Mutharika given a 14 day ultimatum in his own backyard: Enlightened by MCP MP Lunguzi

People of Phalombe District, sick and tired of being taken for a ride by successive Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) governments despite supporting the party in large numbers, have petitioned President Peter Mutharika over government’s inability to roll out the district hospital project years after it started “receiving funding” in the national budget.

Juliana Lunguzi MP Dedza East raised the issue of Phalo,be hospital in parliament

Juliana Lunguzi MP Dedza East raised the issue of Phalo,be hospital in parliament

As recently noted by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Parliamentarian; who is also the current Chair of the Parliamentary Health Committee and Shadow Minister (Health) for her party in her response to the 2015/16 Budget Statement, construction of Phalombe District Hospital has been featuring in budgets dating as far back as 2007.

To date, not a single brick is in evidence.

Delivering her contribution to the 2015/16 debate in parliament a week ago, Hon Juliana Lunguzi sympathised with the people of Phalombe.

“I would be failing in my duty if I do not talk about the plight of the people of Phalombe. Phalombe District Hospital, Mr Speaker Sir, is in the budget, yet again this year.”

She went on:“Mr Speaker sir, for how long are we going to cheat people of Phalombe that they will get a hospital?I made to believe that since 2007, ‘construction of Phalombe District Hospital’ has always existed in the budget.Yet up to now, Phalombe District Hospital, does not exist in Phalombe.”

Lunguzi quizzed her fellow parliamentarians from the area:“Fellow honourable members from the Government benches, how do you manage to look the people of Phalombe in the eye when you visit them?”

She then offered her peers free advice saying:“We must learn to respect and honour our pledges to fellow citizens.”

In the petition presented to Phalombe district commissioner (DC) Paul Kalilombe, the residents have, among others, given Mutharika 14 days to visit the district and appreciate their concerns.

The DC has confirmed to the media that he indeed received the petition on behalf of the President.

Kalilombe, implying that this is not the first petition that the hapless people of Phalombe have made to Government; said since a prior petition, several activities have taken place to lessen the people’s pressure in terms of access to health facility while waiting for the start of the project.

He cited construction of a theatre room, an additional ward, part of administration block at Phalombe Health Centre and disbursement of compensation to owners of the land where the new hospital will be built.

All these however do not constitute a District Hospital which usually serves as the first referral centre in a district.

This explains why residents are impatient with the delays to start construction and have since threatened to stop further construction works at the health centre should the President defy their petition.

Also speaking to the media on the same issue, Treasury spokesperson Nations Msowoya said that although government had been showing the amounts in the budget “they were only for purposes of budgeting” and no funds were drawn.

This statement has left many Malawians wondering what else in the K930 billion 2015/16 budget is “there just for the purposes of budgeting”, never to see the light of day.

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56 thoughts on “Mutharika given a 14 day ultimatum in his own backyard: Enlightened by MCP MP Lunguzi”

  1. So msowoya has revealed that budgets are prepared for the sake of it! Political weapon yophera awemba nthawi ya masankho eti! Foolish ppo. in fact u r fooling yasef


  3. fredpa says:

    They are budgeting for the sake of budgeting nothing will come out,ili nde boma ili.Koma ya!! kodi dziko lino kulitukula ndi mbwelera zake zimenezi?.Amati”education that does not bring transformation to you or to people around you is awasted education”.OR “educated sarvages do not bring change but worsen situations in the name of change.”

  4. Uchizi Chilongozi says:

    Big up Juliana

  5. Analisti wamkulu says:

    Stupid Lomwes of Phalombe.Those are the consequences of voting for people out of tribalism instead of policies.Muzipita kwa sing’anga.

  6. jimbo says:

    The DPP want to use the funds that could be used to build Phalombe hospital to build two banquet halls. The health and wellbeing of the people of Phalombe are very low on the list of priorities for this DPP Govt. When are they going to be made to stand up and be counted? They are a disgrace and a total sham.

