Mutharika must not demand from Malawians what his govt won’t do

“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” ~ Thomas Paine

It looks like the reality of the so-called Zero-Aid Budget is slowly sinking in; it is now at the intersection where wishes and reality collide. For the first time President Peter Mutharika has publicly appealed to Malawians and corporations to honour their tax obligations as his government is slowly coming to terms with absence of up to 40% of budgetary support, which donors are withholding due to Cashgate, and the government’s subsequent failure to satisfactorily address the issue by bringing to book all the culprits and ensuring the donors that there will be no repeat of such a systematic looting of state resources by civil servants, politicians and private business people close to the ruling elite.

President Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika

President Mutharika reportedly told a public rally recently in Balaka that: “let us all pay taxes to have some money to run our country. We are now on our own there is no one who is going to give us money.” Of course Mutharika is referring to the aforementioned frozen budget support. What is also important to note here is the fact that donor countries and donor agencies continue to fund some of the country’s key programmes in health sector, education, food security and many other areas.

This is important to acknowledge because it shows that donors are not out to punish Malawians in whose name the budgetary support is given. On the contrary this shows that donors are merely demanding accountability and transparency in how Malawi government run its finances.

Cynics would have questioned whether it was a coincidence that President Mutharika’s statement was made around the same time that his government finally released the much anticipated Cashgate audit report, which was instituted by the Joyce Banda administration as a way establishing exactly what happened and who was involved in the Cashgate scam.

I find it hard to believe that the audit report has genuinely been released for the benefit of Malawians. It is a curious report that makes you wonder what was it exactly that the government was trying to hide from the public because the report has very little if anything at all that was not already a public knowledge. Perhaps the secretive culture within Malawi government is now so entrenched that the government is even happy to hide empty information from Malawians just because it can.

Successive administrations in Malawi have ruled and do things with impunity, to the extent that now Malawi government or whoever is in power feel belittled when its taxpaying citizens demand what belongs to Malawians, including information. Yet, Malawi leaders are always happy to ask Malawians to be patriotic and make whatever contribution they can towards the advancement of the country.

Curiously, Malawi government has always felt more obliged to answer or make themselves more accountable to the donors, not its citizens. Well, expect when donors stand in the line of one’s political ambitions, Bakili Mulizi’s third term and Bingu wa Mutharika’s fallout with Joyce Banda when he wanted Peter Mutharika to succeed him comes to mind. Yet donors only contribute up to 40% of the budget, Malawians make up for the rest.

Perhaps Malawi government is aware that unlike Malawians, donors have the clout to act. Malawians are only good at whining. Perhaps this is where the government’s “so what” attitude towards its people comes from? Perhaps this is the same reason President Mutharika had the audacity to ask Malawians to honour their tax obligations when his government fails to take any steps towards ensuring transparency and accountability.

If Malawi government was willing to do things transparently there could not been any problems with be donors by now. This is all the donors are asking for. I am sure it is the same thing that every honest and patriotic Malawian would ask for.

Of course paying tax is a noble duty, as painful as it is. Yet, it also has to be said that paying tax is a social contract between government and its people. People pay tax in exchange for efficient public services delivery. Taxpayers have a right to demand receipts if they feel services are inadequate or if not rendered at all. Simple. Yet, demanding this kind of openness in Malawi is a controversial thing.

So, Mr President, please improve transparency and accountability within the government before you could ask for honest from the overtaxed Malawi taxpayers. Passing access to information bill, which I understand has been gathering dust for over a decade, and opening up on political party funding and political campaign expenses is a good start point. Otherwise how can you demand from your people what your own administration is unwilling to do? It is a give and take situation, not one-way traffic.

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91 thoughts on “Mutharika must not demand from Malawians what his govt won’t do”

  1. Troubled times says:

    Abale, one solution to winning aid back is: SPEED UP THE CONVICTION of CASHGATE and any other thefts by civil servant.

  2. Kholowa mkabudula says:

    Mukunya abale anga simunati kaya ndinu a die hard a DPP kaya chani, tukwanani apa mmene munga thela, tikumane pokagula Michele pa okalapo, mtengo ndi umodzi basi. Ameneyo mukuti APM sakupelekelani Koma nokha, ndiye talalatani apa muonetse kupusa kwanu anthuwa akudziwe, pano mupeleke tax wambili kuti ma ministala agulile ma benz! lchi ndi chomwe chitakuwaweni inu mukukuntha fumbi mutayenda wapansi from area 23 to city centre!

