Mutharika ‘horrified’ by levels of fraud in Malawi govt

Malawi President Peter Mutharika is “horrified” with continued plunder of public resources in government and wants ministries and government departments be audited with immediate effect, Presidential press secretary Gerald Viola has said.

President Mutharika: Has demanded audit

President Mutharika: Has demanded audit

Viola said Mutharika is not amused with reports of ghost workers in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development as well as continued ‘cashgate’ in other ministries after an audit report revealed.

Quoted in the Weekend Nation which cited the audit report recently, Viola said President Mutharika is sickened and appalled with the level of fraud “hence the directive to have all ministries and government departments audited.”

Viola said: “Ghost workers, through the work of computers, have been getting salaries when people are suffering in the rural areas and cannot get jobs.”

According to the news report, Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet, George Mkondiwa, said government has already started investigating all government ministries and departments.

The paper citing an investigative audit report by the Central Internal Audit (CIA), reported that the Ministry of Agriculture fraud occurred between 2012 and 2014.

Among other things, the audit exposed how the ministry lost K131.2 million (US$291 556) to accounts personnel inflating individual salaries; K25 million (US$55 556) to paying arrears no one claimed; K6.5 million (US$14 444) to recurring arrears and at least K1 million to suspected ghost workers.

The auditors suspect collusion among staff in human resources, PPPI [Payroll Pensions Processing Information Systems] and salary sections at the ministry’s headquarters in Lilongwe, some research stations and agriculture development divisions (ADDs) where the alleged malpractices were noted.

The unscrupulous staff are suspected to have manipulated data in government’s system network to bloat salaries on the payroll and get salary arrears that were not claimed.

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67 thoughts on “Mutharika ‘horrified’ by levels of fraud in Malawi govt”

  1. pamsundu says:

    Audit report yanenerathu poyera kuti ghost workers earthed in years 2012/2014 mulibe nzeru kodi?o

  2. rudolf phiri says:

    Sometimes politicians want to insult the electorate/citizenry motiyenjeza. This statement of The President`s shock at the levels of corruption is so ridiculous beyond insulting. In a country where a president gets into power with `allegedly` K150m to his name, and 8 years down the line he is worth K62 billion, and this guy was in that cabinet and his shock comes today?
    To make it worse he was the beneficiary of this guy`s will which distributed those stolen billions, the very billions he used to steal the election with, he is shocked?

    What business was his brother running to make that amount of money in that little time without any visible business to show for?

    If ever there was a guy with these `turning water into wine powers`, because converting K150m into K62bn in 8 years is nothing short of a miracle, that guy should have converted our country from one of the poorest, relying on foreign aid for 40% of its national budget, to a first state, up there with Japan, USA, UK, Germany and co. Otherwise, stop insulting our intelligence man!

  3. Kwame says:

    Pamene nkhani za cash gate zimaululika nthawi ya amayi chifukwa cha kuwombeledwa kwa mphwiyo zinali ngati amayi ndi amene amalumikizana ndi ma civil servants mu boma kuti aziba ndalama lero mutiuza chiyani? Kubedwa kwa ndalama mu boma mwati kukuchitikabe mwakathithi. Nde kuti akupangisa ndi peter? Poti nawo amayi anadzudzula kwambiri muchitidwe okuba ndalama mu boma nde anthu mumati amayi ndi amene amapanga cashgate polumikizana ndi anthu ogwira ntchito mu boma nde kuti pano chipani cha dpp ndi chomwe chikulumikizana ndi ma civil servants mu ma department a boma kuti aziba ndalama? Zikusiyana pati zomwe akunena a peter ndi zomwe amanena a mayi pa nkhani za cashgate? Liuzeni dziko.

  4. Mwamfunsa says:

    Chenjera Kaye mdyerekezi kwake ndi kuba, kupha ndi kuononga

  5. deadend says:

    The Malawi civil service needs to be disbanded and fresh recruits,not take place to clean the mess. It clearly an institution full of thieves who don’t care abut service delivery but enriching themselves. Shame on all of you civil servants who take bibles to church every sunday and look holy on the outside, yet you are thieves who would rather see the poor and helpless Malawians suffer just because you want to get rich without seating for it!

  6. Lee Kachoka says:

    La anthu,wosankha,wolidyera ndi kulibera omwewo ndikuononga anthu omwewo!

