Mutharika gets applauds from Malawi paper on delegating  Muluzi

Nation says 'Well-done Mr. President': President Peter Mutharika in an audience with former president Dr Bakili Muluzi at Sanjika Palace

Nation says ‘Well-done Mr. President’: President Peter Mutharika in an audience with former president Dr Bakili Muluzi at Sanjika Palace

President Peter Mutharika has been commended by Malawi newspaper giant, Nation Publications Limited through its Sunday title for delegating former president Bakili Muluzi to represent him at the 50th independence celebrations of Zambia in Lusaka, calling it “a step in the right direction.”

The Nation on Sunday in an editorial comment noted that Malawi has witnessed a lot of squabbling between incumbent presidents and their predecessors, citing the most recent protracted discord being between Muluzi and his successor the late Bingu wa Mutharika, a brother to the incumbent president.

The paper pointed out that while such fights are mostly seen as involving two incompatible leaders, they impact negatively on the whole nation “which loses out on the vital services and wisdom that retired leaders are capable of offering the country.”

The editorial comment lauded Mutharika’s gesture  to delegate Muluzi saying “ it heralds a new governance chapter that we have missed and yearned for so long.”

Reads the editorial, in part: “The gesture not only sends a good message that we can, as a country, look back and take pride in our statesmen, but also accord the office of the former president the respect and dignity it deserves.”

The paper said it hopes Mutharika will extend a similar gesture to the recently retired president Joyce Banda, who it said is another vital resource; and that she will take the offer.

“After all, Muluzi and Banda are public figures, with their names on government’s payroll, receiving taxpayer funded benefits; hence, the need for the Malawian taxpayer to reap all the benefits possible from such personalities,” said the editorial.

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34 thoughts on “Mutharika gets applauds from Malawi paper on delegating  Muluzi”

  1. Mkazi gwetsa says:

    Mutharika want to teach malawians how former presidents are respected for the better of our country

  2. yung patriot says:

    i smell peace in malawi.plz extend such generosities to JZU

  3. wish you well says:

    A Nation Publications, are you sure this is the right thing to aplaude the President for when the State Vice President Right Honourable Saulos Chilima is there to be delegated to such functions?

  4. REX MSISKA says:

    Ha ha ha. Its nice to be a president in Malawi. You are paid hefty on retirement apart from kusolola money. Its like thanking them for kusolola, “yah you are smart boss, the hefty salary is just your pocket money. and we are dropping the fraud/corruption case and given back your fleet of cars.” Salute!

    Who will take Malawi seriously if the citizens themselves are contented with what is going on. Malawians hate those who fight fraud and corruption, they call it tribalism. You talk change such as looking into Federalism they are scared to death sighting that Kamuzu broke the stupid federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, they feel they are going back that root. Come on there is no more Rhodesia, there are the nations of Zambia and Zimbabwe.
    Nyasaland is the nation of Malawi.

    Malawi ministers travel to countries where federalism is being used to run their great nations, but they call it tribalism and lie to our chiefs as such.

    Zambia is by all means doing its best to fight fraud and corruption. Their economy is thriving. The same Nyika game reserve that we share is a wow. On Malawi side, the great achievement was chasing phokas out, I inclusive. Don’t undermine Zambians. Sending Muluzi there on the 50 years celebration is a mockery.

    Malawians in general should disassociate themselves. Its kinder garden play by the two.

  5. At last a leader who can share the big stage with others. This is the way forward.

  6. shaibu says:

    Sheet ya mbuzi ndiwe Chindazi ndi makoyo bakha Joyce. Umati bakha azitanipo pakati pa ma President Muluzi/Peter/Kamuzu/Chilima? Bakha ali bize kusambila ku Nyanja pajatu amakonda thope ndi madzi bakha. ndiye ukufuna kuti avuulidwe mu thope ndi madzi! afatu akhale komweko bakha izi ndizoyenera ma pulezident basi osati wapangozi kankhani galasi ili uja Joyce Bakha.

