Mutharika playing poker with Malawi taxpayers money

The whole President of the Republic of Malawi had to momentarily abandon other businesses on Wednesday to take the mic to refute allegations that he travelled with a larger-than-life entourage of 68 to New York.

The President said that he has travelled to US with only 20 State House employees and not manpower of 68 as other quarters are trying to make the world believe.

He also revealed that he is not that “crazy” to pay MK6.8 million a night for a single room, but said he is only crazy enough to pay MK800, 000a night for a single room. He clarified that his Presidential Suite normally costsUS$390, but he had to folk US$2,000 for the same room as prices usually rise this season every year due to high demand caused by the United Nations General Assembly.

Mutharika: Not crazy?

Mutharika: Not crazy?

The President patted himself on the back for travelling 10 days before his scheduled address to the Assembly because he still found the rooms (at MK800, 000a night) still cheaper than his friends who came after him.

Mutharika also said that part of the delegation (not the 20 from State House) has come from ministries and that others have been funded by the private sector.

He mentioned three journalists from Malawi News Agency; two from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and one from The Nation newspaper.

For starters, it would have been better if the President had remained quiet and not bothered to respond to the allegations. In fact, the more he tried to clarify the issues, the more he entangled himself in his own web of lies.

The only thing, perhaps, the President succeeded in doing was to tell Malawians that among the 68 delegates that he has taken to New York, 20 are from State House. If he chose to respond in person to the allegations, maybe President Mutharika should also have come clearer to tell Malawians how many among his delegation are from ministries and how many are being funded by the private sector.

Whatever the case, all delegates on his entourage (whether from ministries, State House, or from the public and private media) are being funded from the taxpayers’ purse, and they are 68 of them.

According to a reliable source, the cheapest suite at Waldorf Astoria Hotel at Park Avenue, New York costs $10,000 a night. This is a world-classfive-star hotel where all US Presidents have stayed and stay when on official business in New York. This is also where the legendary film actor Eddie Murphy did his famous movie ‘Coming to America’.

The President simply lied when he said he is paying US$2,000 a night. Why he lied is anybody’s guess. Suppose we give the President the benefit of doubt, and that he is staying in US$2, 000 (MK800, 000) a night room. Does it make prudent economic sense then to travel to New York 10 days before his scheduled address when many leaders (with healthy and bouncing economies) were in their countries attending to important national matters?

Is US$2, 000 a night cheaper for 30 days? The presidential ranting from Park Avenue in New York, therefore, sounds more like a desperate attempt by a confused dinosaur with his back to the wall.

President Mutharika has chosen to play poker with taxpayers’ money and it is particularly dangerous looking at the fact that it is too early for his presidency. His explanation on this one is only coming across as a clanging cymbal.

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88 thoughts on “Mutharika playing poker with Malawi taxpayers money”

  1. MALINGALIRO says:

    Kodi Kandoje ameneyu ndiye uti? amene tikumamwa naye Tonjani kwa Topwayu kapena ghost?

  2. yohane munthali says:

    A Malawi ma bodza tisiye……komanso choti mudziwe ndi choti APM simunthu wamba,,,kumbali ya dollar.Mmene amalowa u president ali ndi ndalama kale zochuluka,Ku USA amapitako pafupipafupi komanso ndikomwenso kuli ma company ake a LAW..analemba azungu ntchito mu Company yake yo.PETER sangafanane ndi Chakwera,JB,Atupere, onsewa ndi makhanda kumbali ya dollar….osati dollar zopeza utalowa u president ayi.amene mukunyoza ndi chifukwa choti abale anu agwidwa ndi cashgate.KOMANSO MUKALIMBIKIRA ZA FIDERAL GORVERNMENT ATUMBUKA NONSE AMENE MULI KU SOUTH NDI CENTRAL REGION TIKUTHAMANGITSANI MONGA ANACHITILA KAMUZU MUJA KUTI ATUMBUKA ONSE AZIKAGWIRA NTCHITO KWAWO.MOTI MA LECTURE OMWE NDI ATUMBUKA AMENE ALI PACHANCO,COLLEGE OF MEDICINE,BUNDA,KCN AND ALL GORVENMENT DEPARTMENT TIZAKUTHAMANGITSANI MUKALIMBIKIRA KUTI CHIGAWO CHA KU MPOTO KUTI CHIKHALE CHIGAWO CHOYIMA PA CHOKHA.REV.NGWIRA NDIYEMWE ATAKUPWETEKETSENI IYE AKUPANGIRA ZANDALE…AZIBUTSA OSAKONDA MTENDERE UFUNA KUBWERETSA KUGAWIKANA MMALAWI