  7. adams sambo says:

    God may bless malawi government to stay ascountry of honey and milk

  8. alekekuba says:

    Zinanso zikubedwa ku MERA ndi Hausi.Bwana fulumizani kutumiza alondawo zisanathe- akadya zimabvuta kubweza

  9. DOBO says:

    Dear my president,
    This is very sad indeed as the gap between those who are getting poorer and those who are getting richer is getting wider and wider through these malpratices.However, I have solutions to this problem.Don’t underrate me

  10. When Prison is the ultimatum, Prison Consultants Steve Oberfest
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  11. WaNakabaghe says:

    Chonde chonde abwele ku chitipa assembly ndi d.h.o kuli mbamva makamaka kanundwe nachanyasulu

  12. titus Scoti says:

    It will be a futile exercise. Audits have been carried out year in year out. The main problem is poor supervision of staff. If Directors of Human Resource Management and Development and Directors of Finance in MDAs were serious about what they do, it would have been easy to curb fraud. Then our interna auditors are just there to enrich themselves by taking bribes thereby perpetuating fraud. The few that get caught are interdicted, later taken to court and government doesn’t provide credible evidence then courts acquit the culprits and pay them huge sums for illegal arrest. Thus, those that steal know that there’s nothing they will lose even if they get caught, if anything ghey will gain. Just check how much wealth junior staff in Accounts offices have. They have never seen the corridors of the university and yet they are swimming in stinking wealth. Yet you have supervisors who ate supposed to question such acquisition of wealth. What will be the motivating factor for the othrts nit to steal. Currently, most people in the accounts offices are paying themselves double or triple salaries with corroboration with some bank clerks. Many people find themselves getting three salaries which are later debited from their bank account. One wonders where that money goes to after the debiting. I smell a rat! The other area is that of procurement of goods and services where people have colluded with those in IPC to inflate quotations. Poor Malawi! Mudzafa imfa yowawa!

  13. Liyema Vimba says:

    Typical African mentality set up commission of enquiry instead of confronting problem head on and stop the rot. Waste more money investigate. South Africa has thousands inquiresaand no action ever taken. Just grand standing.

  14. shaft yaikulu says:

    but i thought the whole point of having all civil servants open accounts with MSB was to end ghost worker fraud?!?!
    oh wait,paja MSB ndi bank ija yoseweletsa ma big eti?

  15. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Why is Peter Mutharika horrified? This is a disease brought about by DPP from 2009. You misused K92billion which you do not want investigated. You appoint Lomwes to public service positions who are just DPP loyalists who do not perform. The public service reform commission war full of people who never worked in the public service. The mess is DPP’s own creation

  16. Zoziyamba Dala says:

    Mumhonrena cashgatr ya 2012 to 2014 bwanji yamu 2005 to 2012 why ? Selective auditing is the serious business for the DPP Govt .Fraud of K92 bn , K61 bn is there no smell of audit why ? Do you.think these malpractices started in 2012 – 2014 ? Commitment of #SELECTIVE #Government.

  17. Chenkumbi says:

    All people who have commented are useless, you are not giving any solution instead you are just talking about this and that, please come up with a solution, this country is ours, otherwise don’t comment it is a worst of space. Jacob Zuma emblezzed lots of millions of rands in south Africa, no president of Africa has clean record. Amayamikidwa kafa. The same was happening with Kamuzu while in power. Please bring solutions not just talking rubbish on the nyasa times. The president is not happy with stealing, is right . He can not be doing other people’s job, but you should do your part, if can’t then just shut up, don’t talk anything because you are useless. Get solutions for our country to develop. The president is concerned of what is going on. Do you want him to sit quiet when things are not in order? The president is not happy, yes so is me.

    1. kenkkk says:

      Why are things not in order? It is because of apm himself?

  18. MM says:

    So you feel auditing is the solution to stopping plunder? From today onwards just know the missing of ICT in Government is the reason why people are stealing. When u buy a system and let users start operating it but without system administrators, system security professionals, developers, network security professionals, just know that environment is very vulnerable and anything can happen. That is why we have Cashgate salary gate and other related frauds.
    Second problem is lack of knowledge n political will. You feel payroll processors are ICT staff, NO. They are not. So in government those perceived as ICT leaders are Payroll leaders who were given big posts but doing payroll processing leaving Government to operate without ICT hence frauds. Lack of political Will is very clear in Malwi, you are not serious. If culprits are not punished do u expect this malpractice to stop? Kid gloves are too weak for this problem, people must think twice before thinking of stealing when they know the consequences when apprehended. Introduce stiff penalties, eg 20 yrs IHL this will stop. otherwise no chance.

