Mutharika has so far failed, out of sync –Dulani

University of Malawi political professor Boniface Dulani says President Peter Mutharika has so far failed to demonstrate he is that elusive transformation leader.

President Mutharika:  Out of sync with reality on the ground, says Dulani

President Mutharika: Out of sync with reality on the ground, says Dulani

Dulani:  Mutharika out of touch with mood of Malawians

Dulani: Mutharika out of touch with mood of Malawians

Dulani observed that the instead of dealing with the core political issues that can potentially transform the country towards a prosperous future, the leadership is “constantly attending to peripheral matters that only satisfy individual egos and pockets.”

In an interview published by Malawi’s flagship daily, The Nation newspaper, Dulani said there is no evidence that Malawi politics is likely to move in a new direction.

He stated that within a few days of entering State House, Mutharika quickly resorted to the “default settlement” that the majority of existing crop of politicians is most accustomed to.

“So, while I did not envision the current settlement, I am not at all surprised it is what we have. Change will only come from below, not from above,” he stated.

The political analyst pointed out that despite claiming he would move away from the politics as usual model at his election victory speech, President Mutharika “has not demonstrated an understanding of the nature of the existing settlement or laid out any clear agenda for taking us towards a new direction.”

He stated: “The only time we have heard from the President at length was during the State of the Nation Address. However, even that came across as a hodgepodge of ideas that did not provide a clear sense of what his priorities are.

“I will go far and say that at least under Joyce Banda administration, government policies were geared towards economic recovery, even if the reality on the ground was often different. In Mutharika’s case, there is simply no clear overarching agenda that would suggest a capacity to take the country on a new path.”

Dulani also joined the chorus of criticising President Mutharika for approving his salary hike to 80 percent which has been deferred, saying the decision and its timing speaks more to the President’s lack of leadership skills and political astuteness.

“At a time when the economy is in a free-fall, a good leader should have led by example and turned down this salary hike. In this regard, Mutharika could have learnt from his predecessor, Joyce Banda, who took a rather symbolic pay cut at a time when the economy was in similar dire strait,” Dulani said in the published interview.

He said by increasing his salary by a hefty 80 percent, with matching or even higher increases for Cabinet ministers, leader of opposition and Members of Parliament, Mutharika’s government has lost “any moral ground” for saying no to the demands by the striking Judiciary and university staff, whose demands for 45 percent salary increases “now look very modest.”

The university political scientist stated that when put alongside the stories about First Lady, Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi (Beam) Trust obtaining funds from the National Aids Commission, the President’s salary hike suggests “a leader that is completely out of touch with the public mood.”

He said the government’s claims of insufficient resources for salary increments will no longer sound credible.

“ After this blunder, the government should brace themselves for more strikes,” warned Dulani.

Dulani said Malawi has been seeking for transformational leadership and gave a verdict that “Mutharika has so far failed to demonstrate that he has the personality or skills to be that elusive transformation leader that Malawi has been seeking.”

He continued stating that Mutharika, he has not made any notable decisions, especially on the economic front, that suggest he has a vision or agenda for transforming the country.

“The majority of his decisions and actions have so far followed the old script, mostly placating his DPP co-partisans and a palpable favouritism of his Lomwe co-ethnics. Despite claiming that his government would hit the ground running, the Peter Mutharika administration has actually gone the opposite direction, with the President becoming well known for his now-patented approach of making piece-meal appointments and slow decision-making,” Dulani commented.

Dulani said it should not be a surprise that President Mutharika has chosen to insulate himself from the many challenges that the country is facing.

“During his late brother’s administration, he equally failed to demonstrate leadership when such was required from him. Indeed, one recalls a Zodiak Radio study that found Peter Mutharika was among a dubious group of six legislators that never uttered a single word for two years in Parliament. Expecting such an individual to change now that he has become President is perhaps a tad un-realistic on our part as voters,” said Dulani.

Dulani comments comes hot on the heels of the accusations by leader of opposition in Parliament  Rev Dr Lazarus Chakwera  who  described President Mutharika as a hypocrite,  saying his government is run by “distractions and deceptions, not leadership.”

Chakwera accused Mutharika of taking a “blind eye” of are so many critical issues facing Malawians.

Minister of Information, Kondwani Nankhumwa and presidential spokesman Fredrick Ndala said they will make a reaction to Dulani critique.

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133 thoughts on “Mutharika has so far failed, out of sync –Dulani”

  1. Thumbs down says:

    These people are good at criticizing others, but when given a chance to perform they are trash. We all remember how Jessie was: When not in the political arena her criticisms were sweet and most of the dull believed and backed her up the same way others are doing in lifting high this political prof. These UNIMA professors are less minded and they always take us for granted. I think they lack seriousness. If you look at the events critically you will realize that every year since multiparty started UNIMA falls apart with the government for reasons better known to them, their families and friends, and yet they are doing nothing to bring change in this nation and continent. Most of its graduates leave a lot to be desired: all they know are cash gate, gossip, pulling down any brilliant administration as they head most CSOs, doing UEE coaching and nothing else. To be honest these guys teach crap and they only prepare their graduates to be money lovers through dubious means no wonder a lot of lolololololo, lolololololo! Day in day out attacking politicians out of jealousy and greedy, because they strongly believe that the only way to become a millionaire is by making a lot of noise to politicians. Since Jessie boarded the political boat has she lived up to her activism goals she was championing? The answer is NO! The other interesting thing is that whenever these guys want to enter into politics they begin it like this-making baseless accusations well understood to their sympathizers and those who could benefit once they are elected into office. We don’t want mere rhetoric we want performers, so Mr. to hell with your nonsense. Only your fellow crap can be cheated by you. Great minded people know very well that in afrobarometric survey you were only a spokes person or rather a presenter and those big calculations and correct estimates were done by true visiting professors from the highly ranked universities on the continent, the big professors who commit themselves to their people and their continent. Kuteroko cash gate munkayipanga dala kuti ma donor anyanyale muyambe kumasonya boma latsopano kuti likulephera? A Dulani just resign from lecturing and start politics. Don’t waste our money and time please!