  3. Manuel says:

    Chilungamu n’choti azungu sakondwera ndi boma lopenya. Amafuna tidzilamulidwa ndi mabulutu kuti adzitha kutibera bwino fodya, thonje, tea, zakumigodi, mafuta etc. Azingosinthasintha mfundo muona

  4. nthawiyathu says:

    Mbuli chomwe mmadziwa ndikunyoza monga anthu olephera. Anyway nde mpaka zaka kuti anuwo azalepherenso.ife timalipila nsonkho sitiona chachilendo

  5. kulekule says:


  6. isaac says:

    malawians have no memories, they have completely forgotten, a snake is a snake

  7. achanguti says:

    zonsezi ndi a Mbendera galu wa chabechabe.cheque book judgment muphesa mtundu wa amalawi.

  8. Naganza says:

    I agree with you comment for 72. I was shocked to learn Malawians had brought back DDP. I just wondered if they were normal people. Now they can see for themselves, what they created. They are people who never learn. What a pity. Which donor can give DDP money after all DDP did. They are not stupid. It is their tax payers money who work hard to earn that money.

  9. U r stupd e 1 edtad dc post had t bn i knew t b4 i cud let e nonse c mata 2 go ku nkhongo,ukhale dona iweyo ngat sungataye mtiwa,bwanj sudaimire kt u cud comvinc thoz so called donaz? UMBULI BASI KAGWERE MULEKEN P.A.P.M قیحفقب جنشطبچسب!

  10. Jimbo says:

    I was totally baffled in May when I saw that Malawians had elected the leader of the DPP. Malawians must have very short memories since they seem to have forgotten all about the chaos left behind by Bingu of the DPP just a few months earlier. Can a leopard change its spots? APM is the brother of Bingu. Why should he be any different? It is not easy to find a way to hold another election when the MPs of the DPP would never pass a vote of no confidence in their leader. It is futile complaining about the President and his government after only five months in office. Malawians elected APM and now they are stuck with him for five years. One can only hope that heart problems run in the family!!

  11. what kind of pipo u r my malawian`s, do you think that if you talk lyk the way you r it cn gv`s pipo sense…………………? we need someone who cn makes our lyf to feel better not this our stupid comment.. lets discus and see what cn makes our lyf to change.

  12. tsetsefly says:

    If i had my way to evade tax I would certianly go for it. I fear these dogs who appear and talk as good custodians of public finances and yet they spend sleepless nights thinking devising ways and means of leaking out money from thier own govt. Chaka chino muchoka chabe. Cashgate yatitsekula maso. I forsee a case where public officer will start resigning because there is no money to syphone out.

  13. kamphulusa says:

    AKULU AKULU AMATI MUVI OYANG’ANIRA UNAGWA MMASO. The politicians of today can not change because they believe they are ruling stupid ignorant poor people. Yes it is a fact that due to freeze of aid the economic situation in Malawi is unbearable for a common person while those in power and their associates are swiming in stolen poor people’s taxes. The donors have stpped giving aid direct to goernment because they feer the money wii be looted by those in authority. Likewise Malawians should also stop paying taxes until they are assured that the money will not vanish into thin air. You cant teach an old dog new tricks. Malawians should force these crooks out of government and bring in people that have the welfare of the people into government and not these croocked nepotistic lot. Why should people suffer needlessly?

  14. langanai says:

    Tinasankha olakwika

  15. kambazithe. says:

    Jst try to be an accountable and transparent government; Simple, you shall be heroes!

  16. Patrick says:

    The zero aid budget can only be successful if as a Govt and Malawians, we put our priorities right. The DPP led Govt should come out and swallow their pride and call off the many boisterous projects they promised during the campaign period. With the import cover at 2.4 months and the tobacco season long gone, we are sitting on a time bomb. The low cost Malata project, community colleges project among others need to be revisited and probably halted so that those resources can go to other meaningful activities. The recent increase in passport fees is a sure sign that the current regime is desperate to get money into its accounts and we all know that it wont end on the passports only. My humble advice to HE is that this is a defining moment of your leadership and legacy. Its best that you put the interests of Malawian above anything else even if it means losing a few close and trusted inner circle friends

  17. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    Malawi politics a joke and the people of Malawi are largely to blame for electing the same people majority of whom are not educated into parliament

  18. Lamulo loti presdent asamakhome msonkho lichoke. Zoona anthu osajka ndiye azikhoma misonkho?

  19. Chigawenga says:

    It always amazes me to see how patriotic Malawians can be and yet we fail to truly take action and do what needs to be done. Why can we not take to the streets and force the government of the day to surrender? Egypt did it, Hong Kong just did it last month. It is our duty and responsibility to hold those we put in office accountable. Jerry Rawlings in Ghana over-threw the government of the day and called fresh elections. If the new government maintained status quo he kicked them out again. It is the only language Africans will understand. We never had corruption in Malawi during Kamuzu. He may not have been a saint but at least he put our money where he said he would. We need to get read of his government by any means necessary.