  7. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    MCP shut up

  8. Balamanthu says:

    Bvuto lake lovotera mbava ndi choncho.We are being ruled by crooks where integrity does not matter.They believe in cheating voters.Thats why they dont even feel ashamed kubera mavoti and have the courage to say that they have done well in the first year of APM.You have not and things are just starting.They will get worse.Desperate situations require desperate measures which the DPP government does not have in its wallet!Mbuzi za anthu.We need to lease our country to Kagame just for six months and you will see how things will happen-faster than expected and half the civil service kundende wo!

  9. msowoya says:

    akhwaka,iwe charombathu u think if govt says we have budgeted to spend 980 billion the money is just idle in govt account #1, these are just projections , ndlama zake ndi misinkho ikubwerayi from july 2015- june 16

  10. IBAM says:

    Boma lamalawi ndendende ndi Greece.

  11. Bornface c Mwale says:

    Sorry adona boma lilibe ndalama tidzamanga phalombe District Hospital ine ndikazakhala president 2019.

  12. shaaaa! says:

    chosadziwa,anayimbira mfiti vota vota,mwaziona alomwe.Julie auze amvetsetse.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  13. chipwete chalunda says:

    Very interesting but i know govt has no money and omly fools think it has to do everything

  14. Chimphamba Nedi says:

    Koma zoona, Mr Dambwe? What is wrong with the ladies you mentioned? You seriously have a personal challenge or I do not know…..

  15. chipie says:

    Phalombe asova

  16. Federalist says:

    Juliana, why should you bother speaking for people who are in parliament to clap hands stupidily. The petition itself was presented by a fingerfull of people. The rest of the Phalombians feel they are okay without a hospital; as long as the President of Malawi speaks their language.

  17. Okonko says:

    Lesson ~ stop voting people into power chifukwa ndi akwanu. African politics will mature only if we start putting people in positions based on merit. Sadly if we had another election today the people of Phalombe would still make the same mistake because they can’t bear anyone ruling them than their fellow lomwe. This country?

  18. Nzavias says:

    We MCP s ,respect every malawian no matter they voted BULLSHIT dpp . thats us! viva Chakwera, viva Lunguzi, viva MCP and viva Malawi. Wina ngati asakufuna lets meet in the streets. i will pound you!

  19. Hetherwick nsangwa says:

    My free advice dpp dont devide the south akondeni aphalombe more over this is mulhako territory ayamba kukuchitani attack kulikulu kwanu a mcp. Ine ndiweniweni nyamwero koma izi ngati nzowona eeh jack up .ndikukumbutseni nthawi ya vote chakwera amatsogola penapake koma atangomutchulira phalombe anabisala.

  20. Angoni apaphata says:

    Governmment is serious business. Pesto Pyongyang kadsmsana you ndikayendetsa boma

  21. yooo says:

    I feel pity to phalomb pipo for what gvt done to them,taken like animals

  22. kweni says:

    chipatala ndi nseu wa chitakale – phalombe monse munayambira kutinamiza anthu akwa goliati osayamika inu mkulu wwwako tinamvotera koma amta ndalama anatafuna ngati makata, kuyesa kuvotera be chaka chathachi koma palibe chikuchitika, chipongwe chake ukupatsa mfumu yakwanu wati ikhale mfumu ya alomwe kuchotsa ku phalombe kuno, tatulukamo mu mulakho mwamuno, ndiye bolansi mwana wa chair ife za chibwazi tatopa nazo, chair anayetsa kuti phalombe ikhale district. tikumfuna peter abwere kuno pasanathe 14 days enough is enough!

  23. KAMBUKU says:

    Cash-gate is now embedded in bills

  24. Kavuluvulu says:


  25. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Ken Lipenga, do the needful. People thought you are finished.

  26. Charter says:

    For sure those allocations since 2007 have been spent. The question is, “On what?” We could be witnessing the daughter of mr. Chashgate unfolding before our eyes!

