Mutharika opens Naminjiwa Community College: Calls on Malawians to accept reforms

President Peter Mutharika has asked Malawians to unite for a common purpose and accept the reforms his administration is championing to transform the country.

Mutharika at Naminjiwa Community College

Mutharika at Naminjiwa Community College

Mutharika said this when he officially opened Naminjiwa Community College in Phalombe district on Wednesday.

The opening of the college also marked the launch of the Community Technical Colleges (CTC) programme in the southern region.

Similar programmes were launched at Ngala in Karonga, northern region and Mponela in Dowa, central region, respectively.

Mutharika told the gathering that the community colleges will create new skills, decent jobs, new businesses, and new industries.

He said every constituency must have a community college to lift the country out of poverty.

Mutharika then called Malawians to support and embrace the community college concept.

“The quality of products I have seen on display clearly demonstratesthat we can make Malawi an exporting economy. Yes we can! We can create more jobs, create more wealth and reduce our dependence on importing. That we can! And we must!

“But this country will not move forward if we do not unite on a common purpose. Sometimes, we know what we don’t want; but we don’t know what we want. We know we don’t want poverty. But are we ready to do what it takes to get out of poverty?We want transformation leadership to change this country. But when transformation comes, we don’t want to accept reforms.

“We know we don’t want basic leaders who lack imagination of a higher vision for this country. But when a visionary leader comes, we are happy to demonise him and undermine his leadership. What do we really want as a people?,” wondered Mutharika.

He said the programmes has received overwhelming local and international support with the European Union and the World Bank pledging resources in support of this program.

Mutharika also claimed that  the Chinese government has agreed to construct five new Community Technical Colleges in this country.

“This country will not change if we the people don’t change. And there is nobody else who can change you but yourself. Developing this country depends on nobody but you and I.

“The Community Colleges Program has a very high capacity to reduce poverty. Evidence all over the world has shown that the only sure way of ensuring sustainable poverty eradication is by creating jobs. However, this will not happen unless you support and embrace the vision as your own. I began the vision, but now this is your vision – our vision together,” asserted Mutharika

He also appealed to all Malawians “not be derailed”, but they should rather “keep moving with one spirit, as one people, to one destiny”, describing the community college as a symbol of that development.

Mutharika also hailed the Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA) for the donation of a complete ICT Center at this college, which opened its doors in February this year.

Eleven colleges have so far been opened across the country.

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19 thoughts on “Mutharika opens Naminjiwa Community College: Calls on Malawians to accept reforms”

  1. failing to pay teachers on existing schools mukatsegula zina amwene upolofesala wanuwu bod a Muluzi osaphunzira angaganizekonso bwino ndithu

  2. Therere says:

    That is innovations at its best, we will have more skilled people now in Malawi

  3. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Kkkkkkk aah, na pama community college I support the idea.
    Zowona ndithu achotsa jce ndikuika community college, kaya entry qualification ndichani? Kkkkkkkk.

  4. Tonde says:

    Those things are not export worthy, …….we have a long way to go. Lord help us!!!

  5. Makwasasa says:

    Amayiwo ngati asenza degu pamutupo Kapena muli ntsuko mudukumo

  6. Benson Chirwa says:

    Total lie Mr President – we cannot have 193 colleges like one per constituency. Wait until they’re reduced. Please remember them with starter packs after graduation.

  7. What happened to your brother’s vision of Msanje port?????? Waste money. Im missing Ngwazi the real visionary.

  8. Ru-San says:

    Hello Malawians,

    I painfully conclude that Malawians are lazy in mind (not physical fitness – no, we are fit and energetic), but I mean lack of vision and morals.

    Why on Earth, – funny indeed for Malawians, do we expect pple just to be iddle (doing nothing) and then begs or sometimes demand fairly rich pple or government to give them free handouts. Really? We all need to gain and have basic skills. In addition we need to add value to our things.

    Without pointing figures nor praising anybody here: I think this idea of Community Colleges should be encouraged by all Malawians – starting with the CSOs, journalists, Churches, Nyasatime commentators, Chiefs, MPs, Opposition leaders – I mean everyone.

    Kudalira kupempha a Malawi!! Do you think as a country we can progress if we expect to be recieving free things from others?

    I have seen pple here (oversees country) where even the old works.

    CSOs (I painflully call them virus and hidden political parties) – you can even positively demonstrate on this to say we really want everybody to support this initiative. DONT JUST criticise and plan demos on … x..!! Pple will really take you seriously if you also support positive initiatives.

    I rest my case.

    People will understand better my comments and contributions later. THANK YOU

  9. Brian M Manda says:

    Lets take Malawi as Malawi not as America or any other developed country. We have failed to develope with our standing Universities so are we really sure that this we will make it with these things we are sellinh now? i mean the so called community technical colleges? What about sustainability issue? are we sure that the graduates will have the required skills to be standalone citizens after their training whereby they will be trained as job cerators and not seekers? with these economic hardships are we going to achieve that? ok fyn lets not build castles in the air small is beautiful lets not be too overambitious when implementing policies some are just mare fallacies….

  10. mtate mike rsa says:

    U r failing to recruit nurses,medics and then u open the shit of collegs for wat xool fees is high for revenue so that u keep on stealing fuck u

  11. Kambindingu says:

    Who is going to buy their goods? People don’t have money , the economy is being thrown to the dogs, high levels of unemployment. There already just too many of these artisans in our locality and adding more would just create unfavorable business environment.

  12. Benson T Phiri says:

    Mukhalira ma Community College Omwewo

  13. moya says:

    achakulugwa which visionary leader is he talking about? baba peter if you have nothing to say just keep quiet ok , masomphenyawo tawaona inde, so far this is what you have achieved:1.kutenga anthu 106 waku America ku ma shopping.
    2: hiring a very expensive jet pamene mzipatala ndi aspirin yemwe mulibe 3: kutenga ort ma govt sectors anthu kusowa chogwirira tchito ndi stationery yomwe is becoming a scarce resource in govt offices yet ur busy talking reform 4. failure to employ ana omwe amaliza ma training yet u know kuti anthu ogwira tchito ndi ochepa 5. mapatients zipatala kudya kamodzi patsiku koma ma nkhwala azimwa katatu 6. kwacha yikugwa movesa chison katundu kukwera mitengo daily. conglats mr president mwayamba bwino.

  14. mphatso says:

    hope these colleges will be offering diplomas and degrees not just certificates

  15. Sapitwa says:

    This is what has been missing all these years; training Artisans! Malawi lacks the good skills in this discipline. Out youth will be well equipped within the next 10 years.

  16. The real ujeni says:

    Waste of time,just sit in the office and work, come up with a plan to revive the economy. Are you not man enough not to move without your wife, Joyce Banda used to be escorted by the husband because she is a woman, weaker sex, same applies to the Queens in UK.

  17. Alex Likoswe says:

    Let macra not spend money wishy washy. The money should be spent on a well developed national programme on ITC .

    ITC infrastructure in Malawi needs support yet MACRA sits of a mountain of money and spend as and when

  18. zeze says:

    A Pitala, do not talk too much. Just keep on with action on what is good for Malawi. Or else, get ready to turn into a mound of salt if you look back at what pessimists view of your vision.

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