Mutharika plays poker with Malawians yet again

It appears the Democratic Progressive Party (DDP) administration’s self-made calamities will continue to happen, at least for the foreseeable future. President Peter Mutharika and his vice, Saulos Chilima have just announced that they have suspended an increment of 80 percent to their salaries.

President Mutharika : Branded a hypocrite

President Mutharika : Branded a hypocrite

The announcement by the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) to that effect follows a media expose of the ‘secret’.

By suspending the hike, President Mutharika and his vice have behaved like they have been ambushed by a decision that came from without and made without their consent or knowledge. They are behaving like they have all along lived their rhetoric of “not effecting any salary hike until the economy gets better or recovers”.

But hold on a minute. What does it take for a President or minister’s salary to be raised? Can the Secretary to the President and Cabinet, George Mkondiwa just wake up one Sunday morning and announce a presidential salary hike? Is it the decision of one man, or a collective responsibility of a group of individuals?

Presidential salary hikes are generated at cabinet meetings, chaired by no other person than the President himself. At this level, issues are exhaustively debated or ought to be debated before any conclusion is made. The process continues with Parliament also getting involved for consideration.

President Mutharika must therefore have chaired a meeting that debated and finally approved the 80 percent salary hike for himself and his ministers. He must also have been part of the process that led to a 367 percent salary for Members of Parliament (MPs).

One would want to know the reasons behind Mutharika’s decision to approve his own salary hike and that of his Vice President and later turning around to appear like the decision has been thrust upon him. Is this about politics?

If the President were not interested in raising his own salary based on what Malawians are currently going through, he would have nipped those suggestions in the bud at a cabinet meeting, which he chaired. This is just another blank presentation from this government. It is a smokescreen by President Mutharika to appear like he is a caring president.

It is clear that the President has decided to play poker with Malawians yet again as the economy continues to drift south.

In the midst of a public outcry over decaying public service delivery and a declining economy, it seems President Mutharika has resorted to propaganda to win cheap public sympathy. This is cheap politics by the DPP administration and at best taking Malawians for fools.

It is sad to note that barely six months into what President Mutharika thought would be a smooth ride, his administration has been hobbled down by self-made gridlock, which is threatening to shut his administration down.

His attempt to use the cashgate saga to deflect attention from his failure to turn around the economy and to victimize political opponents has come across as feeble and hopelessly wanting.

It is clearer now donors, who have zipped their financial purses, have not fallen for the cashgate fad as is currently propagated. Donors want MK92 billion of public funds that mysteriously disappeared under the DPP and the late President Bingu wa Mutharika investigated for donor budgetary support to return. In fact, Germany has made available funds to facilitate a forensic audit into that financial scandal.

The forensic audit carried out by Baker Tilly into the ‘recent’ cashgate is rapidly receding. Alleged culprits were identified and named, and cases are currently running in courts. What is on the table for donors is the MK92 billion that was stolen under the watch of late President, Bingu wa Mutharika, Peter Mutharika’s brother.

If the DPP government thinks it can hoodwink donors on the pretext that it is adequately dealing with cashgate, it better start thinking again and think hard about the MK92 billion.

Making a decision, and then turning around to rebuke your own decision, Mr. President, does not begin to remove the blip that was caused by the MK92 billion financial scam. It does not vanquish the fact that this country is simmering and will soon erupt into a cacophony of economic and governance anarchy.

Grabbing the bull by the horn is the only way of beginning to deal with these problems than continuously nibbling on the wrong end of things. Always?

Finally, one Goodall Gondwe tells the whole world it is the former President Joyce Banda who “proposed” the salary increments. The Finance Minister, revered as he is, must be the biggest joker in the current political, social and economic melodrama.

It is clearly on record that President Peter Mutharika has faked declining two salary increments. Does it therefore follow that the former President left two sets of salary increase proposals in her office before she left in May?

It is now over six months since Joyce Banda left. Is it really political and economic prudence to continue using her as a scapegoat for all the commissions and omissions by the DPP regime? Sounds petty, or should we begin to conclude that this panel of ruling octogenarians is becoming more senile?

