Mutharika puts Malawi power deals under wraps

President Peter Mutharika has said the government has identified a serious investor in the struggling power sector but could not confirm reports that ESCOM was being privatised.

Mutharika; Investors coming

Mutharika; Investors coming

“Several investors are coming to invest in the power sector. Soon we will be signing the memorandum of understanding,” Mutharika said.

His comments come amid calls for the DPP led government to improve the services at Escom as Malawians now experience long hours of unexplained power cuts.

Mutharika said this Tuesday to state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

On Monday, Pentecostal pastors openly challenged Mutharika to ensure Escom provides power all day to attract serious investors in the country.

Mutharika however did not say whether the government will direct the investors to buy off shares in Escom or put up new power infrastructure altogether.

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42 thoughts on “Mutharika puts Malawi power deals under wraps”

  1. Teosinte says:

    History repeating itself here. When bakili saw that some companies were a thorn in his flesh he privatised them but at the end it ended to be a very grave mistake. We are not in Israel where water has to be fetched from distance places and be refined for it to be used in agri or for use in homes. What lacks in malawi is patriotism and a heart that loves this country. Electricity is the only way to ensure that we have a stable economy. We need companies to invest in this country but without electricity even a malawian entrepreneur can never risk opening his business here. Even if we sell Escom will the buyers increase the claimed low water levels in the lake? But I think Moya watipha apa he is money oriented not leadership oriented. Love malawi but I hate its leadership.

  2. redeemed says:

    Eee koma mwakwiya a malawi

  3. Mchesi says:

    The biggest problem in Malawi is that we put dull people in strategic jobs like in ESCOM simply on reason that they are our tribesmen. The consequences of such myopic decisions are so evident today. Nothing is working in the public sector today resulting in vices like casgate.

    1. Teosinte says:

      True and they are people from their party whose level of expertise is not in accord with the company’s objectives. Useles mala wi

  4. chingolopiyo says:

    Jelbin MK , I feel pity for you. My friend, I have travelled i n Europe and America, In South Africa , I just connect sometimes at Oliver Tambo. Check with people who have travelled widely. For example ask people who are in UK or America , number of energy companies? You have not travelled my dear , you are still in Africa. What you are forgetting is the history of South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe which you have mentioned. All received their independence after Malawi , and the colonial masters had time to invest in those countries. What you see were not done by Mandela, Mbeki or Zuma. It was done before them. Your knowledge of issues is limited. