Mutharika hits out at critics: ‘Too much envy in Malawi’

President Peter Mutharika has described as envy pieces of advice and criticisms from some sections of the society who fear the Malawi leader is increasingly becoming obstinate.

Ground breaking: Mutharika at Kasiya road

Ground breaking: Mutharika at Kasiya road

Mutharika lashes critics

Mutharika lashes critics

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony of the Lilongwe Old Airport, Kasiya-Santhe road project on Wednesday in the capital Lilongwe, Mutharika said Malawians should stop name calling if the country has to develop.

“There is too much envy in this country,” said Mutharika, conspicuously looking furious.

Mutharika has of late come under intense criticism for selling off the Malawi Saving Bank despite stiff opposition from most Malawians including politicians and civil rights groups.

The President has also been blamed for the sinking economy and his failure to take charge of the country.

Mutharika, 75, however said Malawians don’t love their country and urged them to be patriotic to their nation.

“My Government will leave no stone unturned in its efforts to fulfill its promises to Malawians,” said Mutharika.

Recently, State House threatened to drag former aide to late president Bingu wa Mutharika to court for his open criticism to Mutharika. The President has also sued Nyasa Times for defamation for reporting claims made by Ntata.

The President touted achievements of his administration since he took power a year ago and what his government intend to do in the next four years and according to the President these include;

  1. The reconstruction of the Mzuzu – Nkhatabay road. The identification of a contractor to carry out the works is at an advanced stage and works will start shortly. This road project has been financed by the African Development Bank;
  2. The reconstruction of the Liwonde – Mangochi road. The construction works will also start shortly this year with financing from the African Development Bank;
  3. Reconstruction of the M1 road from Karonga to Songwe border with financing from the World Bank.
  4. The completion of the Lumbadzi to Dowa Road with our own resources.

He said a number of feasibility studies will be done this year of several roads to prepare for eventual construction works in a few years’ time.

“Good roads improve the welfare of Malawians by providing improved accessibility and mobility and access to socio-economic activities and services,” stated Mutharika.

He said the development agenda of the DPP government is stated “very clearly” in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) which, among other priority areas has placed the development of road infrastructure as one of the priority areas in order to provide improved access and mobility for the people of Malawi especially those living in rural areas.

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71 thoughts on “Mutharika hits out at critics: ‘Too much envy in Malawi’”

  1. fwago says:

    The westest. Pre ever b4

  2. chiya says:

    If the roads fail, 2019 muli m’madzi, bola mukanakhala chete,nkumadzalonjeza 2019.

  3. point Blank says:

    Its envy when its not from your mouth? What were you doing with that poor woman president?

  4. Rodgers Banda says:

    If the projects are marely to stop noise then this leader ‘s bubbling s will end into chaos.

  5. Bob says:

    Most of the times BP,Cardiac arrest, hypertension etc. are of one’s creation. Why do you like attacking your political opponents. Nawonso akalankhula zainu mukomoke apa. This guy is poorly advised sure.

  6. Hilda Mgoloka says:

    You pipo are just jealous He is the best president Malawi has ever had .I will give you reasons.
    1.He is the only who has ascended into presidency as professor
    2. only one who has been the best public speaker , an orator
    3. Only one who dreamt of constructing a road to pass in Chakwera’s area
    4 only one who has initiated village technical colleges
    5 Only one who has named the Zambian president , the president of the republic of Malawi
    6. the only who came up with a brilliant idea of selling the MS Bank
    7 the only one who was sworn in at night
    8 The only who will get electricity from Zambia and share our significant Nsanje Inland PORT

  7. malume says:

    ndale za ku malawi ndiye zimenezo, kunyoza msogoleri ndiye timatha.Taikaponi msogoleri yemwe mukufunayo, amalawi tinatani sitingatengere zisanzo za maiko aanzanthu,akasankha msogoleri basi ndale zaima kufikira nthawi ya kampeni koma kuno timaganiza zochosa msogoleri pampando zomwe ndi zosatheka ndipo sizizatheka.