  2. Olirah says:

    Eeeee tiyeni nazo tinkanena adathira msiyizi.

  3. Kukoma says:

    it is such stupid people with stupid ideas that fail to make the university self sustaining only waiting for handouts from government because the lecturers are busy seeing problems elsewhere when they have lots of problems within the university. Dulani you fail to manage a small institution and you think you can manage a country.Peter knows delegation and his boys are working on the ground.

  4. Kukoma says:

    I have noted that there is a growing tendency of critising the President. The salary demand in the judiciary is selfishness being sponsored by the Queen of Cashgate because she wants to frustrate progress. Now that the judiciary has abandoned work in a way they are saying the constitution has been suspended because government functions on three stones. its now time the president declares a state of emergency and use his executive powers to put this greed to a stop.If parliament is not working.

  5. Simeon Nyapala says:

    Those who have disputed Dulani’s assertions are the ones who are benefitting from the current presidency but any level headed person will agree that things are not working in this country. Firstly Dulani is not saying these the problems which have befallen us are new but that the govt does not show that it is solving these problems. I applaud Dulani for his well written arguments befitting a professor. Secondly, I want to let the people who support DPP not to support blindly as if this football club. Running govt is serious. The president hasn’t shown that he can handle the problems at hand. I suggest he should start behaving as a president who cares for his pple

  6. uuuu says:

    and chanco is closed,malawi is on a cliff,lets be honest with each other here,we may love mutharika and dpp but the issue is there is no future in both of these,events are driving dpp and mutharika to where they belong so fast

  7. richard says:

    Anthu akudandaula ndi utsogoleri wa pitala ndiye kumawamvera inu okhudzidwanu

  8. George Masida Mhone says:

    Malawians need to learn to be patriots and stop identifying themselves by their tribes. Negative energy will not take us anywhere. Let us be positive in our thinking and ensure that our comments build our country.

    Let us be part of the solution to our problems. Time is not on our side and therefore, let us work towards bringing love, unity, hardwork and development to mother Malawi.

    Let us spend time on thinking on how we can work together to create jobs, how we can replant trees on the bare mountains, how we can implement the many projects that are lyinng on the shelves such as the Greenbelt Initiative. If we can do that, Malawi would indeed be the Warm Heart of Africa.

    We can do it and be a blessed nation. God bless Malawi.

  9. Steve Kamkwalala says:

    Nobody is insulting the Tumbukas. You are the ones who are insulting an internationally recognised and accepted head of state. You are calling him all sorts of names and you expect us to keep quite. No that will not happen. Iam one of the 36 percent of the people who voted for him and I will not take it lying down while you are abusing my president. If it is fighting we are ready to fight. Tumbukas are more educated? aa that’s a fallacy of 20 years ago. Don’t talk as a group talk about yourself. Are u educated yourself. You respect us as a people we respect you too. You insult us and the president, we will not take it lying down. We are ready. We have nothing to lose.

  10. Cucumber says:

    Foolish people always keep on holding a stick of a foolish person.Continue supporting him but what you should bear in mind is that a rat that joined a lizard for floric(playing) in a rain,realised at the end that it will nt dry as quicky as a lizard will do .Stop insulting the Northernas just become they are minority or more educated than you matenat a tumbuka.ashule inu kulira nthawi ya mvula (madzi) yokha.

  11. Steve Kamkwalala says:

    Let me understand this. Are u telling me that this is the first time prices of commodities have been going up in this country. So the prices of commodities should stay stagnant. Very pedestrian thinking. Since multiparty democracy strikes have been the order of the day. Every year people go on strikes for various reasons. There is nothing new in this. The Kwacha has been depreciating since Kamuzu lost power. So all the depreciation that has been going on from K4 to a dollar to the current one is because of APM. There is a trend that once there is a change of government , for whatever reason, security deteriorates before things improve. It has been like that since the reintroduction of multiparty democracy. When you say Malawians akuvutika tell me when were all Malawians ever be happy in their lives. As far as I am concerned Malawians have always experienced poor quality of life. APM is here to improve things and we are with him mpaka 2019. The earlier you haters acknowledge that fact the better for you.
    Iwe Dulani you are a very myopic professor. You find the coffers swept clean by Cashgate, donors withholding aid because of the same cashgate , if it were u what would you have done. Don’t just talk, give concrete solutions as a professor. Talking is indeed cheap.

  12. The rains not coming , reminds me of joseph mkasas song mose wa lero ndi… , mulungu walisekerera dziko. Igwe e e

  13. mkombezi says:

    Bola ku State house kukalowako bwampini kulekana ndikuti kukadakalowa CHIBENENE Enock Chihana chinkhope ngati bemberezi. Bola bwampini mulomwe kulekana ndi chibenene mtumbuka

  14. High percent MCP says:

    Kodi what happened to the NACgate demos? Just because Getu responded with a No??? Where u being serious in the first place? Is that it then that story gone? So sad, ndalama Za anthu odwala

  15. patriot says:

    Tozer Tsono @74, you have a very valid observation. Much as I do, in principle, agree with your observation, I would not advise that we procrastinate on demos. To the contrary, I say we should intensify on the demos. That is our only chance to push this govt over and down the cliff. We must paralyze everything.

    The DPP has no intention under any circumstances to see the Baker Tilly type forensic audit on the MK92,000,000,000; not in their time not in anyone else’s time. Only difference being that in someone else’s time they will not be able to stop it entirely.

