Mutharika in ‘Way of the Cross’ procession’: ‘Time to reflect on our lives’

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Good Friday was among thousands of people who joined Christians in the annual walking pilgrimage of the Way of the Cross in the capital Lilongwe where he called upon Christians in the country to remain united despite some differences in faith and beliefs.

President Mutharika joined the masses and carries the cross at the event.

President Mutharika joined the masses and carries the cross at the event.

President Mutharika  led Malawians in observing Good Friday. On thje left is Bishop Joseph Bvumber

President Mutharika led Malawians in observing Good Friday. On thje left is Bishop Joseph Bvumber

A Chritian carries the cross

A Chritian carries the cross

 In Blantyre, Catholics from Saints Peter and Paul churches started their Way of the Cross from Chilobwe to Saint Pius Church.

In Blantyre, Catholics from Saints Peter and Paul churches started their Way of the Cross from Chilobwe to Saint Pius Church.

Bearing a wooden cross, Christians from Lutheran Churches, the Catholic AND Anglican Churches on Friday joined hands in observing Good Friday which symbolises the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

They walked the Way of the Cross from Utatu Oyera Catholic in Chilinde to Don Bosco Catholic Church as a symbol of their faith Friday morning in the “Way of the Cross Procession.”

Mutharika said he was “so happy” to see the unity that exists between various churches in Malawi.

“Today we have walked together on this Way of the Cross as if we were from the same family, this is what my Government encourages,” said Mutharika.

“Our difference in faith and beliefs should not divide us, but rather bring us together as we have done today as it is said that there is power in unity,” he added.

Mutharika, who also carried the Cross for some meters, said the Lenten season leading to the feast of Easter gives Christians “time to reflect on our lives by looking at the Cross where our salvation comes from.”

Adding: “It also gives us time to reflect on our lives and encourages us to do charity work.”

Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe of Evangelical Lutheran church hailed Mutharika for honouring their request to join Christians in the country in observing Good Friday at Don Bosco Parish.

“For the past years, it has been our dream to have a Head of State among us, this dream has come to pass today with your presence your Excellency, we are so thankful for this honour, “said Bishop Bvumbwe.

According to the Gospels, Jesus ate his last supper hours before he was betrayed. Christians believe Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and resurrected on Easter Sunday.

 In Blantyre, Catholics from Saints Peter and Paul churches started their Way of the Cross from Chilobwe to Saint Pius Church.

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35 thoughts on “Mutharika in ‘Way of the Cross’ procession’: ‘Time to reflect on our lives’”

  1. KATE says:


  2. tikhala says:

    Why is he not walking on the carpet today? Thanks photographers I did not have to see the scarecow(wife) in the picture today! If Chilima is a true Xtian, shoot my foot. You dont know whom you are dealing with.

  3. By the way, the bible says Jesus never died on the cross but on the stake.So why then believing/preaching/promoting false doctrine then.

  4. Ayankhulako zanzelu kaya wauzila ndani kaya

  5. Bamusi says:

    O yes, good FRIDAY. Blessed are those who pray on it. Bad sat and sun……

  6. Comment Thank u and glory to God

  7. azizi musa says:

    Children of a lesser God. Going nowhere very fast.

  8. Boyd Lucky Mogha says:

    We need a President of your type APM that fears God wholeheartedly.Keep it up Mr President.May God bless Malawi! May God fight the power of darkness,poverty,hunger,corruption and envy.

  9. A18 Observer says:

    Saulos Chilima has grown up partiipating in the Njira ya Ntanda. That is why he humbly walked all the way at A18, with his wife Mary walking witherr women belivers and not by husband’ side. Real catholics

  10. ujeni says:

    Dirty place Blantyre is, did these activities take place in Mzuzu as well

  11. alukosyo says:

    Why do u classify this as politics?

  12. powder says:

    you all did agood work but if you are not take care in your talkings, you may end up being carsed

  13. Kajaliro Boy says:

    president setting a good gesture

  14. Mr.Bambo says:

    Nyasatimes,the last paragraph is very mixleading.It is as if as in Blantyre the Way of the cross only took place in one place.