    1. Asylum seeker says:

      I totally agree its time for “operation bwezani”,

  20. Chisinsi DM says:

    What is ‘enough tme’ or what time is enough mr kenston?

  21. okwenda says:

    kodi akuitanitsa kanip.

  22. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    What do you mean by ‘Let us all pay tax’ as if you pay tax? From now onwards all politicians, the president inclusive should pay tax. Imagine how our country would have developed if these people were paying tax! You are just good at spending and stealing from the poor yet you hardly know how to pay tax. It pains us who get peanuts with heavy taxes odyerera ndi inu. Free housing, no tax on imported goods, entourage ku misonkhano koma phwi not even a single poor villager kuti naye alaweko kudya utaka, bla bla bla and you say Let us all pa tax. Why is it that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer? To make matters worse you are never satisfied but continue stealing while people are dying. Leave our hard earned moneys alone. Nafe timafuna kukwera yopalasa ngakhale ngolo.


    @Alumgwana 21. I really like your comment, about, we need a report that shows how our taxes are being spent. Munthalika asking for taxes when he sent 64 delegates to the USA and stayed in expensive hotels, when he has so many personal advisors at the time when there is a 40% donor shortage in the country, can only mean, he is spending Malawians taxes – Abwenze, Abwenze, Abwenze

  24. Charles Salima says:

    Malawi has relied heavily on foreign aid since independence and I remember during election campaign, opposition political parties were against donor dependency syndrome and I recall one of the oppposition party saying ‘time has come for Malawi to become total Independent’. Now time has come, now show the world that what you were proclaiming is “TRUE”.

  25. keston says:

    Let’s give my and our president enough time I hope things will be sorted out because in togetherness there is power let’s help our president and soon all will be well

    1. Asylum seeker says:

      The problem is that we dont have time,time is not on our side, things are deteriorating at an alarming rate,we need action, we don’t have the luxury to just sit and wait

      1. Hst says:

        I hope somebody is strategising on what to do to avoid the April 2012 crisis. At this pace, it Looks like we are heading towards that dark spot again. That our forex dips after the tobacco season is as old as the country itself – it is the most predictable of all economic phenomena, and Yet there has never been a leader at least since 1993 who has decided to be serious and aggressive about Export diversification. They all think it will happen by chance. It will not Because a small country like ours faces all out competition. It requires deliberate strategic Policies to break through the competition. I guess that is why we put leaders to drive the. Right agenda for the country. I am sure the current situation has confused them as if they. Did not expect it. Where is the vision and drive for leadership? Go to Rwanda to see how your friends are turning around the country with vision, determination and focus. My question to the likes of Mr. Chuka – In a small net-importing country like ours, would you really just fold your hands and do nothing about the forex situation. It may be good economics, but I certainly know it is politically not expedient if not careless. What happened to the Export Development Fund which is being managed at RBM? Please our leaders do not lead us to another crisis like the April 2012 when People would sleep on the filling station only to be told the fuel is finished. That was the most painful thing to have ever happened to Malawi due to bad leadership. We were a bit lucky then because God intervened. I hope we will not get that same scenario again. When you are campaigning for these positions, please know that it is not just about enjoying out of rent-seeking and corruption. Lest you say you were not fore-warned.

  26. The Truthful One from the West says:

    It is only fair and just to hold Peter Mutharika and his DPP accountable and transparent. It is only a few months ago that Peter Mutharika and his DPP promised Malawians that he will effectively tackle Malawi’s problems and asked Malawians to put them in power which Malawians did. Peter Mutharika and DPP therefore need to start giving Malawians the benefits they promised them. One thing is clear no donor would pay for an ill thoughtout iron sheets and cement subsidy. What Malawians are seeing now is a fall of the Kwacha, increasing cost of living, massive increases of fees, illegal firing of top public servants to be compensated, a cabinet dominated by the south etc. If DPP based its promises to Malawians on donors resuming aid then Peter Mutharika made a strategic blunder.

  27. fisi Gammar says:

    Ntchito kulowetsa angongoliwa umfumu wa Lomwe kwangali kwauza anthu za ulimi dzikolawo munda alibe anukhadala awa azungu adawalanda kale minda

  28. moto mwikho says:

    The article and majority of the comments do not make sense; it is just the ceasealess whinning about election results. It is the situation in Malawi that demands citizens to pay tax and not an individual. Greedy, lazy and misinformed people think donors are the solutions in reality, they and their manipulative support are the real problem.

