Mutharika to launch Malawi national IDs  project  on Wednesday

President Peter Mutharika  will on Wednesday launch national identity cards (IDs) project  to address the challenges Malawians have long faced due to the absence of the documents.

National ID: Sample

National ID: Sample

Malawi is the only country in southern Africa without such IDs for its citizens.

The President, who returned home Sunday after a weeks-long visit to the United States  that sparked rumours over his health, will launch the project

at the  Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

During the launch, a symbolic presentation of the national identity cards to President Mutharika, the First Lady, Vice president Saulos Chilima and his wife among others will be done, according to government statement.

The launch of IDs project by Mutharika willocool off rumours of the president’s ill health which continued with his return when used his left hand to wave to a crowd of supporters and to shake hands with officials.

More speculation among Malawians  continued  with other spreading information that Mutharika would be flown out of the country for treatment.

But government says “sickening rumours” are appalling.

The ID’s project is a milestone of the Mutharika government as  Malawians currently use driving licenses, passports, and in some cases voter registration certificates as proof of their citizenship in places and institutions where identification is needed.

Those who don’t have such documents are asked to bring any person with a passport or driving license to be a witness.

Malawians who cannot fulfill such requiremenrts cannot get assistance in places like commercial banks and money lending institutions.

Health authorities say the absence of national IDs is putting strain on medical resources because foreigners come to take advantage of free medical services in public hospitals, particularly in border districts.

Campaigners against child trafficking also say lack of identification is contributing to an increase in trafficking cases.

Malawi’s government introduced the National Registration Bureau in 2007 to oversee the process of issuing national identity documents.

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11 thoughts on “Mutharika to launch Malawi national IDs  project  on Wednesday”

  1. santana says:

    Mr Gogodasi and Mr Logic should be the most disappointed people on this planet(not only Malawi) for seeing Mutharika arriving at KIA in the form he was not on a stretcher as the devilish media was anticipating. The issue here should not be the left or right hand use. The issue is whether Mutharika came in a coffin or alive. It is very shameful to Malawian media that without investigating the truth of the issue they took a lie from newspapers from Zimbabwe who first wrote that the Malawi leader is dead in the US. The opposition welcomed this and were happy coz this was the only hope that they can win the 2019 elections. But this is just myopic because even without APM the Chilimas will do the job in 2019 because the DPP supporters are not looking at an individual but the party. So the President has come alive and the opposition is angry.Many things will be said by these angry people as we see with Gogodasi but the fact is that it is a total shame to them that their wishes are not fulfilled. We expect they will talk much to belittle the actual coming just to save face. What was the problem ngakhale akanabwera akutsimphina? Would he be impeached? Just go harder with your magic so that per your chance he dies. This is the time you should celebrate because to you the opposition the only hope to ascend to power in 2019 is the death of APM. To some of us this is political masturbation.

  2. observer says:

    Reporting -i think is a talent- Journalist should strive to get as much information as possible. You would have gone further than the launch- what is the cost of this ID- is it going to be rolled out free of charge- may be i missed this part- am not a politician- always when our government has no money it initiates a service that will force everyone to have it at a very high cost- watch this space- the charges will be according to time frames- if you want ID within 3days -u will get it at a higher price- 7-days- 14 days-21 days 30 days- the rest will struggle to get the ID because they wont afford it- they will have to go and check more than 10times and the cost for checking will be more than that of the ID- we are in a corrupt state- people will cry foul how to access ID- food for thought- ID good thought but the roll out will be corrupted- Food for thought.

  3. Gogodasi says:

    “The launch of IDs project by Mutharika will cool off rumours of the president’s ill health which continued with his return when used his left hand to wave to a crowd of supporters and to shake hands with officials”. Thom Chimia, it is too early to make this statement. How sure that this will cool off the rumour of The President’s ill health. It all depends on what will happen on the day and whether he will sound normal otherwise any slight change to his voice will heighten the rumour and make things worse. You may even be disappointed to see that he has delegated instead – you should have waited to say what you have said because you don’t know that the programme has been made out of DPP’s propaganda.

  4. Dziko ndi ndalama ndi zathu says:

    Dual citizen is a good idea in my opinion only for travel purposes. But really to develop any country no one has to have two countries to have citizenship. Investments is about capital and natural resources and this most of our people in the so called diaspora dont have it. This dual citizenship will be to the advantage of foreigners who might have a better currency to invest in Malawi. A perfect example would be to look at the oil rich Nigerians like Aliko Dangote who started his business in Nigeria and now he is the wealthiest African AND HE HAS NEVER LIVED IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY . In my humble opinion mapanga awiri abvumbwitsa. In order for any one to develop anything it has to be hands on deck. Osati kunama ati ma us dollar onyema atukula dziko. If anything let the Malawians in the diaspora bank more with Malawian banks and help to create loans and float ideas to the local population . As one of the commenters said ku diaspora kuli inflation, high rates of homes and taxes and people sometimes live in squalor and work 2 or 3 jobs to sustain this livelihood. Not shooting down the idea just pointing out the facts.


  6. Logic says:

    mungozipha za ziii. Bwanji osangopuma and let someone else do these tasks?

  7. Mika Kumbire says:

    While I welcome the IDs please make sure that they are also not hijacked by foreigners. Our Passport which was readily acceptable everywhere was hijacked by Nigerians and Zimbabweans who were getting it easier than locals during the era of the late immigration officer.
    As regards duo citizenship there are still many prosperous nations who maintain single citizenship but are successful. Although this could be a good initiative, 95% of Malawians in diaspora are living hand to mouth and I really wonder whether it would bring any investment at all. I am diaspora and I haven’t really find the real advantage of dual citizenship for many Malawians.
    Welcome to the idea.

  8. ANGONI says:


  9. mchewa says:

    akutchetchani panopa asaaaa koma mkuluyu

  10. wakwiya says:

    Malawians abroad have asked for dual citizenship like many African countries are doing now. These will help the poor nation
    Like Malawi to encourage Diaspora to invest and save money in their oountry. It will bring forex to the country. We diasporas are still Màlawians in our heart. But we hold citizenship of where we have worked and have pension. Some became citizens because of marriage. We can not give up pension and return home without money but can bring our pension into the country. Many countries in the world have allowed dual citizenship. Malawi is so behind everything. When are we going to be like others? Because of denying your own people u have Indians who have dual citizenship enjoying Malawi while we real Malawians are treated like foreigners. We were born in Malawi with Malawian parents and we know our village. We can only stay in Malawi 3 months. Very difficult to extend visa unless u bribe an immigration officials. Corruption is created when the nation make difficulty to people to get service in a normal way.

  11. MaNtuli says:

    Bwinotu bwino ngati pakufunika ka sick leave kaya ka bed rest msiyeni munthu apume musammalize zimafunika kupuma mankhwala akatokota zizungulire tu

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