    As for them tampering with any evidence, in all seriousness, all the evidence that our courts ever needed on the CASHGATE is in the Baker Tilly report and if the German funded forensic audit will follow the same pattern, then they, the DPP can tamper with whatever information that is here in the country, but will not have access to that which is on hard-drives that are off-shore.

    They know it, we know it. That’s why they would want to hang on to power at all costs.

  16. yonayona says:

    U r jst a univesite political what?
    Had it been u r a national development and economic analyst better!
    Zandale ndichoncho simuyamika anthu inu’ mwangofuna pomulowera pitala cholinga akupatseni chibanzi!

  17. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    I need help: Hon. Gondwe is sticking to salary harmonization while ACB, Judiciary etc are referring Govt. to their terms and conditions of service as a solution to salary problem. Who is right and who is wrong on the matter? Please help me!

  18. Boduala says:

    There we go again. Malawians, good at talking and talking and talking! Ma Professor, Ma Doctor, Ma chartered whatever koma dziko lingosaukirasaukira. Kodi ma Thesis anuwo amakhala achani? why are those ideas never transformed into development actions??? I would like to see more action not just zongolankhula nanunso a Dulani ndi anzanu!!! We know mukulilira ma salary adjustment nanunso. Mwalinthandiza bwanji dziko la Malawi inu????

  19. Nyamazi says:

    Thumbs up for Professor Dulani. This man called APM has failed the country. An intelligent person can change things for the better within three months of entering office.

    This man went to school yes but he is not intelligent to dos so, hence his failure as a president who was rebuffed by 67 percent of the electorate during the last presidential elections.

    This is why Federalism should come in. We cannot continue to have such tribaliistic and selfish leaders in power who are in state house for money.

    To hell.

  20. austin mwiska says:

    Guys we should not cheat that we could not foresee this when voting.We had a chance to choose and we chose this leader.Malawians my country don’t vote because of regions your coming from vote for vision leaders.

    1. Black Uhuru says:

      Thank you

  21. sitinati says:

    Mr. Dulani I have much interest in your analysis of our baby administration and your comparison with Dr Banda’s regime. You are saying Muthalika is out of hand with Malawians; my question to you is how many Malawians, voted for Muthalika are getting out of hand with him? One thing this scholar is forgetting is that Muthalika got 36% of the votes and 64% did not vote for him and most of these including Chakwera refused the results and Muthalika victory was an inch away from robbed off, thanks to our brave courts in restoring back our democratic right which was at the point of defeat. Which peripheral matters are Muthalika has much interest on? Be to the point Mr. Yourself are taking us to no where and agree that our politics is in this state because of you. Aren’t you the one who teaches our new breed of current failed politicians? It’s nice that you’re agreeing that you’re doing very little at UNIMA the 93 and 4435 ranked university on the continent and the globe. Mr. we want performers not cheats. Why indulge yourself in blame game? We are failing because you teach trash at UNIMA and you are always fighting the government to draw our attention towards the government not to concentrate on your performance. We are tired of all these mumblings. How can you convince us and yet you are doing little to make our country fully independent? Matama ndikumangolongolola pa zinthu za zii!!! Which economic recovery plans were achieved during Dr Banda’s administration Mr.? It seems you are confusion a lot. Now you’re leading people to believe that the sky rocketing commodity prices are due to economic hardships this baby administration has created which is not the case. You think you’re dealing with kids? Joyce’s bad policies on devaluation are the ones we are paying for now as we are in devaluation shock wave effect. Take it or not this is the truth. To my side this baby government is performing: subsidy is on the course, technical colleges are to kick start and they have been on the helm for only 7 months. In only 5 months JB’s administration had already bought countless fleet of new cars, what a shame! Is this the economic recovery plan you are referring to? As a political genius can you tell us who was leading Malawi in JB’s rule? It was T. Blair. He was her chief advisor on government. Are you really serious that Malawi was better taken care of under that colonialism? You mean we are not good leaders? So what are you doing at UNIMA? All you know are strikes year in year out, nothing to equip our people. Very shameful! Fellow Malawians we are failures because of UNIMA and this is the fact. Mr why not seeking an audience with the senior law professor at the 7 world ranked university of Washington? APM don’t get disturbed by these good for nothing people. Be focused because we want performers not cheats. Akakhala a Chakwera ndi owasatira awo sakumvetsabe kuti analuza akhululukireni and there is nothing he did while leading Assemblies even a mere kindergarten school, foolish simunati mulira machondo!!! Anthu amphamvu ya kumidima inu, mukuona ngati uyu munyonganso wooooooooo!!!!!! Ndipo mavote ena a JB 2019 aku mmwera adzapita kwa APM, mark my words.

  22. Kenn says:

    A malawi penapake mitu yathu siyikugwira palichifukwa apa chomuchemerera APM chabwino wapanga iyeyo ndikukweza salary yake ndi 80% kwinaku nkumakana kukwezera amakhoti. Ma strike mwawashosha munya.

  23. Achoke achoke says:

    Mr President whats happening to your team? You have a bunch of learned Ministers,Advisers and Board Chairpersons of different proffesions…You mean all the these people dont advise you how to run government…When you were a ministers some few years ago we could understand your failures because you had no Team like this in running the Ministries but now ait have any excuse!!!! Please wake up Mr President!!

  24. sunderstar says:


  25. clement says:

    This nation was already in ICU and DPP is trying its best,let us be patient.lf anyone have good ideas just come forward than making unnecessary noise on media.

  26. BalakaGuy says:

    Dpp did not fail us at all,infact it is the best party malawi has ever had.