  4. moosa says:

    Who will b truthful

  5. moosa says:

    Thus why I don’t like politics

  6. mai nsato says:

    Iwe Mulomwe Hasting Kandoje!!! ulibe nkhani, chachikulu wakwiya kuti mbale wako amangidwa pa nkhani ya cashgate. so, ukuganiza zolemba zonama. Plz ulembe za brother wako ku Min of Finance Davie Kandoje mmene amaberera ndalama. Akafera ku ndende, munya nonse the Kandojes

  7. Issa Kabudula says:

    While we appreciate the news papers and its companies, we also need to know that; no all news is true news. My friend who is in one of top top news paper company in the South, told me that some time we meet deadline we have no choice but to write lies and send it to the editor with unknown names or an eye witness declined to or fear of aprisal name withheld. Now Nyasatime, a number of its new reporters tells us more of government to an extent that some of the news are lies and if to follow it – turns to be useless. For example telling us of how much the president is wasting in UN assembly in food, hotels and allowances, yet my sisters and many others are dying in Malawi for a mbamu ya nsima, to me it makes no sense. Government by nature has its own protocol and ways of doing things, by telling does not mean that the president will leave the work and come back, that is imposible, therefore we would like to hear or read news worthy stories of who is who in Malawi in terms of politics, business, agriculture, education, healtjy care and many other development – we are tired to hear of Peter every day.

  8. Mdzukuru says:

    Ambudye – this guys is really trying to save money as he had promised in his campaign message, that that is what he will do – financial prudence – lol. Where are the so called watchers this time around. No noise, so this is normal to spend so much money? Yet Civil servants ar given increment u have never heard of and yet he spends so much money like this. We are yet to see

  9. moosa says:

    Ayi kufuna kwathu

  10. ine says:

    I think the press is making it too hard for the president. The president indeed was right to respond on that as he is a political member because what the press is doing is like giving matako to the opposition to be making unvital arguments instead of vital ones for the best interest of the country. We all Malawians lets love our country and motivate our leaders towards development.
    Tiyende Pamodzi a Malawi

  11. mache says:

    does ben phiri’s girlfriend works at state house?is she part of 20 state house staff?mr president i think u r too a time when u r telling the nation that there is no money in government,u r assistant is taking his whore as part of the delegation on taxpayers sweat.we are now questioning ur reputation.

  12. Rasta says:

    Zisakuwawe neba !! Time time iii ndi nthawi yathu

  13. pette says:

    nyasa do you expect a president to stay in a three dolla hotel? kikiki my foot. this is America not borero kapena chithankwa ku dedza. nyasa please! kikikikiki.

  14. Fact Checker says:

    It is never too late to impeach a president, afterall what is 100 days?
    Lazarous Chakwera is waiting in the wings with his (controversial) shadow cabinet, but even he would be better than this two-faced despot.

  15. fkr says:

    It is peters chance to eat now. You have to understand politicians are in it for themselves they don’t give a flying frog for you, the poor and me. Live the high life on your hard earned money they will. They don’t even come close to knowing the meaning of tough life or working for a living.

  16. Vyachalo says:

    Do we expect donors to help us? Election was rigged and now is cheating people. We have no leader. Which church is he?

  17. Chetepa says:

    Mutharika ndi mbutuma

  18. VULUNGANYA says:

    ………and Zambia has sent only a total of 20 people.

  19. kalumadazi says:

    Ufunika kulemba article titled Mtumbuka sazatheka….anthu okanika asakhwi or they do is complain and never come up with suggestions or solutions…they just whine day in day out..olo Khumbo kachale atakhala president olo Inkosi Mbelwa itakhale president mtumbuka sangatheke..ngokanika….anakokelana ambilimbili kukatenga ma degree kunja and what have they done for malawi?? Let alone their beloved tchile of a home in the north??? Nothing!!! Angotukwanana ndikumenyana ku livingstonia sinod….NDATI!! MTUMBUKA SAZATHEKA..ndipo if the north becomes independent trust me it will be like burundi or afghanistan tizavutika tonse nkhondo siyizizatha among themselves ndi ti anthu tamakani tokanika…MTUMBUKA SAZATHEKA!!!!!

