Mutharika mourns ‘Statesman’ Nga Mtafu

President Peter Mutharika has mourned the sudden death of former minister Dr George Nga Mtafu who died after being involved a car crash in Blantyre on Tuesday.

Nga Mtafu: Died after car crash

Nga Mtafu: Died after car crash

Nga Mtafu, one of renowned politicians and neurosurgeon, was pronounced dead at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital where he was rushed to after the vehicle he was driving Nissan March LA 4756 collided with a Ministry of Health lorry MG 875 AC.

The accident occured at about 12pm (Tuesday) at Chatha trading centre along Chileka road in Blantyre.

And Mutharika in his condolence message described Mtafu as a Statesman, saying  the news of his sudden death has left him shocked and speechless.

”The First Lady and I are shocked beyond words at the death of a statesman, Dr. George Nga Mtafu. The tragic, the inconceivable, has happened. But we are being comforted by the memory of his long, full and inspiring life,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said Mtafu will always be remembered for his efforts to transform Malawi for better through his profession and political career.

”We will remember George’s great contributions to building and strengthening the country. He was amongst the people who worked hard for our young democracy, we will forever remember his legacy and unique contribution to Malawi”.

Mutharika added: ”George will be missed and he will never be forgotten”.

The President has since sent his condolences to Ntafu’s wife and family.

Mtafu was once arrested and imprisoned without trial for making a statement disagreeing with President Hastings Banda’s pronouncements. Upon his release in 1991, he became active in reform politics, and is one of the founding members United Democratic Front (UDF).

He served in various ministerial portfolios during the UDF regime under Bakili Muluzi presidency, and in 2012 former president Joyce Banda appointed Mtafu as Chief Technical Advisor in the Ministry of Health.

Mtafu was also once UDF treasurer general and the party’s leader in Parliament.

He is survived by wife, Elvy a commissioner at the Malawi Electoral Commission, and children.

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61 thoughts on “Mutharika mourns ‘Statesman’ Nga Mtafu”

  1. austin says:

    so sad ill remember AGALU INU.

  2. Wakale says:

    Mzimu wawo u utse mu mtendere

  3. joseph choma says:

    The man behind the words “agalu inu….” R.I.P

  4. Winston msowoya says:

    Firstly,let me pay my profound condolences to the families of the Dr.Nga Ntafu for his untimely demise.He.dedicated his all life to serving his fellow Malawians regardless of tribal affinity.Indeed,he was not a ” Statesman”as Peter described him.In a real sense,he was a discerning neuro- surgeon the only one in the country.On the contrary,we call people like the former late President Sir.Seletse Khama of Botswana or the former President of Tanzania the late Julius Kambarage Nyerere as Statesmen just to mention a few.He was the northerner but served all Malawians of walk of life equally.This proves that the heinous Quata System does not work for the best interest of Malawians.Ntafu,the whole population of our divided beloved Malawi,will greatly miss you.I wish you very pleasant long journey to the Kingdom of God our Almighty,AMEN.

  5. Agnes says:

    Sad, an old man like him was still cheating on his wife and has died on his way from a mistress. Any way RIP.

  6. blessings nkhala says:

    may hs soul rest in eternal peace

  7. Once alomwe always alomwe says:

    It was his wife who denied to swear using the Bible,however he was aman of his words

  8. Denguzman says:

    Was a gud man, RIP.

  9. Kalekeni Kanene says:

    I didn’t know that he was an Adventist member. My brother in Christ indeed. He is not in heaven but waiting for the great day of first resurrection when the first trumpet sounds. Onse akufa mwaiye (Yesu Khristu) adzaukitsidwa ndikukakomananye Mbuye wawo mu mlengalenga, namka kumwamba. Tidzaonananso tikachita bwino. Lets mourn with hope. Ambuye atonthoze onse okhudzidwa ndi imfa imeneyi makamaka amayi Mtafu ndi ana awo. Maratha Masala!
    Godfrey Longwe

  10. Bizy says:

    Aliyense amakhala wabwino akamwalira, RIP BIGMAN NTAFU…

  11. cadet 1 says:

    I heard nothing from the president when njauju died, whyyyyyyyy Mr big man

  12. Sand Wa Sand says:


  13. angozo says:

    Oohoo! No! What a painful death? We were together in the afternoon on Sabbath 17 October, 2015 at our local Sunnyside church during Joint Choir practices… was that your last bass singing to the group? I conquor with you brother Mwatiwa. Dr. Ntafu was a very dedicated S.D.A member and in every Crusade/Campmeeting/Efforts meetings was a great doctor whose professional councils has benefited to many lives and used much time to God’s service. Till the day when God calls your name to meet on the crystal sea. Dr.Ntafu and loving father, untill this hour I still not believe that you departed from us. You dedicated your time to serve God and many people. You finished your work at a remarkable note, and I don’t know how would I finish mine? “Mourning you Dr.Ntafu with much faith to meet you in God’s kingdom”

  14. zathu.zomwe says:

    He will be missed greatly, he was my role model, a man should never be bought or sold, that’s what he was, a real Man of his words. I heard he refused to swear on the Bible contrary to what most hypocrites do during swearing in sermons because he knew he was human and humans make mistakes, that to me was truthfulness at it’s highest level. My heart felt condolences to the family, the SDA Church and in fact the whole nation for the loss of one of our greatest sons.

  15. Kibble Phiri says:

    Dr Nga Ntafu was a very honest person. He refused to swear using the Bible. He did not want to lie. Look at those that were sworn using the Bible. Plundering the country in the name of swearing using the Bible. No not Nga Ntafu. Very honest indeed. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

  16. i rire loved the doctor n gorgeous politician may his soul rest in peace

  17. You call him a statesman after he dies? Why was he not honoured when he was alive? Yes he was brave to criticize Kamuzu but then where was Peter and what was he doing where he was? We practise politics of hate here in Malawi. Kamuzu used to give medals to heros and he called them “order of the lion”. Even in England achievers are honoured. Worldwide, we hear of Nobel Prizes. Mtafu though naive was a brave man and a neurosurgeon. How many lives did he save? It’s an insult to honour him when he is no more.

  18. kizito says:

    May his soul rest in peace,Amen

  19. francis langson says:

    Iremmember my class teacher when she was teach bio,then start massage my shoulder amazing momment to me.

  20. francis langson says:

    Yes yah RIP we can sqeaze near to ur position now.

  21. Agalu Inu says:

    Ambuye muwapatse
    Anthu akufa
    Chiusiro chosatha
    Ndipo kuyera kosatha
    Kuwalitse maso awo

  22. chitsa boys says:

    May his saul rest in peace

  23. may his soul be with God’s love and rest in everasting peace

  24. Tonnex says:

    May his Soul rest in peace. Amen! !

  25. Professor Linton Pamberiii says:

    Nanga uyu mukuti mutharika yu amwalira liti? He is an eyesore to many malawians

  26. tonde wa tonde says:

    Nga Ntafu deserve to be burried at HEROZ ACRE PLS this is the time to have OUR heroz ACRE
    goverment can you take note of this? ThisIS national not politics this man did alot this country
    if you indeed mourn in true colours mazulo ano timve za dongosolo la maliro and za HEROS ACRE .CABINET MINISTERS TAKE NOTE.

  27. GRM says:

    Many are talking about his vehicle. I will be driving such vehicles when i am old as Mtafu. This man was almost in his retirement. Why should one worry about cars in such age group?

  28. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    RIP Dr Ntafu.

  29. AKIJA says:


  30. Mathanyux says:

    Next z u APM, cardiac arrest, we wish to mourn you also. RIP Nga Mtafu how I wish it was the former.

  31. Malawiana says:

    So the good doctor was driving a Nissan March? the whole Dr. Nga Mtafu? eish man..RIP

  32. Mapwiya says:

    I can remember Nga Mtafu being saying”AGALU INU!! YOU MUST BE VERY STUPID”in parliament.May his soul rest in peace.

  33. chindazi says:

    Guys… this man…father.. husband.. son… Dr… will be missed and I will miss him….

    DR George Nga Mtafu ..Rest In Peace till we meet again.

    Condolences to the family….

  34. Zakeyo says:

    When r u going to mourn Njaunju, the murdered ACB investigator????

  35. Mzeé Ben says:

    Good people are burried,l am very shocked! No one l liked than NGA.

  36. noxy says:

    may h soul lest n pc

  37. Robert Daudi says:

    may his soul rest in peace.