  27. chindere says:

    a steave kamkwalala kondani dziko lanu umbuli tayani uko, inu moti simukuwona mmene dziko likuyendera ndi Peter,bola wa mandasi uja.INU SIMUKUWONA KUTI PAM ZIKUNKANIKA,TIYENI TILIKONDE DZIKO LATHU.ZOPUSA BASI

  28. Malawian says:

    Anyone who thinks objectively should be able to see that the president has got serious leadership challenges. A president who cannot even address the nation to acknowledge the challenges we are passing through and assure us that the government is doing everything possible to solve the problems. He should then tell the nation the plans his government has to solve the problems. It is not the information minister’s responsibility to attempt to do what I have just said. A president is supposed to lead the nation and not just be a ceremonial figure like the queen or King!

  29. godobaman says:

    chili kwa nzako……….running govt is serious business, mulingo umene munayezera anzanu ndiomwe akukuyezerani lero. Nthawi zina ndibwino kumavomereza kuti zandivuta ena akuthandizeni nzeru, makani sathandiza NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. we are bound to make mistakes coz we are human.

  30. BigMan says:

    Here we go again, a fully grown armchair politician, barking, barking, barking and barking some more…….for nothing! No facts, no reality, just spewing opinions that can be readily found at any pub in town.

  31. Freedom of speech at its best but by the end of the day a poor malawian in the village is the worst sufferer you and me we can are better. We express our views on this column whil

  32. munthuu sitinamvotele anamuika pa mpando ndi mbendela ndi saulosiyu

  33. Tozer Tsono says:

    While Dulani has made good points, he is wrong on one aspect of his argument.
    Peter Mutharika has made a political calculation that if he makes decisions that paralyze
    the workings of the judicial, ACB, Civil Servants, or government in general, the forensic audit on DPP cashgate is a non starter. In addition, custody of evidence, in the absence regular employees, is anybody’s game and more likely will be destroyed by engaging the evil Justice fire. Mutharika will stop at nothing to ensure that the forensic audit fails funded by Germany fails. Who will the auditors talk to when the very government employees who know the history of looting by DPP are not in their offices?
    Organizers of strikes need to postpone the strikes until the forensic audit is over. Once the money is recovered by the audit, ask for raises then, with adjustment for cost of living. Play it smart now and gain abundantly later. Mutharika will frustrate the audit because he has nothing to lose. Donors will tighten the noose are Malawi Economy. Sanction on Malawi are saying, when you as a people pick leaders foolishly, you will pay with your dear life. Mutharika and DPP win on the strikes.

  34. Myangwe Joe says:

    Dulani is a highly credible political analyst whose alpha barometer results in 2014 tripartite elections were credible. Hear him out!

    1. FactObserver says:

      Hate comments like this can never develop Malawi. It’s clear from your comment you have a personal issue with Dr Dulani. Kindly furnish us with your credentials and show us tangible things you have done.

    2. Phuzi says:

      Iwe Steve Kankwalala, how do you expect Dullani to produce PHd Sgraduates if fools like you are not continuieng with your Education? Do you really want Dullani to come to your house and force you to study for PHD when you are the one Busy Kuledzela ndi Kuchinda Mahule ndi atsikana antchito malinemu. Ndiwe Mbuzi ndipo sindinaonenso nyani ngati iwe. Iweyo wapanga chiani since the time you left your underfed Educational School. Mbalame iwe eti. Go back to school and get educated you son of a fool.

  35. Steve Kamkwalala says:

    If you are a real Professor, can you pin point one thing you have done in this country for the benefit of the povos. Nothing just talking talking talking. Just continue your habit of kuledzera ndi kukwera mahule basi. You have nothing to show. How can you call yourself a Professor when you have not graduated even a single PhD student. Just talking and nothing to show

    1. Myangwe Joe says:

      Like it or not. Bonifsce is a professional political analyst whose political assessment is objective and up to date. You are not his match! Remember his Alpha barometer results?

    2. tsetsefly says:

      Kodi a Kamkwalala akumezetsani chiyani a Mr Clueless anuwa. Hear this my dear brother; Time for hero worshipping, handclapping, boot licking and asshole cleaning is long over. People will continue pointing at issues that are not correct. From the look of things I side with Dulani for the simple reason that Mr Clueless has vindicated the fears we had during his campaign that he does not have any idea what running a govt is all about given the way he mesirably failed the education ministry. Directionless as he is he is a big risk to the nation. Anywhere in the world new leadership comes with the swagg that rejuvinate the hope and hence improve the morale of citizens to work hard. I am sorry I can not see any signs of that in the Moya. Clueless is what characterise him.

      I now smell pangas (the trademark of DPP which I call boko haram sometimes) in a bid to consolidate power of a under performing govt.

    3. wanthu says:

      nanunso a kakhwalala even your name really sounds that you are mentally disturbed, i think you are not updated because Muthalika just last month was in zomba graduation and the Phd student you are talking about was graduated the same day. do you have a screen or a walkman that you can hea current affairs?
      a Dulani ngati mukufuna nanunso lowani ndale tikuoneni ngati mungapange kathu. anzanu a ku university kwanuko analowa ndale pano ali ndwiii awapatsa chi Banzi nkamwa sakulankhulanso

    4. FactObserver says:

      hate comments like this will never develop Malawi. It’s clear from your comment you have personal issues with Dr Dulani. Kindly furnish us with your credentials and show us tangible things you have done for Malawi. As for Dr Dulani, he has contributed a lot to Malawi. Every year he graduates several graduate which in turn are working in the government and private sector. He represents Malawi in so many platforms. By the way, he was trained in the US. what about you? Tell us!

  36. Malawianah says:

    Vuto ndilakuti amalawi timasapota ndale ngati mpira.Tilibe masomphenya kuti kodi munthuyu adzatichitila chani? nanga padzana anapanga chani?. Dpp Failed us already n we knew it before we elected Apm ndieno pano mukuyembekeza kuti achitebwino? Forget it n dziwani kuti 2019 mudzamuvotelaso.