  20. Aferazao says:

    Never knew Pitala cherishes in telling lies to the world. The man is a great sham and a disappointment to many.

  21. kalumadazi says:

    Vuto la umphawi munthu mutu wako sumayenda you start blaming successful people for anything and everything and start writing stupid grudge filled articles like this…chimodzi modzi fans imafalisa nkhani zoti a uje ndi asatanic cos they have trucks….Umphawi is a sin…You Mr hastings Kandoje need to find something to do asap…misala mwayambayi siyintha bwino…article yachitumbuka mwalembayi ni muheni waka nipo niyawu chindere!!! Na kuphalira wa mwana uli na suzyo…Naluta!!

  22. namarokoro says:

    Kandoje, if you have something personal with the President it is honorable to make an appointment with him and tell him in person rather than using a media space to undress the President. I do not know who you are but reading your article it shows clearly that you are either against the President or you have something personal with him. Your arguments on your article are not logical. You seem to criticise on issue, but is it difficult for you to call the hotel and get facts as a journalist? There are so many African Presidents at that seating, do you know where they stay? Do you have the Presidents appointments while he is in the USA? Do you know the functions and/or activities of the group that has accompanied the President? Your article my Mr. Kandoje is jibberish and does not make sense to any learned person. Go back to school and learn basic journalism 101.

    1. kamphulusa says:

      I think you are the one who should go back to school. It does not make sence for the president to stay for a long time in such an expensive hotel whether it be 2000 dollars or 17000 dollars per day . its still too much considering the economic situation in the country

    2. Boko says:

      Kandoje is a star not a bootlicker like you namarokoro. Keep undressing the dunderhead liar. This is what Pitala is and its good that we have people like Kandoje that tell them the truth as it stands. Fotseki. Peter is useless as much as he is brainless. Why call the hotel when the truth is lying in the open. Galu Namarokoro muhlomwe mwazorowera kuba ndalama zamataxpyers thats why you are asking Kandoje to phone the hotel. You can phone the hotel becoz its you who needs to prove a point. Shupit ndambuyakowo.

  23. Maikolo Timvereyani says:

    Does the writer make sense of this even to himself? The article does not deserve space on the online publication. It is shoddy and does not present any argument

  24. ben says:

    Kwacha is losing value because of the 68 poeple taking forex for 3 weeks, dealers of banks taking advantage and hemmering the kwacha which will worsen lives of poor malawians. God save us from these greedy dealers

  25. tony kanyenda says:

    No 49, a person with a functioning conscience, one who cares about his country and subjects does not need a written guideline to tell him that 68 people to new York is too much, its obscene, its evil and stupid and unnecessary. what value are they adding to the trip. Please osatiyankhulitsa pambali iya

  26. tony kanyenda says:

    Koma Petulo mutalicar, extravagance chonchi, yet you stole and rigged the election and you are busy chewing our taxes like tthat with your cronies instead of developing our country. could you have not spent 5 days instead of all those days. could you have not limited your entourage to 20 people basi. whats wrong with you. Education has not helped to remove the selfish dyela villagish savagage in you, you are an educated brute failing and running our country into an abyss.tikuonelani

  27. datruth says:

    Kadonje pezani zochita zina

  28. Atamusi says:

    Kandoje,you are slowly but surely losing the track. Your writing makes you a hero to those that decided to hate APM for anything he does. You are busy trying to give the president a benefit of doubt instead of substantiating your claims. Why can’t you find out from the hotel? Of the group that travelled,who should have been left behind? Are you sure you understand the roles each of these will perform and appreciate the significance? Seriously,I find it nonsensical for a learned journalist like yourself to suggest the president should have been home attending to other issues and only fly to make his address. I expected you to be the first person to understand that this is a meeting and not just a place where you can make your address and return home. The terms you have used in your article do not only raise questions on your hate for the president but also your professionalism. Look at “the whole president” “confused dinosaur”……. Aaaah,Kandoje,you better stop giving us raw deals.

    1. Boko says:

      Yes Kandoje is a star and our here and we love his writing. Especially when he exposes this foolish APM of yours. You can go to hell ad lick your mother’s back Atamusi. Nyasatimes will never stop writing about this useless pig Peter.

