Mutharika, Mugabe petitioned over Malawi tea estates, ‘Thangata’ wages

Some disgruntled locals in southern districts of Thyolo and Mulanje have petitioned President Peter Mutharika and his Zimbabwean counterpart Robert Mugabe to intervene in the wrangle involving tea estate owners and locals in the two districts.

Mugabe and Mutharika : Petitioned.

Mugabe and Mutharika : Petitioned.

The petition, which is recognising Mugabe as African Union (AU) Chairperson, has also been copied to 13 Ambassadors and High Commissioners, all Thyolo and Mulanje parliamentarians, the Ministry of Lands, United Nations and the Word Bank.

The locals, under the banner of People’s Land Organisation (PLO) are asking these leaders to intervene in the wrangle in which they asking the tea estate owners to honour what they call “Thangata wages” and land rent payment claims.

PLO has been asking colonial estate owners to pay Thangata wages to descendants of Malawians who worked in the tea estates without being paid while the land rentals are for the current estate owners’ continued use of the land.

The local gave tea estate owners 14 days from Monday, February 9 to address their concerns or risking facing the wrath of the locals where “PLO shall consequently deploy its professional team of specialists to manage and direct the affairs of the concerned estate establishments as a major stakeholder with 70 percent of the shares”.

According to the petition, the said deployment of specialists shall include ordering the sharing of all the idle land in the concerned estate land inventory to the landless members of PLO so that they start building houses and cultivating during the current growing season.

Chief Secretary to Government George Mkondiwa told the Daily Times that a team of specialists recently went to the affected areas where they made their assessments and subsequently submitted reports to relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Lands.

However, National Coordinator for Landnet, Emmanuel Mlaka, noted that most land conflicts that have engulfed some parts of the country point to flaws and omissions in the current Land Act.

Mlaka claimed that the new land bills they are advocating will help Malawians have legitimate access to land and be properly compensated in cases where their land has been taken, among others.

Tea estate owners were not immediately available for comment.

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35 thoughts on “Mutharika, Mugabe petitioned over Malawi tea estates, ‘Thangata’ wages”


  2. Charlie Hebdo says:

    PLO, sounds militant to me. Dausi, you have work to do? Our country shouldn’t be a terrorist haven.

  3. Jelbin mk says:

    Whatever is happening am not interested in because am not convinced that these people can win this case if cuorted it is a similar case to that of Egyptians who were claiming for gold and some precious items the Israelites took with them when leaving Egypt of which the Egyptians did not have all the documents relating to their claim. And I’ll stay to wonder as to what role do these people want the world bank to play in this scenario.

  4. Uncle Thom says:

    A Malawi kwawo kuchuluka nzeru pa zinthu zopanda pake za zii.

  5. Unconcerned says:

    What really issue here is that the world is advancing in everything look at org, developments, education and here at MJ & TO the old tyranic leadership which is undemocratic, just fancy a company without labour union to share ideas, and most of the colonialists are the tumbukas who are working in good position calling themselves wakwithu. these azungu are open but they follow what blacks do and letting blacks intimidate themselves. if we are fighting for good working relationship and condition does not mean we want them to go out you stupid tumbukas fled from your hilly land and come here just for our resources, samalani i want fereral system to pass to see what will happen push it fast!!!!!!

    There are farms of macadamia nuts we work on that but you cant find macadamia sold in our shop in malawi so is that good if you say you have tasted it its because you buy it at No. 1 or Thyolo bus deport which some one went there and steal some is it?
    Don’t give silly comments mwamva?????????

  6. ndadabwa says:

    iii taonani nkhope za ma pulezident awa. iiii!!! azikazi anu ndi wopirira

  7. Dikirani ndiganize kaye zija zomangokomenta ndisanaganize zija ndatopa nazo

  8. mafia says:

    Kodi. Nonse mungot nfwe nfwe inuyo mukuganiza kuti minda imeneyi ikutipindulira? Look @ Naming’omba. Amwenye anagula, nkubwereka $500k pomwepo anatenga $150k kutumiza ku india. Ndiye ngati akutumiza ndalama yobwereka mmalawi muno kunja kuli bwanji akamaguritsa. Angotibera. Let’s claim what belongs to us. Za

  9. dyton Chiwaya says:

    Some Lhomwes ran away from portugues tyranny way before these tea establishments. Lhomwes hardworking tribe built the first railwayline. Were the majority who fought first and second world war for the British and many sectors of Nyasaland and when shamelesly u potray them ill educated. Ur misrepresents facts. Make research Lomwes are grandmasters. Some of u only gave each others positions kubera mayeso manipulators. Alomwe akukulamulirani mukhalira yomweyo baba !