  8. Muhekere wa Muhekere says:

    Ntcheu people have always voted for DPP but have not benefited anything from this Muhlakho led government yet althrough we have been told to vote for them to get development projects. For how long are we going to wait for the Tsangano-Neno-mwanza road??? Look at Ntcheu district headquarters. It is as it was. If it were not for Kamuzu’s M1 and Lakeshore roads, where would Ntcheu be. Wake up anthu a ku Mangoni!!!!!!!! Njoka saweta.

  9. Bwampini kusokosa says:

    Can’t somebody shoot this dumbest of them all we have had

  10. development conscious says:

    Despite Barrack Obama of lecturing them at OAU about how crap these African leaders,palibe hatolapo kanthu Pitala wathuyu.Please Pitala prove yourself to Malawians that you can do something,than being noisy for nothing.This useless noise of yours will not develop Malawi.

  11. curious cat says:

    Mbyofo mbyofyo Nyaphaphi Pitala should stop making fun of himself.If he loved his country,why did he waste all his youthful years in diaspora and come here when he he was all grey haired and missing some gnashers in his mouth.He should keep mum if he doesn’t hv anything to contribute in Malawi.This oldman has become a time waster for Malawi.

  12. Fwe fwe fwe says:

    Why wearing tinted glasses always? Mumatichititsa manyazi.

  13. A big man of your caliber mourning about envy its being stupid ,don’t play such foolish speeches on national events.who can take serious such absurd addresses be ashamed of yourself

  14. Life says:

    A complete waste of life. Malawians are in fact very good people, the kind of goodness that borders stupidity. If Malawians were truely envious like the president says, or better still, people who demand what is rightly theirs, this so called president wouldn’t have been there making those useless comments. everything is going wrong, all because he is 1. unable to deal with cashagate (of course he is the main actor) 2. have the guts to start leading than politicking 3. Make the appropriate decision regarding corrupt leaders close to him (of course they are partners in crime) 5. Come up with an advisory committee made up of proven smart brains to guide him 6. Rule with the intent of doing the best for the country given he is too old and will be dying soon. No sane man would want to be president after 80 years.
    Please, Mr. Bwampini Bilikoni Mat_anyula Petulo Thom Mutharika, try to listen….

  15. agnes wanzeru says:

    Kuyankhula ngati msikana wa form 2. Useless stuff.

  16. Saeed Allie says:

    Munthu akamakula nzerudi zimatha ndizachita sindiye kuti mwapanga bwana choziwika ndichakuti mpaka lero palibe mwachita kugulitsa bank ndi maphwando basi kaya ndiye chitukuko mumanena Chija chimenechi? APA tinabetsa ndithu a Malawi

  17. paulos banda says:

    Projects no. 1 to 3 Mota Engil
    Project no. 4 Cilcon

    Reason is projects no. 1 to 3 are donor funded and payments won’t be difficult and Petulo will need his share.

  18. Pa Zomba says:

    What Peter said was absolutely true. We Malawian do not love our country. How can we a chose a 75 years old president and his equally aged finance minister?? Did we really expect something new to come from these people?

  19. Honala says:


  20. zingati zanu says:

    Paja tikuti Government owes you nothing ndiye mukufuna chaninso? Government really owes yoi nothing and not a sinngle penny. Not even good hospital, school, or just nothing. Government owes you nothing! Zanu ndizingati!

  21. chiwa kogoya says:

    inu takonzani economy apa zanuzo zatkwana mwamva ? mukuchita kuposedwa ndi Rwanda dziko loti kunali nkhondo kwa nthawi yayitali , vuto lanu ndi chani? ngati mulibe upangili otsogolera bwanji osangozituluka Atupele atsogolere dzikoli?

    watch out ! your days are numbered.

  22. base says:

    bingu use to shout at this idiot as if he was a young boy.he saw a lot of flaws in this man.ask people who works at state house,they will tell you how useless he is.he is failing to manage his own wonder he is failing to manage the country

  23. pharamutheko82 says:

    zoona amalawi sakonda dziko lawo bwanji kodi amalawi.sikuzakhala malawi wina let’s join hand to develop this country.kodi inu mangoti anabera nafuna awine ndani???nanga osasamuka uzabwere wakoyo akazawina bwanji.Mr presdent kip deverop this country never head to those mad pipo.even Achair anati anthu openga mwachita bwanj???muve mutimamo kuti we lov you Mr Presdent ife anthu you can see wif your naked eyes our reader has jst join you jst for one goal to develop our mother malawi long live our dear reader we’re proud of you.

