Mutharika in humiliating u-turn on jet: ‘Malawi President to continue hitch-hiking’

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has agreed to an embarrassing U-turn on the proposal for government to purchase a presidential jet in order for the Head of State to avoid airport queues or the “inconvenience” of waiting for flights.

Mutharika: Jet proposal on hold

Mutharika: Jet proposal on hold

Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa said government has decided to reverse a decision on the proposal to consider new plane for the President afterMutharika was subjected to criticism in the UK media after a report by Nyasa Times quoting Nankhumwa that the country, like any other nation, needs a presidential jet for convenient travelling of State President.

But after British newspaper, The Express picked the story calling for halt of all British support to Malawi over the matter, government has decided to put the proposal on hold.

Locally, vocal human rights activist Timothy Mtambo of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), wondererd: “Where will the money come from if we are struggling to manage the zero-aid budget? I did not expect this from this government this early. Here is the President who says he is not excited with travels, and where is this coming from?”

Nankhumwa, who is government spokesman, insists his remarks were proposals that Malawi should consider buying a presidential jet to be used by leaders or continue chartering planes as President Muthatika did during his recent trip to the United States.

“In all fairness every country needs a presidential jet for convenient travelling; and as government we still think it was a mistake to sell the jet that was bought,” said Nankhumwa.

Critics questioned the cost effectiveness of chartering aircrafts for the president when he is on foreign trips.

He said much as some people advocate for the president to be using public flights, there are several setbacks with that arrangement including loss of time.

“The President experiences a lot of inconveniences like time losses in flight connections, and hence affecting his programmes whenever he is on public flights,” Nankhumwa said.

Immediate past president Joyce Banda sold the country’s 14-seat Dassault Falcon 900EX  presidential jet, as part of cost-cutting measures.

Her predecessor, the late Bingu wa Mutharika, was strongly criticised for buying the jet seven years ago at a cost of about $13.3m (£8.5m).

Donors cut aid to Malawi by $4.4 million after the purchase.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa.

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If JOHN TRAWOLTA HAS 7 jets why can’t our president have one???


Bobo, you can’t compare the two. John used his own money to purchase his jets, Peter doesn’t. Peter depends on govt or we tax payers’ money to buy the jet. If he used his own money, I don’t think we would be talking here!!!

But I agree Peter should have one when the time is right, not now.

George M

A presidential must be bought. Joyce Banda sold the plane for the sake of getting high marks from the local populace

kholowa mkabudula
kkkkkkkkk! Anthu osamva nde amalawi,dyela ndikudzikonda komwe. Why is it that we don’t want to build a proper Malawi for our kids? You voted for him but your still suffering than ever b4,that money for the Jet now will go missing. lm sure they have the money now but becaz of such critism they will just steal the money whilst poor pipo (voters) are dying due to luck of med’s in our hospitals.kkkkkkk pano you have seen him okondedwa uja,tiyeni kulila sikunati this is just an introduction!….Never the less he needs a distinction on resurrecting myp,thats a good idea if… Read more »

Ndege jo asume basi tuliwalile

Kenneth duwa

We choosen u inorder 2 ruled us so far dot take us an animals


koma anagulitsa ndegeyo ndiye wa mutu wa nantongwe,, Ngege kusinthanitsa ndi thumba la chimanga zooona?


Ndimayesa president wathu ndiwolemera angogula ndege yoyendera ndindalama zake. CHIMOZIMOZI MUNTHU AMATHA KUGULA GALIMOTO NDINDALAMA ZAKE KUTI ASAMAVUTIKE MAYENDEDWE.


Mwaiwala kale mumachita kukwela minibus kukagula bonya mu nsika wa Lilongwe kutti anthu akutameni, Where has that humbleness gone? Mxiieeww


May His Thoughts and Ambition Rest in Eternal Peace. No sane President can ever think of enriching himself on the expense of the suffering. Why worry about the Airport delays when in reality there is nothing happening on the ground to rush for. These guys are there fulltime wasting taxmoney in any funny way they wish, like in Cashgate cases, the Flygates, Hotelgates, Reformgate and the list goes on and on!



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