Mutharika opens magnificent Umodzi Park: Peermont to run Malawi five-star hotel

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Friday officially opened a $100 million magnificent Umodzi Park complex which comprise of world-class Bingu Wa Mutharika International Conference Centre (BICC) , Presidential Villas and a 5-Star President Walmont Hotel built in the capital Lilongwe.

The President's hotel

The President’s hotel

Mutharika officially opens the hotel

Mutharika officially opens the hotel

Speaking during the Grand opening, President Mutharika said the complex represents a symbol of excellence in the hospitality industry of the country.

“This complex will strategically position Malawi to tap into the growing tourism market segment and enhance its image as a destination for international events,” he said.

He therefore assured of his government’s commitment to continue putting tourism sector as a priority area in the national agenda.

Chairperson of Umodzi Holdings, Francis Mbilizi said the multi-faceted development forms a vital part of Malawi’s plans to boost the tourism industry.

“The state-of-the-art complex is set to raise the country’s profile within the African conferencing industry, making Malawi an attractive option for conference delegations from within the continent as well as the rest of the world.”

The complex, is an initiative of late Bingu Wa Mutharika and was funded and built by China.

A South African based Peermont will manage the complex for 10 years subject to renewal.

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24 thoughts on “Mutharika opens magnificent Umodzi Park: Peermont to run Malawi five-star hotel”

  1. Donne says:

    As good as the intention was to build this hotel, it is not up to the standard of a 5 start hotel. The prices are up to standard and more, but the services on offer, facilities etc are not up to standard. No wastepaper baskets in rooms, no shower caps, no tissue, no replenishment of complimentary tea and coffee and NO INTERNET.

    I mean what is one paying for then? You should not open a hotel before you are ready to do so. You give tourism a bad name in Lilongwe, but then again, do you care?

  2. Kachindamoto says:

    Whist is that orange/red thing on his belly.???? Underpant ??????

  3. Achimidzimidzi says:

    At least after one year, our president officially opens the complex. May be after five years he is going to build a complex.

    As of now, he is still paying off Mulli’s loan with MSB. Using taxpayer’s money. All the people dying in hospitals due to lack of drugs should wait for 2015/2016 annual budget.

  4. Concerned Malawian says:

    ndamanga toilet, ikufunika official opening

  5. Concerned Malawian says:

    sindinamuwone president osowa zochita ngati uyu. his cohorts are also airheaded. did u listen to a speach by this dog called nankhumwa during dinner? its pathetic

  6. C Banda says:

    Who is the arsehole hand-clapper in the lower photo? Not one other person is putting their hands together for the prez.

  7. tikhala says:

    Why does Getrude Mutharika always look drunk? She has this witchlike smile on her mouselike mouth. Who dresses her? Nanga umbrella skirt imeneyo mphepo itachita blow sazachita manyazi? Why do we keep seing her when we did not vote to see her? Even her constituency had enough of her

  8. mulli says:

    tizigonamo ulele mmenemo ife amuna apa Malawi

  9. Ndalema nanu says:

    dziko ndi wanu ndalama ndi wathu.

  10. Jammy says:

    This is great for Malawi.but subsidise the hotel rates so that ordinary Malawians can afford to spend a week end at a hotel .

  11. Real Patriot says:

    Chinese are very clever .You think they are doing these for nothing?You will pay for this thing you call a hotel five times as much.China is colonising Africa little by little knowing the stupidity of most African leaders.Chinese are having vision for their people while Malawians are excited for very short term things.A vision less country with full of greedy politicians who are only interested in feeling their tummies and cheating the mass illiterate big time.They will all burn in hell when they die.

  12. chingolopiyo says:

    This is great! Let Lilongwe change, next is the stadium. More development please.

  13. Mja Nkhuli says:

    This is what some of us would like to commend. But can you revisit your ideas of engaging a SA company’s management. How about getting a Malawian company understudy the SA company with a view of say after x number of years, we could have our own company taking full control of its management.

    As it is we have two routes that would be flighting our forex through BICC. You have the Chinese through the loan repayment programme and that company from the Xenophobic Republic.

    In the end we will just be owning the building – dziko ndi wathu ndarama ndi wawo. Isn’t that stupid!

    1. Malawiana says:

      Which Malawian company my dear? Malawians will never learn anything. How many study visits have been undertaken by Malawians whose lessons miraculously vanish the moment they land at KIA or Chileka? Leave the South African to run the hotel for as long as it is practically good to do so.

  14. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Xenophic country’s company will run the complex for 10 year. Ok. We’re looking @ you very carefully.

  15. ujeni says:

    The hotel looks like some abadoned boarded flats in Detroit which the mayor wants to destroy

  16. ujeni says:

    China initiative dont confuse people pano. Malawi spent zero tambala on this china built structure. The money malawi had was spent on Ndata. Next time ask your boma to do their own project right from the ground and finish then came late an open with pomp. Manyazi bwaji

  17. Blessings says:

    Employ More

  18. ade says:

    KES #1 This has nothing to do with JB. I know you hate her but there other 1 million Malawians who voted for her and still love her. JB was in power for 2 years. Peter will clock 1 year in few days time. We are yet to see ntchito za manja ake.

  19. Kadakwiza says:

    Useless government, I thought Mr. President went to open a manufacturing company. Malawi still has a long way to go. Then I can see pathetic Malawians clapping hands thinking that the country is developed. Just go to neighboring countries you will see what development I’d all about. You will be shocked. Malawians please let us not be deceived by these politicians. They provide just a piece of development and when you are busy praising them, it’s time they steal more from you. Malawian politicians. So Malawians please wake up. To me there is nothing to celebrate, if it was a manufacturing company, we could say, thank you government.

  20. Sad Huss Mthunzi-wa-Bowa says:

    Why should we be excited by this complex??? The complex, is an initiative of late Bingu Wa Mutharika and was funded and built by China. A South African based Peermont will manage the complex for 10 years subject to renewal. … Yes, the idea was ours, but we did not have the funds and expertise to build it. The Chineses had to construct it for us and we will be paying back through our nose. And we dont even have the management capacity and skill to operate the complex. We need the South Africans to come in. What are we capable of doing on our own? Raising big families and populating the country!!!! What a shame.

  21. Eya! says:

    Agalatiya. Macoment bwanji?

  22. tttt says:

    Good move congrats. We need these changes but dont make a habit people are suffering mmakwalamu.

  23. Kes says:

    Very shameful that Joyce Banda and her failed joke of a party PP, tried and failed to subbottage this development along with MUST in thyolo.
    The only developments Malawians will remember during the dark visionless, satanic lead leadership of Joyce Banda is Cashgate, maizegate, jetgate etc.

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