Mutharika prides himself over Malawi ‘success’ on economic front

Malawi President Peter Mutharika says Malawians should appreciate that his administration has put  effective economic strategies since he took over power in 2014 and said he was poised to will deliver all that he promised in the campaign.

Strictly presidential romantic dance: Malawi leader and his deputies with their spouses on Valentine day

Strictly presidential romantic dance: Malawi leader and his deputies with their spouses on Valentine day

He cited the reduction of fuel prices as a huge example of visible and tangible strides that his administration is making eight months after assuming power.

Mutharika was speaking in the capital Lilongwe on Saturday night during Valentines’ fundraising dinner and dance organized by his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

He said the economy is being well driven to boost growth.

“Our reserves [at the time I was taking over government] had only three to four weeks import cover in foreign exchange,” said the Mutharika adding; “We now have four to five months import cover; US$600 million at Reserve Bank of Malawi and about US$300 to US$400 million with commercial banks and forex bureaus which has led to the depreciation of the kwacha.”

He explained that it was the first time in Malawi’s history to achieve such economic success.

Mutharika, who came to power in May last year after defeating Joyce Banda in an election, has advocated for donations from the World Bank and other international donors in order to relieve the “almost bankrupt” country.

He said the decision to cut aid – after the Cashgate scandal – had contributed to the country’s economic hardship.

Malawi’s plight worsened in January when severe floods left more than 170 people dead and 200,000 homeless.

The Malawi leader pointed out, that some of the promises from the DPP manifesto had already been accomplished while other projects were underway.

“We have launched the Civil Service Reform Commission, subsidized cement and iron sheets, opened the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST),” said the President.

He added that construction of Mombera University in Mzimba district was underway.

Vice President Saulos Chilima had hailed President Mutharika as patient calm persistent and focused clarifying that those are the qualities that have made him pull through from campaign, through elections to the present success.

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70 thoughts on “Mutharika prides himself over Malawi ‘success’ on economic front”

  1. zilipo says:

    The president got the fuel thingy wrong – blatant lie befitting the brutal negative response on nyasatimes. Stitch up your mouth Mr President, Malawians are NO kids. I wish the President or his lieutenants read the responses here. I guess APM would be covering his face in embarrassment. ALL the people in this Government have NO heart for people. It’s an insult to the Malawian people on a grand scale to lie blatantly. Boma limeneli lili ndi anthu ozikonda. Can anyone tell me any person in this government who has the grassroots level reach?

  2. Jang`ala says:

    Asiyeni enawo azitokota enafe tili pa mbuyo panu bwana pitilizani ntchito yabwino mwayambayo

  3. Tsitsani mitengo yazinthutu,ngati muli a economist za ziiii basi bozda losawona nalo nthawi big man ngati inu kkkkkkk!

  4. Manzy j says:

    Iwe ogo ndi kape wa makape onse padziko lino lapansi. Ichitsiru idiot ndiwe galu kwambiri umafuna apresidident azikupatsa ndalama? Iwe unganene president kuti idiot ugalu wanji umenewo? Wandipweteketsa mtima wamva. Ngati amakunyansansani osangochoka mmalawimuno bwanji? Nthawi yakampeni ija suma ima nawo bwanji ngati ndiwe wanjeru? Su idiot wako omwewo umakuopesa? Umaona ngati kutsogolera dziko lonse ndikofanana ndikutsogolera mpingo eti.

