Mutharika meets UK Minister of State for Trade: Malawi and Britain trade relations to strengthen

The United Kingdom’s Minister of State for Trade and Investment  Lord Francis Maude has appreciated the progress Malawi has made in reform initiatives especially those that are focusing on creating conducive investment for the private sector.

President Mutharika during the meeting with Lord Maude and the UK officials

President Mutharika during the meeting with Lord Maude and the UK officials

Malawi President Mutharika, Lord Maude and foreign affairs minister George Chaponda during the meeting

Malawi President Mutharika, Lord Maude and foreign affairs minister George Chaponda during the meeting

Her Majesty’s Minister of Trade and Industry was speaking on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Business Forum in Malta when he had an audience with President Peter Mutharika on Wednesday.

Speaking during the meeting, President Mutharika whose government is feeling the pinch of lack of donor support due to the Cashgate scandal hailed UK for appreciating the efforts he is taking to put the economy back on track and that they should consider resuming budgetary support as a way of helping his economic reforms.

President Mutharika reiterated the key role advanced economies -such as United Kingdom – can play in helping his government to prioritize trade and investment as steady platforms for increasing Malawi’s revenue base.

Mutharika noted that his attendance at this year’s Commonwealth meeting has opened up a new chapter in strengthening trade relations between Malawi and UK.

This he said in view of the forthcoming investment forum which will further Malawi’s agenda of courting global investors to enhance local trade.

The Malawi leader asked the UK government, through Lord Maude, to help facilitate a smooth transition towards meaningful investment and markets for Malawian products and services.

“The development process has been challenging due to a number of reasons bordering on lack of affordable finance to spur private sector investment, limited access to international markets for our goods and services, and lack of technology for the industrialization process, among others,” he said.

“Although as a country we have a wide range of investment opportunities, we need investors to take up these opportunities, for us to realize our dream of transforming the country from a predominantly importing nation to an exporting country,” said President Mutharika adding that the country has investment opportunities in Agriculture and agro-processing, Energy, Mining, Tourism, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Information Communication Technology (ICT), and Financial services, to mention a few.

He was quick to point out that his government has embarked on deliberate strategies to ensure a boost in foreign direct investment and increased trade.

“We have already commenced implementing doing business reforms to attract more investment. To streamline investment procedures and processes, I established the One Stop Service Center within the Malawi Investment and Trade Center (MITC) that has brought together key institutions in the investor facilitation process to ensure that permits and other necessary business approvals are granted with speed and most conveniently. I do not want investors to waste their time when setting up business in Malawi,” said he.

Additionally President Mutharika said: “To improve the climate for investors, my government in February this year launched the Public Service Reforms Program to right-size the public service and to build systematic checks and controls with the objective of improving public service delivery to the citizens of Malawi and to the private sector. We have so far managed to climb 23 points upward on the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index, by July this year, 2015”.

He also asked Britain to support Malawian small and medium enterprises (SME)s as they are the bedrock of a vibrant private sector.

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33 thoughts on “Mutharika meets UK Minister of State for Trade: Malawi and Britain trade relations to strengthen”

  1. chawanangwa says:

    I am surprised that Chaponda did not have a pen and paper, or even a tablet to take notes during this meeting. He is an assistant to the president and should take such meetings seriously. I would be mad if my assistants came to a work meeting unprepared.

  2. choka phiri says:

    The truth is that NO British investors will Come to Malawi. Not during APM. Britain has not forgotten a man and his brother. Azungu. Ar not poor in The brain like US. Forget investors in Malawi during DDP. The man knows. May be If it was Chilima. I know I work for British organisation. They hate Muntharikas. Malawi get it.

  3. prince says:

    koma nde miyendotu kuionetsa.keep it up zofinikira zimenezo

  4. Kavuluvulu says:

    I personally am fed up with these foreign trips and meetings with no tangible results. USELESS.

  5. mphatso says:

    For investors to come they need stable currency which Malawi cannot offer, eversince JB floated the kwacha we have lost 40% every year, so forget about investors as they need to make 40% profit just to recover what they invested which is not possible first fix your kwacha make it stable and then you see investors will come on there own. your borther Bingu fixed the kwacha from 2004-09 it worked wonders for malawi, so follow your prother fix but do devalue when neccessary only

  6. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Begging, begging, begging, begging until when Mr president?

  7. Muhiphethere says:

    Joice banda kukanika ndikuyendetsa chipani komwe!!! Mkazi ndimkazidi eti! Shupit joice. Peter More fire. Beyond 2024 Bomaaaaaaaaaa!

  8. Sindi says:

    Flashing mwendo mzungu

  9. mapwevupwevu says:

    Simple office. Simple chairs. Everything simple. Kukanakhal kuno iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..

  10. Misheck says:

    Zichitike zmenezo basi

  11. Mulakho says:

    As long as there are daily black outs, high interest rates, high levels of corruption (the need to pay bribes to win any contract), unskilled workforce, no serious investors will come. Well just be stuck with petty Indians and Chinese selling used cars and operating street shops

  12. Khamani!! says:

    They just laugh at him …. Who are these people he is meeting here ..?


