzania at the Livingstone ranges in Tanzania and border half way in the lake with Mozambique? We have lived as brothers for a long time and therefore let us find a peaceful way to solve the problem and the best one is international law that dominate the new era.

  3. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

    Just arrest any fucking Tanzanians trying to enforce their “law” on Malawians

  4. Winston Msowoya says:

    Malawians you are a misguided lot and your so-called leaders are shortsighted.The Lake Nyasa has been there for billions of years created by the Supreme being.He did not creat it for a certain people or nation,but for his human beings.There is Lake Vitoria that is shared with Tanzania,Uganda and Kenya,citizens of these three countries have lived together in peace for thousands of years peacefully and each State claims ownership of part of the lake.As far as Lake Nyasa is concerned,it belongs to also three nations: Malawi,Tanzania and Mozambique astonishingly,Muthalika having totally failed to run the country,he has hatched up the dangerous and divisive rhetorics of late to coverup his total failures in Malawi.The President has openly failed to make use of Muchenga Coal Mine and Kayelekera Mine and now he is jumping on another project which is very exquisite and unpredictable.Believe you me,oil exploration in Lake Nyasa will never ever bring prosperity to the overwhelming majority of our people,but the beneficiaries of the product would be controlled by a ruling clique and its surrogates.Oil business has been in Africa for over 50 years now,but regrettably more than 120 million Africans have never benefited from the oil boom.Today Angola boasts sub-Saharan Africa’s third-biggest economy,After Nigeria and South Africa and yet,both countries see their citizens sucked in a sea of unseen poverty while the leaders and their families have accumulated gargantuan financial gains melding political and economic power like many a post-colonial elite,generals and in Angola,MPLA bigwigs, and the family of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos,the party’s Soviet-trained leader who happened to be my college- mate in 70s,he assumed the presidency in 1979, took personal ownership of Angola’s riches.Isabel dos Santos ,the President’s daughter,amassed interests from banking to television in Angola and Portugal.In January,2013 Forbes magazine named her Africa’s first female billionaire.She is in her mid-30s for that matter.Malawians must widely-minded,because if the Malawi government succeeds to carry on its ambitions,you must know that Tanzania and Mozambique will follow suite,and if they do so,that would spell out the end of our proudly-felt Lake Nyasa and its lovely fish and water.I would advise my fellow Northerners,to join Tanzania because we have lived together for hundreds of years peacefully and there are more than 500.000 Malawian Northerners in Tanzania and if the government of Malawi decides to go at war with Tanzania,Iam sorry to say that Tanzanian Armed Forces will reach Jenda within hours.Right now Malawians have myriad of economic and political problems that need the stuardship of a leader of which your President has no slightest clue.GOOD LUCK!!!76

  5. Mgift says:

    what wll Pita discuss with mskufuli? the lake ? no need for that mukunyengerera chan? Nanunso awuzeni chabe kuti siyawo ngatickuli kuweka zisweke.

  6. Pax Romana says:

    Kwanunkha Osati kulimbana ndi anthu amakala.muyambepo kupukuta agogodera anuwo

  7. prof. Odiyayo says:

    Tanzania should stop the madness that Arab countries did to Israel. If Magufuli continues with this madness will make Tanganyika part of Malawi by 2017. I will personally teach him what Israel taught Arab countries.

    1. Dume says:

      Your dreams will never come true,.,.!

    2. Paul William says:


      1. HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja? says:

        Paul William, what? strong? Ask about imperical evidence.

    3. ALFRED FUTEH says:

      Has Malawi ever been in war? Is the issue paramount for the two friendly countries members of SADC and COMESA enter into conflict? Remember, relationship between Nyasa people in Tanzania and Malawi is more strong than thinking of a war. Many Malawians stayed and worked in Tanzania than vice versa. When in Tanzania Malawians feel more freedom than those going to South Africa, Mozambique or Zimbabwe. We should not break this relationship.

  8. Karrim says:

    allan, if International Treaties on Water bodies bordering two sovereign nations are as clear as u insinuate, what’s the basis for the current disagreement? Should we believe you (hence) that Malawians handling the matter are ignorant of ua seemingly obvious reasoning?

  9. kezi says:

    We and the whole world and God is watching your actions Tanzania. Your actions are not peaceful. Think twice and regain your senses!!!

  10. Melisa says:

    Is Tanzania claim half of the lake. Mind the way you write. Be accurate.

  11. Donald Trump says:

    The solution is not these mediation teams. Let us go to the Hague international court and settle this once and for all. Malawi government stop wasting time here, these people are thieves and they will not listen to you.

  12. Kokani says:

    Tikuonerani paja munatukwana Joice Banda kuti palibe chichita iye pankhani ya nyanja choncho inuyo a DPP mukalowa mboma mudzaonetsetsa kuti Nyanja yalandidwa kuchokera ku Tanzania. Taonani tsopano achita iwo a DPP UCHITSIRU WENIWENI.

  13. chikutumbwe says:

    What’s wrong with this guy ? you cant be a statesman else where apart from your country ,we are happy you are doing a great job in Tanzania but please stop interfering in Malawi’s affairs else you will see what shaved a guinea fowl ,we have much respect for you but we are simply not afraid of you be a gentleman and do the right thing for the sake of Malawians and Tanzanians who would suffer a great deal if war broke out between us * Be Contented with what you have, Lake Malawi as the name suggest is for MALAWI and it has never been for Tanzania not once not ever and it will NEVER BE *

    1. ALFRED FUTEH says:

      Listen, Lake Malawi was the name given by the colonies which need not exist now for the benefit of the people of the two countries. It is a colonial mentality propagated by Berlin conference. We need to change our mind set. This is why Zimbabwe is no longer called Southern Rhodesia or Zambia called Northern Rhodesia. Let us think better Africa for our future generation.

  14. Noxy says:

    Magufuli don’t dare Malawians.Malawians are born silent victors.

    1. allan says:

      lakes and water bodies that occur on borders are shared half way.
      but if Malawi feels the people on the Tanzania side have no rights to the waters at the shores they have lived all their lives.
      sooner the whole Malawi shall be part of the United Republic if they don’t let sanity prevail.

      1. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

        Thats the law of the sea baba. Stop lying to people. That law doesn’t apply to lakes. Mwaphunzira ka law mwacheka ndiye mwati mutinyasepo apa. Fuck Tanzania.

  15. Parallel Market says:

    Let me warn Tanzania and Magufuli; stop tampering with Lake Malawi. You will not succeed. Your children will regret your actions. Take this warning seriously Mr Magufuli.

    1. Dr Kombo says:

      What will You exactly do Parallel Market??

    2. Iskaka says:

      Better to be quiet than what you are talking. 😀

  16. JIK says:

    Magufuli. Please do not underrate Malawi

    1. ALFRED FUTEH says:

      But you are underrating our President for claiming the land across Lake Nyasa to the Livingstone Ranges at the Rift Valley inside Tanzania.

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