Mutharika leaves for New York to attend UN assembly session

Malawi President Peter Mutharika is headed for New York to attend the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Flying out: Mutharika off to New York

Flying out: Mutharika off to New York

Mutharika, who leave Malawi for United States on Monday, is expected to address the United Nations General Assembly.

This year’s agenda, according to State House’s Gloria-Masanza Kanyang’wa,  consists of 17 Sustainable Development Goals-SGDs and 169 targets will stimulate action over the next 15 years in areas of critical importance towards building a more equitable and sustainable world for all.

According to State House, while in the US, Mutharika will hold bilateral meetings with many world leaders on the sidelines of the session.

UN General Assembly’s 70th session will witness leaders from 120 countries across the globe.

UNGA is an annual event that draws Heads of States of all UN member countries across the globe and during the event; a number of issues affecting the globe are tabled and resolved.

There are also side-meetings at ministerial and civil society level that are held during the UN annual event.

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41 thoughts on “Mutharika leaves for New York to attend UN assembly session”

  1. chigumula says:

    Look at him. Gallivanting again when his country is in economic turmoils. Why not send Chilima to minimise costs and the huge entourage which you always take on your globetrotting.

    What type of a father who is always travelling when the family has no food, no money in schools, no medicine in hospitals just to mention a few.

    this man is a disgrace to the nation and has failed the Malawi nation.

  2. Azimayi aku chiradzulu akuba says:

    Muyende bwino APM.

  3. Nyatwa says:

    That picture of Mathanyula is not flattering at all. It just validates how retarded he is.. The pants are too short like his brain. When he comes back he will tell us that he had ” high level meetings” with nothing to show for…… my foot! dzuka Malawi dzuka we need a revolution! adzafikire panja Mathanyula!!!!!!

  4. Wozitsata says:

    I hear that during such trips the chiefs and party loyalists and others who have no role to play whatsoever during the meeting are treated as Presidential Guests. What it means is that their accommodation will be paid for by taxpayers money but they will also be given allowances while the poor civil servants who have travelled on duty will only be paid allowances to cater for food and accommodation.

  5. Kamchenyenthe says:

    Last year the Prime Minister of Israel flew into NY the same day he addressed the UN General Assembly and flew back to Israel the same day in the evening. Our President will address the General Assembly towards the end of next week but he’s already in NY. What is he going to do all these days. A clear indication that our president has no serious business in state house. How else can one explain his roaming NY streets all these days under the pretext that he will have more engagements with world leaders. A poor country like Malawi can not afford such presidential luxury. I have a feeling the president has no interest of Malawians except his own. Typical behavior of Malawian civil servants who roam the world and bring back home nothing but their personal luggage. For the president as educated to join this nonsense is really shameful.

  6. clement says:

    Ukadzaona mdani wako yemwe umathiburana naye wayamba kutukana ndiye kuti wagonja koma inu osutsa dziwani kuti mudzasusa mpaka kale. DPP sikachipani kanthumba, mulira kuti fweeeee

  7. Njokasaweta says:

    Onse amene apitakumeneko musabwerenso meatikwana.

  8. Chiye Nangomba says:

    koma nde watikwana!! Ufe bola tipume

  9. Ndatani says:

    I have been seriously thinking that the demise of APM would bring in a big change to our beloved Malawi. Logically, if he dies today’ several million lives will be better off. What’s the point of having one stupid professor ruin the country and economy; wellbeing of humanity mass; not to mention the killings he execute (ACB high ranking officer, poor uni student and so on). Wake up Malawi. This scam bag has to go; and he will go to hell be rest assured.

    Let us not be completely brainwashed by this useless fucking professor who did not make it in the USA while some smart form 4 Malawians have made it. Remember he could not even manage to run a ministry while his late brother was the ruler. And now you believe in him to run the country with his fucking ugly face.

    Tikhalabe the poorest nation on earth, worse than war torn countries. What a shame. However, it is not too late to take a corrective action. I will donate a body bag for him; and hire a hearse so that the country is better off.

  10. Prison Warden says:

    chidzete chikupita ku vacation ku States after sitting phwii pa Malawi

  11. Change says:

    This is not helping us. May be we need to do a Burkina Faso episode. Let Mutharika go and never come back to Malawi.

  12. Dr Mbewe says:

    Surely a sane president can’t just be going from one meeting to another taking into consideration the economic state of Malawi, the poorest country on earth. Panja pa president.

  13. Wampwesa says:

    Anthu 80 chonsecho mukuti economy siili bwino. Boma losadzimvera chisoni ili

  14. Praise says:

    God knows what will happen to Malawi, our beloved country.

  15. observer says:

    momwe amayendera chapaphewa muja mwayiwala? musiyeni naye is his time ndipo akwapanga zomveka mwamvanso kale.

  16. Jimbo says:

    No. 3 ‘Vinka’, what do you know? Germany has a Chancellor, not a President and the Chancellor is a woman, not a man. APM is off again deserting his responsibilities at home only to return later promising ‘pie in the sky by and by’. It will be interesting to hear if he actually does address the UN General Assembly. I am sure there are much more important matters on the agenda than what is happening in poor Malawi. Who does APM think he is? He may be the big cheese in Malawi, but on the world stage he is a nobody from a country that few have even heard of.