    Don’t come and start telling us that all is well when you come back from there , we are just seeing you chanting with few people , you are not serious with problems here at home in Malawi.

  14. Dolo weni weni says:

    I have keenly following on all investment forums our president has been attending. However, the photos tells us a lot. The advisors need to prepare him well in advance on areas to investment areas to speak with potential, policy issues and business environment in general. Referencing every time to the notes, which are being seen by the Minister just close by, does not make us any better. What we do in public will determine our level of seriousness !

  15. Green Grass says:

    Shouldn’t the UK Minister met his counterpart Mwsnamveka who is also in Malta? From the article looks like this was a one sided meeting with the President doing all the bla bla bla without any meaningful response from the UK delegation. However watch out the press briefing on return how this meeting will be glorified.

  16. James kotoki says:

    Koma ma’am a British English,kapena there was an interpreter

  17. Ndata says:

    Nanga Cameron ndi Dangote Tijuana nawonso liti?

  18. Phinifolo says:

    Kodi in, ineyo ndimamva ngati mukukakumana ndi Qeeen? Kani the whole president kukakumana ndi nduna? Kodi amanena zoona kuti galu wa mfumu ndi mfumu yemwe eti? Phepa umphawi a Maravi

  19. kukhala says:

    Begging so that you can have something to cashgate

  20. Jang'ala says:

    U shud also knw tht Investors will need power(electricty) to operate their businesses. Plz try ur best to make sure tht there shud b no frequent blackout.

  21. Rodriguas says:

    Kupingasa by yankhyiwa. No dim.

  22. Khwethemu says:

    All the touting about this trip but here it seems the meeting was rushed. Hastily organised. Not enough seats. Lord Maude looks not bothered and wonders as to what was happening. He seems to say ok trade what sort of trade Peter? Convince me. Or are you toking about the stupid malata subsidy programme Petulo? Waste of time.

  23. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    Azungu akutilola (Beggars cannot be choosers).
    Still embarrassing to have APM, as president, in such submissive mode. And probably being “dismissed” by the low ranking minister just because her country is rick? She should be thankful for APM courtesy: Kamuzu would not have even shown up. Rather, he would have sent an equally junior minister.
    Even sadder is that no concrete help will come out of this. In spite APM slaving away on our behalf, like this.

  24. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    kkkkkkkkk a professor ali busy kupempha mmalo mo tiunza nzeru zoti anthu tipange makobidi patokha kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  25. kadamanja says:

    Ndi ma blackout akewa, can someone invest in this country? mbola inu a Peter

  26. mtumbuka1 says:

    Donors can sometimes be insane, are you sure your money can be trusted with peter & his dpp government surrounded by the hungry ben phiri’s of this world? Trust him and his government at your own peril and tomorrow don’t say you were not warned. If I were these donors i was gonna tell him to investigate the 577 billion kwacha first that went missing under his brother’s watch of which he( peter) and the dpp happens to be the biggest beneficiaries, secondly I would ask him as to who killed njauju and what he is doing about it. The problem is the so called donors are also politicians and politicians feeds from one plate be it whites,blacks or what ever colour you may think of they are all crooks and confusionists. So go ahead give peter the money so he can have enough to campaign for the next elections. Why can’t you donors one day ask yourselves a simple question like” why is Malawi still the poorest country in the world with undesirable infrastructure yet you guys have been pumping in money for more than 60years??” This is common sense you white morons, it’s no rocket science. You don’t give a hungry hyena a goat to pass it to a hungry lion waiting on the other side of the river because the hyena had equally been fasting and praying for it. Ironically these white donors keeps trusting the hyena even if it is evident enough that the lion on the other end is not getting anything. How bizarre! It’s really easy to screw up whites just use the 2 magic words that they so much die to hear and that’s please & thanks and a little cherry on top in a case of Africa, just say I have anti corruption bureau in my country so they will be no more corruption! People like Goodall gondwe have no more value to add and their skills are no longer relevant to the times and one wonders why they still hang around, probably they have an unfinished business in as far as looting is concerned. The country is ran on a wachiwona ndani mode coupled with try and error but we still hope to reach canan one day. I bet we won’t, the canan itself must by God’s grace grow legs and come to us.

  27. Chilombo says:

    Me being an unproductive Malawian with nothing useful to develop my country like every Malawian out there,i was expecting a silly comment about that lady’s legs.But naaa!Nobody made that comment so this article is useless and boring to me.

  28. Rasta says:

    Ohiii,British women lost their self respect is it,a diplomat exposing her flesh like that or perhaps UK has now become a sex obsessed society where everything is sexualized in every way possible.

  29. flyton Manda says:

    Investment requires a profit potential. What sort of investment opportunity exists in Malawi that can net the minimum 100% profit margin? None.

  30. ?? says:

    Peeeeeeeteeeer….pempha basi m’bale wanga okondedwa

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