Mutharika onslaught on Malawi media: Tired musings from Ndixville

It is a well-documented fact that the Malawian political story has a funny way of repeating things. No matter how one chooses to look at Malawi politics, the painful truth is that the more things try to change, the more they stay the same. The politicians are the same; the speeches are the same; the platforms are the same.Loose cannon

It is so scaring the way Malawian politicians repeat things. Oftentimes, events, including mistakes, are meticulously and religiously replayed with dangerous accuracy like salmon fish during breeding season. The sad part is that the actors often always fail to see the folly of their indulgence and willingly take up their roles with enormous energy. It has so far been a terrible trajectory.

The latest episode has seen President Arthur Peter Mutharika demonizing and attacking the local media. At a political rally which his DPP addressed on Sunday, July 19, in Ndirande Malabada, Mutharika routed the local media because, according to him, it is fond of reporting rubbish about his government.

Mutharika wondered why the media does not see the good works and policies that his government has implemented since assuming the reins of power. He wondered why the media in Malawi does not see how his ‘cement and Malata subsidy’ has transformed people’s lives within a record period of time.

He wondered why journalists are failing to see the economic transformation (7% annual growth in GDP) that his DPP government has achieved within a year. He wondered why members of the fourth estate are failing to highlight the fact that the DPP under his able and visionary stewardship has not arrested any journalist since assuming power last year.

Of course if Mutharika would have his way, he would want the media to report only the positive things about his government. He would want the media to glorify his government; to sugar-coat even the silly things that his government does sometimes; to paint him as the Messiah and the best thing to have ever happened to Malawians.

He would want the media not to report the total breakdown in security that this country is going through. He would prefer the media to ignore the daily murders that have even sucked in the Police, not as enforcers of law and order, but as accomplices in the lootings and killings.

If given his way, Mutharika would prefer the media to completely ignore the MK92 billion ‘cashgate’ scandal or to present it just as an audit query which his government is working day and night to fix.

He would have wanted his absolute failure to exert control on national matters to be completely swept under the carpet or to be reported as a shrewd management style, which is rare in Africa. Sadly, that is not how the real world works.

President Mutharika must be living in some utopia to contemplate that the media would suddenly sit on its laurels or that the fourth estate would suddenly go the way of Saonda or Kaliati and start clapping hands for everything he does, including mediocrity.

The media collects and processes information and reflects it back to the larger society. It promotes freedom of speech, which is a very important human right, by giving people the voice that Mutharika cannot if allowed to have his way. It is the duty of the media to side with the common people, the vulnerable, by pointing out and highlighting what is wrong in society.

Just like it is in every other industry, there are also bad apples in the media industry, which are there to serve their own ulterior agendas. But this is dealt with through a full self-regulatory framework, which helps the industry to check its own excesses.

There is the Media Council of Malawi or NAMISA where those who feel hurt or aggrieved including the President can go to lodge complaints. There is thus no reason for the whole State President to go on a podium to whine blue murder. It simply does not wash.

When the media reports about the corruption that continues to go unabated within the corridors of power, the President should be the happiest man. It means he will now find it easy to solve the problem because it has been exposed and is halfway solved. He would do better to get to the root cause of the problems than attacking the messenger.

The media is the mirror of society, and if it is writing rubbish about government, the first place to fix is government not the media. It means what the government is producing is garbage. In fact, looking at the people Mutharika was speaking to at Nyambadwe Ground that Sunday, it was clear he was speaking to a crowd whose expectations are yet to be met.

The animation that used to follow Mutharika during the campaign period is long gone, replaced by a burning yearning for the fulfillment of expectations. It is only a matter of time before that yearning turns into anger and that will be bad news, not only for Mutharika but for his DPP as well. Welcome to the real world Mr. President where Likki does not always translate into Lekka.

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” –Thomas Jefferson

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22 thoughts on “Mutharika onslaught on Malawi media: Tired musings from Ndixville”

  1. Clement Chiwoko says:

    The President goes on these public appearances making silly speeches in order to get allowances as each time he steps out the palaces he gets allowances so do the whole entourage. That is how they enrich themselves among other ways

  2. chigumula says:

    Even the Bible says it is very foolish to measure yourself against yourself. By whose measure do you want to be praised Mr APM? If you are being told that peoples’ expectations are not being met, why not change strategy? To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed. Please develop a listening ear before it is too late.
    Anzanu mwano ndi kusamva sizinawapindulire. What makes you think you will be be able to get away with the negative trends the country has taken now? Have you forgotten it started like this for your brother?
    Chosamva chimamva nkhwangwa ili mmutu!!!!!!!! Dont say you were not warned. Those who love you will rebuke you to correct you for the better. Dont hate them!

  3. KHUERE says:


  4. Zebede says:

    The speeches we hear at the so-called development rallies are totally irrelevant and not worth the expenditures. The president can just address the nation without involving large convoys of vehicles, security etc . The addresses the president makes at most public events are usually very incoherent, especially when he speaks in the vernecular. Thus the development rallies are not necessary- they are a waste of the most scarce financial and material resources that can be used else where. The business as usual mentality must stop.

  5. kwake nkuluma says:

    Mwiithotho, Dont Comment On Matters U R Not Conversant With. U Seem 2 B Obsessed With The Queen’s Lge, Yet U Will B Surprised 2 Know That Less Than 1 Million Pple Speak That Lge. Check 4 Urself. Urs Is A Typical Primitive Mind, First Enslaved, Later Colonised And Now Neo- Colonised. To U, Everything British Is Good. Shame.