      1. Hubert says:

        Hahaha! Boko,mukhala mukuvutika ndi mtima nthawi yayitali. Atamusi has just asked this learned journalist to reason,basi. Mtengo wa ku room ku hotel ndi wovuta kuwudziwa? As a journalist,Kandoje would have said APM lied by saying he is paying this much but when I enquired from the hotel,the cheapest room costs this much. Kumangoyimbira mmanja zopusa basi!! Mwamutukwana Atamusi,koma a Kandojewa simuluona ndithu kuti nzeru zatha. Looking at the comments,even Nyasatimes knows the article is trash. One thing Boko needs to know is that Nyasatimes provides space for some articles so that we readers see how unprofessional some authors are!!

  29. Munyepa Vetekhu says:

    Asaah! Koma abalee! Atumbukawa ndi agalu eti! Basi maso awo kumangowona zolakwika zokhazokha basi? Ndiye munyatu!

  30. Malindima says:

    Mr Kandoje,what is the number of people that the President is allowed to take to the US? With how many did he exceed? How much money per night at the hotel was he supposed to spend and at which hotel?
    If you fail to answer these questions then there are no basis for any person to complain.

  31. Charter says:

    This is a falling presidency! He can’t think smartly – what professor is this? A cabinet of twenty, each minister with five official concubines called advisers. Now he traveled with twenty workers, each with four mistresses!

  32. GRM says:

    I agree with the writer? Why taking 68 people to US. TO ENJOY LIFE AND SHOP OF COURSE. Nanga titi onsewo akuthandiza president? Ndiye Presidentiyo amachita chani ngati antchito akhale 68?

  33. MWANA says:


  34. Pelemende says:

    The good thing is that most voters don’t read this rubbish here. Mukutokota chani bapa a Kandoje? Mutharika is still our president…mumafuna akagone ku B & B. Mwaga nayo.

    1. Big Kahuna says:

      Nyani Ameneyu koma atinyasa nkhope kuipa ikungofanana ndi mtima.This president is trying to make up things he could not afford when he was working in the USA

  35. Robert says:

    The writer is just a frustrated man. What is your interest by the way. ;earn to write articles that matter most to Malawians not these rubbish articles just to vomit your personal anger. Why are you expecting the president to be quite when you wrote something which is not true about him? Where did you go to school? Are you paid to write? Just wondering!!

  36. Kennedy says:

    Malawians let us just concentrate on sending our kids to school so that they get well paying jobs or become enterpreneurs for our better future. Otherwise relying on Malawian leaders for our future will not work.


    Poker? Oh, yea.
    Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Earl Jones; those were good old days. JZU then maintained a very strong Kwacha & laziness was discouraged. Then, again, it was in those days when Quota System came to pass. Surprise, surprise; this mundane system has recently caused so much agony in some circles on account of their paranoia.

  38. McHale says:

    mulimbane naye muthalika mpaka liti?chimene yawetu wadalitsa olo mutatani simungachitsutse mapeto ake mupeza tsoka, mumati azikagona kwa ntopwa wa ku America? imeneyi ikhale nkhani, mukuwanamiza a malawi zabodza mumati asayankhulepo aziyan’gana komatu mudzafa imfa yowawa dikirani 2024 mwina zizakuyenderani koma pano ndiye mwauponda.

    1. Big Kahuna says:

      i dont thing he has Gods blessings.May be the Devils

  39. THE LIGHT says:

    Kodi mesa chimenechi nchindere chakufikapo?

  40. Guest says:

    Prime Minister of UK, President of France are already back in their countries doing the jobs they were employed for. They have spent less than 48 hours each at UN in New York. Our Presidents and his entourage are still there 15 days later, doing visits to all Casinos in the land of the UN.

    1. Mcp spokesperson says:

      Amenewo amapita pa ndege zawo. Komanso iwo sapita kukapempha kwa ma donors baba.

  41. Shyly says:

    OK ok. I see you love seeing the wrong things. Where would you advise the Malawi President to stay and at what amount? How much is normal Presidential accommodation in New York during General Assembly?

