Mutharika pacify land dispute in Malawi tea estates: Thyolo and Mulanje

President Peter Mutharika on Thursday summoned leaders of the Thyolo-based People’s Land Organisation (PLO) Charles Mchacha and Bon Kalindo of the Citizens for the Protection of Mulanje (CPM) at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre to discuss the long-standing land wrangle between communities and tea estate owners in populous Thyolo and Mulanje districts where most of the arable land is taken up by tea estates.

MP Kalindo: Cease fire

MP Kalindo: Cease fire

Some concerned citizens have been threatening to invade the farms and grab the land.

Mutharika held a closed-door meeting with the two parties and State House press office did not give any to the invited media.

But  comedian-turned-politician Kalindo told reporters that the President invited them for discussion after learning about the issues in the media and wanted to pacify the matter.

Kalindo has been mobilizing the people of tea growing district of Thyolo to stand up against commercial land owners and occupy the land which he argues “rightfully belongs to them.”

Mchacha on the other hand has been fighting against Kalindo’s agitation for land occupation and branded Mulanje South member of Parliament (Democratic Progressive Party-DPP), who is also DPP deputy spokesman, as an opportunist.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Kalindo hailed President Mutharika for his intervention, saying his “wisdom and guidance” has helped to pacify the matter.

On the other hand, Mchacha said Mutharika have saved the situation in what he feared was a ticking time bomb.

Besides the land issue, the meeting also touched on the welfare of people living in the two tea-growing areas as well as the damage and deforestation in Mulanje Mountain.

Malawi’s tea industry, started by colonial masters in the 1800s, occupies thousands of hectares believed to have been grabbed from natives. The industry is also one of the most productive in the world.

PLO has been agitating for the local people’s occupation of all idle tea estates land in the districts since its establishment in 2009, and has been demanding that estate owners pay £65 (about K53 000) per acre per year for all used colonial estate land from 1914 to date.<

The organisation has also been demanding from the estate owners a wage rate of £6.13 per hour (about K5 000) per individual for those involved in thangata (forced labour) between 1914 and 1963. There are10 big estates in Thyolo and Mulanje which started their farming during the colonial era.

While CPM has been petitioning tea estate owners to allocate all idle lands, discharge social responsibility functions and improve the working conditions for their workers.

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19 thoughts on “Mutharika pacify land dispute in Malawi tea estates: Thyolo and Mulanje”

  1. Commenter says:

    Even if these guys owned the bloody land they wouldn’t know what to do with it!! its just empty noise!!

  2. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa alien when did you realize that. Maravi achewa

  3. Cia America says:

    mind your own business anthu amaboma ena osaziwika inu,malowa ndi a anthu aku mulanje osati inu,achewa or atumbuka ayi

  4. Naphurukota says:

    Big up MP Kalindo!!!!! It is our pride land.

  5. Chabwera ku manda says:

    Vincent Wandale yemweyo, azungu achoke basi, muisova

  6. Rodgers Banda says:

    The big tea farms are np longer productive but parasitic. Economy os running nose down.

  7. Khodoba says:

    Lazy Thyolo bones always wanting free things. Inuyo simunachokele ku Mozambique kuti muziti it’s your land. Mxi!!!

  8. Malawiyano says:

    He wants to be another chilembwe .

  9. CHITAKALE says:

    Mind that these tea estates owners are also citizens of this country and they have a rights to own lands,and as Malawians we shall not want the misbehaviour Lomwes you doing to these white people.Where were you all the time?Lomwes are illeterate and they are full of jelouses.Why can’t you concetrate to your motherfucker cabinet instead wasting your time quarelling with whites for the land.Vuto ndi loti a Lomwe aberekana kwambiri kotero malo olima alibe

  10. Mlomwe says:


  11. Denguzman says:

    Bon, u re playing a losing game coz u dont kno that APM naye ndi venda wamkulu.

  12. SCOOBY Wadya nsima says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkk wadya

  13. Katakwe says:

    People need to go deeper on this matter on land disputes in Thyolo and Mulanje. If you closely look at the manner, the inflow of people from the eastern neighbouring districts due to armed conflicts may have aggravated this situation. Unfortunately, not many decided to go back to their original homes at the end of the war….. Kalindo looks at the issue like a chicken without getting to the root cause! Similar cases of people not returning after the war are seen in KK, Chikwawa, Ntcheu, Dedza, and Nsanje. One looks at the issue closely, the population booms took place within a shorter period as results of too many refugees who were not controlled……. Our continuing dozing attitudes by our authorities is resulting into this unprecedented increase in population.. We blame citizens of bearing many children while the real problem is the unregulated influx of foreign nationals.

  14. innocent says:

    don’t bring comedy here bon,sitikuferanjitu.

  15. Patriotic malawian says:

    Samangotukwana kumeneko? kkkkk

  16. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Bon Kalindo is mentally challenged.

    See his wage bill per day and effective dates. Is he a parliamentarian using employment and labour act of this country?

    Thangata was thangata, no one was getting paid..

  17. Anda says:

    Kalindo stop buying votes at the back of development. Everybody knows you are a joke in this country. How do you justify your attempts? Will your government provide machinery for peasant farmers to proccess the tea? U r more concerned with stupid idealistic issues than real practical development matters. You must understand being a member of parliament doesn’t make you a wiseman or a development champion. People will grow tea, buyers will make a price for us, Then what??? Get your mind off tikufelanji when serious matters arise…

  18. Nasimba Novirhikana says:

    Mnyamata Kalindo school inamuvuta pangòno thats why sadziwa kufunika kwa ma commercial farmers. Peasant farming simatukula dziko ada.
    Mulanje mountain waitha ndikugulitsa . Koma ziliko. Akathyali a pa Nyasaland.

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