  24. agnes wanzeru says:

    Malawians voted you into the office and today they are jelousy of you!! Thus idiotic.

  25. Maltis says:

    Please kumipando look at Road Traffic Directorate seriously. The system seem to be good but the service we get there . Imagine someone wants to get a car for COF you go there three or four full days. Just to get a form it takes 3 hours.

  26. Dumi says:

    Who is the Government? The President & his DPP or Malawians? And who the administration? The President & his DPP or Malawians? About the said Nkhata Bay – Mzuzu / Karonga – Songwe Roads, let the President & his administration be flank with Malawian (the government), that securing of funding of these roads were done during his period or it is continuation of previous administrations projects?

  27. Jwa M'lewu says:

    APM receives a hefty tax-free salary, while ALL his expenses are taken care of by the state. Whether he wants the best woolen suit or silk underwear, State House simply buys for him using our taxes. While us PIVs (poor innocent victims) have to think twice about buying corn flakes and bacon for Christmas, APM’s problem is which brand to eat on any given day. For him Christmas happens 365 days each year. Only a mad person would not envy this lifestyle.

    Therefore APM has no business talking about ‘envy’. This is a given; before he became President he was also full of envy regarding the post to the extent that he tried very hard to usurp the post from the person who was entitled to assume power on Bingu’s death.

    Rather the question that should be weighing on APM’s mind should be “What can I do to uplift the lives of my fellow countrymen, most of whom live in abject poverty while I am enjoying all this untold luxury which they are paying for with their hard earned money?”. This is the question. APM needs to shut out the noise and do what he was put in power to do – he cannot blame his ineffectiveness on some people being envious of him. Who wouldn’t want to travel in an obscene convoy of more than 20 vehicles with the roads cleared for him in advance?

  28. TA Kabudula says:

    Achewanu sianthu. Maganizoanu oti uyu mukutinaye ujeniyu paja mumati Lazaloyu, mpaka Ambuye Yesu kubwera, sangadzakhale President never ndipo Kongeres sidzalamulanso Malawiuno. Mchewa ngovuta kumvetsa kaya vuto losaphunzira kaya. Akagwira kanthu kakakakaka, NSANJE too match. Musiyeni Pita alamule. Tinamvotera tokhatu. Inu baa tsutsani. Patsala ndimpatsanso ng’ombe ina President ameneyu, asaaa, ine ndamukonda ndipo inu Mafumu anzanga Chitipa tu Nsanje, 2019 tonse mwaunyinji mavoti athu apite kwa Pulofesa Mutharika basi. Ndatha ine Sinio TA Kabudula

  29. Kapolo Sakwiya says:

    Thats my President my Man of the moment APM. Good job boss, we are behind you till 2024

  30. Mungando says:

    Ana achepa awa. Mukhawula muona APM is President till 2024. Ufune usafune.

    1. Chikdzakowani says:

      Koma ndi BP akudzipatsayi olo 2019 afiki ambuya akowa? Okhaula sadziwika bwanawe…

  31. Happy Eduardo says:

    Brave APM. Do the roads and other development initiatives and the works of your hands will speak for you. Ikunjenjemera MCP.

  32. Indeed too much envy in Malawi at all levels. Ameneyo ndiye Mmalawi.

  33. malawian says:

    Seriously bambo awa ndiokonda kulalata basi. Kwathu kuno timavesa munthu wamkazi kukhala wolallata koma munthu wammuna kulalata mmene bamboo awa akuchitira hmmmmm rather strange

  34. Mbanangwa says:

    I was wondering about the construction of the road from Karonga to Songwe. The road requires to be patched up not reconstruction, the one from Kapoka to Misuku deserves construction.