  5. Chigawenga says:

    Mr president you may think your honey moon is still in progress for us we say your honeymoon is over. You can parade and try to convince us that your administration has made great strides in improving our lives something which remains to be seen. Our country is still in a mess and your lack of transparency and accountability continues to tarnish our country’s image. Case in point, your brother made dubious deals with Mota Engil during his tenure. The deals included construction of Ndata farm at the expense of Malawian tax payers. Loyalties from Kayelekere mine were being deposited into Bingu’s accounts in Australia and Portugal. Your administration has continued that behavior. Your administration is not any different from Bingu’s who almost bankrupted this country until Abiti Mtila came to our rescue. Lately you have once again borrowed money from Mota Engil to prop-up the kwacha, the very same organization that did dubious business with your brother. You once again fail Malawians. Your dubious deals with Mota Engil are not transparent. You continue your corrupt ways and expect the legitimate donors to forgive you. You are not not different from the DPP of yesterday. You continue be corrupt, untrustworthy and above all arrogant. Just as your brother was. The sad part about all this is that poor Malawians are the ones who will have to pay for this greed of yours.

  6. chotsani Phiri says:

    Fuel dropped due to international petrol price drop.
    How can a whole president LIE?

  7. Nambewe says:

    Mungomemesana basi

  8. Macford M'bama says:

    I think this economic strides is only political otherwise people struggle to find money. Very little money in circulation. May be because the President has everything for free thus why he is making noise.

    We are really struggling Mr. President. Life is difficult.


  9. Simeon Nyapala says:

    I agree that fuel prices have gone down even at world level however with our situation is different coz the govt could have used that money to beef up the budget but this govt hasnt done that. I am sure we need to thank them for this. On

  10. Wodzichepetsa says:

    Mai chilima , blue ali ndi ma function ake

    Bwana akonde bambo?

  11. PAPAYA says:

    In our dreams peter, ur govt is corrupt.

  12. OGO!! says:

    Price of fuel dropped the world over not only in Malawi you idiotic President. The whole world experienced a drop in the fuel prices at the pumps..siza economy yanu or what so ever in any case its shambolic.

    As of now the fuel pprices has started to increase again..tikuonani kuti muti chani. Forex…in ur dreams mumaiona ndinu nokhatu..anthu akukanika kupeza $2000 in one week through the bank so what the fuck are you talking about.

    Auzeni anthu chilungamo..kapena nzakuntundu kunamaku?

  13. hotlips says:

    Import cover mukuwerengera ndalama za mmatumba aweni ndi ngongole yat Mota Engil. A bit of truth would be appreciated.

  14. nosisye says:

    Come on Malawi.Does it mean that these so called presidents of malawi take every one in the country as illeterates.Which economic improvements is this mbuzi president referring to? By which standard of measure? Infact all presidents from Muluzu should apologise to the malawi nation for failing malawi like this.Go to our neighbouring countries Zambia,Tanzania and Mozambique you will appreciate that the economies are growing and it is benefitting even the people at grassroots.Compare these countries with malawi and immediately you think something is not right in malawi.What are we going to say to our grandchildren in relation to pathetic situation in malawi.We are not going to be forgiven.We malawi we too deserve development in all aspects.As of now there is nothing to show in malawi in relation to development.It is poverty all over but it amazing how our leadership become so quickly power intoxiacated that they quickly become blind to reality.Let everyone who was once on the helm of malawi leadership apologise to the nation for making malawi the most undeveloped country despite having all the peace since independence.It is very ironic that our leadership travel all over Africa and they see what it means when we say a country is developing.But what does our leadership do they take advantage of rampant illeterace in the country cheating the population that things are moving while it is the opposite.It is sad APM has taken the same tune.Will Malawi ever have a president who will have the interest of the suffering? Alas it is always ndale and their personal interests.We Malawians have sufferred alot despite our hard working.Wil we ever has a president who will have our plight in his/her heart? What crime have we done to deserve this?Go pa Tanzania,pa zambia,pa mozambique pomwepa and compare with us tears just roll down your cheeks.Why have we been treated like this by our leadership??

  15. Nyasoko says:

    I don’t like the story, I just love the photo. Beautiful and Priceless.

  16. Mabasa says:

    The price of fuel is coming down not because of your so called “good economic policies” Mr President.The price of the commodity has tumbled on the world market so it is obviously fair that locally the price of fuel should also come down.Stop fooling the nation!
    Just last week you were almost in tears begging for aid from the donor community to prop up your cash- strapped administration.

