Mutharika in self praise, mock Malawi opposition  after presidential powers remain intact

Malawian President Peter Mutharika was in self praise Friday after his charges narrowly defeated the opposition in a vote that could have trimmed presidential powers.

President Peter Mutharika tours the pavilion exhibitions on arrival at Bingu International Conference Centre for the official launch of Buy Malawi Strategy on Friday(C)Stanley Makuti

President Peter Mutharika tours the pavilion exhibitions on arrival at Bingu International Conference Centre for the official launch of Buy Malawi Strategy on Friday(C)Stanley Makuti

President Peter Mutharika officially launch the Buy Malawi Strategy at BICC (c) Stanley Makuti (1)

President Peter Mutharika officially launch the Buy Malawi Strategy at BICC (c) Stanley Makuti (1)

Minister of Trade and Industry Joseph Mwanamvekha congratulates President Peter Mutharika after the official launch of Buy Malawi Strategy (C)Stanley Makuti

Minister of Trade and Industry Joseph Mwanamvekha congratulates President Peter Mutharika after the official launch of Buy Malawi Strategy (C)Stanley Makuti

Speaking during the official launch of Best Buy Malawi Strategy in Lilongwe, Mutharika mocked the opposition for the defeat in parliament on Thursday.

“Yesterday they failed to take some of my powers, we floored them, they are dreaming,” said Mutharika referring to the motion in which Lilongwe South West MP Peter Chakwantha wanted powers to appoint the director of Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) be taken away from the president and be vested in parliament.

The motion was defeated by three votes as 76 MPs from government side and some independent legislators voted against it whilst 73 back benchers from the opposition and some independents voted for it.

Mutharika reiterated that he would not step down as demanded by the opposition, saying he is enjoying massive support from people across the country.

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) publicist Jessie Kabwila and Peoples Party (PP) vice president Kamlepo Kalua asked Mutharika to resign saying he has failed to address food shortages and economic turmoil.

Turning to the Best Buy Malawian strategy, Mutharika said he has ordered that all civil servants as well as public servants should wear Malawian clothes on Fridays as way of promoting Malawian products.

The President said for over 52 years, the country has failed to tackle chronic challenges that weakened the productive sector. This, he said has turned the country into a consuming nation with low base of production and export.

“We have undermined our nation confidence, crushed our self esteem and broken our national pride and dignity for too long. We must start to believe in our products and services,” explained Mutharika.

He added, “Who will believe in our products if we the owners cannot believe in them and how can we become an exporting nation if we don’t believe in our products. This is time for us to embrace our locally made goods and services.”

Mutharika then described the Buy Malawi Strategy such a platform through which the country would improve its investment opportunities, change business strategies, create jobs and facilitate increase exportation of goods.

“Through this strategy, we want to stimulate local production, promote the spirit of industrialization, create competitiveness and create more jobs that will in-return create wealth for the country.

“And, through the strategy, we expect to improve our foreign exchange base as importation of goods is expected to drop down,” the President said.

To show seriousness and commitment, the President said the government of Malawi will accelerate public sector reforms as well as business reforms and create a more conducive business environment.

Furthermore, the President said government is intensifying irrigation programmes aimed at increasing productivity since agriculture is the only source of raw materials.

“We are driving in foreign direct investors who will be part of local industry. Besides, we are creating a buy- Malawi convincing and conducive environment by making our laws, policies and energy supply ideal for the purpose,” Mutharika emphasized.

He also said March 18 this year is Malawi Day when people should put on clothes produced in Malawi to show to the world that Malawian is the best.

Mutharika  asked places of hospitalities to serve Malawian dishes at least once a week.

The President asked local banks to lend money to companies that produce local products as way of promoting them.

He however warned local companies against over pricing saying this kills local firms because people would not just products just because they are Malawian but of reasonable prices.

Mutharika said local firms should be innovative and produce high quality products that should have strong appeal both locally and outside.

He said Malawi has suffered economically because it has been a predominantly importing country.

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43 thoughts on “Mutharika in self praise, mock Malawi opposition  after presidential powers remain intact”

  1. accidental presidents. that’s precisely what is dragging nyasalande backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ngoni says:

    awa akudutsa moti anzao apondamo kale

  3. MNZWANYA says:

    This is not a new phenomena, it was there previously as “BEST BUY MALAWIAN”

  4. nyasi says:

    All what APM said has been said more than a million times. Reduce imports, increase exports, banks to lend money to indigenous companies, and all that stuff. The only problem is rhe leadership itself. They don’t want to fly on Malawian airlines on travel to South Africa, they buy potatoes from RSA, they buy pumpkins from RSA. Mind you, all these items are more expensive than our own products at Lizulu. They make sure corruption stays intact in order to raise funds to satisfy their selfish lifestyles at the expense of a poor Malawian. For instance, monthly personal fuel allowances that political govt officials and MPs draw from public resources don’t add any value to our economy, just abuse. I ask APM if he’s serious about Best Buy Malawi strategy, listen to Chilima’s reforms with an objective ear. It’s time to qalk the talk Mr Presudent. Shove off the rhetoric.