  29. nick says:

    Very true, Mr Kainja. But who ARE these donors you praise so much? Are they the British and other western taxpayers who believe that their aid money is going to the Malawian poor, or are they the British, and other, government aid-departments, like DFID, which spend this aid-money through their own consultants, supportive VIPs and favourite NGOs?
    If you think your government lacks transparency, try getting information from DFID in UK !! It has lots of publicity information but won’t answer basic questions from the public, such as: do you still send aid to Malawi? Do you still send the same amounts of money there as before, but under different labels?
    Malawi’s problems are with undemocratic governments which lack transparency. Britain’s problems are with its huge, ungovernable, government departments which also despise democratic accountability.
    Mr Kainja identifies Health, Education, Food Security as some of the labels which replace the “Budget Support” label. Only when these are squeezed do people begin to take notice of the so-called “aid freeze”.
    Then, maybe, maybe, the Malawi government starts to govern Malawi

  30. Cicero says:

    It is only naive & DPP diehards tha can contradict Mr Kainja. Politicians including Peter Mutharika are all Thieves, I mean hardcore criminals who steal the same tax we involuntarily pay. What kind of human beings are you to trash this article? Which school did you go? Which system allowed you to attend that school? How many supplementaries did you write? Politicians are the primary source of our present predicament. If they were transparent & accountable, we shouldn’t have had this cashgate. Why did Muluzi, Bingu, JB , Peter etc steal? Remenber Peter has MHC HOUSES on his head. Shame on you blind supporter, your head is for beautification not thinking.

  31. John says:

    Its interesting to see/read the comments above. Those who support the article are either MCP or JB advocates and for those not happy with the article, no matter what they seem to say is the reason, are just pure DPP diehards. 🙂 They absolutely do not point out or refute the articles points. For example, Jimmy says the general POOR public pays 60% of the annual budget so the gvt should also be answerable more to us than the donors. I think that is a fair point, if you think otherwise, if you think the gvt does not owe Malawians explanations on how it uses our hard earned money, then tell us WHY, osamangolalatapo apa. Just a thought, imagine is the 92 billion lost during the 2005-2012 and the 20 billion lost during the JB era, (that’s 112 billion) was all successfully used for its rightful purposes and not go into these greedy pigs, where would Malawi be now? Hint, think of the food prices, the medicine shortages, teachers’ peanut salaries while PMs are getting 24 millions to be paid by US, APMs extravagant trips while school fees and passport prices are souring crazy,, the list is endless,,,,,,. And yet when you try to complain to your president that life is becoming unbearable and he says “ine ndilibe sitolo” you end up ululating. Ridiculous!!!
    Mungolalatapo apa, ndalama simudya nawo, even zaphweka za cashgate izi sanakupaseninso ndi 1 ntambala yomwe. Za ziiiiiiiiiiii.

    1. Asylum seeker says:

      The truth hurts. I don’t understand how anyone in Malawi cannot agree with this article ( unless you live in bubble). Lets face it things are getting bad, really bad

  32. ANgRyBird says:

    I don’t believe in any whaat you call government just waiting for God to judge these thieves soon

  33. Dr. Mango says:

    What is the current Government not doing transparently? Was His Excellency The State President of The Republic of Malawi wrong to ask Malawians to pay taxes? What is wrong here Mr Kainja?

    On another note, Let us remain God fearing. Is calling another person ‘Mbuzi’ coming from the Power and image of God or the devil? Bwana Aubrey Madeya avoid abusive language if you can.

    1. M'Malawi weniweni says:

      Mr. Mango, does Peter pay tax? Why should he force us to pay tax when he does not feel the pinch? He just wants our taxes to steal. He is thoughtless when he make appointments and take entourages at our taxes expense. Infact he pays for nothing except his food and clothes. We are poor yes but we deserve the best from our taxes. He buys government property for a song. Is he being fair on the poor Malawian who sleeps in a leaking house on an empty stomach? One day God will judge men and women for their wrongs. That is when presidents, politicians and all those who are making the poor Malawians suffer will be seen grinding teeth in the lake of fire.

  34. The govt that depend on tax payer money and donor money is a dead govt. The prosperity of the Malawi govt lies on agriculture. All parasitic parties only think of harvesting and not planning how the gvt should formulate its own farms in all regions have more exports than imports.