*Hastings Kandoje is an economic, social and political commentator. He writes in his own right

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89 thoughts on “Mutharika plays poker with Malawians yet again”

  1. vavlov says:

    Their salaries will be increased quietly dont be fooled

  2. Jonjo says:

    What an article!!!! These people are senile indeed kkkkkkk. Is PP and JB still ruling? Why is DPP still saying this and that was approved by PP & JB. Ma lawyer a fake from US. This guy need to write law exams at Chanco to prove his credentials. Otherwise anangogula ma certificate at a cheap university in USA

  3. King Stone says:

    A president ndi a vice president inu mtima mmalo,mulungu simunthu apapa tikuwoloka basi dziko lathu layamba kuoneka kuti posachedwapa tiimba lokoma. Zinthu zikumakwera mtengo pafupi pafupi ine monga mbadwa ya dziko lino ndikuti mwaganiza bwino kwambiri kukweza malipiro chifukwa posachedwapa muganiziranso ena kuti malipiro awo akwerenso. Zosololasolola zikhala zikumvekazi zina ndi chifukwa chakuchepa kwa malipiro,choncho pitirizani ntchito yabwino. Congratulations abwana ndi a vice athu.Tikukupemphelerani !

  4. Uitmat says:

    This one is making sense! Sizinazii

  5. moto mwikho says:

    I think this theme has been overflogged and it is becoming redundant.

  6. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    As I said, better days are coming with APM

    Boma iloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  7. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    APM the corrupt incompetent is a walking dead waiting to joining Bingu wa Looter. Where are your Indian who bribe you?. Those you favour?. Those you empower? Its us Malawians at whose mercy you are today and we want you OUT OUT OUT

  8. Emanuell thembachako says:

    Izi nde za nzeru osati za pro chirwa wamsala wa ku south africa APM NDI MBUZI BASI

  9. Humphrey Kaunga Nyirenda says:

    Some people act like a skin which has been affected by leprosy. Even if a pin is pricked in that affected part, no pain is felt to them. Like in our situation, they see nothing wrong with our current regime the way they are running the nation.

  10. Please dont create self cardiac arrest, bereasonable, we dont want to hear new terminologies of heart diseases. Avoid them as early as possible

  11. Johann Chisachambalame says:

    Paja ankanena JB kuti ng’ombe yaikazi siyikoka ngolo. Koma ngakhale yaimuna yokalamba ngati Mutharika iyenera kugulitsidwa.

  12. nthandalanda says:

    Iwe John Mbuzi, iwedi ndiwe mbuzi. Ins ndilibe pulezidenti. Ndikuyendetsedwa ndi mulungu basi. A president can not sleep 15 hours a day. Even Obama can not do that though leading a rich country. Umuudze pitalayo kuti amalawi tatopa ndizimenezo. We need proactive leaders not lazy ones.

  13. tonde says:

    What is the progress of K92billion DPP theft of Govt resources?
    It looks DPP is trying to remove a plunk from PPs eyes when it can’t remove its own.

  14. Achimidzimidzi says:

    True APM is our president but he should learn to be accountable, honest, respect other people and tribes. He is not an angel. Seems he has no integrity.
    For the economy let’s work hard and let him manage our economy properly.
    He should stop telling us lies. What for Malawi cannot be America or Japan

  15. Mafikizolo says:

    We are now tired with this stupid and inept government . For how long are we going to post comments of despair on Nyasatimes and hope that a hyena will suddenly change into a lamb? Malawians, this is our country which is being messed up . Let’s stand up and do the needful . This government has to go!

  16. kacholi wiba says:

    tizionela limodzi ndimabodza nuwo.

  17. nsanje port says:

    Same people are saying that implementing salary increments for striking staff will have a negative effect to our economy,now why are you increasing your already fat perks with that huge percentages?do you believe your problems are so important than ours?we need money too in the same way you need it….i have stopped being a DPP fan…mwandikhumudwitsa,sindimayembekezera kuti mukhala anthu ozikonda chonchi…too bad

  18. Manuel says:

    Kodi anakonza zokweza malipiro a president ndi Joyce Banda kuteroko?

  19. Mngoni says:

    Ndiwedi Johnmbuzi iwe eti……!

  20. chakwanuleka says:

    It is high time this president got impeached. There is all evidence he can’tdeliver. This country will throw another priceless 5 years as we did with Bakili if we keep him on this position.

  21. jojo p says:

    poor leadership leads to poor Malawi

  22. Bazuka says:

    Malawi is a comedy & a tragedy simulteneously. Its comedy since some people are busy enjoying eg Mulhako, BEAM, Journos, MPs, Cabinet Ministers, VP & THE PRESIDENT. Its a tragedy as the poor are suffering the stupid decisions of Bingu/Peter & JB greed. Its appalling that some Malawians support these foolish greedy politicians. What faculties do you have? I go for the agenda: Stop supporting foolish greedy politicians, stop the stupid tribalism, burn greedy thieves Peter, JB, BINGU & Muluzi dead or alive.

