Mutharika endorses Kalemba as Clerk of Parliament, rejects Judge Mkandawire

President Peter Mutharika has picked Fiona Kalemba as the new clerk of parliament, heightening the tension between the President and the Speaker who had his own choice.

Charles Mkandawire: PSC recommended his name for Presidential appointment

Charles Mkandawire: PSC recommended his name for Presidential appointment

Sources at Kamuzu Palace confirmed the appointment of Kalemba.

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya preferred former industrial court judge Charles Mkandawire who reportedly came first during interviews at parliament chaired by Msowoya himself.

However, Mutharika sensed nepotism and tribalism in the way the interviews were conducted and demanded he sees the file of the interviews.

“Parliament will be told of the appointment,” said our source.

Parliament officials said they could only comment after getting an official letter.

Kalemba”s first assignment is to ensure smooth seating of the forthcoming parliament which starts meeting this Friday

The rejection of Mkandawire as the new clerk of parliament comes at a time when the relationship between parliament and the executive arm of government is at all time low following the leaking of information that showed extravagance at parliament of public money by the speaker and leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera who are both the top leadership of the opposition Malawi Congress Party.

During the interviews at parliament, Grace Malera of Malawi Human rights Commission came second and Arthur Nanthulu, former commissioner at Malawi Electoral Commission came fourth.

Before her appointment, Kalemba worked in the ministry of justice.

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69 thoughts on “Mutharika endorses Kalemba as Clerk of Parliament, rejects Judge Mkandawire”

  1. Hb says:

    Congratulations Fiona Kalemba! Amazing. Atumbuka atitopetsa

  2. nachisale says:

    Arnold, men have created a world that disadvantages women. If women were to be treated as equals right from the village where they are the ones doing all the chores – fetching water, firewood, cooking, looking after children, then we would have to use merit. Unfortunately, women are put down by an oppressed patriarchal system which favours men in the home, within the education system and at work. I therefore find it bigoted and unfair for you not to realise that we need affirmative action until the day when the ground will be levelled. Our men in Malawi and Africa are in a way backward and cruel – they do not want to do household chores and everything else – the burden falls on girls right from when they are young hence our society needs to compensate women until when we reach parity/equality in the home, education system and at work. Just look at all the sexual abuse – men abusing girls and women everyday. We need 50;50 representation everywhere and what I like about the Mutharika/s is that they are committed to women empowerment, of course because they lived abroad (in the west) where women are respected and have made major strides in terms of equality. Women are not a different race as Malawian and African men think – they are our mothers, sisters, wives and nieces – they are human beings – so there is no reason to treat them differently. Viva Fiona Kalemba and thanks to president Mutharika and Patricia Kaliati. Viva all our women who toil everyday.

  3. Manuel says:

    Game yathera draw…. he he hee!

  4. majamanda says:

    I think the reporter is also a Lomwe. How can he say ”Mutharika sensed” How did Mutharika know or sensed?

  5. njakwa says:

    I think the reporter is also a Lomwe. How can he say ”Mutharika sensed” How did Mutharika know or sensed?

  6. Pondani says:

    At 58, you are right. Seeds of a revolution are ripe. Unfortunately, this silly president does not see. Can someone tell him how the war between Hutus and Tutsis started in Rwanda? It only takes a simple thing. He does not even know that northerners roughed up and chased some Southerners after 1999 general elections. several southerners took refuge at Red Cross camps for fear of the lives. When pipo are tired they have nothing to lose.

  7. mtumbuka selfish dog says:

    Congratulations Fiona don’t believe these fake stories. Go to parliament and do your job

  8. Lawyer says:

    Fio, congrats! God should continue to guide you in your professional endeavours.

  9. John mwale says:

    Bola usakhale opanda mzeru ngati amuna ako a bruno.

  10. Harawa says:

    Evident examples of nepotism in Malawi: Peter Nkhonjera (Dir. of HR) Masubizgo Nkhonjera (HR officer) both Mzimba North, Rogders Gondwe (Sr. accountant) Maurice Matewere (accountant) both Rumphi, Emmanuel banda (sr. M&E) Abel Kavuta (m&e officer) both karonga & Chitipa respectively, doris, lesha, just to mention few.