  35. Njolopingo says:

    If running government is proving difficult just call it “quit!!!” and remain alive

  36. Iwe walemba nkhaniyi umafuna ndalama zoyendesera dzikoli zichokere kuti MBUZI

  37. Dickson Makhumba says:

    Jimmy Kainja, I strongly believe that U R misguided.
    1.Which information this new government has been hiding?
    2. I thought this cashgate report has been made public by the same government U R accusing?
    3. The president asking his citizens to pay taxes is the right thing the HE could do for this is the only way for the government to run its affairs.
    Let it be in your skull that when the HE says, ” government affairs” it doesn’t mean the salaries for the government officials and civil servants only NO, this includes the the purchasing of medicine, infrastructural developments and and all the bills….. Do you call yourself a writer or journalists when U write this mess?????

    1. Asylum seeker says:

      You totally missed the point dude!

  38. Mucracker_2 says:

    Malawi is for Malawians. If we can not do anything to develop it, its unfortunate. This is not a colony of Britain, US or any country. If you want new raods, security of your property and treatment for yourself and your cousins, you will pay tax. Its foolishness to think you are doing Mutharika a favour, it is a requirement of the law. Anywhere all over the world if you evade paying tax, you will be prosecuted and even arrested. Go and ask Lionel Messi and Wesley Snipes, they will tell you. Don’t think stupid!

  39. Mucracker_2 says:

    I have just gone through this long and winding article. Conclusion? Improve transparency and accountability. I thought Malawians demanded the report during JBs’ government and APM government has just released it? What are you crying for now? You are complaining about taxes. What does the law say? Paying tax is not a social obligation, it is a requirement of the law.

  40. Professor CJ says:

    If I pay taxes, I expect the government to show the nation what good the money is doing to the benefit of all. Otherwise, this is what they call “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”.

  41. chiwa kogoya says:

    munakana ung’ono ung’ono komanso chakwera lero ndi izi mwakula mwatha musovenge coz akuluwa palibe cha nzeru chomwe akupanga ,zinthu zikukwela mtengo komanso kwacha ikugwa molapisa hehehehehehe ma professor amenewo !!! bola Amayi omwe aja

  42. ibrahim makwati says:

    mr president please CASH GATE first then taxpayers make sure never happen again

  43. mabvuto akula says:

    You have written well man. I wish the President or his government could have time to consider your comments. Paying taxes into a bottomless pit is not a funny thing for poor Malawians to do. We need a government which can be accountable to its citizens. Did I hear right that their is a businessman who is asking tax payers to pay him 3 billion for 20 July losses. Is it true that business losses can be compensated but not the lives of people who were innocently killed! Wow! A Munthalika boma mumafuna lija ndilimenero.

  44. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    There is more to come , Malawians are waiting for a report on MK92 billion cashgate during Bingu’s rule from 2004 to 2012 . Donors will judge President A Peter Wamunthilika if he is really fighting corruption in his government , don’t think donors are that stupid to audits Peter’s bother expenditures during his time of rule , spending close to MK12 billion at today’s exchange rate just to carry an audit , it’s where donors will find Peter’s weakness of leadership which he has alway been. Donors are testing waters before they can start giving aid to Malawi.

    One thing I like about the Munthalikas is that they die whenever such problems come. Muluzi said it , to be a president is not an easy thing. May be he ment that who ever is made a president he or she has to be strong .

  45. Angel of Doom says:

    Kodi anzathu olembanu, mituyanu ili bwinobwino?

    I am not an economist or a politician, but just a sane Malawian.

    Jimmy is confused. How can he say that Muthalika must not demand from Malawians(I would have used “of” Malawians) what his government won’t do. yet at the same time spends a very disproportionate time talking about foreign Donors. Since when were donors Malawian.

    Is asking people to pay tax, demanding? and since when was paying tax a bad thing? So according to Jimmy, the Malawi Governmant should pay its own tax. What an Idiot.

    Governments work with or on tax money.
    1. Personal Tax commonly known as PAYE
    2. Company Tax commonly known as Corporation Tax
    3 Inheritance tax
    4. Indirect Tax commonly known as VAT
    5. Tax from unearned income- commonly known as tax from Interest when you put money in the bank.

    The list goes on.The tax regime is a legal regime there are Volumes on it in the laws of Malawi.

    Raising Tax is not imposed by Government, it is imposed by Parliament, it is a legal duty to pay tax, if you don’t you will be imprisoned, short and simple.

    Malawians of Jimmys calibre, are very fond of confusing the masses by linking issues that are not related, for personal political gains.