  17. Mukutinji a Malawi? says:

    When fuel prices go up, people blame the president, calling him all sorts of names. when fuel prices go down, even the wide mouthed Muckracker remain mute. So when the president blows a resounding whistle after fuel price reduction, is he wrong? May be only in the eyes of the Yankees, I hope! Why, the always see things in the opposite! Typical of these robots at a railway crossing. Wina akaphwisa amati sadaphwise, ngati asaphwise amati waphwisa. Yankee mentality. Mtundu wothimbilira zedi ndi ena ama lock a orange a chi na Musonda a PPwa!

  18. walewaley says:

    Reduction of fuel prices on pumps has not yet helped ordinary Malawians, because prices of basic things and fares remain the same, so what economic magic is this?

  19. duwa says:

    Mafuta mwatsitsa nanga mtengo wokwelera mini bus bwanji siukutsika mpaka lero? A Mini Bus Association of Malawi mukuchitapo chiyani? Anthu tikulipira mini bus mitengo yokwera yomwe ija koma mafuta atsika mtengo, koma mafuta akakwera, nthawi yomweyo mumakweza mitengo ya ma mini bus. Kodi zikomere mbuzi kugunda galu?

  20. moto mwikho says:

    Most of you will never make it as President of even a village football club. You must ensure your criticisms do not border on sour grapes.

  21. Antiracist says:

    An even bigger idiot than his brother, Big Kahuna!

  22. Dziwani says:

    Even South Africa the government has reduced the price of fuel. What are you talking about Mr president

  23. changatomba says:

    Indeed we are understand, kuti inu ndi amene mwapangitsa kuti mafuta atsike mtengo chifukwa munali ndimphamvu yakuletsa kuti asatsike chifukwa ndiutsongoleli wanu chimodzi modzi nthawi ya utsongoleli wa Joyce mafuta amakwera every 3 months kumphatikizilapo magetsi timantha kumvetsa chifukwa unali ulamuliro wawo okwedza zinthu ndi kungwetsa ndalama yanthu ya kwacha komanso catchgate. So Mr president, I mean APM keep on updating us whatever it takes to be updatable now and again you us proud. From Mangochi

  24. brutsha says:

    I always get sick with how Malawians define success. Is having an import cover of 5 to 6 months a success? Really? An economy that talks about import cover means is at struggling stage. And you cant call that success. Why are we so unambitious as a nation? Anthu oti mwayenda kwambiri mayiko ambiri akunja and you pretty much know what entails success koma ndikumapanga choncho bwanji? Goshi!!!!

  25. ujeni says:

    Fuel price has gone down on the world market. Is Peter Mutharika telling us Malawi has oilfields which we even refine our own oil? Silly President trying cheap lies to impress villagers

  26. Mlauzi says:

    Driving along the M1 yesterday I was sad to see chimanga cha yellow m`mindamu. Chaka chino kuli njala ndithu, and it is not just the floods. Feteleza wa subsidy mwalephera kugawa moyenelera.

    Reduction in fuel prices is a global phenomenon. Komanso ku Malawi kuno mwatsitsa mochepera kuyerekeza ndi reduction in global FOB prices. Nanga bwanji interest rates mukulephera kutsitsa? Osamangonamiza wandu iyayi(kunena kwa a Chair)

  27. Chimwemwe says:

    While I have no inside information to dispute what the president is saying, I have problems of him citing the reduction of fuel price as one example of things going well. Come on Mr President, there is a global trend of fuel reduction. I know for sure that both Zambia and Tanzania have recently reduced pump price more than once and the reason is the reduced fuel price at global level, nothing to do with improved national economical policies. As I said this is just one wrong example by the president. I sure do hope the policies in place are good and working as claimed. I am particularly happy that our import cover is much improved as the president states. we were indeed talking of weeks of cover in the past few months. It is therefore refreshing to hear that we have graduated into months. Kudos for that. I want to believe it is true.