    Bravo peter mutharika!!!! if you more evidence ask me

  11. Arnold Banda says:

    The 50-50 campaign should be based on merit. It should not be a way of suppressing men. It does not mean that by virtue of being a woman then you get picked for a job. That is why things are ticking in Malawi.

    Yaah, this is tribalism and racism at its highest. This is why this country cannot forge ahead because under qualified people are able to get senior positions in government. In Malawi, merit does not work, but this has its own repercussions. Recruitment should be on merit, why leave someone who got position one. Is it because the chairperson of the board was Northerner. Such kind of behaviour will not take us anywhere. If you hate northerners, tell us where we belong. Talk to the governments of Tanzania or Zambia to take the whole of Northern Region. It is high time that you suppressed the northerners. A country full of tribalism and racism will not develop. If you go through the list of Cashgaters, it is full of “muli bwanji,” you don’t talk about that because you know the truth that you are not hard workers. You are always after reaping where you did not sow. Alas! if it were northerners top the list, I don’t know what could have happened.

    Let’s build our country, recruit people on merit and not where one comes from. Look at the black-outs that we have it because of just picking someone dependent on where one comes from and they fail to perform. Also, look at the water problems in Lilongwe and Blantyre and then dig the history of the CEOs. They are all failures and they were hired by some politicians based on tribalism. For how long has the country experienced these problems. Why not fire them. All along, they have been on the radio promising people the moon and what we see is rubbish. If these statutory corporations were manned by the northerners, it could have been the talk of the day.

    Leave northerners alone. You are in majority, but you are failing to rule this country. You introduced quota system into the education system in Malawi in order to suppress northerners, but you have forgotten that the Eye of God is seeing you. You will perish one day. Let’s wait and see.

  12. Kampingo says:

    Tsiku lina mudzachitika nkhondo muno, this tribalism is too much, merit should be merit…..why deny someone job because of ethnicity?? Oooho mukutionjezatu iyaa

  13. Well well font believe tribsl bias wss inbolved dolong mkandawire came fotdt nuy this gender bslance stuff kofi men can vovet roles or lokagter lady folks bettrr zan ladyfolks lookaftet men…xoona chk coirt ptoceedings or diborcrs uou will see the picture!!

  14. losco says:

    Koma pamenepa a President mwandipeza bwanji!!!!The government is really in your hands! Tiyenazoni aphwe madzi amenewa.

  15. nachisale says:

    Well done Mr. President Mutharika for endorsing a woman as Clerk of Parliament. We have so many qualified women in Malawi now and its high time they get senior jobs in government, private sector and NGOs. We need 50;50 representation.

  16. 5555 says:

    Guys be real! Fiona came thirds and according to the government rules the board is allowed to chose anyone , regardless of the position among these three. And Fiona has worked at ministry of Justice, making her even more qualified for the job…Congrants Fiona

  17. OKWIYA says:

    Fiona came 4th why did APM not select 2nd or 3rd person?

    If i were Fiona i would refuse to take the role. mmmmmmmh muzakumbidwapo za ziiiii

  18. Big Dance says:

    Well done APM. Someone once did interviews at UNIMA. Leaked information showed he did well. Results were withheld for as long as he got bored, then after saying he was no longer interested, a mbwenumbwenu was given the post. The one heading the interviews was a mbwenumbwenu. Match fixing at its best. That is what this cohort knows best.

  19. drakes says:

    I want to correct the misconception that certain people dont qualify to be a University material yet they are selected to UNIMA. Please where ever you are writing from know it that going to college come through hard work not tribe, any body can be a college material with a good mindset. Many students fail exams because of laziness and inequality in our Schools. Imagine there are some districts That dont have National Secondary schools.

  20. Xiang says:

    Is it true that the so called endorsed candidate never attended the interviews for COP? how did they slip her name on the candidates list.

  21. Bwabwalala says:

    This tribe called Llomwe will one day be wiped out from this country because of its stupid behaviour which their Mathanyula is practicing. He is tribalistic and also nepotistic. Whether you leave Mkandawire for the position of Clerk of Parliament or not, your stupidity will not change. Chikamwa ngati …….ya mako. I hate you.