  23. johnmbuzi says:

    Whether one likes it or not, he is our president. Let us all unite and come up with possible solutions and move the country forward. What could you do to turn around things without donors? The president is doing his best to ensure that the current situation is improved. Leaders are chosen by God and lets respect that and pray for the country.

    1. Komanso says:

      Mutharika is not chosen by God, he chosen by Satan and imposed himself through courts injuctions and bribery to rule this country.
      Wise citizens of this fallen Malawi can not condole his actions. He must step down voluntarily or pushed by courts or ambush. If all of these fail death wil sort it out for us

  24. Malindima says:

    Good news for the suspension and this decision should not be opportunistic for mr Kandoje who seems to hate APM with his whole heart. A country that has been depending on donor funding since 1964 has been proven that it immediately struggles financially once the funding stops abruptly.This happened in 1993 and Kamuzu was responsible, in 2011 and Bingu was responsible and just in 2013 with JB being responsible. To expect APM to turn around the economy in just Six months when there are no resources such high expectations without such resources for the short term plan is madness of the high level from the writer. Who says 92b won’t be investigated? This will also take time if not more than two years and therefore this can not be a strategy for quick wins. As Malawians, we have to accept that we will suffer to the worst before things will come better in the long term and it may take more than 5 years or two terms for APM or two or three presidents!
    The message Malawians need to hear is not about donors anymore, but what seeds to grow, increase manufacturing, embark on high quality products for export, reduce imports of unnecessary products that cab produced locally and finally increase exports. Thus the message that we expect from seasoned writers but alas we don’t have such writers!

    1. mwama says:

      Nonsense in your writing sir. Kandoje is correct and o think has written in good faith. Learn to talk sense to your not just praising them.

    2. chakwanuleka says:

      DPP has said 92billion was mere audit queries and no need for investigations.DPP knew pretty well that the world over know them as thieves that looted this country big time and it should have been common knowledge no donor would come forth and yet they went ahead to steal the elections. If they had not forced themselves on the people of Malawi, the donors should have been back. It took JB less than six months to bring the donors back. What are you talking about you?

    3. Phwetse says:

      mbuzi ya munthu iwe Malindima, how can APM approve an increament alibe chili chonse mchola, later saying i will need arrears.

  25. Nothing strange from my fellow commentators. Full of crying for no valid reasons. Blowing issues out of proportion tione mmene zithere

  26. Chalonimazgola says:

    When is the team fom IMF coming? We are in deep shit!

  27. Real Patriot says:

    Nutty Professor Pitala has totally failed this country.At least the Mandasi woman had tried in some things.We are seeing our own country crumbling just because of some few crooks who got through the backdoor and thinks can get away with anything.This country belongs to Malawians and have all the power to kick out these crooks who are messing our beautiful country.Malawi has no leadership at the moment other than a few crooked people who claims to be our politicians.They are just their to fill their own pockets.They have no any regard for a common Malawian.Picking leaders on tribal lines in Malawi will always bring incompetent leaders.Just picking people on mere papers will never bring any change too Malawi.Anthu ena kufika pamenepo amakhala abwereza mayeso ka hundred kuti afike pa ma title opanda ntchito.Malawians they get so much taken with titles.Mere titles do not change things but it needs people who have the stamina to change things.Pakali Pano tisaname palibe chimene chikuyenda pa Malawi.

  28. osaweta jj says:

    Enough of this admini.say something different.

  29. Tengupenya says:

    Cash gate, NACgate, …

  30. Malawianah says:

    My comment goes to mr seems like he is outof his normalmind…why always JB?..why dpp doesnt find other ways to overcome problems without mentioning the name of joyce banda.Onething they must know is that the more they talk about her the more they make people to love her. We are not fools n we are watching them.

  31. kukhala says:


  32. Wawaman says:

    Guduwelo ndi nzako Bwampini mukamapanga ma decisions mutaledzera dziko likuwukilani.ana amene akuzunguliraniwo akufuna akupusitseni,iwo akutenga advice kwa mwana wa tcheya.udf used to create something to divert pples attention.this can not work this time anthu tinapenya.all u are trying to smear your feaces on jb is just childish at the end you will turnout to be fools.