    1. Jose' says:

      You fool, do you remember how city centre in lilongwe loooked like prior to DPP era? Even trodded the area 25 roads prior to DPP era? Do you remember the way people used to die of hunger prior to that period? The list can go on and on … Do you think all that happened without somebody doing good thinking and offer Malawians real service? Stupid criticism that cannot bear fruits.

  37. Mr. B says:

    Ladies and gentlemen would like to learn something very important here. How does the president being judged his performance. How long does it take the president’s performance to get good marks and what criteria does one use. We can do better and I believe that it is every bodies responsibility to make Malawi a better place to live on. Yes we chose multi party because among other things we needed freedom of speech, let us utilise it by not abusing the very same freedom of speech.

    1. dambobanda says:

      even a single day u can judge a president kuti walephera. as for me i judged him when he was moved into various ministries, i saw that there is no leadership in him

    2. fred says:

      Remember bingu era, we judged him based on his performance during the six month term, Ntchito zamanja ake zidali zitayamba kuwoneka. what aoutb this dude?

  38. M'ngoni wa pa Ntcheu says:

    What Dulani had analysed is well balanced and full of substance to a normal human being with mental and moral maturity.
    You dont have to wait for more than a year to see that mr BWAMPINI at the state house is the dullest and cluelessest president Malawi has ever had, unless you are guided by tribal loyalty and malfunctioning grey matter.
    This BWAMPINI will ruin Malawi to its knees if he is left for more than a year.
    Lord have mercy before bwampini makes a lot of lives suffer, make a plan yanu ija to rescue your your people from this bwampini regime

  39. Mwemwetera says says:

    Your comments are showing that Malawians are dull people and know nothing about their own country

  40. Wawaman says:

    Koma A Ndala Ndi Anzanu A Nankhumwa muli pa chintchito chomuyankhira Bwampini wanuyo.Vomelezani zinthu zavuta,munkangobera mopanda ma plan, funsani Tcheya akuwuzeni nzeru. Bola asakunamizeni kuti muzingo blunder.kkkkkk

  41. Sidix says:

    Anthu ankatiudza koma tinamuvotera chifukwa mzimayi sitinkamufuna ngakhale zabwino zina dzinapanga iye timadziona monga kuyamba kugona mumanyumba mwathu chifukwa mafuta anayamba kupedzeka,sugar, soap,mafuta ophikira zinayamba kupedzeka zomwe zinasowa nthawi ya a Bingu.Forex inapedzekanso nthawi ya mayi.Umbava ndi kuphana zinachepa pano umbava ndi kuphana zinayambiranso chifukwa DPP Democrats ndiomwe ankapanga za umbanda ndikupha anthu ndi zikwanje,pano ayambaso.A President a DPP ananena kuti akuwadziwa anthu amene akupanga za uchifwamba koma mpaka pano sanagwidwe chifukwa ndi a DPP omwe anfwamba Chasowa

  42. ng'eng'a says:

    @GALU* Akulu ndinudi galu kupusa ngati chitsilu chinzanucho hw come mukanene kuti short tym JB adasintha zinthu in 100days nde mukati 7 months…kumeneku kukhale kukonda chipani????

  43. Jimmy says:

    There is a clear indication kuti DDP palibe chimene ipangepo apa kungotayitsa nthawi a Malawi apa kuti mwina wina nkulitengela dziko penapake.Even a child can say that from the look of things Malawi is dying.

  44. Mike says:

    Better amai…our problem was lack of confidence in a woman who has proved to be better dan the man.kkkk My beloved nation mwaiwala kale 2011 ija?

  45. vavlov says:

    Neither Joyce nor Peter has clue on how to develop a country like Malawi. The lady took Malawian for a fools – gave cows even where people had no land to graze them. Has anyone found out how the cows are doing? Probably 90% dead and eaten. Peter is equally lost, the speech writers should be yawning waiting for their master to start acting on what they penned for him. He simply doesnt even understand the pledges he made to the country during his campaign and inaugural speech. The motive to take leadership is to loot and not develop the country. The only difference now is that Joyce and her cohort of politicians and civil servants dried the financial resources; hence targeting semi-government agencies like NAC for looting.

  46. chilungamo says:

    no 41 mr Ganamba i cant add you are dead right this man seems to have lost his brain somewhere i don’t know may be he made a mistake by marrying a woman may be he should have not done that perhaps if he could stay put with his spounceman,otherwise those of you who voted for him try to look for his brain and give him back may be he will the start thinking

  47. Fathara says:


  48. chakufikapu says:

    bravo Prof. Dulani auzeni agalu awa anyaphapi alephera basi.

  49. chatonda says:

    What a good analysis Dulani has given us. The President and the Journalist Kondwani Nankhumwa are clearly showing lack of direction and the guys are slowly getting more and more confused. Why taking too long to deal with cash gate cases knowing very well that donors are waiting for the same to start giving us aid? Why tasking too long to come out and speak about NAC free for all stealing of funds by his relatives and a wife? Why taking too long to come out and speak about the economy to the public and what direction Malawi is taking? What is the situation at the moment?
    Wina alira chaka chake ndi chino. Pepani

  50. shop says:

    sometimes I wonder who is/was order Bingu and Peter. Bingu had leadership skills, thats why he couldnt fear death for better of Malawi. Of course he had his shortfalls just like you and me. Uyu ndiye ayi he failed to find solutions when there was that university stand-off.

  51. H Kamdidi says:

    I am so suspicious with the silence from the grandpa! History might be repeating itself! Should we say the president is around? I think he is dead and the DPP is playing the same trick it did when Bingu died! With all these woes, where is the president to address the nation to give assurance that he is doing some thing?