  19. Chikangawa says:

    Finally Mathanyula woke up from his year long slumber. Good morning!! This is just the tip of the ICE BERG. There is more to come. What happened to sweeping government reforms??? We are into year 2 now????

  20. phwado says:

    Charlie Chaplin weniweni!

  21. Njolinjo says:

    DPP Mbava, your comparison is erroneous.

    Bakili literally pocketed K1.7bn himself, money transferred to his personal bank account, and now he walks scot free and enjoys immunity, and is being delegated as good errand big boy!

    You can search bank account details and you will not find any of the K32bn going to JB personal bank account, though many would have loved it was so.

    As for the K92bn, in all probability Bingu may have directly benefited from, but at the moment you none can say how much.

    So going by the knowns, the greatest thief is Bakili (UDF), then DPP.

    We really need MCP back minus League of Malawi Youth, eish! Anatizunza nd ma party cards: Kulowa mu msika, kukwera basi, kudutsa pa Police Road block, card card card. Even to extent of pregnant woman: they already counted for unborn baby and demanded card for the foetus too!


  22. John says:

    Your Excellency.How many audits are you to see conducted without acting on them.The cashgate cases are to date not concluded and thieves are walking free?Talk of the cashgate Jet sale,the maize scandles,the unathorised buses plus the several payments known to have been paid without services.Why are you delaying

  23. wokwiya says:

    That is the problem of being ruled by octogenarians, the likes of Goodall Gondwe, APM, Chaponda and his cohort. You people don’t you have grand children to chat with at/ in your respective retiring homes? It is this reason that you introduce taxes on sms and internet coz you are not familiar with 21st century youth culture.

  24. clement says:

    Mapwiya A P M whatever circumstances we will fight for you. You are the hero papa in our beloved party D P P . Big up professor and show the world that you are indeed professor.

  25. zotu says:

    Too much talk, but no action, these DPP thieves. Chinthu Chokuba Chimathanso mokuba. Live by the sword die by the sword. Steal votes die by the stolen votes. Anthu a DPP okuba onse.

  26. makito says:

    Hehehe. Run for your life Mr. President!

  27. Ganda says:

    mukudwabwanji bwana….just like you obtained the MHC house using your power and relationship to the late brother, that is how civil servants are doing it at their level….fighting corruption should start with you coming out plain and clean on the house. osaloza chala anthu pamene zala zina zinayi zikuloza inu…..kapena titi akakhala ma civil servants it is corruption and fraud pamene akakhala a ndale ndi connections and privilege? same difference i guess.

  28. Corruption says:

    Go beyond ghost workers hunting in the Department of Irrigation under Ministry of Agriculture. Civil servants Engineers have developed a new strategy of swindling public funds through Private Contractors at DOI. The ministry is highly contributing high levels of poverty in Malawi since it get a lion share of the state budget but it is shared corruptly with contractors at DOI. Check it out at DOI APM, you will catch them by just following the amount of wealth and vehicles they drive as civil servants.

  29. zaluma says:

    The best law we can apply is shariah law. Ife tilipo tiweruza otsati majudge anuwo. Elimination of the evil is our basic principle. Try us at shariah

  30. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    That is the problem of treating some Audit quaries as a ‘mare’ Audit ! If the Mk92billion Audit had received the attention it desrves,some of these tricks could have been un earthed,who knows. The country is to face,yet,another embarancement. Too bad for a poor country like ours. Greed is taking centre stage by some un patriotic citizens of our land.

  31. buchi says:

    bingu initiated the same audit one time back but kept the outcome under wraps, I wonder if this granny can bring any tangible results since he also comes from Ndata.

  32. tuvitwana says:


  33. tuvitwana says:

    Ben Phiri woyeeeeee

  34. Don’t even investigate because suspects are not persecuted in the court of law ,hence they are let walk free eg lutepa ,raf ,joyi. C and what have you?

  35. What about the K14 million paid to Friday Jumbe from a ghost bank? Pitala usamaname.

  36. DPP Mbava says:

    Stastics: Bakili K1.7bn, Bingu K92bn and Joyce K32bn. Who is mbava number one?