  42. Yobe boo says:

    Why did God gave us this disappointing Creature? Why God!!!!!!, Why God !!!!!!!!!, And Why God !!!!!!!!!!. Do you just let Malawians to suffer like this in the evil hands of this demonic beast? MY God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Patriot says:

    Mu 2011 prwsidential room inali $10,000.
    Kulibe Room ya $399 olo $2000 yoti mphwache wa Bingu angagoneko.

  44. Atate Rashid says:

    The face tells it all that he is hell bent at destroying our hard earned scarce cash. Nyapaphi omwa madzi otawasira weniweni.

  45. omama says:

    idyani tidakupatsani pa 20 may mudzasanza one day. mwaonjezera chazi kununkha apa.

  46. Mavuto Jombo says:

    so, mr. kandoje, what if he is using all that money and he brought all those people to New York, what are you going to do about it? Usakafuna zina zolemba bwanji mwayamba kutinyansa imfe. There is nothing, zero, nada, you gonna do about it and you are just wasting your precious time. Mukuyesa mungatchukire zimenezo? Machende ako, galu iwe pamtumbo!

  47. Disappointed says:

    Very stupid journalism. You project someone in bad light and then you say he should not respond? When shall you report positive achievements by this man? When shall you an objective and a neutral journalist?

  48. he is crazy has he said

  49. moya statesman says:

    May God of abraham isaac and job, have mercy on poor malawians please.

  50. Mlomwe says:

    I think some Malawian jornalists have nothing to write.
    Don’t you have other things to write Mr Kandoje?
    Write things that can build Malawi.
    I think the message from the president was clear and avoid putting words in someone’s mouth because you feel otherwise.

  51. Bobochani says:

    Mr Peter Mutharika is a liar big Time….,ndiwaboja lenileni, lamkunkhuniza you remember Mr President one day when you were asked about the bedrooms of Ndata Palace you said Ndata Palace has 5 Bedrooms…

    That was big lie even here about 68 Member Delegation to UN General Assembly, The President is contradicting himself,which is which Mr President? We hear you run away from Expensive Hotel after the exposure by the Media…

    State Presidency is serious business, You cannot go to USA and insult JB,that Insult to JB who has also been invited by UN to attend the UN General Assembly,by Patricia Kaliati at the Press Conference in New York is the one that has spoiled things,it shows JB is attracting investors than your side Mr President indicating that something is really wrong!If really Patricia Kaliyati did it by herself she needs to be fired or disciplinary action should follow,if you instructed her to insult JB then things are upside down in your administration,you have no respect and prudence of Good Governance…

  52. true man says:

    Anakasiya green card akukufunabe, no wonder he went there 10 days before the event. Tigawane dzikoli tiwone ngati za tea zingakwanire 30days in america.

  53. OGO!! says:

    I remember him saying that Ndata is a three bedroom house and not a mansion. He sure got a different way of understanding and translating simple things that aren’t supposed to be complicated. Nanga azimayi anavala DPP cloth ali lined up ndi Kaliati ku UN aja ndi amene amakhala ku America konko?

    God save us!!

  54. Wananga says:

    20 from state house, to do what in US? The problem of employing your relatves you want to appease everyone. Timakuwuzani kuti musavotere mu Americayu. Mwawona tsono ndalama zathu akuka pereka kwawo. He knows he is helping his country even if he sleeps in an expensive hotel. Imagine 30 nights x k800,000 not talking about how much the 68 wl spend. Sitamanga sukulu apa. Mayo! Mother Malawi is being cashgated in directly. What is the duty of presidential advisors. What advice do they giv this extravagant president if not on financial matters. Uyu si president koma mbava.

  55. mwana mulopwana says:

    Hastings Kandonje , so you think he should stay quiet yet it is well understood that the Nyasatimes did not give atrue reflection of the story, ukanakhala iwe munthu ndikukunamizila, ukanakhala chete, Take APM as a fellow human being , some of you people we call journalist , are total shame to society

  56. MLHAKHO says:

    Ngati amaba ndege nthawi ya mkulu wake nkumachitira manyado ndiye bwanji lero ali pompo?

    Musaiwaletu a Malawi kuti khalupa ameneyu anakana kugwira bible polumbira ndiye angachite zanzeru?

    Mumva mbebe a Malawi simunati nanga poti next month akupita ku China with 85 people on board.

    Amangonamiza anthu kuti ndikazawina sindizayenda nanga apa akugona?