  27. Hawai D P Petrol says:

    Mbava zenizeni. Galu amabereka galu basi

  28. ***** Ugalu Bwako says:

    Just waiting to see what one reader “Analyst” will say on this one. He claims that constructions works are all over they country.In Bt, MZ and LL there are construction works going on.

    Let the people of Phalombe go to BT, MZ,or LL to get treatment.

  29. Chidongo says:

    Now we know the type of president and political leadership we have! Big lesson for Malawians or do we need more?

  30. Julie says:

    This is serious!! Phalombe district hospital, Phalombe Teachers Collage, and Zomba -Jali- Phalombe – Chitakale Road have been appearing on the budget since 2005 todate, but nothing is happening to vallidate those money

  31. Zamuntima Yz says:

    It shoul be like that. Nthawi zonse anthu amodzimdzi kodi enafe ntchito yathu ndi chain?

  32. Professor Seyani says:

    Decieting and clueless government. What wrong did Phalombe people commit to deserve this inhumane traetment. Its also high time we people if Phalombe rethink on how we vote. Izi zomavotera munthu coz is a fellow Lhomwe from Mozambique is not helping but rather bringing Malawi in shummbles. Its a deservice to the nation. Lets reflect ndithu apo biiii we are doomed forever

  33. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Phalombeans are not yet the doubting Thomases, but they are getting close to being.
    The district has been a political desert for MCP, since multiparty, and rightly so; but rewards are scanty. So, the people are beginning to ask serious questions, like –
    -What will it take for the government really to prioritize the new hospital? Another Napolo
    (massive landslides) in the Michesi Mountains, or similar disaster(s)?
    -What will it take to complete the Chirazulo-Migowi Road, from miseu folo towards
    Chirazulo Boma?
    -What will it take to seriously work on the Zomba-Jali-Phalombe-Chitakale Road?
    -How about the economically deserved and justifiable Migowi-Sombani Road?
    -How about rehabilitation of the gravity fed water system from the pristine mountains?
    Migowi and parts of Phalombe were some of the first areas in the country to get tap
    water, in the 70’s. That legacy is now meaningless!
    The people really miss the urgency and legendary economic competency of the late Bingu, who seemed to understand the priorities of the region.
    APM should start showing his true allegiances soon. Because the bees are getting agitated in the hives; and they could soon get roused. And that would NOT be good thing for the ruling party.
    Pretty sure Chaponda and Kaliati know this. And they have the ear of the Bwana! Or do they?

  34. Antchona says:

    Lunguzi for president

  35. What this Honourable Lady is saying is true. This story for Phalombe Distinct Hodpital I started hearing it during the time of Muluzi. So to hear again that to date nothing has transpired it’s a sad story. Goverent has to do something about it. Now coming to the issue of budget. By the way “what is budget?” From my understanding it’s a financial blueprint. Now from my school of thinking I don’t see any contradiction from Nations Msowoya’s statement cos it’s a budget. Now the most crucial issue here is funding, funding & budget go hand in hand but they’re two deferent things. Malawi doesn’t have the purse to do as it pleases it needs donors. My question here is that did the donors give the funds for Phalombe District Hospitsl then the government diverted them???? If the answer is yes then the leadership has to answer.

  36. White Rabbit says:

    It’s like, Beauty and the Beast (Juliana verses small boy peter).

    Bravo Juliana!

    You Go Girl!

  37. KANDAWE says:


  38. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Mr Dambwe ndiwe chitsiru chakufikapo. I’m not surprised though that you can’t see sense in what Lunguzi is saying because you are a DPP member and all DPP members are senseless, clueless idiotic tribalists. You hate CHEWAS AND TUMBUKAS. MAYI Lunguzi is a Chewa from central region koma akufunira zabwino anthu akwanuko ku Phalombe pamene zitsiru za ma MP anu zaku Phalombe komweko zingupenya. You are indeed a stupid idiot if you cant see sense in Lunguzi. Shame on you!!!

  39. grinzo50 says:

    Am reading the comments go on.