  15. tuvitwana says:


  16. major prophet says:

    your honour mr president watch your way if not jesus will do with you ways or do not do things for granted

  17. timothy mandambwe says:


  18. gonamungamba says:

    Comment:kuyenda nditanda siukhristu ayi koma munyamule mtanda wayesu mmtima

  19. Saul/Paul says:

    It was wrong to politicise the way of the cross. If APM was not there on time to participate with the genuine Christians, then ceremony should have moved on at its logical pace and not force people to wait for 40 minutes ,for publicity seeking , Heathen !

  20. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    No wonder Malawi is hit by severe calamities and bad omens, we are playing with the words of God. How come aman who refused to hold the BIBLE today the catholics are taking him as Jesus carrying the Cross. Oh mtundu wanga wataikilanji? Akatolika msaphatikize za mulungu ndi ndale mtiphweteketsa ndi ukali wa mulungu monga ma floods ndi njala mkuziwonazi. Already God is angry with APM leadership.

  21. Gifted Brain says:

    Analyst,You must be shameful person in this world we live.You think salvation is walking a distance of KMs.Dont you know that those people in Jewish territory who think they are more rightous Jesus had to denounce on them?Dont you know that one criminal got salvation at Gologotha within seconds???.You must be unmarked tomb.Find out and believe me that despite that claimed distance you say you walked has brought you nothing from God.

    Go, repent and appreciate the little that your leader did yesterday.

    Remember,God is always a controller of everything not you just mere human being.

    Wish you all Pasaka yopambana!!!!!!
    God bless!

  22. Chitonombe says:

    Zaziiii cros ndiye kuti chani?kanamizanani muchedwanazo zimenezo.kkkkkkkkkkkk

  23. Ku mwanza cha pa mphete says:

    God wl punish u. Mulungu sakufuna ma show anuwo koma mitimayo. I tell u kumwamba simukalowa ngati simukomza mitima yanuyo. Nothng u can do as a human being can earn you even a second in heaven, mitanda mukunyamulayo can not bring you closer to God even 2metres. You are just showing off. Mmitima mwanu mulibe tanthauzo la zomwe politicians, and other members of the churches, i say unto you, the kingdom of God is at hand.

  24. mwiithotho says:

    Inu we join the Way of the Cross for we know of the need to accompany Christ on his way to Golgota. We know we’re sinners and not some holy saints. By genuinely accompanying Christ we can pursue the penitential root. If you think you ARE HOLY AND MUST JUDGE, then stay put! Don’t join the Way of the Cross

  25. apm’s piety! kkkk since when and for how long?

  26. black and Red church says:


  27. kungoonga mwambo wanjila ya mtanda,imagine waiting for him after 13th station for 40mints mwai kutseka gate akanatipeza titamaliza,next time tell him to start fr station one osanamiza anthu ngati wayenda nao ndibwino mwina kungokhala m’malo moimitsa mwambo sizinali bwino ku Don

  28. Chimwemwe says:


  29. True patriot says:

    I think he was representing that criminal who was crucified to left alongside Jesus at Golgoth.The unrepetant and mocker of Jesus.A wolve in a sheep skin.

  30. Bless your president instead of cursing him!

  31. Anderson Benedict Alikyfi says:

    I should think time management should be one of the key factors for Public Service Reform. Peter Mutharika just like his late brother are bad at keeping time. How can he delay a religious procession that had already begun?? I really got angry of keeping us waiting after we had walked for over 3.5 kilometers.

  32. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Look at him !!!

  33. mavuto says:

    a mnsowoya mwatenga mphamvu za mulungu ndi kuyamba ku weluza musaiwale ngati muli christu kuti bible limati tisaweluze kuti tingaweluzidwe

  34. Winston msowoya says:

    What hipocricy?I think Malawians were flabbergasted to see their president on good Friday carrying Jesus Christ Cross.What a contrast? Jesus was a man of the people and that he loved to share with poor people,he did not steal from the people.Peter, you have gone too far and what you did is tantamount to an evil man,that was beyond religious faith,but you can not cheat your God the almighty,you have repent for tarnishing the symbol of our saviour,AMEN.

  35. ANALYST says:

    1. Peter actuallyjoined us as we had already reached the 13th Station at the gate at Don Bosco
    2. We did not start the procession from Utatu Woyera Parish – but Banks Literature Parish (Chilinde).
    Meanwhile, your APM disturbed us with our prayers as we were forced to wait for him for over 40 minutes within Don Bosco – just for him to carry the cross for 10 metres while we had walked over 3KMs already! Mxiiiiii

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