    Politicians being dishonest, does not fall in the same Law as Tax. When politicians steal public funds, the law is there which can be used to bring them to book, the fact that Jimmy is wasting time confusing and pointing people in the wrong direction is the problem.

    Why can’t people like Jimmy who know how to write, do some research on how to use existing laws or how to create new laws that will bring corrupt politicians and any corrupt persons to book.

    It is a waste of time moaning day in day out about corrupt politicians, some of whom we accuse not because they are corrupt but because we think they ought to be corrupt.

    We seem to enjoy talking about other people year in year out, journalists come journalsts go, they make a living out of it and die. This cycle will not change, unless and untill the Jimmys of this country stop bombarding us with nonses, just because it sell news papers.

    Jimmy has at least been honest by saying ” President muthalika REPOTEDLY said” so he does not even know for sure what Muthalika said, he has probably based his whole write up on a Nyasa Times article which we all read, such is the confussion in Malawi.

    I wouldn’t base a story on a story, especilly when that story is about Muthalika and is by Nyasa Times.

    1. urban planner says:

      @ angel from doom. You are right that the law has to be enforced and followed.
      The underlying issue is that I as a tax payer deserve the right to know how my taxes are allocated. I am not repudaiting to pay taxes, however I am against this wasteful spending.
      You can qoute the tax law all you want but the truth of the matter is that what good is a law if it punishes its citizens?

      1. Angel of Doom says:

        Pont taken. My objection is the ceaseless complaining without action. Misuse of Tax funds has not started with cash gate, hence my stance.

        If we insisted on the law being respected, and not hiding behind “It is politically motivated” we would have rid ourselves of this problem long ago, and not having to listen to the same old story over and over.

        1. urban planner says:

          Understood. Therefore, I pledge that every one of us demand pragmatic solutions to the myriad of problems that continue to delipitate this nation.

  46. Usher says:

    Agulitse ndata farm kuti apeze ndalama yoyendetsela dziko ngati ndalama ya madonasi yacepa.

  47. Pulumodzi says:

    If theres one thing i’ve noticed over the years its that it is much easier to blame the man yeilding the power than the one gving it, after all these r two different things. To every relationship there must be a founation, such relationships also include the likes of the Government and its pipo. After we finally recieved our true democratic independence in 1994, malawi rejoiced at the new political prospect but with it came the pipo’s dependence of the government and ofcourse the Government became pompous with the power the pipo gave it. Now a number of yrs down the line we begin to complain, quite typical really but i believe we Malawians have to be humble enough realise our faults and correct them, we r cowards, but we r also canning minds if we want something for ourselves, Exbite A: Cashgate, so i fail to see how accusing any Government will get the job done when the pipo manning it r also our fellow Malawians. Let us all pull our own ends of the deal before we expect too much from the other.

  48. Mr Ibu says:

    Donors will never give funds to this Government since it is another bunch of thieves who initiated the Cashgate in 2005.

  49. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Lets wait and see what is coming in front of us. It has started already with the Kwacha then hiding the dollars and Euros is next then no mafuta, then no sugar.

  50. nkhedu says:

    kukamwa anga chona

  51. tozer tsono says:

    Donors play a major role in the economy of recipient countries. Although there has been noise suggesting Malawi does away with donors, it is just noise from those who happen to think they are doing it alone. Almost everyone in Malawi prefers to buy goods, if not and services from overseas. Look at your watches, sofas, shoes, neck ties, building materials, cars, etc. Malawi does not have a viable nor sustainable income generation power internally. Where will the money to pay for foreign goods come from when you can’t even pay teachers or retirees? Mozambique, Rwanda, for example, are doing much better than Malawi is, despite the lack of destruction the aforementioned countries suffered. As it stands, Malawi qualifies for a failed state status which leaders from Hastings Banda to the Mutharikas, have worked hard through poor governance to achieve.

  52. dadaboma says:

    Transparency and accountability are not in DPP’s DNA. That’s why DPP will not be terms with donors. Donors have goodwill for Malawi, but Malawi goofed big time by voting for DPP to rule this country. Tough times are awaiting Malawians as a payoff for their electoral choices. Do not complain – it’s what you wanted.

  53. Cashgate 1 says:

    Probably the Presidents should start paying tax, ministers and MPs too. What about this thing I hear that most of politician are tax evaders. Let them start paying tax too because they are the ones who are leading the way, so why should you expect followers to pay tax when their leaders are running away from it? APM be serious. MRA also need to be restructured. MRA officers are collecting more ”personal tax” or kickbacks from tax collectors than what is being given to govt, so what do you expect?

  54. Ineyo says:

    No you are talking. These politicians, especially APM, think citizens are mere subjects to oil his thieving machinery.

