Mutharika holds political rally: No problem!

President Peter Mutharika is on Friday to hold a political rally in Nchalo, Chikhwawa where he is expected to dress down opposition leaders who have of late been telling Malawians that the government has failed Malawians.

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika: Political mass rally in Chikwawa

This will be the first time Mutharika is holding a political rally after Malawi successfully qualified for the extended credit facility of the IMF.

It is therefore expected that President Mutharika will blow the government trumpet for successfully qualifying for the facility after a close to three years of donor drought, forcing the economy to tumble and spin making the cost of life drastically go up.

Soon after Malawi qualified for the IMF extended credit facility, the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporations run congratulatory paid slots on radio and television congratulating the President and the government for the success.

Only government departments and ministries participated.

Some people on social media wondered why MBC took the qualification as a celebration when in actual sense Malawi has succeeded in getting loans from IMF and other donors.

IMF is expected to give Malawi a US$30 million in loan to kick start the ailing economy.

During his recent public address, Mutharika  courted controversy when he made a statement jokingly, saying “Ine ndilibe problem” which translates to “I have no problems”.

Mutharika said this, as he tried to play down pressure from opposition and critics calling for his resignation.

But  president of the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Lazarus Chakwera,  accused Mutharika of being “sarcastic” about the hardships currently facing Malawians.

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Winston Msowoya
Phiri Mhlomwe,just make sure that you don’t eat all the sweet rats.Mind you IMF is not our uncle and therefore,don’t expect free ride from them.this is the kind of money that is used to sell our conscience,but for how long? We have nowhere to go to beg money for our economic endeavours shamefully,after 5 decades of the so-called independence.As we are to date,we have no choice,but to succumb to their needs,shame!!They come with different macabre demands before they release economic gifts such as the coercion of same sex marriages,the scourge of human indecency.We must not be proud of macabre aid… Read more »
Laza Judas the Iscariot
Laza Judas the Iscariot

Amangwetu nsanje basi. Even kamuzu amabwereka. Kungoti enanu ndi ana zedi. Tamufunseni Lazaro Judasiyo akuuzani zoona. Komatu opposition muchenjere chifukwa landslide victory idzakupwetekenai. Nonsenu mpofunika mugwiridzane nsanga kuti tikadzakuphofomolani mudzakhale muli chete for the next three decades.

chikondi mbewe

i dont comment but today i would like to say….ndindani dziko lapasi amakondwera ndingongole…amalawi..rise up….that loan will keep us stunted…komaso expect more cashgate on that loan..but you will be responsible to pay it back


Malawi ndi dziko lomvetsa chitsoni kwambiriii, tilibe njira zotukulira dziko lathu lather depend on ngongole. Kodi chiyambileni kukongola ndi chanzeru chiti tinapanga kuti amalawi tizitha kuzidalira patokha? Azitsogoleri anthu alibe maso mphenya, atleast the let had. Tili ndi madzi ocnuluka ndi idle land koma sitimafuna kuzigwiritsa ntchito moyenera.

Too much politics in Malawi that’s why we are dump teminals. Too much corruption, God can not bless Malawi because of this, ndipo mavutowa azapita patsogolo ngati katangale akupitilira. We need change…………. Anthufe siticheda kuyiwara that’s a big problem.


why just congratulate president he runs the country with no donors.achewa osayamika inu

Palibe boma lopanda ngongole ai, USA, UK, France, South Africa, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Angola, India ndi maiko ena ali ndi ngongole zazikukuzikulu zedi. Olemba nkhani ndi ndemanga, lembani nkhani zomveka bwino. Malawi ndi dziko losauka kwambiri, tiribe zambiri zopanga chuma chokwanira ai. Tiribe migodi ya myala ya mtengo wapatali monga golide kapena mafuta, tiribe nyanja ya mchere yothandidzira ntchito zamtengatenga ndi zina, komanso ntchito njosowa-koma boma kuti liyende bwino, pakhaleno ndalama yokwanira. Ukasowa, ndiye munthu umakakongola. Kubwerera kwa IMF zithandidza chuma cha dziko lino kupita patsogolo. Tingopempha boma kuti lisamale kwambiri pankhani ya chuma, cashgate ai, takana.
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Koma anthu ena ali ndi mwai bwa? ( DPP is a lucky Party, to be sure.) We can’t do well without financial help from outside the country, obviously, at this juncture and for how long who knows. It is, however, apparent that if we continue getting more aid for the next three years, the economy will be shining when we get to the next general election. And let’s not kid ourselves, tribalism and corruption (not condoning them here) aside, the economy trumps most other things in elections. Are the stars beginning to line up, again, for DPP, or what? Could… Read more »
Kanga ndiwamba

Nkhani yayikulu ndiyoti angofuna kuti kwacha ikhale ndi mphamvu azungu agule zimbeu motchipa basi.
IMF is not for Malawians, ask the NIgerians they will tell you about the so called credit facility yawoyo. Nigeria was given $5b in 1970s as credit, this money was meant for development but today this credit has accumulated to the extent that Nigeria will never repay it. Kwatsala nkumangotumiza mafuta a galimoto a ulele kwa azungu.

Ze Roberto
You see, when a society is full of people who are not ambitious qualification for a debt becomes a success. It’s the same feeling when you have intermittent power supply, come a time when there will be week with steady power supply it will be felt as an achievement. The same way when homes are with dry taps, the day there will be water running it will be a success story. That’s how a society that is full of dimwits will perceive situations. Instead of aiming high they aim low.

Malawi will never change on credit its fast but to return its problem

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