  33. Wosowa kwawo alibe mpumulo says:

    Ma sapota a DPP ndi mbuli zokhazokha

  34. bratusha says:

    I have no doubt whatsoever Peter is the most dull of a president. Woe! Is Malawi.

  35. James Nylons says:

    We are not yet there,Malawians!Let’s tighten our belts!

  36. buluzi says:

    So what is your solution to saving the country Mr. KANDOJE?? If it is still relying on begging from donors then you are as clueless as the rest of Malawians!! The dog that barks and chases the circus as it comes to town is left speechless when the circus stops because he doesn’t know what to do next!! You ask for Mutharika to resign- and then whaaat? You want Chilima to take over??? Or do you want another election immediately- of course paid out of your pocket???not so?? or are you still banking on the donors to pay for another election out of the sheer brainlessness and stupidity of Mlawians-Mlawians with no solutions?? Please tell us Kandoje?? what is the path that you seek?? what are your solutions to the crisis? Please pay the ACB and the Judiciary so that the can do their work on the 92 billion and 24 billion cashgate issues otherwise-who is supposed to do this job??
    tell us Kandoje or just shut your big fat empty tin of a mouth!!!

  37. Onawaka Gondwe says:

    I’m Lesbian 😉

  38. H Kamdidi says:

    If am not dreaming, the quietness of the current administration is so threatening, it may be the same thing. It is possible that the President is dead and as it happened before and party is failing to tell the nation the truth as they are strategizing on how best to circumvent the constitution on succession! How do you explain the quietness of the leadership at a time when the country is facing all these woes! A live president would have come in the open to address the citizenry what his government is doing to sort out issues!

  39. chigawenga says:

    It is not surprising that Malawians are getting shafted by a clueless, nepostistic, corrupt and inept leader. Malawians thought they were out of the quagmire JB left this country under. Alas we got another idiot who is clueless and have no idea on how to run a government. If Malawians did not realise they were making a mistake by allowing this thief in office they are in for a surprise. APM is not interested in the development of this country. He is only interested in how much loot he will amass just as his brother did when he was in office. Sadly Malawians don’t seem to notice the similarities of what took place during Bingu’s last term and what is going on now. Bingu was stashing cash in his house just as APM is doing. He is raising salaries without the consent of parliament. He is treating the treasury as his own bank account. Corruption at its best. I do hope the donors are watching all these shenanigans. The chickens have come to roost to APM and I hope he will do the honorable thing and resign before he sinks this country further. Malawians must and I repeat must take to the streets and make him leave by any means necessary. This is our country and we want it to prosper. Munthalika is eager to clean the treasury with his boot lickers just as his brother did.

  40. padoko says:

    If APM fails, then we have all failed as a nation. Malawians, let us all stand up as a one for our common good.

  41. Fathara says:


    1. Komanso says:

      Mlomwe wachabechabe iwe, sudziwanso ngakhale kulemba chichewa chomveka, ngati sunapite ku Sukulu ungamvetse bwanji kayendetsedwe ka Dzikp? Peter wanuyu walephera basi

  42. kwa phelewera kwathu says:

    We are watching on what is happening. Soon will be there.

  43. What matters is ownership. We better go back to one system of government. Abwere uyu mukuti ayi . Kodi wabwino ndiye akhalauti. A malawinso tilibe pabwino. Nkhani ndi majelasi apa basi.Ambuye Yesu angobwera basi. Anthufe chilipo ndi jelasi. Ndi a Chakwera omwe ndi a majelasi awa. Kkdi olo a Chakwera mutakhala Pulezident mungathe izi. A malawi mudziwe kuti we have no BOP . We export less we import more. Thats our big threat and weakness. Ali yense wabukhu anditsutse apa.

  44. Kadakwiza says:

    President Peter Muthalika must just resign yesterday. He has failed Malawians big time. This President will not help Malawians. The past seven months since he came to power, he only make blunders. But we can’t blame him, but Malawians themselves. I remember Keneth Kaunda of Zambia telling Kamuzu Banda that a Malawi ndi opusa. Now I agree. What political leaders are treating Malawians can’t happen in other countries. Its only in Malawi because its people are so so DULL. Too much ulemu. That is why politicians take advantage. Malawians are pathetic. Politicians can robe them anything, like their rights, their votes, their resources, no actoin can be taken. They only cry to the donors. Until today I don’t understand Malawians. Its them Malawians who can take action, not someone from another country. But just crying like babies. Stand up Malawians and act. Other countries will help only if you started. Mantha too much.