  28. Ndikutelo says:

    Munthu akutibwatika ndi bodza uyu,kodi a Muthalika onse bodza ndi chikhalidwe chawo? Palibe achievement Ina ili yonse yomwe yachitika,amakhala mafuta atsika pa dziko lonse ndi 50% moti inu mukuwabela a Malawi. Zinthu ndi zodula kwambiri,ikakhala kwacha yakhazikika chifukwa cha ngongole komanso ma donations. Ndie bodza lanulo mwina mukaname mwa Goliati. Ife Ai!!!!!!!

  29. Jelbin mk says:

    Listen all of u the DPP illiterates fuel prices d dropped world widely and for your own information the price dropped with 50% and theft we see only 10% of offer local price drop which really vindicates Mtombo’s assertion that Muntharika is a hypocrite of the highest order ever existed. Secondly the illegal president is lying to say when they got into government there was an import cover of two to three weeks the truth is that when these thieves took over there was an import cover of about 2-3 months you can check with the reserve bank for details if interested. Three this person you call president who went into government through stolen votes is a liar of his own type he is not ashamed of lying even in front of the media and he forgets that anything that enters the media’s mic is being recorded for historical purpose and what kind of history will he make after his tenure of office lies? Remember fellow sober minded citizens this crook lied under an oath about his brother’s death,he lied of not sleeping in an extraordinary expensive hotel in America during world summit and now he is lying about import cover and fuel price reduction of which we all know that its because of the reduced price at world market only him and his ministers don’t know that fact and if I have to believe his saying then I will regard myself too stupid to also believe that even here in South Africa it’s because of Peter’s efforts that the fuel price is down What a crap of president do we have!!!!!!! A liar!!!!!!!!

  30. A President chonde musazayankhurenso zoti fuel wasika chifukwa cha inu muzingozichotsera ulemu chifukwa aliyense akudziwa kuti inu palibe chimene mwachita kupatula kukwatira Getrude.

  31. Yemweyo says:

    Kodi mai chilima dress ya red alibe? Paliponse party colours basi. Kukonza kapansi eeee aposa eniake a buluuuu kikikiki

  32. Jebison Slindine Nyoni says:

    Our politicians will never learn. They take advantage of high illiteracy levels in Malawi to lie. No wonder they are not keen on improving the education sector for fear that Malawians can rise against them. I didn’t know this so called professor is bulutu wotheratu!!!

  33. Hello says:

    Chilungamo chake nchakuti mitengo yamafuta yatsika padziko lonse lapansi chifukwa choti USA yachulutsa zitsime zamafuta kwawoko. Mtengo wa petulo ku USA sukudutsa K250 pa litala imodzi mzigawo zina. Malawi imayenera kutsitsa zedi mitengo yake poti palipano ndife amodzi amaiko amene mafuta akudula zedi padziko lonse lapansi. Chonde a Pulezidenti athu auzeni chilungamo a Malawi pankhani yakutsika mtengo wamafuta. Ndikhulupirira kuti sukulu yanu ya ukadaulo pankhani ya malamulo siloleza bodza.

  34. 5555 says:

    Iwe Kachamba ulibe school!! fuel prices are not down because of your Peter!!! there is an automatic adjustment mechanisms for fuel prices based on the fluctuation of the dollar!! read !!

  35. Kenkkk says:

    Soon fuel prices will increase as crude oil market prices improve. Will the president acknowledged that as a his govt failure when Malawi pump prices start to increase? Interesting!!!