  35. The real ujeni says:

    No Peter Mutharika, you’re just a failure, you started attacking Joyce Banda, now you are attacking ordinary Malawians. Get a life and start developing the country as president. This is what you wanted deal with it

  36. Ngongoliwa says:


  37. katakwe says:

    THESE critics were in government for two years enjoying donor money BUT they stopped all big projects in the country. My advice to APM is that you remain focused with your development agenda. We want to see roads and other big infranstructure in this country not distributing goats. You are on the right track APM.

  38. Newell Singine says:

    We appreciate for the development works and these are really to be used even with the most critic mind. This is a positive gesture to national development and I personally would like to encourage Your Excellency to continue with the rest of the remaining projects.

  39. GRM says:

    Dziko lino silizatukuka. Instead of rehabilitating the roads in town to four to eight lane roads to end traffic jam each President pride in constructing new roads. Bingu was great to expand Paul Kagame, part of Presidential way in city centre and Kamuzu Highway in Blantyre.

  40. Zagwa says:

    Ine koma mukumandikhumudwitsa kwabasi Malume! Inuyo ndinu ozindikila, ophunzila komanso mwayenda maiko ambili ndipo ndimayesa kuti msiyana ndi mabulutu atilamulila m’buyumu ena aja. Zoona nanunso mukufuna kudzitukumula chifukwa chokuti Boma likumanga miseu ndi ndalama zobweleka? Kodi inu mumafuna kuti mudzitani? Tsiku linatu aMalawi adzatseguka maso ndipo adzazindikila kuti mukudzitama chifukwa cha ngongole zomwe zikubwezelabwezela chitukuko cha dziko mbuyo! Zimene mukudzitama nazozo olo a Muluzi osaphunzila aja ankatha. Inu tapangani zoti anthu tione kusiyana. Mudzinena komwe ndalama zikuchokela komanso kuti zidzabwezedwa bwanji….

  41. Mlauzi says:

    Kwacha ikupitilirabe kugwa. Nthawi ili yonse mafuta akwera, A MERA ndi a boma akapitiliza kukakamiza mtengo ulipowu against the real value of the Kwacha, we will start experiencing fuel shortages again as it was around 2011 – 2012. Tackle the real issues Mr. President and don`t be a gossiper. As Chair once said, ” osamangonamiza wandu iyayi”

  42. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    Amalawidi Nsanje imatipweteka zedi…

  43. Dododo says:

    Tiyeni mbwiyeeee DPP woyeeeee!!!!! osafuna aphwise kkkkk.

  44. Charombanthu says:

    This is a good shopping list all focusing on roads infrastructure. What are your plans on the delayed salaries for civil servants, growing insecurity (Njauju’s death), high interest rates, the weakening of the Kwacha against the major foreign currencies, soaring inflation rate, drug shortages in our hospitals, dwindling standards in our education system, the looming hunger due to poor crop, K577bn, K92bn, the list is endless. These are the immediate problems needing government’s immediate attention. My advice to you Mr President, expect a lot more criticism because you are in that position. Afterall, only 36% of the population gave you the mandate to govern and the remaining 64% will surely criticise your ways.

  45. Ngati musafuna kutsutsidwa tulani pansi udindo because you ascended on the presidency by accident. This is no single party era We are in multiparty. So expect people to criticize you for your cluelesness.

  46. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee mathanyula

  47. Dr Mbewe says:

    This is a stupid president. What jealousy? . If citizens point at short comings is that jealousy? . Stupid president who has no clue on running the country. Thief of votes

  48. kim george says:

    Peter continue especially M1 road

  49. Palikanthu says:

    Whatever developments you are listing are trivial copared to if you stated progress towards re-couping K577 billion. We cannot trust you with our PAYE and other exhorbitant taxes. Themoment you eat our taxes or let your cronies drain our taxes and not hold them accountable we envy you for justice does not apply to you. so fix the economy improve the efficiency with which you utilize our taxes

  50. commentator says:

    how about the east bank road in Nsanje and Chikwawa-is this road not a priority in your government? you mean in the next four years this road will not appear on the priority list of your government?

