Mutharika defers interface with Malawi media

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has called off the meeting with journalists which was scheduled for Friday at Sanjika Palace.

Mutharika: Postpones the meeting

Mutharika: Postpones the meeting to a later date

Ministry of Information said on Thursday that  presidential interface which would have been “an opportunity for the media to interact with the President on various issues pertinent to the [media] industry and the country,” has been cancelled.

“I write to advise that the Presidential Interface with the President that was supposed to take place tomorrow, Friday, 14 November 2014 at Sanjika Palace has been postponed,” a statement from Ministry of Information emailed  by Chikondi Chimala said.

The staterment said  “new dates of the meeting will be communicated.”

President Mutharika faces economic challenges following donors withholding aid in reaction to a growing scandal over government graft known as Cashgate.

Malawi has relied heavily on foreign aid since independence and since 40 percent of country ’s budget comes from international donors.

Journalists including the Nyasa Times  welcomed the presidential interface, as a good idea as long as the media practitioners don’t lose sight of their agenda that they expect from government to table Access to Information Bill in parliament and President to sign the ‘Table Mountain Declaration’ that urges governments in Africa to abolish “insult laws” and set free press high on the agenda.

The ‘Table Mountain Declaration’ was issued following a World Association of Newspapers and the World Editors Forum meeting in Cape Town, South Africa.

The media has been urging government to expedite the adoption of the Access to Information Bill and also protect journalists from harassment and arbitrary arrests.

The Malawi Cabinet in February approved an access to information policy, setting the stage for introduction of ATI legislation.

Recently Malawian Minister of Information and Civic Education Kondwani Nankhumwa said he will soon present an access to information bill.

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19 thoughts on “Mutharika defers interface with Malawi media”

  1. Mwene says:

    Wamva!!! You can’t use scarce resources feasting!!!! Be serious with your job otherwise demos will topple you soon!!!!!!!

  2. Good maganizo says:

    Mr Zengeya if you say there are fake teacher arreas in the north you are a liar.I am an account assistant here in the south and I have done that business for so long,I have 50 of them and they have built me a house in Chileka road bought another one in Manja and I drive a nice car which is normally with my driver so stop the nonsense leave the tumukas alone tikuba ndife ku mmwera kwathu kuno

  3. Kadakwiza says:

    For the first time Malawi is debating federalism. Why? Because of DPP

  4. akamwile says:

    Koma muli katundutu

  5. VULUNGANYA says:

    Zonsenzi ndi achina Raphael Tenthani & Madalitso Mussa…Ma upper cut ake amene aja?

  6. Dingase says:

    He has called off the meeting as he is not feeling well with the strike in all our courts.

  7. zengeya says:

    You need to ask him on outcome of the civil service reform commission and when will govt audit District Education offices where there is rampant fake arrears for teachers more especially those in the north.

  8. Quota system says:

    Or is DPP scheming to buy them out ?

    1. Kharupa says:

      vuto lanunso ndi limenelo

  9. ujeni says:

    it was another case of wasting tax payers money. Let the President be man enough and hold a live press conference on radio and television like most democratic leaders do. not holding parties for journalists and bribe them with thirty grand,

  10. Cicero says:

    Add the following question to the list: 1 Why does the president pursue tribalism & regionalism? 2 What his position on federalism? 3 Was DPP involved in cashgate between 2005 to 2012 & if so what steps has put in to avoid the returned cashgate money to be cashgated? Is he aware that some Malawians are inked with his alliance with the father & founder of cashgate Prof in Thiefty Bakili Muluzi?

  11. Andy moses says:

    Mundiyikire nyimbo ya kwasa kwasa mr president kikkkkkk.

  12. Monrovia says:

    Kalulu, number 1, that’s a good question to be directed to JB for her two year term in office, ask her apart from cashgate, what have you done madam?

  13. REPUBLIC OF NYIKA very soon
    will start its operation as Government after the date of debate.So,nobody should say fwe!fwe! Or Nyo!oo.Mundi chaka chake nchino Agalu inu.Msonkho ma japan cars onse olowa ku karonga ndikutuluka mu Nyika Government.Mwayiputa nokha Bokoharam ndi kusavomereza Rotational presidency.

  14. Chipalamawamba says:

    Can Somebody Serious Ask The President What He Has Done The Past Six Months?Let Me Answer: He Chose A Lean Cabinet, He Has Given A Pltform For Discussions On Federal And Seccession, He Extended His Heartfelt Condolences To The People Of Zambia, He Has Chosen Members Of Board Of Government Department And Parastatals, He Attended Murhakho Wa Alomwe Commemorations, He Went To And Attended UN Summit, He Welcomed Home President Of Ireland.What Else Do You Idiot Want From Our Dear Leader?Be Sensible Dont Be Too Stupid.He Opened Malawi University Of Science And Technology. Malawians Lets Appreciate What Other People Are Doing. You Cannot Construct A Road Just Six Month.Nyasatimes You Are Fond Of Being Biased You Dont Post My Comments Dont Be Partisan Be Professional.Peter Is A Welcoming President And One Of The Best You Can Get .Lets Support Him.

  15. Patriot says:

    Kkkkk amalawi anawona kuti peter amafuna kuwadyetsa banzj atola nkhani kkkk

  16. Zakukhosi says:

    In my opinion, Mutharika as the head of state could not decide to postpone the interface meeting with the journalist. It could be a great opportunity for the journalist to question Mutharika on several issues that are affecting economic growth of our beautiful country, Malawi. I wholeheartedly believe that our journalists had their travelling bags on their lap with full of constructive questions for Mutharika to respond to.
    Honestly speaking, dziko lathu silibwino in terms of financial growth, security etc. ( almost everything).
    Let’s pray vigorously to our God to rescue our beautiful country Malawi from several issues that are cropping up in Malawi.

  17. PAUL NGOZI says:


  18. Kalulu says:

    When he gives you time to meet him please ask our dear president these questions: 1. Since the DPP took government there is nothing tangible we can point that they are doing, what the problem – even the things the things they used to be proud of as a party such as security they are worse now what is the problem? 2 What mechanism has the government put in place to avoid further fall of Kwacha to other currencies and what will they do so that Malawians do not continue to suffer? 3 Apart from prosecuting cashgate suspects what else are they doing so that no one touches our money now and as long as Malawi exists?

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