  36. B Njiwa says:

    There is no any achievement i have seen so far,show me guys

  37. kachamba says:

    I don’t understand Malawias allways kunyoza basi wina akati achite bwino ngwakuba ameneyo akati asauke timaziwa ife kuti zizatero amanyada ndichuma chawo,kwenikweni ndichiti but remember Apm ngwapa earth siwakumwamba ayi kapena simulungu ayi anyway ndimanvesa olo mwana wa mulungu alipa dziko lapansi anakanidwa kunyozedwa Apm ndindani koma tieni a Malawi wina akapanga chabwino lets support him akalephera tieni timulimbikise not kunyozana.komanso opanga benefit ndifetomwe,ngati mafuta sanasike iweyo uzigula pa ntengo wa k860.20 ife tisiye tizigula pa k696. basi

    1. ujeni says:

      Iwe Kachamba wasuta? Do we have oilfields in Malawi, thats the first question, secondly Where are the oil Refineries in Malawi? at Ndata mwina.

      1. chakwanuleka says:

        Uyu si kachamba koma wachamba

  38. alubi says:

    The fuel have gone down all over the world its not about the policy ,boza limenelo,nenani zina Mr president.

  39. 5555 says:

    Peter !!! fuel is down because of you????? Everyone even my agogo knows why fuel is down and NOT YOU

  40. MCP GVT says:

    Congratulation mr. President. Fuel price has indeed gone down due to what u call yo good governance. I hope fertilizer for we local ppo without cars will come back to K3000 from K20,000. We know u Prof. U r a good man. Malawians r all kids, they don’t know anything. So let’s cheat them. U’ve forgotten one of yo achievement mr. President. ‘salary increament among civil servants, especially the juniors’ and the massive strikes in Unima, courts, ACB, Parliament & many more. They r all yo achievements. We salute u sir.

  41. Jacob chitseko says:

    Boma ilo, udiuko

  42. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Chendere!! Uzimuza mkazako zopusazo.

    Who told you that politics means telling people lies all time.

  43. Patriot says:



    We seem to be going in cycles.
    During the 2004-2014 DPP administration the nation was told lies that our economy had improved second to United Arab Emirates when in the actual sense our economy was worse tha Somalia.

  45. Chichi says:

    Amalawi ndi anthu ochenjela osamawanamiza ayi ngati kuti mukuuza mwana. We know the truth about fuel pricing and we know it not your effort. We even know that MERA is a big crook by not abiding to the international pricing policy, shame!!!!!!!

  46. Mposwa says:

    My view is that the kwacha appreciates bcoz of PTA loan swap and inflow of floods Asistance. Fuel price is due to global market…..we r not there yet. The price shud be less than a dollar per liter….akutibelabe anthu amenewa.

  47. MK says:


    1. Malindima says:

      Seems you don’t understand the factors that move the prices.

  48. fuel prices are down but look at the prices of commuters, goods, still high so why should we appreciate the regime for??

  49. likoswe says:

    Its very shameful to know that our prophessor thinks that we are ignorant. who doesnt know that fuel reduction is due to outside forces. ndale za amphawi

    1. We must be proud if see any improve keep on insulting mr president sanje mukalowa nazo mpaka mumanda enanu guys mukuwonjeza kutukwana kwanuko ife timupephelera Mr President kuti man plan awo onse must be fulfilled like he said Mombera unima Nsanje inland port. I am disagree to one of commentator saying malawi cannot develop oh man you don’t have ways that you think you can suggest to malawian that can make malawi develop don’t just knows criticising other while you don’t have any ideals. Unemployment is a world problem kaya awapase ntchito momuno will not stop people going abroad for green pasture. One run away her own country she is enjoying abroad our taxes and anagwesa kwacha kumasangala kuti I have made an achievement while goods kukwera ife kuwombera manja see where she now eating jet money. Maize she said sold and plundering public money at capital. Aliyese ali ndi ubwino wake ndi kufoka kwake so phuma kunyoza mungowondapo apa. APM akudya phe akugwira ntchito yake tinamupasa bravooo dpp ,Apm and people of malawi kkkkkkkkkk

  50. chakwanuleka says:

    I am now beginning to wonder what kind of a professor we have in Malawi. Fuel price reduction has been influenced by external factors due to the fall in fuel prices on the world market. These fellows borrowed money from PTA bank to stabilise the local currency from excessive depreciation. What is it that he can be proud of. So far the only tangible thing he has done in seven months is getting married, that’s all. He is a waste of space on plot number one. Chilima yes we can testify the guy is doing something

  51. INU Lalirani says:

    what about the depreciation of the Kwacha? Is it also due to the reduction of fuel prices on international market? Lets be frank and appreciate things sometimes, zikaipa tidzinena, our negativity will only give us stress! Always thinking downwards, why? Kwaca ikucita bwinoko, mafuta atsika coz of both reduction yadziko lonse plus mphamvu ya kwacha. All these we’re seeing them, all of us! This is our country guys, osamakwiya iyayi, kkk

    1. faines says:

      This is related to the ngongole ya 200million dollars which will be saddled contour kids to pay. The money came into Malawi as dollars. Goodall Gondwe said it. Malawi borrowed from RAM which in turn sold the assets to PTA bank so now ngongole us between us and PTA bank. Shame really!

  52. ziliko says:

    When a leader, especially a president, praises himself based on lies, it is a signal of bad leadership ahead. The most dangerous part of it is that he may not even know where his thinking and judgment are headed. The press should check the facts on oil and correct him immediately before he starts piling more lies. Watch out Malawians.

  53. I don’t see any different ngakhale kusukulu mwana kaya ineyo ngati ndakhoza bwino sayamikila mphunzisi kuti amaphuzisa bwino koma amati mwana wanga wazeru kapena ine ndine wazeru but for someone to be success is big chain involved as you said guys or inuyo kayakuntchito kusukulu or pa business ngati zikuwoneka kusintha mumutima mwanu mumakhala kunyadira kuti am doing better so it is not strange even my president chakwera will do the same in 2019 after winning the polls. KkkKkkkk

  54. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    If only you can tell Malawians about MK92 billion cashgate that will be the biggest achievement .

  55. clement says:

    For sure, you are in the right direction with Malawi economy but don’t relax.Lets teach these failed oppositions especially MCP Kabwila and PP if still exist that DPP is there not by chance but to turn Malawi to become better place to live.Bravo Prof APM,Hon G Gondwe and Dr Collie Magalasi for the role you are playing.

  56. mtambo says:

    mbuzi town.

  57. Mr APM “linda madzi apite” do not fool yourself

  58. Wapa Monkey Bay says:

    Due to floods donation APM pride with forex reserves, shame happy while others looses their lives and accomodation , If I were APM I wouldn’t be commenting at this time on economical matters jusT keep quiet basi.

  59. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi will not develop. Cheap politics. Mafuta atsisa chifukwa mafuta akutchipa pa dziko la pansi osati chifukwa cha Muthalika. A Malawi osamawombera mmanja. Anthu akufuna zi ntchito. Chiwerengero cha a Malawi othawa mu dziko chikuchuluka tsiku ndi tsiku. Zonsezi chifukwa ntchito ku Malawi kulibe. Pano atsikana ambiri angopanga uhule m maiko akunja. Zomvetsa chisoni. Pano pulezidenti osachita manyazi kumanena kuti zinthu zikuyenda bwino, zinthu zake ziti. A pulezidenti osatukwana a Malawi chonde.

  60. peterson says:

    Only a fool can buy what you are saying Mr President. Why do you lie to the poor people that its because of your Govt policy that fuel prices have dropped shame on you tell the people the truth whats happening on fuel prices around the world.Why is it that prices for basic commodities are still skyrocketing.Only a fool can buy what you are saying shame on you

  61. Ngungudya says:

    Kkkkkkkk fuel reduction as the DPP achievement adateronso anzanu a PP nthawi imeneyo

  62. Gule Wa Mkulu says:

    Fuel reduction followed the down ward trending of fuel on the international market and not what he is talking about.

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