  37. Pitala lied about his assets. He claimed to have got US$8 million.

  38. YAKUONA JUSABU says:

    Your Excellency. Audit also FISP starting from MOA&FS down to your implemementing Agencies. Over 900mt went to ghosit beneficiaries but managers are dead quite.

  39. Think Tank says:

    Che pitala,this is why it is said 92 billion “queries” should be audited. This practice has been there and you kno it. Dont dodge the 92,sir.

  40. Please, Let this be a serious audit, and not just a tactic of blindfolding Malawians. We have regained donor aid and we do not want to go back to wilderness.

  41. Mavuto says:

    Your Excellency Peter Mutharika who are you fooling. You are the King of Corruption and Bribery. Your brother stole 81 billion kwacha and you are busy stealing 810 million kwacha. Talk about your shareholding in Worldwide Group? Talk about all the commissions that you receive. You are thief number 1. So stop making noises and resign. After all Bowler rigged the elections for you. The real winners were MCP.

  42. Kenkkk says:

    For these dpp thugs, corruption in govt ministries started in 2012-2014. That is unbelievable, even a blind person can see that corruption enmasse occurred during bakili and bingu era. The corruption that took place under jb two years is absolutely small change when compared to bingu’s era.

    If you want to be seriously taken, then stop saying corruption is only two years old in malawi.

  43. Chinakanaka says:

    Achikulirewa should check MDF first., especially on utilities like telephone bills. He will catch a great thief

  44. gradson mamba says:

    Mmesa anali Joyce Banda?
    Peter ummumangetu Joyce chifukwa akupitiriza cashgate usamuope wamva?

  45. mulopwana says:

    Please audit Procurement Department. People are getting rich overnight.Believe.

  46. tombolombo says:

    Tears of crocodile.

  47. President Bwampini says:

    Kikiki! Kani Pitala ndi Bwampinidi, zoona akadzidzimuke lero! Monsemu wanthu akhala akunena kuti no1 thief ndi Ben Phiri inu munkakanda osachita chili chonse.

  48. Scapegoat Banda says:

    Chule anadabwa m’madzi muli mwache.Mumafuna muzipanga inflate nokha za ma asset?Ana amaonera kholo.Make mbu,Mwana mbu.Ndiye Malawi yatsopanoyi

  49. nanga iweyo muthalika 92 billion ija ilu kuti? ubwenze wamva mfana?

  50. Honest Citizen says:

    Dziko linawola ili.Aliyense amaganiza zokuba from the President to the capital hill sweeper.Shame for Malawi.Za 92 billion ya Dpp zili pati?

  51. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    You start with Ben Phiri , he told the whole nation that he is ready to be invatigated , it’s you Peter who is not interested . There is also the issue of MK92 bn which you don’t want to have it audited , you are showing the nation that you went into Plont No1 without the God’s blessing. You still have a long way to go , the pressure of 15 plus Million people is what changed your brother’s name to be named Daniel Phiri when he flew to R S A in a coffin , be strong , it’s not easy to deal with Malawians. Don’t blame others , you blame yourself for not being faithful with the way election were conducted.

  52. Bob says:

    This stinking country

  53. unconcerned says:

    This is what we want you Mr president to do…. Nice move and keep on… My money should not be wasted for nothing…

  54. nkunthamasese says:

    Accounts and Human Resource clerks at Ntcheu District Agriculture have constructed big houses thru feck salary arrears of field staff. go and start the auditing there.

  55. buddy says:

    Cashgate @it’s level best

  56. Kadakwiza says:

    President Peter Muthalika is not honest. Let him start the investigation concerning K92 billion. Then we can talk about internal audit.

  57. Bolingo says:

    once found bring them 2 book at once

  58. OBSERVER says:


  59. CHEJALI says:

    Shaaaaa Malawi imeneyiiii

  60. joe mgawa says:

    very bad

  61. Patriotic says:

    Kkkkkk at last a scapegoat has been found to dodge the K92 billion probe.Malawi wa lero ameneyo

  62. Sapitwa says:

    This started long time ago and should have been dealt with already. Also check ghost houses that the government pays rent for its employees.

  63. Nanncy says:

    Malawi will never develope i rest case

  64. Mwanga1 says:

    APM you are not honest period!

  65. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Malawi ndi FIFA (Peter ndi Sepp) osasiyina zochitika. Corruption!

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