  10. gaba says:

    The whites were the first to settle in that area,and the lhomwes came and settled in that area because the whites were providing them with jobs

  11. henry says:

    Zonsezi ndi zopusa amakambilanazi kodi mugabe amafuna azizitenga ngati ziko la malawi ndi lake?

  12. Patriot says:

    Tikamati ku thyolo kuli mbuli zokha zokha ndi izi

    1. kiko says:

      Patriot pachakuti chako if u think kuti alomwe ndi mbuli do ur fucken studies well young piece of shit

  13. che mbweenda says:

    Bwana Peter mtharika ! Please discipline your boy WINIKO, akuonongerani mbiri. He is behind this issue. “Ine ndangodutsamo

  14. Jebison Slindine Nyoni says:

    I suspect Muhlakho WA Ahlomwe is behind this issue. Ndi zimenezi tsopano. Winiko the most illiterate MP begun it and here we are.

    1. jokujoku says:

      @Jebison,you a really absurd and insane in your medulla oblangata, Not even a patriot of mother Malawi . Let me tell you that. HON WINIKO is a Malawian and indeed a patriot for he did stood for Malawians like the northerners with Kayelekera. So you a with the thangata azungu?? Shame on you x four

  15. Fwangalubiro says:

    Vuto losankha ma MP amene ali shortsighted this issue is related to the issue that was in Mulanje.Go ahead Mulanje and Thyolo will suffer greatly

  16. This step requires consultation bcz its a very sensitive part as far as economy is concerned.I will just give an example of Zimbabwe with its indigenous policy.Black ppl failed & are failing to run those big farms taken from whites.Those who follow ecomony at a world level can agree with me.

  17. Malindima says:

    We will fight for our rights until we win and win we will. We could not fight in the 31 years we were with Kamuzu but now is the right time.
    Say what ever you can say but take note that every tribe has its own educated sons: lawyers, scientists, Doctors name them; we have all of them to equip ourselves with this slavery! Mlandu suwola!

  18. Mlauzi says:

    We have been crying for Foreign Direct Investors to boost our ailing economy, create jobs for our jobless youths and help increase exports and improve the infrastructure in general. Even the president himself has been at the fore front wooing investors from the US and elsewhere. He even championed the publication of a compendium of investment opportunities in the the country. Now the message being propagated by the so called PLO will not only scare existing and potential investors, it will also tarnish the image of Malawi as an investment destination. I have a feeling that the so called PLO is a bunch of uneducated people being manipulated by an invisible hand. Cut the crap. Let`s stop this nonsense.

  19. Observer says:

    Have you researched well on how those whites got the land, when did most of you the Lomwes found yourself in the Shire Highlands? You should start something basing on well researched information otherwise you are wallowing in darkness.

    What I understand is most of the Lomwes in the Shire Highlands are a product of migrant labour movement from across Portuguese East Africa now Mozambique into the White estates in Nyasaland around 1925-1945. So the estates were there first before most of you settled there. Some of your chiefs like Bvumbwe were the chief laborers suppliers to the estates when he found whites already farming there.

    The Tongas too, are found there because Robert Laws shipped them there from Chintheche to work in the Shire Highlands estates in what is known as the ‘the first organized labour – theba’ in Nyasaland in late 1800s. You find villages called Chituwatuwa there which are a results of Tonga migrant laborers.

    So, please research first before you start claiming which might not be yours.

    1. Mtunga says:

      Hear hear hear hear. Tell them in case they dont know what they have started. There was no Lhomwe when these estates were being created. If anything, I advise these Lhomwes to research further or ask Chief Chimaliro, the only Mang’anja Chieftaincy that has survived even before the arrival of colonial estate owners. Lhomwes, if you want land go back to Mozambique or wage war against Malawians to grab that land. AMalawi anzanga timati suzumile adalanda khomo. Ndizimenezi tazionerera nthawi yonseyi, pano ndiizi.