    I am sure APM is DEAD that is why he cannot speak and DPP is busy talking in reaction to critics while buying time to strategize on succession as we all know that the party zealots are not comfortable with the veep just as was the case with Bingu and JB!

  52. jupiter says:

    Too hard too long,too long too hard.So blind so dark,so dark so blind.

  53. John says:

    Munthu wina wamasomphenya ake ananenetsa kwa Goliati kuti munthu mchimwene wake ngati anali dotolo wabwino sikuti iyenso ndi dotolo wabwino. angakhalenso m

  54. Emanuell thembachako says:

    Oga ibu walephera,pumbwa watsakho uyu

  55. tuntu says:

    More fire Dulan

  56. Moonlight says:

    DPP supporters should stop reminding us about suspension of donor support because the party knew about that before coming into government and it should have prepared for that
    the impression being created now is that they underestimated the problem and are now clueless on how to handle the situation. Or did the party think that by having a 20 member cabinet with the president holed up in state house would generate enough savings to cover up the donor support short fall? Come on. Guys you made the bed please lie on it!

  57. ochewa says:

    za wavuta adpp kkkíi!

  58. pompo pompo says:

    a dulani nanuso mwalephera mmalo moti mukhale self sustaining mungonamiza ana adzichita strike kuti inu mudzichita zina. Lero muli kwa Alusha sabata yamawa muli ku Nairobi……muphunzitsa liti anawo>

  59. Adzafunika says:

    Kuyendetsa dziko sizibwana Apa zaonekeratu kuti aDPP zaakanika basi.

  60. Funzo says:

    APM could be impeached for bribing journalists but the spineless, self-seeking politicians in parliament won’t manage that!

    1. Charles Harawa says:

      Especially when Chakwera (if not Chatsika) has also bribed journalists who came to his news conference to rant unethical nonsense he too practices.

  61. Funzo says:

    He can be impeached for his bribery of journalists but this will not happen. Nothing happens because of spineless, self-seeking politicians.

  62. Mr.Dulani. Do not portray that you are a daft Professor. A Malawian peasant can give more valid argument than yours. Don’t make us lough !! Kkkkkkk

  63. Malindima says:

    I thought Dulani would bring news? Where is Chikavu Nyirenda who writes advising with solutions?

  64. kambwali says:

    Iwe ukati short time wat r u trying to say?hhow long dd Joyce banda take kuti mafuta ayambe kupezeka?

  65. Galumgalu says; says:

    ”rome was not built in a day a saying goes and l quote. In real sense, you mean de president shud turn around de economy in 6 mthz time n in actual fact it’s 3 mthz bcoz de waz passed in october? Very sad indeed 4 such silly remarks coming 4m a learned person so called dulni. To my dismay everybody is busy castigating apm n his govt without coming up with solutions on best to deal with de economic challenges de country z undergoing. Yet everybody knows dat the major contributing factor is lack of donor support due to cashgate championed by de previous regime. Dulani, chakwera etc de best u shud do is to offer short term solns towards de govt. Suppose it waz u running govt, wat cud u do to alleviate us 4m these hardships?

    1. Nganga says:

      Donor fund ndekuti chani? Ths country cn survive without it koma vuto andale athuwa amafuna kuzilemelesa kaye osat dziko. Here is a fact by now the so called dpp government could hv delivered somethn bt as u cn see nothn has happened. Money is there osanamizira kut cashgate. Ngat MRA manages to make over 30 billion a month and in a year it makes half our budget then u look at othr government institution that also reaps frm us i say we make more to develop koma uchisiru wa anthu andale amafuna kuzilemelesa. Chisanzo ndata house

  66. Ganamba says:

    Tsamba likagwa, u r an idiot. what dulani is saying is that he should give us the policies his government will follow to get us out of this mud. as we speak now, noone can tell where we are going and what we will achieve even aftet three years from now. thats what is worrisome. Don’t just support blindly. This is what is killing Malawi. Even if we were to vote again tomorrow, you will find some stupid idiots calling themselves DPP diehards voting for this person u call a president apm. Ignorance!!! Malawi as a country is doomed. We accepted this man as our president even after stealing the vote. He can win our souls by doing or telling us his plans what he will do in the short term to change the course the country has taken. Give us hope Oga Ibu. Bingu was much better than you bwana. You still have the chance to win some souls.

  67. phunda says:


  68. Achimidzimidzi says:

    APM has been judged accordingly and correctly. Because the public court has enough evidence of his failures and character. Therefore Malawi has a convicted failure as the president. Normally a failure is an orphan, no one wants to be associated with failures. But our constitution forces us to wait until 2019.

    Very soon he will make some more promises and despise opposition in his
    foolishness.He is a brazen lier. He is going to divide us by rewarding others with money and by tribe. If I was in his shoes, I could have listened to what people say and redo the whole system of governance or resign as more respectable person.
    Am wishing good luck as you serve your sentence of shame and failure at Kamuzu Palace.

  69. Vyachalo says:

    what should malawian do? we only cry and he doesn’t listen or see what we write.

  70. Lonje says:

    Dulani- so what are your solutions?? do you want him to resign? and then do you want Chilima to take over? or do you want snap elections? ok- then how will you pay for those elections Dulani? do you know that we have no donor support Dulani?? so who will pay for the elections?? your big mouth? Dulani- tell us what transformative leadership is?? is it like Obama’s which has failed miserably?? is it like Mugabe’s? is it like Uhuru Kenyatta’s who people are also calling for him to resign after just one year in office because of imcompetence and security? which African President has ever resigned Dulani?? where did you get your degree from Dulani?? you don’t seem like a deep thinker at all Dulani! please Dulani-go deeper- please share with us banal thoughts and dubious intellectual discourse. are the Chancoll students really getting an education from the quality of academia that you are exposing yourself? please Dulani- do you think the DPP supporters will sit phwii while you try and kick out their leader?? do you understand the level of social and political upheaval that will follow? Dulani, please go back and try and get another doctorate from a real university not online papers from briefcase colleges. thank abwana.