  6. Alungwana says:

    So you accept that your government has alot of nosense and garbage but must go unreported? APM. Are you sure as a theoretical lawyer you dont understand freedom of reporting? How can the media keep quite when the kwacha is falling tragically in time of the tobacco market? How do we keep quite when our brothers are struggling in hospitals becoz of drug shortage? The DPP better shut up!

  7. OWINA says:

    mwiithotho is against queens language but to my surprise he has also communicated in queens language.

  8. loynot Makwale says:

    please, let me assure you who seem not to know this that this leadership was installed by God , whether you like it or not, take it from me. You will see how God is going to perform wonders . Utsogoleri uwu ukumvera bwino zofuna za wanthu, mimsomkhano achepetsa , salimbana ndi anthu angogwira ntchito yotumikira a Malawi, komano kumangolimbana naye chifukwa chiani. A malawi tiyeni munthuyu timulimbikitse , pokonda ziko lathu.

  9. mwiithotho says:

    Most of you guys parading as journalists are just trash in its entirety. If you dare write in English, then let it be the Queen’s language and not some toxified concoction- like this ono exposed above.

  10. nick says:

    Good work Thom! We should be grateful for the independent media like The Nation and Nyasa Times. I hope that the excellent academics of Chancellor College, and independent journalists of the calibre of the late Raphael Tenthani, will one day produce a good modern history of Malawi’s post-independence politics so that politicians may not go on endlessly making the same mistakes and trotting out the same bogus self-justifications.
    Malawi must recognize its past, good and bad, before it can move into the future —!

  11. chilungamo says:

    Mr. APM this is what you will get when you start fighting media, this tells me you don’t know journalists? there are 2 people men should not dare touch them recklessly these are journalists and church so mr APM COUNT YOURSELF DOOMED and you have only reduced your time of stay as head of state, your predecessors tried it but they failed just appreciate thei
    r works, kaya zako izo kumene umagula MBENDERA NDI KENYATA NYIRENDA IFE KUNALIBE annatipsyinja then know this my Bible tells me no peace for the wicked, and also it tells me what you sow is what you reap so there it is unfortunately the hand of God has written you entered through the window and through the same window you shall go.

  12. Mkasa adayimba kale, mudzampweteketsa mng’ono wanga, kkkkk wayamba misala mtshona,his fall is nigh atola nkhani Siwolimbana nawo demo is coming soon. Uwona zoposa anawona brazz malemu .Economy is still down yet u need the media praising u, for what?

  13. Omex70 says:

    Malawi has lost direction with this clueless president. He wants hand-clappers to cheat him that things are working on the ground and everyone is happy with his leadership. This is a joke. This five year term is just a waste of time and resources.

  14. dexes says:

    Well done and simply well understood article how I wish peter could read this. For one to conquer they have to build on their weaknesses which peter doesn’t see. Open your eyes Mr president and take heed of what the media is saying than what ur boot likers advisors are telling u for they are protecting their hand which is feeding them. We all wish u well don’t be adamant and arrogant this is our malawi help us build it ofcos while u enrich your pockets.don’t say I never told you even chilima knows about this,ask him he will tell u the truth. Thanx Thom

  15. Mafikizolo says:

    Many people may not realise it, but what we have in Malawi is a very frightening situation . We have someone holding the office of State President when, in fact, out of the fourteen million or so Malawians, he is probably the least qualified to hold that position for a number of obvious reasons. One such reason is the fact that the gentleman is, for all practical reasons, a total stranger to this country. Because of that and other reasons, it is a few particular people around him that are steering the fate of this country. Because these people can never be held directly accountable for whatever mess they may cause in the process, they will not shy away from doing dangerous and downright stupid things as they continue to rule this country from being the back of this clueless and inept “president”. I fear for Mother Malawi .

  16. bright says:

    Well written article. Thanks for reminding the big boss about how things are done.

    My only worry is that, ‘Malawi will not have educated people in future, school will nothing at all. If the man who claims to be the professor is acting like this, it means these farmers, the fishermen won’t c any reason to send their kids to school.

    Malawi is being ruled by a failed professor. A man who can not stand on his own.

    1. Chimunthu Banda says:

      Bright I like comment, tiye nayeni ameneyu. A Malawi sitidamuike ndife pampando. Adadziikapo yekha pobera mavoti. Adziwaso, kkkkkk!

  17. APM is a big fool with a title as a professor. all who are surrounding him are more foolish.
    Secondly APM remains an illegitimate president of Malawi for he didn’t win the election but Mbendera and Kenyatta Nyirenda sold Malawi to the dogs in the name of DPP. The poverty of Mbendera & Kenyatta have led Malawians to face the preventable calamities which Malawians afe facing now. but you mbendera and nyirenda you will not have peace at all even you have cash you got in exchange of Malawians lives. pain is your portion with your entire generations

  18. Kodi cash gate ndi amenewo ?kodi nkhani ya cashgate amenewa olo amene andapita aja?

  19. Concerned citizen says:

    One thing Mr President is lacking is TRUE advisors.People sorrounding him are just money-hungry who can give praises to nosense.Mr President, seek GOD first,thus the beginning of knowledge.

  20. Joseph says:

    Well done.
    As much as am very skeptical of APM’s capabilities as a leader, I still do believe his advisers are getting away with murder and driving him into hell. And poor APM, he does not know better shame.

  21. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Pitara clueless president, failed man running a failed state and citizens.

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