    We are tired and must go on the streets again. Look, increases of 300% passports and 400% drivers licences and we hear fuel is going up this week too.

    I say lets, like is it Burkina Faso, go out and burn parliament where they make the most stupid laws that do not support and protect and recognise us as citizens.

  55. Here we go again says:

    Akakhala pa m’khate sapheka, so they say, what do you expect from the president whose mind is also corrupted in his brothers administration some five years ago? I can see that the whole DPP is in this scam. you cannot expect mango tree to bear oranges thats a big lie. dont forget this is DPP.

  56. kanthu ako says:

    US dollar pangali. Ma filling station ena no fuel. zayambika

  57. fisi Gammar says:


  58. mbudye says:

    Mr Kainja, why are we crying for donors? Why cant we just leave them?

    1. Mukutu says:

      @ Mbudye

      Becoz we cannot do on our own. Cant you see the pain that we are going thru Mr. Mbudye. Mukukhala dziko lake liti mbuyache kuti musaone zowawa ndikudusamozi

  59. getrude says:



  60. M'doko says:

    Zikakanika zakanika basi. Chinamwali chothamangira umakatuka opanda sapato Apo Palibe Munthu Diesel Petrol Palibe woyeee!!

  61. Alungwana says:

    Our taxes too needs to be cared for. We as Malawians and taxpayers are the ones who runs the government. Our taxes makes the country to move hence we dont expect the leaders to misuse our taxes. We too demand a report of how our money is being used

  62. loveness says:

    I only know one thing at the end it is the poor citizen of this country who are suffering and the people you have looted are enjoying.

  63. DANIEL PHIRI says:

    MALAWI, This is time to know who you voted for. it never ceases to amaze me on how easily Malawians forget. we all know how we suffered during Late BIngu’s Regime (May He Rest in PIECES) and yet Malawi forgot all about that and decided to Vote PETALA into Power. These are the same people. a hyena cannot give birth to rabbit, FISI NDI FISI BASI.

  64. Mapwiya says:

    Taxes will not give us the most needed forex. We need forex to pay for fuel bills etc and this cannot be done using domestic revenues.

    Private sector must generate forex and not just scramble for it.

  65. wills says:

    I remember during ur inuagulation u boasting said u will extend ur bilateral relations with russia and iran.why cry 2day and so far what have they helped u? an idiot man u cant forsee ahead of u. u thought running a govt is an easy thing, see now! we miss our lovely mama jb.

  66. Bongololo says:

    Before talking to us about paying taxes, Mutharika needs to first fire those stupid “advisors” he appointed. Why should we sit back and watch him spend our hard earned tax money on those hand-clappers?

  67. Che Spindulo says:

    This article could have made sense if it was being addressed to a competent government . Unfortunately, as of now, we do not have an administration worth calling a “government” in Malawi . What we have is a group of clueless zombies busy groping in the dark, and thereby taking Mother Malawi deeper and deeper into the abyss . You have to agree that if Malawi were a corporate body, it should probably have filed for Voluntary Liquidation by now .

  68. silent cashgater says:

    before we poor people donate our taxes to scavenging thieves yet again, can someone please collect the 20 billion kwacha that was looted by less than 30 people in less than 6 months? feel free to sell off their houses, lodges, lake cottages, night clubs, range rovers, bmws, trucks and their girlfriends boutiques until you hit 20 billion. i will gladly give mra what they want when my previous stolen taxes are retrieved and accounted for.

    oh yeah, can someone please find out where all those orange cars are? i dont see them anywhere. also, if possible, can somebody bring back to life each and every taxpayer that died in our hospitals these past 2 years for lack of drugs due to stolen donor aid? can all the taxpaying teachers that never get their salaries on time please find a way to pay their rent so mra can collect tax on that too?

    be patriotic, pay your taxes so some big man can pay for their childrens school fees abroad!

  69. Nkhoma wa a Mlauzi says:

    If donors are still pumping in aid through other means, then our budget should be trimmed and focus only on those sectors that are not being financed by donors.
    Why punish us as if there is completely no aid?

  70. Big brain says:

    A malawi osakonda dziko lawo its true let’s pay taxes even the money that comes from donors are other people’s taxes so what’s wrong

    Are u not tired of begging !