  45. Yetson Nkhoma says:

    Don’t just be there to critisize tell him what to do so that we get out from this economic crisis.we are tired of these criticism shame on you mesa ndinu anzeru kuposa Peter Mutharika?

  46. busy signal says:

    Wht a hell is malawi go thru? Sorry guys it was u who did this! U voted him and I will help u to cry, bt its not too late I’m your new mesiah wht I need is u help me to take out muthalika in wht ever way or u can curse him or kill him I will make Malawi like South Africa trust me. In malawi we got everythin wht it takes bt our choice for the leaders ar poor. Imagine peter muthalika is married nw since he was born which means he had no money by tht tym so pliz help me to take him out and together we can put malawi on a map and make malawi a country of milk and honey not lemon and chillies

  47. Thumbwefu says:


  48. jimbo says:

    An excellent article by Mr Kandoje. He sets out his thoughts clearly and succinctly and hits the nail on the head. In a nutshell, APM and his government are fooling nobody. They deceive themselves if they imagine the people are taken in by their subterfuge and trickery. They underestimate the electorate and have been well and truly found out to be charlatans. They need to change the name of their party; it is anything but democratic and the people’s party. It is the party of APM and those with whom he has surrounded himself. It is the ‘APM Party’.

  49. kester Kaphaizi says:

    Mbuzi ya munthu ndiye Arthur Peter Mutharika

  50. Chikadzakuwani says:


  51. chatty man says:

    Everything has time, I think this was not your appointed time mr president. You are putting this country in danger.!

  52. thiwi says:

    When I first heard corruption is evil I didn’t accept that fact. Guys pano ndazigwira – corruption is really evil. Malawians will continue to suffer if we still let these Asians flooding our country. Trust me our borders are porous, the whole system of our government is corrupt.

  53. acn says:

    This Mutharika bastard has really failed Malawians. GOD HAS REJECTED HIS REIGN. He just need leave now. Let him get back his GREEN CARD and vanish!

  54. chatonda says:

    Peter, how do we know that you are not receiving the revised salaries.? How do we verify that bwana president? You better think twice and of course maturely to take Malawians forward.

    Otherwise, something is boiling underground awaiting to explode anytime soon.

  55. CANAAN says:


  56. Jamie says:

    I know you will not let my message to be seen as i have just learnt you select only those messages against APM. Shame on you. Your motive is to destroy Malawi. Your Chakwera has to wait for the next 5 years not to rule but to participate in an election which he will obviously not win. You people dont love your country. No wonder your master stays in UK. Mwafulumira. Chifukwa ndiye zikupwetekani for 5 years. I dont know, which audience do you target in your column. Is it only those against APM. During JB’s rule you were quite. Suprisingly you never commented anything when cashgate was discovered. Shame on you.

    1. MMALAWI says:

      Headless coward! Iwe ndiye usangalala popeza enafe tilira? But seriously Peter needs to man up and show leadership at this critical juncture of our economic state. His silence is not going to solve the problems. Why did he want to go to State house if he doesn’t want to lead?

  57. ng'eng'a says:

    My 1 & only advice ndiyakuti muvi oyang’anila suchedwa kulowa m’maso nde pliz yesetsani

  58. SIBONDA says:

    If the president was not aware of salary increase then who’s running the government you bastards? Modern politics isn’t about lies or propaganda, it’s about tangible service delivery , full stop. We need an administrator who’s a jack of trades to run this Malawi ,not a single track minded professor.

  59. Gift Kayipa. says:

    God denies you Peter Mutharika,you better step down voluntarily.We malawians voted for Dr Lazarus Chakwera not you Mr APM.unabera ana ake a Mulungu.all the best as you continue facing the realities.

  60. nGangA says:

    Seems like DPP is not yet in the office. From the point of view jb is stl in that office coz evrythn the goverment is doin, its bn pointed @ jb. Can some1 tel dpp 2 get in the office n stat workn…
    Big up kandoje

  61. davie martin bandah says:

    Let’s stop pointing fingers to someone let’s join hands and see a way out in these challenges we are in now

  62. Patriot says:

    should we begin to conclude that this panel of ruling octogenarians is becoming
    more senile?
    The answer is YES

  63. Dusty says:

    Peter! Peter! Ukundimvetsa chisoni,sindinaone professor ouma mutu ngati iwe.Malawi is not a classroom or a lecture theatre but a government.If your vision was based on college like then you missed it pliz pack your makajinya and go back to the states mukarere adzukulu.

