Mutharika ‘horrified’ by levels of fraud in Malawi govt

Malawi President Peter Mutharika is “horrified” with continued plunder of public resources in government and wants ministries and government departments be audited with immediate effect, Presidential press secretary Gerald Viola has said.

President Mutharika: Has demanded audit

President Mutharika: Has demanded audit

Viola said Mutharika is not amused with reports of ghost workers in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development as well as continued ‘cashgate’ in other ministries after an audit report revealed.

Quoted in the Weekend Nation which cited the audit report recently, Viola said President Mutharika is sickened and appalled with the level of fraud “hence the directive to have all ministries and government departments audited.”

Viola said: “Ghost workers, through the work of computers, have been getting salaries when people are suffering in the rural areas and cannot get jobs.”

According to the news report, Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet, George Mkondiwa, said government has already started investigating all government ministries and departments.

The paper citing an investigative audit report by the Central Internal Audit (CIA), reported that the Ministry of Agriculture fraud occurred between 2012 and 2014.

Among other things, the audit exposed how the ministry lost K131.2 million (US$291 556) to accounts personnel inflating individual salaries; K25 million (US$55 556) to paying arrears no one claimed; K6.5 million (US$14 444) to recurring arrears and at least K1 million to suspected ghost workers.

The auditors suspect collusion among staff in human resources, PPPI [Payroll Pensions Processing Information Systems] and salary sections at the ministry’s headquarters in Lilongwe, some research stations and agriculture development divisions (ADDs) where the alleged malpractices were noted.

The unscrupulous staff are suspected to have manipulated data in government’s system network to bloat salaries on the payroll and get salary arrears that were not claimed.

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Audit report yanenerathu poyera kuti ghost workers earthed in years 2012/2014 mulibe nzeru kodi?o

rudolf phiri
Sometimes politicians want to insult the electorate/citizenry motiyenjeza. This statement of The President`s shock at the levels of corruption is so ridiculous beyond insulting. In a country where a president gets into power with `allegedly` K150m to his name, and 8 years down the line he is worth K62 billion, and this guy was in that cabinet and his shock comes today? To make it worse he was the beneficiary of this guy`s will which distributed those stolen billions, the very billions he used to steal the election with, he is shocked? What business was his brother running to make… Read more »
Pamene nkhani za cash gate zimaululika nthawi ya amayi chifukwa cha kuwombeledwa kwa mphwiyo zinali ngati amayi ndi amene amalumikizana ndi ma civil servants mu boma kuti aziba ndalama lero mutiuza chiyani? Kubedwa kwa ndalama mu boma mwati kukuchitikabe mwakathithi. Nde kuti akupangisa ndi peter? Poti nawo amayi anadzudzula kwambiri muchitidwe okuba ndalama mu boma nde anthu mumati amayi ndi amene amapanga cashgate polumikizana ndi anthu ogwira ntchito mu boma nde kuti pano chipani cha dpp ndi chomwe chikulumikizana ndi ma civil servants mu ma department a boma kuti aziba ndalama? Zikusiyana pati zomwe akunena a peter ndi zomwe amanena… Read more »

Chenjera Kaye mdyerekezi kwake ndi kuba, kupha ndi kuononga


The Malawi civil service needs to be disbanded and fresh recruits,not take place to clean the mess. It clearly an institution full of thieves who don’t care abut service delivery but enriching themselves. Shame on all of you civil servants who take bibles to church every sunday and look holy on the outside, yet you are thieves who would rather see the poor and helpless Malawians suffer just because you want to get rich without seating for it!

Lee Kachoka

La anthu,wosankha,wolidyera ndi kulibera omwewo ndikuononga anthu omwewo!

adams sambo

God may bless malawi government to stay ascountry of honey and milk


Zinanso zikubedwa ku MERA ndi Hausi.Bwana fulumizani kutumiza alondawo zisanathe- akadya zimabvuta kubweza


Dear my president,
This is very sad indeed as the gap between those who are getting poorer and those who are getting richer is getting wider and wider through these malpratices.However, I have solutions to this problem.Don’t underrate me

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