Mutharika pays homage to Zambia’s fallen presidents, visits KK

Malawian President Peter Mutharika, who was in Zambia for official visit, paid tribute to the three fallen heads of the Republic of Zambia.

Mutharika paying respects

Mutharika paying respects

Mutharika with KK

Mutharika with KK

Mutharika with Kennth Kaunda

Mutharika with Kennth Kaunda

Mutharika visited the Embassy Park in Lusaka, Sunday the burial site of Zambia’s heads of state.

The President laid a wreath on late Michael Sata’s resting place. Sata is the fifth president of Zambia.

He was born on 6 July 1937 and died on 28th December 2014.

On his tomb they wrote “I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

After that Mutharika paid homage to Levi Patrick Mwanawasa who until his death was  the third president of Zambia. Mwanawasa ruled Zambia  from January 2, 2002 to  August 19 ,2008.

Mwanawasa was  born on September 3, 1948. He died on 19 August 2008 and raid to rest on 3 September , 2008.

President Mutharika last laid a wreath  on Frederick Chilubas tomb. He is the second president of Zambia. Who was born on 30th April 1943 and died on 18 June 2011 .

Later Mutharika paid a courtesy call to Zambia’s first president Kenneth Kaunda at his retirement home.

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29 thoughts on “Mutharika pays homage to Zambia’s fallen presidents, visits KK”

  1. Sapitwa says:

    People are talking about the First Lady’s attire as so bright for the occasion but should have been black. Not all others have put on black. Picking the madam is unfair as others are spared. Look at the background of both photos, you will see other colours.
    By the way paying respects to the tombstone does not necessarily require one to put on black attire as would have been on the funeral procession.

  2. elias banda says:

    Nde ufulu umeneo. President adzitelo zosangalatsa.

  3. elias banda says:

    That’s Good our presidents are continues to show us good stiation

  4. Balamanthu says:

    Zambia practices civilized politics of leaving tribalism aside.In malawi, you have empty tins promoting tribalism because they have nothing to offer or talk about.

  5. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    This is good bwana for continued relationships with our neighbours.

  6. NYANYA says:


  7. aDeaconess says:

    If I were Getrude mutharika, this is wat I cud were at the function. A black outfit and a black hat with matching shoes n bag, that goes fo president APM. Black suit was appropriate fo this occasdion. Check kaunda he is in black. Zowala is fo events that make us happy. I wud wear that suit Madame 1st lady to a wedding, those black shoes replace with za cream white, pink n matching bag. Dont wear bungle n watch same hand . Cause its too bright fo official engagements. That’s if I was the 1st lady.

  8. mtumbuka1 says:

    Colour blocking stupid First lady you need to be lectured on wardrobe. It appears the one who does your wardrobe thought you were going for a valentine day party.

  9. wovinidwa Ine says:

    I hope APM thanked Kaunda, or at least mentioned and appreciated him giving refuge to late Bingu when he “escaped” from Malawi, self exile fashion. From the cruelties of Kamuzu’s dictatorship. Zambia was Bingu’s first stop on route to Zimbabwe. And the rest is history.

  10. Awa cha says:

    Can some body educate the first lady and whoever dresses her about what colors to wear to what occasion. This was a somber occasion, no one wears hot pink to pay homage to the fallen…… Only in Malawi!!!! Hot pink is when she is fundraising for BEAM! What an embarrassment.

  11. Magombo Sautu says:

    Koma winawu ndiye ubulutu ndithu. Pink going to pay homage to the fallen?

  12. Clement Chiwoko says:

    Am I alone to notice that the First lady’s attire is not appropriate on most occasions. She wants to give the impression that she is young but what she wears is not dignified for the occasions and for her position. Her colours are too bright. Psychologists would call her “Attention Seeker.” “Wanting to be noticed” What a shame!!!!

  13. zaluma says:

    For those who ignorant of Kaunda history I want to inform them that his grandpa were captured M’mbelwa Ngoni from Tonga in Nkhata Bay. He was born in Mzimba and grew in Mzimba District and not Nkhata Bay. He married a Tumbuka-Balowoka girl Nya Nyirenda from the same district and worked in Zambia where KK was born. Anyway by descent he is a Malawi from the dead north but by birth a Zambia. Similarly, Edgar is not purely Chewa as some but he is between Chewa-Tumbuka. But this should not be bothering you is a semi-Nyasa as Robert Mugabe is of Zimbabwe.