    1. Charles Harawa says:

      I completely agree with your questions! Dulani has exhibited a deep level of incompetence and lack of analysis. It shows that these are the people who do not want to appreciate the excellent leadership of someone else apart from himself. Take the best president on earth and place him in the shoes of Peter Mutharika, the problems we face today would have been the same. Instead of encouraging the public to work together to solve the problems, Dulani is busy fanning the flames of ignorance. I worry for my brothers and sisters going through the education system that includes Dulani as a teacher!

  71. Truth says:

    This is what prophet Peter Muthalika prophecised “a failed state”Now i knw what it means by a failed state.thank u Mr professor once a prophet.

  72. Mr Missing says:

    Two years in parliament without a single word? He deserve to be called a BWAMPINI.

  73. we need the likes of Chakwera and Dulani to speak for the speechless Malawians. My Prof. Dulani, dont fear Mother Malawi is with you. Keep Scotching him.

  74. mtimaukanena says:

    Inu ife tidanena kale kuti this APM has nothing to offer to Malawians

  75. Mwana wamasiye says:

    Leadership palibe apa man awa alikutali ndimalemu Bingu

  76. Kadakwiza says:

    Mr. Dulani is 100 percent correct. President Peter Muthalika has not shown taking Malawi to the next level. There is no vibe in his leadership. His policies are so poor showing that Malawi is going nowhere with this man. Another 5 year time wasted. Malawi can be transformed only if, I say only if will be governed by a minority tribe. Muthalika know very well that even he can perform badly still he will win the next election, because of his majority tribe. Look what happened during Muluzi era, Bingu era. Now Peter. Malawi will never develop.

  77. nkhedu says:

    izi ungachite kufunsanso. ali minister bwa? patehetic guy. uyu ofunika uphunzitsi omweuja basi.period

  78. cash gate says:

    many thanks to Dulani & Chakwera for telling us how this governmet is going on, i think APM & his goverment have totaly failed & he must go, provide a chance to others plz.

  79. moto mwikho says:

    This is neither news nor intellectual material. Every Malawian must take life seriously and do somehting about it. You can never improve things by simply assessing others within narrow prisms.



  81. sacred man says:

    Mr Durani thank u for opening our eyes dat is true that APM administration alibe concrete plan yoyendetsera dziko ..
    Ameneyi anangofunika ku ????????

  82. Vikhumbo says:

    Osamupepesanso Dulaniyo ndimunthu osaganiza pamodzi ndi chakwera wakeyo,iwe kodi ungasinthe zinthu sikulimodzi with zero aid in this poor country malawi,mudziganiza musananene,munthu akuyesesa simukuyamika,mukukayamikira Joyce cashgate mtila kuti amangoyankhula za transformation koma akunama,mumasangalara ndi atsogoleri womayenda yenda mkumakunamizani,leave Peter alone and give him enough time,osati kumalankhula mukakhuta basi komanti bwebwebwe.

  83. Dunstan Phiri says:

    A malawi ndi anthu omvetsa chisoni.How can you support a president who has completily failed.Can you point out what APM has done worth pointing.He failed when he was just minister!we know the DPP is dishing out money who are busy supporting him by writting good comments for him,shame on you.Joyce brought back fuel,forex within 100 days!!

  84. elhaji supuni says:

    Mutharika first goofed by surrounding himself with his lhomwe kinsmen! Talk of Ben Phiri’s, Kondwani Nankhumwas, Mukhutos and his hoarde of lhomwe advisors! Its disaster! Unless becomes inclusive, its disaster all the way! But knowing how nepotistic the Professor is, I doubt if he is going to change!

  85. kape says:

    Boma lopanda madzi ndi mangeti lichoke



  87. kanunkha says:

    People people pleople!!!! we have no time ti give to someone at length to prove he is capable. inu mukakwera bus, the first 2-3 km of travel on that journey you can be surely satisfied kuti ulendo mukupita mukukafika bwino kapena nkhawa mumtima malinga ndi mmene mwamuonera mayendetsedwe a bus. Giving time to a president that most people are claiming is like ukuyiona nyumba yako yikuyaka moto iweee nkumadikira kuti a fire abwere kuzakupulutsa koma motowo is escapable at the beginning.

    Malawi this is time for hands on, not waiting. pleeeeeeaaaase!!!!!

  88. danwel says:

    Steve kamkwalala, ndiwe opepera. Umbuli eti? Who told u kuti peter muthalika has invented the presidency? Kukulira ku,udzi eti? If yoiu have nothing to say just keep quite. Dulani is very right and he has a sound mind for malawi. Chi peter chopeperacho chalephera kumene. When he was a minister of education he failed and we cant expect him to do better now. Zopusa basi awonjezera bwanji malipiro ake yet kukhoti kuri struke? Why cant he consider the demands of the people first? Mxiiuu

  89. Wa Nzeru Wa Kum'mawa says:

    A Dulani prof of politics but you have no own party….

  90. Phil Domue Chilipanonchaine says:

    Peter Mutharika is an embodiment of failure. We saw it when was minister during Bingiza’s second tenure. Draconian laws were enacted while serving at Minister of Justice, expulsion of British diplomat when was minister of External Affairs and academic freedom saga at Education. No surprises at all.

  91. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    Peter Mutharika read this carefully. You are a failure. You are corrupt. You are a tribalist. You are a nepotist. You are a thief. But most of all you are incompetent. You are not failing YOU HAVE FAILED. Get out of the way let those who can lead Malawi to better pastures take over. Hear me well. Get out of the way.