  22. Mbani says:

    continuing killing the North silently tatondeka we will meet in few years to come

  23. VYOTO says:


  24. Mukhuna says:

    A” konza Pansi”toachokani apa ndi utumbuka wanuwu. I have worked with Tumbukas myself, very nepotistic and I don’t have any kind words for you people. Bravo Peter. Today almost every region has realised the importance of education and people are sending their lads to school, such that it is not that old story of Tumbukas being the only highly educated group. The one the President has recommended for the post is equally qualified and experienced. MBWENUTU ANGANYA

  25. Mbuya says:

    Iwe Nsena walamulo… mean people should feel sorry for a thug and cashgatter called Ralph? koma anthu inu ndiosekesa mwamva…….

  26. Chrispine Ndhlovu says:

    In Malawi whenever a northerner appoints a fellow northerner in a position you call it nepotism, but when a Lhomwe president appoints a fellow Lhomwe into a position that is seen as normal. Munakhala bwanji kodi? This hatred against northerners will one day come to an end.

  27. PIERRE says:

    apm stop what ur late bro was doin.In areas like these,is where we wil b accessin ur maturity.Like me i wil take u as one lackin maturity coz u have invoved enemity btwn u&speaker

  28. chinyengo says:

    Chief tribalist is also Goodall watch all his appointments boss you will see that they are his home boys.

  29. Sapitwa says:

    Ndi zimenezo! Pafuka utsi ndiye kuti pali moto. The number one on the interview was a suspect. I could have liked the whole process redone with a different set of questionnaire and a different panel. It could have included retired speakers e.g Sam Mpasu with the current speaker in attendance. You could end up with a different clean result. Mutharika’s choice can be labeled as suspect also since he hasn’t done what I have suggested as it is a norm in most institutions.

  30. Chilungamo says:


  31. Konza Chapasi says:

    Why conducting interviews if you never wanted anyone from other region to be a COP ?

    Peter you have shown the whole world that your government has got true colors of tribalism and nepotism and that you are not a good leader .

    Malawians , this is the time that Malawi should go for federalism rather than to be under one nasty tribe called Lhomwe. This country under the stupid bulldog is openly telling Malawians that it will never respect the people’s choices , no wonder we Malawians we still believe that power was bought by him at a high price through MEC and the Judges.

    MEC , Malawians are in a mess because you liked money not people’s choice. You never respected the choice made by Malawians.

    PAC , put federalism to be first priority than any other thing you want to do. To be where Malawi is as of today it’s because the northerners lost their loved ones , this is another start of another dividing Malawi into regions and tribes .

    VIOLA what you said was true and we are seeing that even interview are not being respected ,the inner circles are the one making the choice for Peter . We ask you to rest in peace where ever you are.

  32. Malawian without borders says:

    Malawi will never amount to anything with this stupid nepotistic president.Is the issue about who came first on interviews or about where is somebody come from?No wonder all big positions are headed by Lomwes these days instead of picking competent people regardless of where somebody comes from,you are so much obsessed with names in Malawi.No wonder northerners were changing names to get selected into some secondaries in central and southern regions.Why can’t you do things as Malawians?I hate this crazy nepotistic old man wamutharika.

  33. padoko says:

    “…..but Mutharika sensed nepotism and tribalism,” ….Really?? You never see broad day light nepotism and tribalism on the Chinese projects buy denying the north projects?

  34. Balamanthu says:

    APM-Bububu wamtheradi and Chief Nepotist!

  35. advisory committee says:

    Jufocial review of the interview process!@!!!!@!!!

  36. chawanangwa says:

    This is country that celebrates mediocrity that’s why we are leaving the best qualified person and picking the second best. How can we then develop as a country? Happens throughout Malawi in all sectors. Speaker did not interview candidates alone – results were from a panel. It’s Mutharika who is practising nepotism by rejecting the best candidate simply because he is from the north. Why do you refuse North Malawi to secede from Malawi. You know because it will develop quite fast because they have human capital. You Lomwes are an excess buggage that is weighing down on Malawi. Allow North Malawi to secede. Muluzu created a problem by hand picking Bingu – should have allowed a democratic process to occur. Now we have people that are useless and imposing themselves on Malawi.

