Mutharika prolongs stay in US after UN General Assembly: Critics take to Twitter , Facebook

Malawians have taken up on social media to ask reasons for President Peter Mutharika’s prolonged stay in New York, United States, where he attended the 71st United Nations General Assembly after almost all the world leaders that had travelled for the UN General Assembly to New York have returned to their countries.

Mutharika in America

Mutharika in America

Taking it on Twitter, journalist and social commentator Idriss Ali Nassa says Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta is back, South Africa President Jacob Zuma is back, Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe is back whilst Tanzanian leader John Magufuli did not go to the UN.

However, Nassa wonders why Mutharika is staying on in the US.

Comments on Facebook on the issue are mixed with some saying the President is just wasting tax payers money for nothing.

“He should come back and fix the ever collapsing economy. He should take an example of Magufuli who could not travel to the US because of problems back home,” read one comment.

Another comment says Mutharika allegedly went to the US mainly to get his “useless and senSeless” awards.

However, others said as leader of Malawi, Mutharika is mandated to attend the meeting.

Mutharika was one of the first world leaders to address the UN last Monday.

Speaking to state broadcaster  MBC on Monday in the US, Mutharika said Malawians seem to be happy when things go wrong, saying there are always negative stories on front pages instead of publishing succes stories of his trip.

“We should not be pessimistic, we should have hope,” said the President in what MBC said winding up statement of the US trip.

He said he was able to discuss issues concerning education, women empowerment and the economy.

Mutharika said his meetings with other leaders showed that there is ray of hope that problems rocking the country would be dealt with.

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17 thoughts on “Mutharika prolongs stay in US after UN General Assembly: Critics take to Twitter , Facebook”

  1. Papa Chalo says:

    A Malawi kupwambwana, uchisilu omwa madzi ometera ndevu. Who should fight for us, John Kapito? Kamulepo Kaluwa? Ambokile Lawyer? Wandale? Etc

    Ugalu wa a Malawi nawu. Last year too many people went to UN meeting, and the govt refuted this. This year the govt accepted last year’s allegation and has challenged Malawians by over staying in the US without giving a valid reason. Malawians are waiting for individuals to fight for them. Do you think Kalirani or Gondwe (Minister) can give a convincing reason? No way, they are the beneficiaries, agalu amenewa.

    Stupid Malawians, do u remember that kudzigulira malo program wasted tax payers’ money by relocating Thyolo/ Mulanje people to Mangochi etc yet idle land is plentiful in the hands of Thyolo Tea Estate owners? U-idiot weniweni. Blantyre residents want water resource in Mulanje yet they don’t want to help Mulanje people to acquire land. Imagine, Wandale is fight alone. Our savage courts, police etc threaten Mulanje /Thyolo residents as a divide and rule strategy. Idiot Malawians do you know that land policy is based on Kauniuni outcome? These politicians know where mineral deposits are. They will buy those lands cheaply (crop value) and benefit beyond recognition (mineral value). Tidzazindikila too late and it will be irreversible.

    Tangoganizani, One person creating two Ministries single handedly, recruiting Ministers to those Ministries and forcing other Ministries to create posts and other provisions. Kodi Job creation and Recruitment which comes first agalu inu? Zitselekwete zili mma Ministries (All Management Office bearers) zidapanga izi. They are robots indeed operated by Peter. Palibe za three arms of govt functionalities. Its tchafu, Katumba and phazi.

    Shortly Escom will be generating power using diesel engines and fuel will be supplied by politicians’ tankers. Kodi do we Recall why Railways idagwa? Malawian ndi ma brutes!!!! Nazonso zitselekwete za Malawi Bureau Of standards want to use laws against suppliers of food products that go bad. Ndiye uchitsiluwo. Can you discard such foods without compensation, nzotheka? Why not take an action against escom?

    Uchisilu wa a Malawi safuna to support courageous person who has unveiled corruption. eg Ambokile lacks support. Why allow politicians deceive us? M’mbuyomu some people proposed that all MPs must be resident in Lilongwe because that’s where their offices are hence cut down expenses. Kodi Malawian mbuzi, zapangaponji? The list is endless; uchisilu basi. Unyapapi. MACRA tappers with media (radios, TV, Internet etc) akaona kuti pali political tension. Cholinga, anthu asadziwe kapena communicate. A Malawi when are going to support with actions anthu ophinjika? University Council ndi iyo, aliminso ndi awo angonamizidwa za mitengo. Otsekulira misika adaopsyeza ogula fodya, koma zidaphulapo kanthu. Ife tili phwiiiii kumamwa madzi ometera ndevu. Act osamangolankhula !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kupusaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  2. winston msowoya says:

    tman,I think you lack sense of self esteem.What the Northerners wanted and still want,is FEDALISM AND NOT YOUR BLOODY FEUDALISM.Go back to school and leave chasing Mbewa alone,but you will never succeed to run the government efficiently and transparently hence,the ramifications are unprecedentedly beyond imagination in 52 years of independence.In short,you can not erect a sustainable government without the participation of the Gondwes,Nyirendas,Msowoyas,Mhangos,Munthalis,Chirwas,Chiumes the list is long.Let’s accept it that you have failed to establish a humane government that would care for the people of Malawi as a whole.BAD LUCK!!!