  40. Adamson says:

    Ndale zapa nyasaland zimenezo.
    Anthu kucoka ku blantyre ena ku lilongwe kuzacita organize ma nemo.
    Eeeeee tikukuwonanitu. Ena obisala kupanga mademo aku assembly komweko musayese sitikukuziwani ai.
    Siyani ntchito mukayambe ndale kwanu ku kaya kura

  41. lesta says:

    Look phalombe people,you have been clapping hands for mutharika frim thyolo because is your fellow lhomwe kkk,look you dont have a hospital,a basic need,now go to thyolo and see for yourself the staye of art hospital that is thyolo ,very well funded hospital,you oeople waste si nuch time voting for and defending useless people like mulli,each time we want ti pump sense into these politicians,you call us names kuti atumbuka ndinu odzikonda,pano mwaona monwe zimapwetekela

  42. Kenkkk says:

    And stupid dpp bootlicking mps from Phalombe are quiet, open your mouths you thugs and help the people who put you In parliament to advance their concerns. Shame on you, you have to wait for someone outside phalombe to shame the govt and its cheating budget. Didn’t you see how your fellow dpp mp for nsanje challenged the govt to send maize to disaster stricken victims in his area?

  43. kabotolokamo says:

    Proper leadership is needed in Malawi otherwise ,l can see trouble ahead of this nation!

  44. Eiiiish. Koma mzimayi uyu ndimafuna ntazamuchinda bwanji

  45. DEMOCRACY says:

    Juliana Lunguzi is the most patriotic MP I have ever seen. Continue fighting for the people. But I am wondering why Chakwera as the leader of opposition akukhala mphwii mu parliament. Julian should take the mantle from this silly man.

  46. king yello says:

    No money for the project but available funds to fatten our pockets, so my fellow phalombees wait patiently until 2019 for another systematic political lie

  47. This shows the opposition are doing work good for democracy

  48. Alex Likoswe says:

    Different interpretations of cash budget. Mr Mso, please tell your friends to religiously understand what cash budget means. May be to an economist is beans while to an accountant means peas

  49. Mr Dambwe says:

    Lunguzi Ndi Kabwira Pa NyasaTimes Shaaaaa Kodi Ku Opposition Kulibe Amai Ena Omwe Amayakhula Nyumba Ya Lamulo????

    Zizikupatsa Chikoka Ngankhale Mwasitha Chithunzi Chake.

  50. Professor Seyani says:

    Phalombe is my District and I feel sorry the mess. APM whats this madness

    1. lapken says:

      Lunguzi ur my hero. Am From PE myself, despite being a home for DPP, PE have been cheated fo long time, thre is no district hospital at all pple are suffering, most of our MPs in PE are “yes bwana’ type of. Pliz APM assist us!

  51. Kenkkk says:

    This is a joke of a budget and Nation has just confirmed what Gondwe told us that some expenditure in the budget will only be met when resources are available. So why include them in the budget if there is no money for them? Just to please and fool people that you will do something for them when actually there is no money for such expenditure? Promises without money is cheating.

    Please don’t approve this deceitful budget. Give us a revised budget that has money to do the development now that is supposed to be done.

    1. burnettie says:

      is it true kukambilana budget pomwe some items r for budget purposes thats why mumatinamiza now u r talking

  52. Charombanthu says:

    The comment from Mr Nations Msowoya is a serious one and cannot be ignored just like that. Are we being told that the figures in the budget are just there for budgeting purposes? Really? Do these people know what they are doing? In other words, figures are thrown in the budget without purpose. Why do MPs waste time and money on these numbers which mean nothing at all? No wonder there are arguments that government is on auto pilot.

    1. Malawiana says:

      Painful as it may sound, Nations is correct to say you budget in anticipation of some inflow somewhere and if that does not materialise, that figure remains a figure by its very name.

  53. Harold mtengo says:

    DPP ndi mbava, leave them, they are careless even to pipo who put them in power. Asova okha anthu a ku phalombe.

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