  37. Mavipatako says:

    Don’t worry this is short lived chi APM ndi ka boma kake , very shortly will be down like like his brother ended, God is watching.

  38. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    I wish I was privy to the public service appointment rules and procedures. If:
    1. The post was advertised showing job requirements and qualifications including relevant experience;
    2. An Interview committee short-listed edible candidates for interview;

    3. An interview panel was formed and interviews conducted;

    4. Then the person who scored most points at the interview should be the one to be appointed. The Chairman of the interview panel cannot overrule the scoring results of the interview panel.

    5. If these are the rules that were followed, then the region of origin of the chairman and the successful candidate should not and cannot matter. I doubt that the majority of the members of the interview panel were from the Northetn Region; I also doubt that the short-listing of the candidates was conducted by a panel with a majority from the Northern Region.

    6. What are the Presidential powers in civil service appointments? What criteria does the President use in over-riding the objective decision of the interview panel?

    7. There is need for clarity on these issues. Otherwise, there is no point in advertising the positions, forming an interview panel and conducting interviews. If the President is empowered to arbitrarily appoint people to positions then this power should be abolished. The dangers of nepotism are obvious!

  39. obednyirendA says:

    a mthalika ! kwali ,maji yekha mmutu

  40. Clement says:

    That’s good decision from the president. Am sure its a lesson to this fucken msowoya. This president doesn’t take nonsense and he ‘ve just showed his superiority to msowoya. Ukujaira, and this is just the beginning to feel the heat. Bravo prof APM i like 👍

  41. Winston msowoya says:

    Once again,the Muthalika’s regime has showed its authentic instiincts by sidelined Mr.Charles Mkandawire who had qualified to take the position and instead,Kalemba with lower qualifications ( southerner/ central ) was given the position.Mr.Mkandawire didn’t qualify not because of merits,but he happens to be a Northerner in a foreign land.It is sad that since the Muthalika dynasty took over the helm,tribalism has deeply entrenched in the fabric of our societies,this is not good for our nation.We have seen such things drifted into national unprecedented adversities in Mozambique and Rwanda whereby millions of lives were lost.Mind you,we are not Engels.We all belong to this country,no human being created this country.We have been together in the fight against imperialism led by John Chilembwe,our indisputable hero,we have fought against the imposed Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland,we fought together for our independence and finally,we fought together for multiparty democracy,as usual,the northerners in the lead.Now what are these hatred and animosities against the Northerners who are in very tinny minority? The Mozambican majority,who happen to be Shanganis,had been in power for 35 years,but late last year,relinquished their grab on power, to minority north.This is indeed,a sense of responsibility and patriotism.Long live Malawians of good will and long live Africa.

  42. mkandawire came first but was favoured…by a panel chaired by a speaker. now muthalika chooses kalemba and one says he is against northerners! realy? thuts stupid plus plus. wina thinks why not one who came second! second where? same faulted process? mamina okhaokha dumpest minds… nawo the ground is being leveled..mtundu wanzeru uwoneka. l know some tumbukas are really smart, but majority are just hardworkers..bookworms. in my junior classes l used to beat them supprisingly we’re ruled by a yao,kkk fanny eti? now at chanco doing sciences l have been coming first.,helping a good chunk of these northerners straggling to pass kkk zodabwitsa eti? to others yes but man will tell u..thus the trend. if quorta stands for 50yrs every malawian, every tribe get motivated we will see zodabwitsa ndithu.. ena muzazimangilira. sory am chewa kkk

  43. Wakwithu Msowoya says:

    Norther Msowoya can only recruite a northener. Thats what they do these northers chairing meeting to recruite even drivers from their village, case in point the tribalistic DC that was chased from Mulanje. They know they cheat yet they will come hear and cry a river. There is no road block to Nyika if you ask me, what kind of people will only be happy if they company or department if full of northers. Mxxxxx

  44. Gundamoto says:

    Mediocrity can never develop any society and Malawi will perpetually remain undeveloped because as as it thrives on mediocrity. Imagine people who do don’t deserve university education are put through the university system because of quota system. These quota system mediocres are employed in public services through quota system without any competitive process. They are quickly promoted unmerited and given very strategic job. Then they miserably fail to deliver and we wonder why our country is not developing. We remain the poorest country in the world and will remain as such until we begin to seriously embrace meritocracy. It doesn’t whether it’s a Yao, Lambya, Tonga, Sena or Senga who gets the job on merit. This poverty that is largely fueled by mediocrity is not restricted to Atumbuka. Incidentally the majority of Atumbuka live above one dollar per day. Visit Mzuzu you will never see street beggers and compare that with Lilongwe and Blantyre streets which are full of beggers.

