Mutharika press Zuma to end SA anti-foreigner attacks: Malawi leader wants SADC action

Malawi President Peter Mutharika, who is currently in United States, has said he is pursuing the anti-African migrants violence issue with South African President Jacob Zuma , “to do all, within his power” to end afrophobic attacks as his government  is evacuating back home affected Malawian citizens.

President Peter Mutharika: Wants SADC to discuss the matter

President Peter Mutharika: Wants SADC to discuss the matter

Mugabe 'Shocked,  disgusted' by SA's xenophobic violence him an idiot?

Mugabe ‘Shocked, disgusted’ by SA’s xenophobic violence him an idiot?

Zuma: Tells migrants to return back to South Africa when calm returns

Zuma: Tells migrants to return back to South Africa when calm returns

Mutharika said in a statement sent to Nyasa Times from New York that he learnt “with much regret and sadness” on the xenophobic attacks in South Africa in his first public reaction to the violence that has swept parts of Durban and Johannesburg.

“These attacks are uncalled for, and should be condemned by all peace loving people, all over the world,” President Mutharika said.

Mutharika’s government is repatriating over 1,000 Malawian citizens who have been affected with the anti-foreigner violence in South Africa.

“For those brothers and sisters caught in this unfortunate violence, I urge you, to urgently get in touch with the Malawi High Commission in Pretoria, and the Consulate in Johannesburg. The process of bringing out Malawians, interested to leave South Africa, and flee the violence, has since commenced,” Mutharika said.

“Let me assure the people of Malawi, that my Government, is doing everything possible, to evacuate all those willing to return home,” added the Malawi leader.

Mutharika said he has set up an Inter-Ministerial Committee, to coordinate the process of repatriation, for all those Malawians currently in South Africa, and are willing to return home, immediately.

The Committee, he said, comprises of Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr George Chaponda, who is chairing it, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Atupele Muluzi (Vice Chairman), and Francis Kasaila, MP, Minister of Transport and Public Works, (Member).

Mutharika said in the meantime he is “pursuing this matter with, President Jacob Zuma, to do all, within his power, to end this painful ordeal of Malawians in South Africa, whose only crime, is to go and work in South Africa to earn a living. “

Zuma has since said in a televised speech after he visited the refugee camp in the Chatsworth area of Durban – after cancelling a trip to Indonesia – that: “We are certainly going to stop the violence.”

Addressing migrants who were planning to return to their home countries, Zuma who was reportedly heckled by some in the crowd said: “Those who want to go home, when the violence stops you are welcome to return.”

Malawi President Mutharika has said he will also raise the issue with President Robert Mugabe, as Chairman of SADC, “especially to ensure that this matter is discussed at the impending SADC Extraordinary Summit, scheduled to be held soon, in Harare.”

Mugabe said on Saturday during a speech at a football stadium in Harare to mark 35 years of Zimbabwe’s independence that all Africans in South Africa should be treated with dignity.

As chair of both the Southern African Development Community and African Union, Mugabe said: “I would want now to express our sense of shock, disgust, as we abhor the incidences which happened in Durban.”

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45 thoughts on “Mutharika press Zuma to end SA anti-foreigner attacks: Malawi leader wants SADC action”


    referendum is necessary to decide the future of Africa. these leaders are leading us to destruction with their colonial mentality n inheritance of system Africans are one VIVA USAFRICA

  2. Yamie says:


  3. Wodzichepetsa says:

    mpala wake umenewo angakhale munthu olongosoka

    womanising too much

  4. golden eye says:

    Jobs are created through small and medium scale businesses, what needs to be done is to urge Govt to open up policies which will deliberately empower the youth and all those will to become Entrepreneurs, also to pressurise banks to soften their strings of conditiond one to undergo when borrowing from them…which I hardly believe can be pursued.

  5. kamuje says:

    This is unwelcome development, condemned all over the world.

  6. Tukombo says:

    Mr President, your people are being killed in South Africa, this is a humanitarian urgency, but stupid Mathanyula decides to go to dinner in the USA.

  7. A Big Man Says says:

    Malawi, a God fearing Nation, its people very friendly, God will punish anyone who will try to destroy us. May God Bless Our Nation, Amen.

  8. Masoapatali says:

    How do I differentiate Goodwill Zwelithini, Zuma and Peter Muthalika? They are both tribalists and pursue the same agenda. On the other hand, this is the time for African leaders to think of what they can do for their people instead of relying on the nations to employ their citizens. Can’t we create jobs in Malawi? Nigerians top the migrants countries in the world because of overpopulation and corruption, Malawians are on top trekking down south because of poverty, nepotism/tribalism, more of economic refugees. Interestingly for Malawians, they take up same jobs they don’t to do in their native land (houseboys). Of course I understand the issue is about the waged. Better wages in RSA than in Malawi. It is a similar case with other African migrants. In RSA it seems easy to set up a business. You can easily get goods because they are locally produced. Can’t other African business create such opportunities for their citizens? I believe South Africans cannot hate you when you go there as a tourist. But when you get too much into depending on them economically zotsatira zake ndi hate basi. Believe you me, Malawians hate Burundians. Kungoti they fail to chase them. Aliyense somehow amaganizako mwa xenofobia in some way. Tisapusitsanepo apa.