  5. Real Malawian says:

    Thanx a APM. Malawi will need Maawians to develop her. Fellow Malawians, don’t think other people- Tanzanians, Zambians, Mozambi . . . Will wish to develop Malawi first then their countries. No.
    This call is genuine. Let us develop Malawi by buying Malawian products. For how long shall we cry for development? What we need from the President is such encouragement.
    Let us make Malawi unique. Let us be PROUDLY MALAWIAN.

  6. Robert says:

    The ACB will never be an effective graft busting body until it is completely independent of the executive,from political influence.

  7. pido says:

    Tell us what you said about presidential powers Visaviz during campaign. Chitsiru iwe

  8. Gwalawala says:

    The issue here is not to wear locally made cloth, all we need is value adding. This will make our local products to compete o international market. Is APM going to provide for the purchase of local cloth? Everyone has own taste of attire when it comes to weekends

  9. Dumbo Lemani says:

    Brothers and sisters. Don’t worry, his cock is on the block – that is if he has one. He just hasn’t realised it as yet. Leave him as his time will come will come.

  10. john chibadula says:

    Apa ndye APM ndamufila, friday socials basi, mzika, khalidwe, Divorce, Davido, nyakula kutchena basi. This is what we call pan Africanism, asafuna akodzere mkamwa mwanga hahahahaha!!!!!

  11. .com says:

    APM bwanji umavala masuti a kwazungu pomwe pa Goliyati pali matelara osoka masuti?
    Inu zakunja, anzanu zakumudzi – hehehehehehe!

  12. chemuyaya says:

    ‘Buy malawi’ yet ur ministers send children to foreign countries as if there is no schools in malawi, you go out for medication as if there is no hospitals in malawi, you deposit money in foreign banks as if there are no banks in malawi,,,,, are you joking with malawians Peter?
    Sometimes use your mind.

  13. Jelbin mk says:

    He promised to trim presidential powers and now he is boasting for defeating the same. Is this man normal upstairs?????. Taking from the picture here it is appalling to see an adult more especially a cabinet minister kneeling to the president as a kid kneeling to the father. Mr minister how do you explain to your children when they ask you why you are doing that in front of the rolling cameras as though you were a comedian?? How do you feel when you go back home and start incharging your house affairs as the head of a family?? This is a trend that had made our leaders dictators and how can we expect such ministers to advise the President when they regard him as a damy god. Peter is still living in the past and i don’t wonder because he left the country about 50 years ago and many things happened between then and now of which he didn’t notice hence the resistance to change.

  14. Tonde watonde says:

    What is behind president powers ?u alwez say tiyeni tigwirane manja kutukula dziko lathu koma tikati reduce the powers u so no this means u want to bull cheat opposition

  15. ufulu says:

    Avala nyangwita zimenezo ndi ambuyako.

  16. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Mr Pulezident, “if you want to wear Malawian clothes go and work in the private sector, boma liribe ndalama!” Kaya mwandimva kaya? That’s what u told us some time back.

  17. Legacies says:

    Malawi will never develop with this kind of mindset with so called educated legislators on government side creating a monster with no accountability. There’s a passive support from the followers who don’t stand for anything with a fear of man which is a snare towards destiny of Malawi! There’s a very BIG problem in Malawi period where there’s politics of appeasement not progressive! MALAWI is suffering from moral decay!

  18. Jack Dolo says:

    In Malawi we don’t have a factory that produces cloth from cotton. All cotton clothes are imported. if people are asked to wear clothes, what do you mean? Minister of trade should know more about this. Which Malawi product should we wear? Who are you cheating here?

  19. wovinidwa Ine says:

    Kodi amene wagwadai ndi Minister zedi? Zaisilu basi!

    Ine ngakhale ndikapita kumuzi, ndinawauza azimai kuti asamandigwadile, pa cementi olo pa dothe, asamasupuke maondo! Ine ndikamawapasa moni sindimagwada – za jenda eti?
    Ndinawafunsa afumu, m’bale wanga, kuti ayese kuthesa zozunza azimai, ngati izi.

    Kodo azimai azadzuka liti, abale inu, kuno ku Malawi?

  20. The real Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Even if I was employed by the government, I would NOT be following the President’s dictum: to wear Malawi made clothes on any specific day. Even if he himself or his Ministers wore such attire. That is backward thinking, and I do NOT want to lose my personal independence.
    NO way!
    APM would have been wise just to encourage people in this endeavor, and get the banks to stop charging Mafia rates on the money people borrow for business.

  21. Sailota says:

    Akananena wina, koma nda??? I cant obey anything from you unless u change. Ine ndi a pabanja anga takana zanuzo. Friday ndizibaya zakunja………..

  22. Kaliati says:

    Look at these two choke artists. What a pity . These two belong to the trash bag

  23. dhombolombo says:

    the issue indeed is pricing,our products tend to be over priced,thanx for tackling that issue issue mr president,haters you are still suffering as dpp is still at the helm until 2019 and beyond

  24. Malinga says:

    Check the difffrence of votes. 3? What does it tell us? It was indeed by accident to have such an inept Leader coz I cant see changes he is talkin about. Mind u! Clock ticks.