  45. Alex Likoswe says:

    I like you. But is a polical charged organisation. See where your husband is. Do not trust politicians.

    Stay with your professionalism

  46. Chatola says:

    Send a thief to catch a thief, wa nepotism its easy to notice where they z nepotism, Mthalika at its best pali nkhali apa.

  47. drogba says:

    kkkkkk ndinanenatu paja kuti APM waionera patali kuti paja anganyawa akakhala pamalooo kkkkkk. Musowoya-Mukandawire-Nyasuroo-Nyarenda-Chirwa wokolopa ku thoyazi, adhadha Chibhwatiko wopelekera tea, Kumwenda gardener kkkkkk This world isn’t fair at all

  48. abinte says:

    Well done APM

  49. Northerners should know that they are being used like condom. Ralph is being persecuted vili chete, m’bulutu khumbo what can he do if given position, send a northerner to crusfy a fellow northerner, munya muona. Harry bulutu, mzomera ngwira bulutu, shaba nkhalamba, poor my fellow munganya uyu nkhamumanyanga yayi. Things have fallen apart we cant act as one

  50. AK says:

    The Speaker and his panel of interviewers picks someone from the North after interviews, and it is nepotism. The president alone picks someone from the south without interviewing the person and it is NOT Nepotism. AMANGWETU!!

  51. Mtumbuka says:

    That’s mtumbuka, wakwithu nganya model. Please, look at them critically; analyse them from government department, academic sector, to non-governmental organizations like World Vision, Save the children in particular…

    If I were you I would praise APM for being mature, I salute the Late Bingu wa Mutharika for being an eye opener to what has been happening in UNIMA.

    May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  52. Malawi says:

    This is unfair. Mkandawire came first. He deserves the job. Why do you hate northerners? Fiona did not even come fourth? Mutharika will end very badly like brother.
    what message is Mutharika sending to Malawians? We want merit in appointments not regionalism?

  53. becks says:

    If I were Fiona Kalemba I would not take up such a position.

  54. Munyane says:

    Wina mpoto kudandaula yaye

  55. jmc says:

    What else wud u expect from Northernor if given space to recruit

  56. NKALAPWAGA says:

    Mhhhhhhh Chalo Banthu

  57. Chikopa says:

    Hehehehehe kuli maungu! Kwawilira heve!

  58. ondo says:

    Ndimmene vimthalika vimachitla koma akana khala mulomwe . Vhindele .

  59. aziz says:

    Nepotism on this one only why not controlling ur appointment on ministers who are all mulhakho? President is not conversant with Malawi problems

  60. Peter says:

    If this turns out to be true, then we have an opportunity to test the law and take the goofing APM to court. Politicians have been taking us for granted for too long and maybe now we can challenge them through courts. Somebody who is used to breaking the law is not advising the president well or is it the mtchona just doesn’t understand Malawi.

  61. njonjolinjo says:

    a pitala you belong to academocs muvulala for rest of your life c’on leave politics

  62. Maseko says:


  63. Tchaka says:

    APM waitha- iya!

  64. mapwevupwevu says:

    Congrats Fiona!

  65. SONG says:

    He does not make appointments at state house said Viola. No doubt about it, Ben Phiri’s appointment. The country is at total mess why rejecting the winner and appoint someone who was not even second. How does Mathanyula think will such a person work with speaker. Falling down of this country.

  66. MAN HA says:


  67. hoitty says:

    If Peter is saying the truth and suspects nepotism in the interviews, then let him pick the the lady who came second or the gentleman who came fourth

  68. uyo says:

    WAmkulu wa nepotism mesa ndi mtharika amene

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