  57. ichocho says:

    Nkhale mbuli

  58. Sam says:

    Its time of perserverance and constructive idealogies ,no monument for critics

  59. Mtumbuka says:

    Really we don’t expect the whole Head of State to stay at a Motel, but it’s the huge expense on the equally band of guests he travelled with which is worrysome, we need those moneys here at home for our minus-aid budget support.

  60. Big brain says:

    A nyasa mwanyanya ndi bodza

    U want the president to sleep on the streets

    USD 2000 is nothing if u think of it.

  61. The president iz very very crazy!!?.hiz thinkin iz like a 6 month old baby who knws nothin

  62. Limbika GP says:

    Have just realized Malawi is a lost nation and i might as well keep quite on matters concerning this nation. It is sad coz was born here but every leader that has ruled this nation does not seem to have the interests of the citizens at heart . What a pity!

  63. Zeze says:

    Mungoyanganitsitsa nkhope ya APM pa chithunzichi, yiukuzani zonze. His face on this picture tells a story!!!!!!!!!!!Kkkkkkkkkk

  64. Matako says:

    what an embarrassment to our state. This man is not smart at all. He is digging himself in deeper and deeper. Here in New York and the hotel where he is staying in particular any body can get real price for a hotel room including presidential suite. Its not a secret! Malawians are docile people that will believe anything except this time Munthalika has miscalculated his lies. Very soon he will make New York Times with his stupidity. How can a president from a poor country like Malawi spend $17,000 a night? Donors are not that stupid mr president. According to the way you are spending tax payers money you don’t need any financial help at all. What a fool you are

  65. Thoko says:

    What is so pitiful about his response is when he said he got there 10 days earlier so he could get a cheaper rate. Mr President has just insulted my IQ. He is such a dunderhead. Now it makes sense when people say that in America you can buy a degree off the streets. That is exactly what he did. He bought his law degree

  66. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    He is a lier , waboza lenileni.

  67. Andrew phiri says:

    Mumafuna akagone Hotel ya ndalama zingati & anyamuke liti? I call dis typ of reporting very unfortunate & dis iz only hapening in Malawi from unpatriotic journalists like u. From word go in ofice Peter has bin pursued why? Can u investigate if ur a true journalist were iz JB staying & how much iz she paying per day & who iz paying? Fault finders bulshit.

  68. ujeni says:

    Peter Mutharika is mistake of a President if we bought him from a shop it would have been returned as not fit and not working

    1. pette says:

      hahahaha! mukhaula! ife amene sitinamuvotele tikunva kukoma sekeseke! GOD bless him long time!

  69. Don Chigwe says:

    Thank you Mr President for revealing to usthat you only took 20 people from state house. By the way why did you have to take 20 people from state house when that is an annual meeting of the United Nations? Do not cheat us that you need security. The UN provides security and your boys left their guns at the international airport only to be collected on the day they will be leaving the USA. You have 20 cabinet ministers but you can afford to move with 20 staff from the state house what thinking is that? Mr President you do not think properly.

  70. Chindere chakufikapo says:

    Timakuuzani ife madala kt tazingogwirani ntchto ku US kwanuko musalowerere ndale zapa nyasa, kma kusamva ndi dyera.. Idyani ndalama zathuzo kma mumva nazo madzi

  71. Thumbwefu says:


  72. apolitical says:

    I think this is now getting too personal, let us give our leaders some breathing space, is our President the only one staying in this hotel? Why should u fault him when other African leaders r staying in the same hotel? Njala, nthenda, nsanje is ur biggest problem!

  73. Wawa says:

    Mutharika is not crazy. He is insane.

  74. Dr. Godfrey Mvuma says:

    Well done Nyasa Times. But what will Malawians do with such a Lying President. You will see their reactions when Mutharika returns to Malawi. They will be ulurating at the Airport and some will just stay Phwiii. I pity this country called Malawi. Shame on us.

  75. Nobel says:

    Its good that APM reads Nyasa.

  76. namaoda says:

    Mumafuna akagone kuchigwiri??? I would have preferred no response from the president but like any first citizen he cant just put up anywhere. Zinakanika amayi hitch hiking planes after selling one.

  77. John says:

    Can APM stoop any lower?

  78. Tiko says:

    Well wel wel. Munthu apweteka mzake pomulamulira. Zakunyumba yachifumu.

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