  9. Mashamase says:

    Zuma wofunika baseball butt pa chigabada kuti afulumile kusiya kumenya abale anthu or tumani isis ikamumalize

  10. andrew says:

    no black against another black south africa should pay for what you have
    done for innocent people

    1. andrew says:

      africa is for africa we all belong to one family one skin ?why should you kill our own brothers and sisters

  11. Deal With southafricans livin in Malawi

  12. Isaacs says:

    Thats good to hear,but mr president of ours,u should act in time even we have alread lost our relatives & friends.And Mr zwellithini,or mr what?he shld punished for what he encourage the zulu pple to kill innocent pple like animals.God should punish them for what they condenmed.

  13. Tiyanjane says:

    Today, King Zelithwithini and ANC President Zuma together with other high profile South Africans and religious leaders have made powerful commitments to act on and end xenophobia. sportspeople and artist also pledged their roles in dealing with this evil act. So if Malawi President is procrastinating as he usually does, his action will definitely be dilute and of no impact. Comrade Mugabe and Edgar Lungu already told Zuma what to expect if his people are left unchecked.

  14. nyalungwe says:


  15. Yakobe Munthali says:

    Mr President, this is what is needed, tell these idiots, we are not afraid of them. God job mr president

  16. Just ban south africa from participatinh in any form of trade with other african countries,because they think like dogs

  17. matako says:

    Good gesture but a bit too late Mr. president. why does it take those on social media to urge you to issue a statement? one would have thought your so called advisers would have known better by urging you to do so immediately just as Zimbabwe and Zambia did. You lack leadership qualities if indeed you can not act without your advisers. Some things require simple common sense but again common sense may not be common at all especially in the eyes of this clueless inept corrupt administration.

  18. Ndine yemwe uja says:

    lets call Boko Haramu to finish these blanfaken pipo

  19. nshilimubemba says:

    These ignorant south africans ;what they dont know is that their enemy is migrant africans but their own leaders who have lifted them slavery they lived under the white rule.Now what they do is blame those few imigrants from from neighbouring countries .Zuma has so much from them but cant see it , they still use buckert latrines and live in those squalors while zuma has taken all money to his nkhandla kingdom. African countries have these ungratefull south africans creat jobs for them by providing market for their shoprite;where ever there is shoprite production of goods is done by these crazy people.those are some the jobs africans have created for these salvages who kill people like goats to eat. I cant blame so strongly those thurgs in the streets but their government who dont see their own as important but rubish, no planning good future south africa is a failed state

  20. omawe says:

    Osauka alibe mawu.

  21. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Let’s give respect to our Ngonde ( Mwakyusa ) people who stopped these Benguni to go as far as Egypt.

  22. zanga phee says:

    Nafenso tiyeni tiwakhaulitse a ku south Africawa posagula malonda awo amene amatibweretsera ku shoprite komanso onse amene akugwira ntchito kuno , koma kwawo ndi ku South Africa , tiyeni nawonso amange azipita kwawo tatopa ndi ulemu, kodi kukhala ndi choncho, tiye nawoni ,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  23. Amawo says:

    Many times Malawi has been mocked for one reason or another.
    TODAY Malawi and its government stands head and shoulders above the African countries and indeed in the world.
    Malawi with its little resources has arched its back, pulled its shoulders up and looked South Africa straight in the eyes and said, …………Malawi shall do everything to protect its people. We thank our governnent for decisive action to evacuate its citizens in South Africa.

  24. Mzungu Michael says:

    You blammed white south africans for killing these idiots, now you are complaining? The whites knew better about these Zulus, apart from rape and robberies they are good for nothing. Ah well, but that could just as well do for the average black perso!

  25. Vimbuza Masekese says:

    Give us Muckraking
    Give us Muckraking
    Give us Muckraking
    Give us Muckraking

  26. MANKIND says:



  27. Innocent says:

    lets join hands and help our friends who are on their way coming back. And ndinakakonda titasiya kugwilisa ntchito wina wakatundu wawo.monga ma groceries

  28. Boyd Kilembey says:

    The problem are the political leaders who do not create jobs in their own countries. Who is to blame for Zimbos to be in South Africa. Can somebody tell me how many jobs have been created in Malawi since 1994. These issues can not be resolves at SADC or any level. It is a perception problem that foreigfners are taking over south african jobs.
    Now yoy repatriate these Malawians, what will they be doing in Malawi, going to dance at political meetings? In fact expect a rise in crime…..