  92. machendy says:

    mabvuto si maliro okha

  93. padoko says:

    Folks, let us be honest with the state of our nation. Bringing it back on track depends on our collective responsibility. Personally I appreciate Mr. Dulanis skills in making leaders believe that APM is flopping as a leader, I am even more convinced that it is people like Dulanii who are shamelessly failing Malawi. They just talk and talk without doing anything. Love your country, ne an engine of positive change and not just theoretical bla bla bla

  94. Luke says:

    We have issue, true but making JB becoming a lesser devil is absolute madness. You cud say we are in a prolonged state of disaster. Thats all. Meanwhile, although I may not be a DPP supporter, I am sure APM is being sabotaged to some extent and finally, We wil all loose as a nation

    1. mayayalende says:

      Choka iwe, Joyce anali deal, ukunenawe ukudyelela nao, waonatu Udindo amapeleka ndi Mulungu, mukadzikakamiza ndizimenezotu, heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee koma kumeneko

  95. innocent says:

    Mr Dulani,chiyambi ndichovu peter ndi saulos ali ndi maso mphenya oyendesera dzikoli.pliz leave them.dziko lathu aliyense akuziwa kuti ndilosauka tikudalira chithandizo chochoka kunja.ndiye mwina mumafuna kuti azitenga ndalama zawo za thumba zomwe aziyendesera dziko,sichocho ayi.

    1. Puzzled says:

      Being sabotaged? How if I may ask since he is surrounded and assisted by his handpicked and trusted lieutenant s. Cabinet is almost the midnight six team and he has by now put his blue eyed boys in all strategic positions. If anything its these appointees who are failing him just as the Mulhakho clan failed his fallen brother

    2. chitipawenya says:

      Maso mphenya akuti, Joyce banda atangolowa mafuta and forex zinayamba kupezeka within few months, tikudziwa walembawe ndi mbale wake ndipo umadyela momo, apa mudziwa kuti ndi Mulungu amaika ma kings pampando ndipo amawachosa yekha. Is it possible to fight God and his truth? Let’s wait and see

  96. Koma amalawi eti profesa Apm mbuzi yeniyeni ziko laling,ono lakulephera Kulamula kufuna malipilo basi ochuluka ukhaula ndima strike uwona umva madzi.

  97. Yaya says:

    Dulani you bring yourself so low with such arguments shame dpp has been in government for six months now and you expect miracles. Donors have pulled aid due to cash gate peerpetrated by your Amai that you supported and you are annoyed she was voted out

  98. dj mpoto says:

    What an accurate analysis. Awadi ndi a professor Dulani

    1. zowona says:

      inu mumati chiani ndi jb simunati boma simasewera

  99. Maprofessor apachanco bwanji mutabwerako ndinzeru zosabisarira kuti tiphunzirepo kenakake kuchokera kwainu koposaposa kumangokhalira kutenga chochongera nkumafananitsanzeru za a tsogoleri. Ilitu ndi dziko siuphunzitsi ochongera ana ma essay. If you are knowledgeable enough please meet the president talk to him and give him the proper advise. If you do that you will be a star

  100. Steve Kamkwalala says:

    Iweyo ngati ulidi Proffessor what have u done chooneka ndimaso. What have you invented. Mzanu Professor ndi President nanga inu

    1. Igwe says:

      A Steve!, ndale zomasapota chili chonse sizabwino, Mr Dulani is just saying Bwampini alibe visition for the country, it doesnt matter whether you are DPP or MCP, we will all face the same problem

    2. chimwendo says:

      president yes but without direction.

    3. chiks says:

      An idiot backing an idiot

  101. Fulu says:

    The talks about the incompetence of APM and his DPP administration, as true and correct as they are, are becoming redundant now as everyone seems to be repeating the same things over and over. Is there no one with new ideas on How To Deal With APM in any other different way than just slanders, accusations and talks? They really are not going to take us anywhere! The parliament once tried to impeach Bakili. That sounds like a sweet option. What are out other options?

    1. Mirella K. says:

      My friend, get ur facts right…parliament had never tried to impeach Bakali. If anythng, the parlisment, championed by Hon Lucius Banda tried unsuccessfuly to impeach Bingu…The parliament only stopped Bakili’s bid for a 3rd term

  102. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Like that this is real bad and very bad we are crying for our nation. Thank you Prof. Dulani for openning our eyes.

  103. Johann Chisachambalame says:

    Achoke achoke Mathanyula ws Green card.

  104. chokazingakale uk says:

    Bola mwava basi tisavutike chifukwa chainu pls pls pls.

  105. COUNTRY LAND says:

    Heee!! koma kumeneko.

  106. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    A Dulani. Educated as you are. You mean you can judge a President in less than one year and conclude that he has failed? Zoona mabvuto onse anali ku Malawikuno mukunena zoona kuti President olo nzeruzo angaamalaize within this time short time. Abale tizinena zoona nthawi zina. Osangofuna kutchuka za ziii. Upezeni bambo Dulani mutchuka koma osati nkhani yake imeneyo. Pepani ndapota nanu.

    1. Pay as you earn says:

      The issue is not only about solving the problem in six months but rather giving the nation the confidence that he is capable of solving them.

    2. Davie Gama says:

      Its not solving all the problems but actions should be seen. Apa ndiye zavuta basi, mphoto ya uchimo wobera.

    3. namulawuzi says:

      How come mumkalalata za Joyce Banda despite kuti adakhala only 2yrs and improve the economy when the DPP was sinking ship?????

    4. Igwe says:

      Mr Dulani is concerned about direction of this country, which everyone can see that there is none as far an eye can see. I understand that all the problems cannot be solved within a year but he doesnt look like someone with a vision

      1. bengo says:

        That’s very true

    5. zowona says:

      mbuli we can judge a leader using his single statement or action. apm is a complete failure,

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