  7. mai nsato says:

    A Chair!!! ndakunyadilani zedi!!!! munthu wopanda mangawa inu ndithu. munasankha Bingu ndikumpanga president. Peter akukuthokozani chifukwa munayang’ana mkulu wake.

    Chakwera ndi Tembo azapita kukakuyimirirani ku Mozambique pa swearing in , paja MCP imathandiza otsutsa anzawo.

    JB azapita kukakuyimirirani ku Sierra Leone akathane ndi ebola kwa madam Sirleaf

  8. zebedia says:

    za zzziii osamaphimbana mmaso iyayi..

  9. Thats we’re lookin 4.together we can buld better nation BROVO TO MR PRESIDENT(apm..) & also u father of de nation TATA BAKILI MULUZI.

  10. Rompwa says:

    That’s good.

  11. J.C says:

    Keep it up Mr President this is what it means to be a leader.

  12. Amos Salamba says:

    The long awaited President.Thanks God for APM

  13. Alidi Ngalande says:

    No doubt APM is a leader Malawi has been longing for .Bravo MR PRESIDENT

  14. Chitaganya says:

    Kikikiki…. You mean you can’t read this??? I saw it coming…. first “Tupe becomes minister, then 60 vehicles returned to Dad Muluzu, then the 1.2billion cashgate put under the underwear, then vice president sidelined, then former president represents Malawi, good comment from NPL hahaha…. Why not, YES, the NPL boss is off to a diplomatic post…. Auspices of the D phi phi… GOOD FACELIFTING ANYWAY. Bravo NPL for saving and serving yo boss with good stories.

  15. madar Gavyn says:

    This is waht we call leadership mr president. Well done!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    My thanks goes to all the nation news board room management and staff for your article of thanking Mr President APM and thanks to all viewers who knows how to thanks when it is needed to do so indeed together we stand divide we fall, zimenezo ndiye timafuna ifezo not all the time politics we need to build our country together

  17. Chindazi says:

    Nanga JB bwanji……. ZANKUTU BASI…… bwanji osaonesa umodzi ndi JB yomwe……don’t be one sided APM……..I don’t c unity here… its all shit ya mbuzi…..

  18. Dick says:

    Peter, please do not trust muluzi

  19. Tsono iwe wakwiya ndichani? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  20. Dasmos says:

    Thank you Nation for applauding Mr President

  21. Mwito Okhriva says:

    Zabwino izi ndithu

  22. Mkhokhora Mwithlotho says:

    Nice applause

    The President is doing good job indeed on several matters

  23. Mlopwana says:

    A Pita omwewo

  24. jumujum says:

    bwana ziribwino ndithu uko ndiye kukhala ndi maganizo akuya

  25. Kapucheche says:

    This is really a good step if we are to use the wisdom of retired presidents’. But the worry would be how the VP feel if he is not aware of such delegation as he is the right person to go on behalf of the state president. Lets not forget the current relationship between Malawi and Zambia. I rest my case.

  26. Lily Albert says:

    Nation News Paper is absolutely right to applaud Mutharika.

    Mutharika is doing a wonderful job

  27. Nomsa says:

    Tanyadira kamba koyamikira bwana Mutharika

  28. Noxy says:

    Good story Nation Newspaper.United we stand,divided we fall.Bravo Peter Mutharika for getting away with the past and live with the present.We now have a visionary leader which indeed we lacked the past years.Forward ever backward never.Always remember to do good and shame the devil.

  29. Mpingu says:


  30. Od Mothe says:

    Nice zikakoma kumayamikirad

  31. Mambo says:

    APM is indeed doing a great job and must be applauded

  32. Manuel says:

    Kuli…. ziiii! amvundula madzi olo kuchita komenti. Ndiye kuti mumangodzifunira zoipa zokhazokha ndiye mungamazilimbikitse?

    1. Malawiana says:

      Its just because we are buffled by Mutharika not realising that Muluzi is a paython coiling to swallow him alive. You think Muluzi has forgotten the humiliation he suffered under Bingu? You must be crazy to think Muluzi can just be generous for nothing.

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