  29. Patriot says:



    SADC and AU must impose SANCTIONS on South Africa so that they may feel the pain as the same way our brothers and sisters have been killed and displaced no one and NO ONE can condone xenophobia i have seen it, this is inhuman, if we had AFRICAN COURT we could have institute the application so that PRESIDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA must be held accountable for XENOPHOBIA and charged as he failed to discipline his own SON Edward Zuma and also to put in order his King Zulu. South Africa must educate its citizens and the attacks on FOREIGNER Nations is totally uncalled for, AFRICA UNITE, AFRICA UNITE, we are Africans and we are one please when people look at AFRICA as a whole what they says SHAME South Africa.

    Malawi as a whole please musanyengelele South Africa we need FULLY ACTION that may put this XENOPHOBIA to an end once and for all, no fear

  31. Yakowela says:

    I totally agree with # 1. All African countries should ban South African Airways landing rights and never to book on this airline. They can feel it and their Rand will start crumbling.

  32. A nyima says:

    Paladin africa kayelekera mine in karonga is still keeping south africans when all malawian employees hv been retrenched. The holding positions that malawian can do eg human resource, accountant , stores and procurement officers. Chase them we dont need them here in addition they dont have work permit.

  33. chatonda says:

    Has the President sent his letter to Zuma or it just came to Malawi media for the sake of gaining popularity? Or else should we also go back with our History and send back all the Ngonis who are from South Africa originally? Tiwakwapule nawonso azipita kwawo? It is possible and they will have their cessession right there at their back yard instead of doing it here in Malawi.

  34. ujeni says:

    Mutharika hates Northerners, he was caught on tape saying it. Between him , King Zwelithini and Zuma’s son, we can’t separate.

  35. kiko says:

    Abandon SA in all business sector

  36. James Vanasio says:

    I plead with u boho haram clue,pliz show SAns w@ u r. Teach dem how 2 live. Slaughter dem where pocbo jst lyk dey ‘ve done 2 our beloved ones

  37. Al miradge says:

    South Africa is not an island,these barbaric activities should be condemned with all possible terms and South Africans should be educated about human dignity and what Africa stand for.I may be in South Africa, but I will always be a proud Malawian.God bless Africa.Lisiku line tachiika kumangwetu .

  38. Keen Follower says:

    The ones who delivered speeches to incite violence must be tried at international court of justice. This is crime against humanity

  39. Uchindami says:

    Mutharika can never press Zuma! How can you press a leader of one of the richest countries in Africa in his own country? The South African leader’s full name is Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma. Check the meaning of the middle name. It means laughing at something. The AmaZulu are very proud people!

  40. Kwame says:

    Why so late our president to make a statement to jacob zuma to end xenophobia when south africans started long time harassing foreigners and when even some some foreigners have lost their lives by being burnd and hacked like they are killing animals? Have seen the pictures of how the ones who lost their lives were killed or you just hear stories mr president? There is no country without foreigners. Infact the south african economy is stable because of foreigners who come to import products from there. Most South africans without proper education are too lazy and it is foreigners who work in sa whites, shops, factories, farms just to mention a few when s. Africans are busy sleeping under bridges and streets robbing people. Shame those disgranted s. Africans who are doing such evil things by chasing foreigners. Those pple are so cluel. There are a lot of ngonis here who settled in Mzimba and ntcheu who were evin given chieftainships the mbelwa, mzukuzuku, gomani and many many all who ran away from Tchaka Zulu cival war. What are you talking u south africans. Tell ur fellow ngonis to come back there. Amangwetu that is not how we should live. Lets fear God who even created you.

  41. Urge mozambican to cut power for south african selfish people

  42. Zanga Phee! says:

    Do we still have that mutti of turning sand to bees in Malawi if we still have please bring in South Africa we need to avenge for our brothers and sisters.Don’t forget to collect that mutti in Nsanje of of turning rob as a crocodile it will also bring it we are waiting from anybody who knows.See my name.

  43. The Brother leader Ahmad jamahirya juma says:

    Time of apartheid those government leaders was hiding in our countries whillemandela mbeki was acommodating in zambia. Oriver tambo uganda.
    And athers in our country.
    But today they forgoted. We’ve got ngoni in this malawi we working together .
    God watch every thing.
    Luckdube said; thats is way

  44. ferdinand of aragon says:

    Boycott their chicken and apples from shoprite,don’t watch dstv,don’t teach kids SA history,expel the companies,freeze imports from SA and ban SA Airways.

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