  51. Masoambeta says:

    Shire-Zambezi Waterway project was a hallucination from too much power and pomp. That project is on the cards, waiting to be unveiled when his 5year terms comes towards the end. Snakes!

  52. Lexxxie says:

    Mapwevupwevu in action

  53. Nyamkaka says:

    Where is Jende-Embanggwen Euthini-Mpherembe-Rumbphi road?

  54. kwalewwra Zintemva says:

    Bravo mr President for laying the foundation stone foe the Kasiya road. Thia project has been in the pipeline from Dr Bandas time. All the presidents in between talked about it.However my problem is that national projects are eeduced to party projects. I feel that if the opposition leader was not from Kasiya this road would not have been done at this time. The language that we heard yesterday at the function is a clear testimony to what i have just said. If economic reasons were in play for deciding to fund the Kasiya road them the Tsangano road should have been a priority. Alas it could not be by cause the DPP is not under pressure their. That is the whole reason why Ntcheu has not benefitted from the past gorvenments despite having MPs from the ruling party.
    It would have been better if parties werw implementing projects planned foe by the munistry of econimic planning. Lastly the president should not be fooled by commendation made by chiefs at such rallies,for they have had contrary results many times before. Besides Chewa chiefs are more pilitical than the piliticians themselves. Long live Malawi…

  55. Dumerang says:

    why reconstruct Karonga Songwe road, i was there just a month ago. Maybe i am not good in english but reconstruction would mean working on the whole road. the best would be fill up small patches that are on the road especially after Kaporo. the road is still in good shape. spend the money on Lilongwe Kasungu road just like your brother did on Lilongwe Nsipe road

  56. What about on the situation in District hospitals? what have you achieved Mr President?

  57. onyonyo says:

    Kuthokoza za msewozo,a MCP mukuwonjeza kwambiri ovotatu ndife ndiye kumatsutsa mwanzeru,MCP adalamula zaka 30 koma msewu uwu sunayikidwe phula ndiye mukutumbwaso bwanji?we need constructive criticism osati mpaka a T.A. watch out MCp.

  58. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    You dont want to be criticised , you say jealous ? A president by accident , results were announced at midnight , whoever was announcing the presidential results was in tears ,midnight six , results were announced while shivering , you are the first president of Malawi to have the bible missing for the swearing ceremony ,having the warehouse for the ballot boxes set on fire by your security officers , a Mchesi welder was hired by Nicklaus Dausi to go and weld all the doors for the warehouse as if he was working for MEC , all tricks were being announced by Dausi as if he was a MEC spokesman .

    Malawians are failing to believe to have a headless and dull president in the name of APM . You don’t fit to be a president ,you just imposed yourself to be a president through Chilima’s technology of using Airtel network.
    It is good donors will never assist you . Keep on running the country with zeros zeros zeros zeros until Malawi will be zeros headed by zeros president and his zeros DPP party.

    1. kenman says:


  59. sir bentby says:

    kodi nde shire Zambezi water-way its money in the drain?

  60. Wanjala says:

    Palibe chamvekapo apa panja penipeni. Company ndiimodzi yogwira ntchtiyo kenakotu mota-engil ilanda boma

  61. Mwitiwa says:

    Abale nanga msewu wa Thyolo-Makwasa

  62. Che BIKILONI says:

    U r saying too much envy. Yet u r ze 1 doing envy to JB. Bwampini/bikiloni weniweni xiew!

  63. empty says:

    The speech is empty and lack substance. In his speech he said he has fulufilled number of projects which have not yet started. The funds are not available. Munthuyu anatikopa bwanji life amalawi kuti timvotele?

  64. jarek says:

    I think the country is headed for serious trouble. Such infrastructure development is necessary but unfortunately those that do not want to see progress use such developmental projects to bring the country to its knees by depleting forex and fuel ⛽

  65. angoni apaphata says:

    Bulutu wopita kusukulu ameneyo

  66. captain says:

    I agree with the president on road projects but on managing the economy he is zero pa 10

  67. becks says:

    Panja penipeni

  68. Watchdog says:

    That’s not loving ones country but oneself

  69. Watchdog says:

    How about circa MWK577b cashgate

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