  38. Chikadza Kuwani says:

    I liked him so much HRI

  39. Ndinunkha! says:

    Malawi has lost indeed. To think he was one of Malawi’s best neurosurgeons that really leaves the country in a dire situation for those who required his expertise. Fare thee well Dr Nga Mtafu as you transit to the other realm of life.

  40. mosiowatunga says:


  41. wakukaya uyo says:

    Iet in peace

  42. Friend says:

    RIP Great son of Malawi, great Doctor and life saver , many were saves and restored by your gifted hands…… Great great loss to Malawi and your family…

  43. Daud Yunusu says:

    May his soul rest in peace he will never be forgotten according to his good records in his lovely country of Malawi

  44. Khodoba says:

    Mtafu was an enlightened Christian osati zaumbul;i zaena omangoti Bible limati. As a scientist he appreciated the world better osati ukhristu waumbuli. He questioned those things that don’t make sense bcoz it iz a sin to believe in s’thing that doesn’t make sense. Be a good scientist and you will be a good Christian osangoti ‘the bible says’

  45. GRM says:

    Again his contribution to Result Based Maternal and Newborn Health (RBMNH) project and his insights on maternal health have saved more mothers and children in the four districts from peventable illnesses and deaths. MHSRIP

  46. GRM says:

    He was a true son of Malawi. With his qualifications he could choose to work anywhere in the world but here he was saving Malawians. He showed enormous amount of simplicity by going back to work with Ministry of Health whose government he was once a Minister thereby saving and serving more sick Malawians. When other former ministers are dying of poverty because they are ashamed of taking up lower jobs Mtafu showed he cannot allow pride to destroy him economically thereby serving his family well. I see a loving father in such a man. He could have been just staying home and seeking alms like other are doing

  47. Agalu inu!! Ndithana nanu!!! I remember him! May his soul rest in peace..

  48. Nyasosera says:

    May His soul rest in peace

  49. Thanks Mwitiwa for clarifying that the late Dr Nga Ntafu was not an athiest as wrongly believed out here,a great doctor and politician MHSRIP.

  50. Mwitiwa says:

    Mo (Comment No.1), I dont know where people get the information that Dr. Mtafu was an atheist. This man was a dedicated adventist. A man who attended church and ministered in various aspects. He also used his professional knowledge and expertise to help many church going young people soar spiritually. I remember being in a church last year at Malawi Adventist University, when he drove all the way from Blantyre at his own expense, to make a presentation on alcoholism, the brain and christianity. In June 2015, I preached at his church, Sunnyside SDA Church. He attended the service. After the sermon, he particularly waited for me so that he can share his personal conviction and response. I was amazed at the depth of his christian convictions and profession. So if you, my brother, dont know Dr. Mtafu shut your mouth. Let us who know him speak our heartfelt eulogies. And mind you, we are not scattering roses for the sake of doing it. We know personally who he was.

    1. He says:

      He refused to hold the bible during swearing in ceremony when he was first elected MP in the 90s claiming he was an atheist. Explain that.

  51. Mzungumbuli says:

    Till that day when when Jesus will desend from heaven to take “iwo amene anagona mwa Ambuye” Kodi inu mudzakhalako????????

  52. Mark Liwonde says:


  53. Ta says:

    Mo no 1. if you have nothing to write just keep quite please! Have you ever experienced the pain of loosing someone you love to such sudden death ? Do you have any idea how painful it is? Have some restpect please and let God be the judge not you. MHSRIP

  54. chiotha says:

    Mo, mtafu was a committed adventist and church elder of the same.

  55. dungulinya says:

    A Mo nanu repent to who? That’s between God and Nga. MHSRIP.

  56. Mike says:

    As long as he knew Jesus christ as his Lord and personal saviour,if he didnt hes in hell fire.i never knew his relationship with christ.his wife and close friends and relations knows best.lets all take lessons from this.u can die anytime and any day whether u are a president,minister,young ,old,rich ,poor,we are all th same in the eyes of God.we need to serve Jesus whilst we are alive.accept Jesus as the Lord and Personal saviour while you are alive and live for him.aftr death theres no more chance.

  57. CHINJOKA says:

    Very Sad story to the Family of nga mtafu.

  58. Mo says:

    Did he repent?I can recall he only mentioned the nameJesus when he was about to die on lake Malawi,rip

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