Mutharika meets CCAP general assembly: ‘Let’s join hands to arrest social injustice’

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has asked the CCAP General Assembly to work with government to end the rising cases of social injustices such as mob justice human trafficking and hatred.

Mutharika greeting CCAP clergy

Mutharika greeting CCAP clergy

Mutharika with synoc clerics

Mutharika with synoc clerics

The President has since assured the Church that his government will partner with the church to work for the betterment of the lives of people.

Mutharika was speaking at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre, when he received in audience a delegation of the leadership of the CCAP General Assembly from all its five synods of Blantyre, Nkhoma, Livingstonia, Lusaka in Zambia and Harare in Zimbabwe.

Speaking when he welcomed the delegates, President Mutharika said his government appreciates the role that the church plays in people’s lives.

“Let me say here that I appreciate the role the five Synods, through the General Assembly, jointly play in providing for both the Soul and Body of our people. I know you have done this since the inception of your General Assembly in 1924,” he said.

He added that since his ascension to power his administration has enjoyed good relations with various denominations.

“Since I assumed office in June 2014, I have been meeting with various religious leaders and institutions, as I believe that together we make God’s creation – the human being, – complete; and that a cordial relationship that exists between government and the church is vital in finding concrete solutions to the needs of our people.”

“Together, we fight poverty, we fight hunger. Together we provide our people with education, health services, food, human security, and many more. We are partners in development. And together, we will do more,” stressed President Mutharika.

The Malawi leader asked the Church to look at rising cases of social injustices such as human trafficking, mob justice and hate, which he said are on the increase in recent time.

“While thinking about the great responsibility that the church leadership has, it pains me to see strange criminal behaviour happening among Christian communities: Killing people with Albinism? Mob justice?  Human trafficking? Hate for each other? Finger pointing? Blame Game? The list is growing! Where are God’s Commandments? Where is the love that the Risen Christ left us with?” queried the President.

He then called upon the leadership of the General Assembly to continue nurturing the Faith and Practice of its Christians because with Faith, everything is possible.

“When people have faith in God, they respect the Law; and they have faith in themselves. And they believe in themselves. And they believe in their capabilities. They respect each other. And they respect life. And they work hard. They become people of integrity; and they become patriotic to their country.”

Responding to the President’s remarks, Moderator of the General Assembly Reverend Timothy Nyasulu of the Livingstonia Synod pledged to work with the government to end some of the social ills happening in the country.

“As a Church we pledge our continue support to your government, because anything that happens to our faithful, affects us too,” he said.

“We will therefore continue to pray for the government, for the leadership and the country as a whole besides putting in place programmes strategically aimed at tackling the rise in social injustice.”

The CCAP General Assembly comprises Malawi’s three synods of Blantyre, Nkhoma and Livingstonia plus the synods of Lusaka in Zambia and Harare in Zimbabwe.

Other churches under the CCAP are in Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. In total the church has almost 10 million followers in the five countries.

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So is this the busy you said you have to fail meeting the influential PCA. Divide and rule at its best. Inu nanu a CCAP you should have told him him that you are not coming unless he meets PAC first. Anyway you are also optionistic.

Winston Msowoya

I would like to kindly apologise for my oversight error which I wrongly put 20million Rands in stead of 23million dollars that was used by South Africa’s corrupt President Jacob Zuma to renovate his illegitimate wives’ houses.What on earth? Malawians,have you learnt a lesson from our South African brothers? For how long are we to remain “DEAD SOULS”?

Thanks Mr president for coming out openly but can u please clean your house first before asking your neighbours of their shortfalls. Firstly, tell your police to start providing security to your critics as well including opposition leaders. Secondly, ask this boy of yours called Dyson mussa to leave opposition leaders and others with different views from yours alone. Dausi Mr president should also be disciplined u know what I mean stop pretending. Jappie Mhango must also be schooled to stop finger-pointing. What about you Mr president? don’t u think u also need a special school about public address considering… Read more »
On human security: Yell your police Mr president to provide security to opposition leaders leaders as well. Mt president can also ask your Dyson mussa to stop hacking people with panga knives. a a I know u will not mind to kneel before Dausi to stop all the bad things he is doing right now.. u know what I mean for hate pretence! Mob justice is a solution to gang rape (rape is rape mind u) armed robberies (some done by police staff themselves), in trustworth police, corrupt leaders like u and stupid minsters of yours. Talk what u can… Read more »
Wakufa Sakwata

Vuto koma abwanawo samapita Ku church. Those folks cannot speak the same language. They are in different worlds. Only God knows the perfect time to redeem His remnants.

our president has a big problem bcoz what he always promise to do is totally different from what his govt is doing on the actual ground,e.g. in his statement to this CCAP general assembly he has asked church leaders to join hands in order to arrest social injustice but u can agree with me that what is happening almost daily is the govt’s efforts to promote social injustice manifested in different ways: the way opposition is being treated,hospitals are lacking medicines, ppo struggled with just this paused hunger(will resume very soon) this govt has also tried its best to lower… Read more »
Ze Roberto

Only if rhetoric is equated with actions. Otherwise this is just another pastime sadly sponsored by tax payer moneys.


za ma gay simukukambako bwanji?mob justice ikubwera chifukwa cha a police opanda chilungamo…………..


Gunta, there are three synods in Malawi because churches were set up by different missionaries. It is historical. For example, Nkhoma Synod is actually Dutch Reforms Church. When Cewas from Malawi go to Zambia, they pray at DRC and not CCAP.


Mr President, your problem is that you don’t listen when you are advised.

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