    2. prof chirwa says:

      Good coment

    3. NKHAMANGA says:

      Amidst the misplaced euphoria of having your toothless second generation Malawian/Lohmwe as a head of state realise the pathetic state you’re in and that he is only here to make big bucks as the colonial masters caring less for the nation let alone the tribe which mostly rally behind his political carrier. Search deeply within your jeopardised history and within the educative anals of history to agree with me that the war hereby waged is in vain calling for a new awakening that you don’t have a father-figure at the helm of the current political scene but that you’re landless peasants better off to do away with the current political status quo and uplift your individual life styles rather than wasting time to wag your miserable tails for the neo-colonialists of our time. Kukwithu ise kulije ivyo, mngati panyakhe ndine mzungu. Usange muna mahala naumo mukubwetukila timuonani vimn’yolaninge. Limbikilani waka sukulu mukagule malo uko yangasangika chifukwa malo agha pali TEA ng’ooh, muluweko.

  20. Jimbo says:

    Do you remember when Banda drove all the Asian storekeepers out of the villages and country districts and handed their stores to Malawians? Can you remember what happened to those stores? The new Malawian owners could not run the businesses and the local people who depended on them began to suffer. The same thing happened in Uganda when Idi Amin drove out all the Asians. Zimbabwe is a more recent example of what happens when local people are put in charge of farms and businesses once owned by Europeans. Unless we remember our history and learn from it, then history will simply repeat itself. Many people and families depend on tea estates for their livelihood. The tea estates look after the health, education and well-being of their employees. They bring much needed forex into the country. Only a fool would want to see them dismantled and the land handed back to the locals.

  21. Taweni says:

    Yes if Malawian fails to get rich through cashgate they try other means like unthodox methods like the one uttered in the script above.


  22. Kadakwiza says:

    Nkhani yimeneyi ayione bwino. Ndizowona azungu anatenga malo a makolo athu. Nanga nthawi yonseyi a Malawi tinali kuti? Nthawi ya MCP, UDF, DPP kenaka PP, nthawi yonseyi osanenapo nkhani yimeneyi? Ma palamenti angati alowapo kuyambira 1963. Atsogoleri athuwa sakuthandiza ata. A Malawi Boma tilikhazikitse mu chaka cha 2019, musazakhalenso andale tiri nawowa. Tidzaike mtsogoleri wachilendo, nduna zachilendo, aphungu achilendo.

  23. fkr says:

    Watch out that you don’t end up going like zimbabwe. From having everything to ending up with nothing and the country collapses. Its very easy to blame everything on the colonials from 100 years ago but like zimbabwe had seen is not that easy to do it yourself

  24. Novirhikana Kovahiwa says:

    Are they disgruntled because they are claiming what belongs to them?


  25. Doctor says:

    All is about umbuli basi. What has Mugabe to do with your domestic issues????? Mpaka World Bank, United Nations, Ma Embasy nkhani yake yomweyi?? You do not know you are telling the international community kuti our president and his team have failed??? Is that what youn are endorsing??? Umbuli at its peak from that side.

  26. Muheziwa says:

    Fodya chani? This is the most ridiculous petition I have never heard of in my entire life. If it is poverty that is driving you crazy then you are waging a wrong war which you will never win.
    Mugabe can tell you how his country, once a bread basket of Africa is not in rugs because of the implementation of a land policy which eventually drove out the white farmers away from that country.

    What will you do if those tea estate owners leave the country today? Amene akukutumaniwo they will never employ you once they get hold of those estates, they don’t have the money and technical know how to operate those tea farms.

    Kuzolowera kulandira zithu zaulere mmalo moti mungwire tchito zoti zitukure miyoyo yanu mukufuna mukolore pamene simunalime agalu inu.

    Even if the estate owners were to pay you that money who will they pay to? Do you have thangata records to show who worked there and for how long?

  27. losco says:


  28. njoka says:

    Tiye nawoni

  29. nuji says:

    Kungoziyalutsatu uku, anayamba liti kulima tea azunguwo ndipo mukufuna malo lero all this time where were u. si mumadalilanso kuthyola tea yemweyo inu, lero kwatentha basi mukufuna kuyaluka ku continent!

  30. genuinengoni says:

    It is the government. which collects taxes on all land which has been leased to land owners who buy land legally. Now what has gone wrong? Is it not the government which is supposed to be querred

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