  14. vyaya says:

    Kkkkkk next ndinu abwana Edgar will lay his wreath pa manda anu pompano

  15. GANYAVU says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk koma yaaaaaaa zovala kuwala ngati a Traffic.

  16. Alufeyo says:

    Kanthu ako chonde Edgar Chagwa Lungu is Chewa from Chadiza and not Tumbuka. However tribes mean nothing he is a Zambian.

    1. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      I said in Malawi! and in Malawi they go by names not where you come from. The fact that you have defended Lungu as Chewa, proves my point.

  17. Nyoni phiri says:

    King sata rest in peace

  18. vilimmwera says:

    kaunda si mtumbuka, please dont expose ignorance on public media. originally he is a tonga from nkhata bay. his father was a CCAP reverend posted to lundazi by livingstonia mission. that is how he got himsef in zambia, one of his sons Baryenge was fond of recalling his father’s roots.

    1. JJB says:

      You are exposing your ignorance, In Malawi if you are from the north you are called Tumbuka. and was Kaunda not stopped from running because he was Malawian?

  19. wez says:

    Now am proud to call u my president hope u lean more to teach malawians who r busy calling each other names. We need to lean from our neighbor to how they conduct to each other. I saluti u my president and madam mnthalika hope u will ruru us until u follow ancestors take u home to tell u the truth I always enjoy ur ruring so far no one has ever get arrested due to politics. Anthu akukutukwanani koma inu zanu phee… Tilidi mu ufulu weni weni.

  20. Truck says:

    Good move Mr President ,keep it up showing Africa the good relationship with our next door Countries.

  21. madam savala says:

    Madam, wakuyankhulani ndani amene mwamumverayo- pano mukubvala zazitali. Bola pa mai wa pfuko ulemu ukuoneka. Amene wakuyankhulaniyo ayankulenso kuti you need to choose the right colors to suit occassions.

  22. Wiseman L K Moyo, Box 60; Kasungu. says:

    I happy what Zambia President in Zambia I am with what Malawian President has seen in Zambia. APM let us leader from our brothers plus what you saw in Mozambique add them together. Politics of hatred has no room in present world of democracy. Let us preach love and stop politics of vengeance and nasty of putting to each of other. Romove a picture of making every predecessor president a thief. We must stop rallies of a carrot and a stick this retards development and creates mistrust among the elecctorate as promotes ethnic divisions. Stop listening from a few who help to promote divisions. No all presidents in Zambia were good this you Know but look how they burry them. Not all presidents in Mozmbique look how they contain them. What do I mean leave Bakili and Joice show them love so that this sydrome planted by Bakili , Bingu and Joice should end . Why you Presidents like washing dirty in house linen in the public. It only reveal luck of true love and a sign of not being true believers. APM as I have always prove that you and your vice are Learned people. What yu have seen practice in Malawi and not a false Olive branch of a carrot and stick. As I once wrote look at the year of retirement what do you at your private life if someone will do as you are doing now. People expecting Malawi to be a Happy for Malawians to live. No politics of vegeance.

    I know people who promote politics of ethnicity and hatred will like this but TRUTH SHALL REMAIN TRUTH OR MANY PEOPLE WILL HATE IT. THE HANGING POLES WHICH HAMAN MADE FOR MORDECAI IN THE BOOK OF ESTHER WERE USED TO HANG INSTEAD OF HANGING MORDECAI. APM and SCC i have great respect for you do not bring yourself down so cheat to politics of lies in order to gain favour for postions and bread. I want politics of truth and honsty and rewarding on merit not because of ethnity and giving false information. You the drivers of this country you seat has many who need it . Prove learned are different from those who spend years in class.
    God should bless you and SCC. Keep your deputy close and love him that be the strength of your leadership which all you friends failed and ended sadly.

  23. Dwambazi says:

    Fashion police! Tone down the colors lady, you do not wear bright pink to pay homage to the fallen.

  24. Muheziwa says:

    APM looks order than KK, isn’t that amazing.

  25. GRM says:

    KK is my hero. Exercises pay. Mr Chuma in the Mulakho story should learn a lesson. Njodo kuphesa msanga

  26. Kanthu Ako!! says:

    In Malawi the comments will be:- “Kaunda ndi Mtumbuka analozda anzache, muona Lungu Mtumbuka nzache si afa.

  27. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Thanks kindly, Mr. President.

Comments are closed.

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