  17. Wozinyanyala says:

    Sorry guys just a point of correction here: This years agenda is “how to run the world’s poorest country” by the so called Proffesor.

  18. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Kodi malirowa atonka kwani? # feels gud to be back in love!

  19. Mchokocho says:

    Boma lanji losowa choti anthu angayamikepo kuti apa bola achitako zowoneka. Just resign

  20. kingdom says:

    Zodiak has reported that the delegation to The UN General Assembly is around 80. Normally allowances to New York are paid double the normal rate.

  21. Kapolosakwiya says:

    Malawi ali ndianthu ozungulira mitu heavy. Whatt they know is politics just after an election. Leave APM alone and vote for the one you believe would rule you but for us APM is there till 2024 like it or not. Useless opposers of development mxiiew, anyani a MCP ndi PP muli busy kumangonyoza basi, fotsek zanu . Mufika 2024 mudakatukanabetu kkkkkkk bulatishit zanu.

  22. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Where are austerity measures? Munalephereka ku SADC in the name of serving money. Ku New York ndi Gaberone kutali ndikuti? Koma mutu ukugwira apa?

  23. Mwanamsena says:

    No politics to this, it is for Malawi to benefit that you need to go and attend this very important UNGA. Enawa ndichoncho Bwana, Malawi has daft people who are useless in simply criticizing everything you do. Sanakuvotereni amakunyozaniwa ndiye dont worry with thhem but worry with Malawi as a country bwana. Go well and represent us Sir.

  24. Patriot says:

    Another chartered flight.
    Malawians are today extremely poor, thanx to this clueless lomwe leader.
    Dere abuka malo ku Waldorf Astoria kukagwiritsa ntchitoka forex anamuland mnigeria wina ku airport dzana lija.
    Amalawitabvutika and tikunkera tikusaukasauka chifukwa cha nyapapiyu.
    It may feel bad koma aaaa ayi ndithu, asabwerenso kuno ameneyu, watikwana.

  25. chindazi says:

    Who has an Ipad….

  26. sapitwa says:

    Even in a country where war has dilapidated every single resource; has displaced every single person, you still see women becoming pregnant and bearing children. Certain things MUST still happen even when we are cash strapped.

  27. The real ujeni says:

    I quote ” I will be an Office, ” kikikikiki kamwendo munjira leaves for USA again. This is total total waste of votes, palibe chiona one apa. Five wasted years basi.

  28. ibrahim makwati says:

    WE ARE CRYING FOR HELP O my malawi my be u have done rong someway tel me please

  29. buyache says:

    Ku Malawi kuliso president yeti..?

  30. malawians wat we shud know is that tidasakha molakwika!! “apresdent with no vision to develop malawi” bt its not 2 late for us!! come 2019 lets this mistake{choose wisely}

  31. mtumbuka says:

    Mkanakhala inenu mkanatipangila chani amalawi. Ntchito kusutsa zilizonse basi

  32. Brazilian wax says:

    I wil be so keen to watch what this dimwitted so called president will say for Malawi. There are some guys like @ 1 who say Malawians only know how to criticize. May I humbly request you @1 to mention just one thing which would earn Peter Mutharika a compliment? I am waiting.

  33. crazy stuff says:

    Enjoy bastard. While the countrymen suffer.
    Stupid malawians are hoping to somehow get to 2019 elections and boot you out. However, if you rig the votes again, you shall have another five years. But we hope you die a quick death like the older thief bingu in a brutal manner.

  34. hk says:

    Useless professor a total waste of limited resources and all we will hear is” it was a successful journey” successful my ass. You have been singing the same song ever since. Kunanga waka ndalama zereza iwe.

  35. Zanga Phee! says:


  36. Mboga syangu says:

    Bwana bwetule mutalika..mungopanga attend pa Skype.kkkkkk Malawi iribe mbiya

  37. Wisdom of Karonga says:

    A prototype of a president,no energy,no mantle,no thoughtfulness,but good at traveling with no purpose for the country.He is another decoy while Malawians are still waiting for the real political prophet of hope.

    This man has a web of strands of cheap talk and has been a failure from day one.Surprisingly,few doubted his unsolid composition of his judgementary mantle after a series of flops and muteness in his ministerial challenges which needed his leadership skills.I guess so far, he has made Bakili Muluzi a star performer in his endeavour as Malawi’s first democratic president,what a sad experience for the Malawian people,but why? because Malawians are always eclipsed during elections-they choose the wrongs instead of the rights.

    Vote wisely in 2019 and a new direction is possible,a prosperous Malawi will be the pride of all,even the wicked leaders.

  38. azibambo n castro says:

    kod mukutithawira mabvutowa bwanji bwana tiuzen zoona malawi wakukanikan uyu mumayesa masewera tiye nazon muzingothawa choncho koma muzatifuna masiku amatha nkugona!!!!

  39. VINKA says:


  40. moya says:

    Waste of resources for a president from the poorest nation , who can even listen to you when you are the poorest on the land? just go and say three words “malawi needs help “

  41. Truck says:


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