  71. Fathara says:

    Amalawi munthu kunena kuti tiyeni amalawi tizilipilani nsonkho walakwisa, Kodi amalawi munakhala bwanji? Kwanu kumakhala kupha, kuba ndi kuwononga basi. Zikoli analakwisa ndi Kamuzu posafuna kusegula migodi. Anzathu amayiko oyandikana nawo anayamba nthawi imeneyija kusegula migodi lelo bwanji? Zawo zikuwayendela kunena za Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia zikuwayendela nditokha basi amene tasala chifukwa cha Kamuzu Banda. Tikuyenela tiyambepo a zungu asiyeni anasawuka ameneaja, kaya tinva kuwawa koma pamapeto pake ana athu azawona kuwala. Ife tiku yenela kuvutika chifukwa chamakolo athu kusafuna kuti konzela sogolo labwino. Ndiye tiyeni ife lelo tiyambepo kuti ana athuwa kusogolo kuno azasangalale.

  72. Patriot says:

    From 1 month $1 billion forex to 10 days $12 million forex cover. Kumakagona kuhotela yodulitsitsa koma mulibe ndalama.
    What a serious gouvernment we have. I am impressed.
    Mafuta a galimoto atsala pang’ono kusowa mMalawi muno.
    Passport ndi iyo akuti mu January achita introduce ya new wani. Nanga awo akupanhitsa yawo pano nkumalipira K48,500, azalipiranso ya new waniyo?
    Osapanga ma diner dance anu aja bwanji? Ma well wishers omwewo can contribute at least 30% of the budget Ndi mayesa munatolera mpaka K80 million from well wishers for the mulakho party wokaonera mabere a ana akazi osatha msinkhu nkumakabvina zachisembwere kumeneko.
    Posachedwapa timva kuti mafuta a galimoto ali pa K950/litre.
    Timvanso kuti tikusintha ma number plate a galimoto komsnso ma license.
    Ndalamaxo mumatani nazo? Kumangoyenda yenda nkumswononga ndalama mma allowance? Kodi kulibe ntchito ku ofedi kwanu abwana?
    Ndimayesa munkanenakuti muzakhala mukugwira ntchito ku ofesi basi?
    Nanga ku box 42 DZ munawononga makobiri angati?
    Nanga ku Balaka zingati?
    Nanga ku Ndata zingatinso?
    Seriousness imayamba ndi inu mwini. Simungafinye amalawi pamene eni akenu muli CARELESS. No we will not stand that. Ngati kulikubvutika, TIBVUTIKE TONSE INU INCLUDED.

    NO OFFENSE, that’s how we feel as malawians on the street (nanga si anzatu you are on the moon, you are not aware of what is happening of the ground Malawi).

  73. nkunthamasese says:

    Donors like UK will not release their aid to Malawi because they are not happy with the return of the Mutharikas. Remember what they did. Chased away the British High Commissioner, the stealing of Mk92b, the poor human rights record, nepotism, mwano, kidzitukumula, kudzimva, the list goes on. Know that ukadana ndi UK wadananso ndi USA, France, Germany. Ndiye bomali likuvutani achimwene! Dzimakweza ma BP izi.

  74. education says:

    The President is right as in most cases people will care for the limited resources if they know it is out of their sweat. In the long run the citizenery shall become responsible. Move on Mr President.

  75. kwathu says:

    Very good observation. Malawians, its time to wake up. How can the whole government be more accountable to those who are only contributing 40% than to us tax payers who are contributing 60%?

  76. rod says:

    Though i agree with most points of the post the glum truth is we are on our own. The article fails to point to alternative sources of govt financing other than taxes, bcoz cashgate aside the donor countries are as well facing economic uncertainty e.g. Eurozone will hv a growth of 0.8% almost non growth. The truth is we hv to face the grim reality WE ARE ON OUR OWN!

  77. BigMan says:

    This article is barking, barking, barking, and barking some more…….for nothing!

  78. Tiko says:

    Malawians have ideas which end at idea conception level and no further than that. Everything said is true, Mr Author, but it ends there. U can not do anything further just as I cannot bcoz we r Malawians.

  79. Mkutibela anthuni! Tsono ife muti titani? Madzi, mwakeza!, magesi, mwakweza!, zapamseu, mwakweza!, passport, mwakweza!, eee! ujeenii!, mwakweza!, nanga tiupumila pati? Zina zanyanya!!

  80. Nyapapi says:

    It is really hard to maintain relevance when one is a column writer. The editors should allow saturated contributors like this one to go a week without writing anything for the sake of keeping their articled exciting.

    I think Jimmy Kainja’s articles just like those of Ralph Tenthani have lost their punch!

    They should be given time-off to reinvigorate their literally minds otherwise they are now writing trash!

  81. Sibongire says:

    From the rubbish elections to rubbish budget…..Serves Peter zmutharika Right!

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