  3. Douglas Ndindi says:

    Your Excellency, you seem to be telling us that this country can as well run without you. If that is not the message you want us to get, then immediately pack your bags, jump on the next flight and be here sooner than today. Nanga tawonanani zomwe akulemba anthuzi. If you stay longer than this ndiyeno alemba chiani? Remember kuti, momwe mwadutsa singano ulusi umadutsanso momwemo. So, momwe mukudutsa ma comment lero mavoti adzadutsanso momwemo come 2019. You want to try and prove me wrong? I hope not.

  4. winston msowoya says:

    There is no good reason that peter remains in the USA rather than his ineptitude to solve myriad of political and economic problems our nation is facing hitherto.He spends thousands of dollars a day for his accommodation and members of his delegation,meals,transport and fake allowances,while back home our people especially patients are dying for lack of medicines and power in surgery rooms,children and the elders are exposed to vicious shortage of food the list is long.The hypochondriac state of affairs is that Muthalika and his gang of looters have failed to deliver the goods they don’t know where to start and where to end,we are in dreadful situation that is caused by a few greedy and heartless leaders led by Muthalika.The President must return home forthwith to confront these vicious man made ill-starred discomforts.It is high time Malawians must wakeup,our brothers and sisters of Congo and Zimbabwe have shown us the way.GOD HELP US.

    1. tman says:

      What can some northerner say about Peter Mutharika after failed coup of feudalism

  5. hhhhhh says:

    Tonse tidawona mbuzi imeneyi yikubela mavoti, inu mumayembekezela chiyani? profesa!!!!! profesa!! uprofesa wakamake. mudzandilakhulitsa pambali tsiku lina.

  6. Jammie says:

    The last time he went to the UN, everyone backed him saying he is meeting investors who will come to Malawi and invest on projects. Well,,,,, where are they? Now because Malawians forget so quickly, he will use the same excuse and we will buy is hook, line and sinker! Pathetic really!

  7. poverty stricken says:

    Times newspaper reported that President Zuma used a commercial South African Airways flight. Why does our President make so much fuss about commercial flights if Presidents of rich countries can travel commercial and us with our poverty we want private jets and chartered for that matter.

  8. Munkoyo says:

    He does this every year. After the UN meeting, he stays behind doing private things. A president cannot be away for a week. This shows he is not conscious of expenditure. Unless we change government in 2019 Malawi will be great problems.

  9. Njerengu says:

    HE ,Prof, Dr A. P M is a green card holder, I e almost a citizen of the US . Under the terms of a green card holder ,he must spend a minimum of six to eight weeks within the U S. He fulfilling that obligation , unfortunately at our expenses ,with a lot of company.

  10. Ngalamayi says:

    Our president does not seem to understand that his countrymen expect him to lead, show the way, develop Malawi, keep his expenses to a minimum. Media stories are negative because the positive stories are almost non-existent, and those that are positive owe no thanks to this government but to donors and volunteers. Who is going to challenge this government, so complacent in their belief that Malawi is benefiting from their reign in power?

  11. Nachipanti says:

    Mapwevupwevu in America. Kenako timva kuti a HE ali ku Disney world or Time Square at the expense of the taxpayer. I wonder what is keeping him and his entourage there. Ati akudikira closing ceremony…. Mwina a UN apangitsa State Banquette…. Magetsi wachita kuwatengera limodzi ku USA ko… Ati ma awards. Achani..Zamkutu..

  12. Eugene says:

    What do you expect from the Midnight Six thief?

  13. Logic says:

    za awa tinatopa nazo. timangoyang’ana. no wonder akulamulira the poorest country on EARTH. zowakhala

  14. True Patriot says:

    Honestly, the president should have returned soon after the UNGA or, at least soon after hearing about the Lilongwe Market fire tragedy.

    You see, it is embarrassing to hear that your president is still hanging around in New York when all other leaders have returned to their respective countries to attend to the numerous issues awaiting their executive attention.

    Unfortunately this is not the first time this apparently embarrassing thing has happened. Last year our president hang around in London when David Cameron and other leaders were gathered in Paris for Climate change conference. There was my president being hosted in London by little known business captains. By the way, when are those investors coming to invest in the country as pledged?

    As I’m writing this, the world’s attention has shifted to Colombia where an historical event is taking place as the FAC and government are due to sign a peace agreement!

    It would be a small consolation if the rest of the president’s entourage have returned as it would be really irresponsible that everyone should still stick around in USA just because the president still has reason to be there!

    On the issue of negative stories on the social media and print media, the president is right that negative stories dominate in these media outlets. This should however, not give him the impression that Malawians marvel in dark stories.

    To the contrary, it is really painful to write dark stories about your motherland. But honestly, are there many positive things happening in our country worth writing about? Look at the levels of corruption in the government. Talk about perceived nepotism. Talk of highly demoralized and therefore non-productive civil service. Look at the levels of poverty and falling infrastructure. The list is agonizingly long!

    Let us also not forget that the president and his cabinet are hired to perform, therefore there is nothing to applaud the government for when it does what it is expected to do. This is not to mean that we are disingenuous – we will applaud the government when they will do something extraordinary.

  15. paul says:

    there are obligations that all citizens must comply with; otherwise the IRS and immigration people will not be too happy! the days stayed in the US eventually must tote up or risk tea and biscuits with the immigration department.

  16. Three Angels message says:

    Malingana ndi chithunzicho, tiziti bwana president ali ndi vuto losawona or what?

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