  64. nkunthamasese says:

    92,000,000,000 vs 13,000,000,000 APM a disgrace.kumeneko timati kubisala pa chipande. In parliament apm could stay the whole 4wks not saying anything. kungodya ma allowance for nothing. Academic freedom saga, apm said nothing as minister of education. I don’t know the criteria Malawians followed to vote him into power!. all USA presidents none were professors. tsono ife matama eti? our prof. is without wisdom. it’s unfortunate amuna ndife died otherwise putting him there he would be much better than what we see. amen.

  65. Livulezi river says:

    ” should we begin to conclude that this panel of ruling octogenarians is becoming more senile?”, end of quote. In my note making of this whole story, this is the strongest statement ever to be made by a columnist!!! Wakuva aveeeee!!!! As for me, No comment as of now, comment reserved!!!!

  66. Dick says:

    Mr. Kandoje, It is high time that the president should consider resigning honorably. Folks, can we point what Peter has done so far apart from the following:
    1. NACgate through BEAM, NIB , Mlakho
    2. Bribing the journalists with money and activists with board member or chair positions
    3. Raising hefty perks for president, VP, Ministers, MPs and Leaders of opposition amid economic crisis
    4. Nepotistic appointments of top positions
    5. Unprocedural dismissal of officers that need compensation e.g. DPP Kalemba
    6. Salary delays for primary school teachers
    8.Hiking of passports, licences and taxes
    9. Paying a deaf ear to strikes e.g. judiciary
    10. Worsening national security e.g VP and Atupele robbed
    11. Selective trial of corruption cases e.g. Muluzi
    12. No progress on Lake Malawi and Tanzania dispute
    13. Hiking of prices for basic needs e.g bread, sugar
    14. Fooling Malawians of lean cabinet when he has hired many nepotistic advisers
    15. Lavish spending with 68 delegates to UN and putting up in expensive hotels in USA

    1. Jamie says:

      Foolish analysis.

  67. Mike says:

    Wll malawi develop with these writings?i think the answer z NO!wy alwz writing negatv about ur own counyry?sham on u

    1. bratusha says:

      You must be a moron of a person. Do you expect someone in the right frame of mind would in praise of this nauseating leadership? Fuck you! People like you are damn enemies of Malawi.

    2. Momo sam says:

      write your article and show us your positives because alot of malawians dont see any if you cant SHAME ON YOU TOO.

    3. Funzo says:

      No shame in telling the truth. A free press is so important.

    4. Odala Tili Odala says:

      Who said it is by .ignoring a problem, a country develops?

  68. Mmihavani says:

    Aaa tatopa ndi kuwerenga zimenezi. Can you tell us what we should do in order to develop our country

    1. zowona says:

      ur concept of development is shallow

    2. ujeni says:

      Direct that question to your president, the writter just like you is airing his concern.

  69. Virus Lwazi says:

    Peter ndi nyasi inu kaya nokha amene munamuvotela

  70. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    Mutharika is a liar, a cheat, corrupt, Tribalist, Nepotist, thief and incompetent. To add to it he is ugly unbefitting a state President with an egly wife to match. This President cannot last 6 more months he is destined for the dustbin of history. Mutharika looks lost and is lost. What made Mutharika think he could run the affairs of state? This man is a dunkard and deserves no support or respect.

    1. Malindima says:

      When an angry person barks,it happens in the absence of thinking intact he/ she becomes insane at that moment!

  71. Walani says:

    If am not wrong i heard thas it is on budget line; by the wy who pass budget an wat dscusion this article tolking about?

    1. Jelbin mk says:

      Mr walani be learned,the finance minister is the one who prepares a national budget helped by civil servants he presents his budget to the cabinet for approval after wards the finance minister goes to the August house for his budget to be approved by the house its only after wards that the government can start using the budgeted revenue. And that’s why your president appointed Goodall first as a cabinet minister in order to prepare the budget so don’t question answers because the finance minister on his own does not make decisions unless a cabinet meeting is conducted in order to reach at one junction.

  72. Fulu says:

    Phew… at least everyone is now seeing what the DPP administration is- Pathetic and incompetent fools. Funny enough, we still have supporters who are blindly royal and vocal to/for this administration. How can we see any changes then? We still are going to be tossed around like pawns.

  73. Mnkatolilira u prezdent ndendiumenewotu. Msovenge, masitaraka ali pwirikiti ngati ogulitsa.

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