  25. Jahan says:

    Munthu wam’muna, kugwadira munthu wam’muna Blake choncho inu? Nkumati angamuuze za zero APM yo akalakwisa? And now he is dictating to us what to wear as if amatigulira iyeyo malayawo? Kugwada munthu wankulukulu ngati Ali ku tchalitchi inu? Eeeeeeh

  26. Gokonko says:

    In this democracy, mpaka kugwada? Kupusa kwenikweni ndithu.

  27. All-i-can-say says:

    Kodi dziko lathuli mwalitani Amalawi. It looks like the country is further sinking to such mediocrity that I am ashamed to be called a Malawian. These Mutharikas have sunk our country to such pathetic levels and people close to him are blinded with greed that it doesn’t matter as long as they are drawing huge perks and privileges at the expense of the poor.

    The country belongs to us all and not just a few bootleggers. Again how can a president brag about maintaining his powers as if he will be president forever. These laws are meant to bring some sanity to our democracy which is being abused by clueless sycophants.

    Time is on our side!!

  28. Kenkkk says:

    Yes but malawi products is a good idea.

    However on parliament, I think he is mocking himself by lying to Malawians and reneging on his dpp manifesto about trimming presidential powers. All along he never wanted his powers trimmed even when it makes sense for some organizations like acb to be neutral and not fall under partisan influences. Arrogance and kuzikonda basi. Why are you afraid for the acb director for example to be appointed directly by parliament through proper advertisement of the post and job interviews?

  29. Phwisa says:

    Peter did not come with any presidential powers. Askari those who gave Malawi president more powers to reduce them. Some of those people are still alive. Ankasangalala kuti they have cooked a very good constitution at holiday resort in Mangochi. Ndiye lero zigwere munthu mmodzi after over 20 years. Kafunseni Muluzi.

  30. Muuzana says:

    The President lives by example. Look at what he is wearing on 18MAR. Shoes made by Bata Malawi. Suit, shirt & neck tie material made by Mapeto all tailored in Limbe. Socks from Macoha. That is the way to go Mr. President


    vindele vwakufikapo. This president stinks

  32. Ku dpp kuli misononkho yamondokwa yokha yokha, ngati minister akugwada moteromo kuli bwanji ma advisers, kodi tingayembekezere kuti anthu oterewa nkususa any bad policy made by Petro? Dzikoli lili mmanja mwa agalu basi

  33. tengupenya says:

    kugwadako is the local cultural respect. unless you do not have respect for the local culture you will not understand this. a people who do not respect their own culture re a lost people, colonized in their mind, body, soul and life by those whose culture they adopt. it is not civilization to drop all your cultural practices. it is COLONIZATION and DEHUMANIZATION.

  34. Mbonga Matoga says:

    This is the same person who during the general election campaign was fooling people around that when he takes power he will reduce the powers that the Malawi president has…………..and today he is celebrating cringing to those powers.

    Just as he promised people during the campaign that the DPP govt shall develop the country without donor aid …………What a shame today DPP is begging donors to come and rescue Malawi KKKKKKK koma alomwe okha matama. Tionana 2019 palibe kubelanso mavoti…………

  35. wwe says:

    Kunsokhano apitila zina akukanena zina why malawi is lyk this osatukwanizana ndiye kuti nsonkhanowo siungayende bwino foolish people.

  36. Generation of Vipers says:

    Mpaka kugwada eeeeeeeeeeeish koma alomwe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. naphili says:

    Get up man! What are you kneeling for!Bootliker uneducated git!!!

  38. naphili says:

    Tadzukani inu mutichititsa manyazi. Ahaaaa bwanji kodi! Kugwada ndiye kuti chiani.

  39. anadimba says:

    mapeto whitex wake wosulukayo?paja munali kunja nthawi yakamuzu. Kunali nsalu ya David white head.nsalu yeniyeni. Shop yake inali ku Blantyre,timaitchula kuti canabar house. Mzako uyo uyo wogulitsa chipani chake ku Dppyo waigulitsa. He he de,pano zogulitsa zinatha mpaka kugulitsa chipani. Ndiye mwati anthu azivala zotsuluka friday? Mayoooooooo. Tione . Mayi Gertu asiye kukashopa mamini ku usa

  40. Nyamakumutu says:

    What is a Malawian Clothing. You mean Nyanda like those the Ngoni as they dance Ngoma or Ingoma, the Lomwe za thyopa zija, the chewa za gule zija, or what because na za nsalu zonse ndi zachizungu. Tell me what is Malawian clothes.

  41. wilma says:

    Malawian clothes ndiye ati? Xool me.

  42. Zangovuta says:

    It should start with you Bwana President to be wearing DWH local CHITINJE materials together with your wife , MPs and your party supporters. Malawians are not that cheap to be wearing your low quality materials ? We find Malawi products to be very expensive compared with imported products .

  43. GG says:

    Where is this country going? Can you imagine a minister in UK/UK kugwada ngati mmene agwadira akuluwa?

Comments are closed.

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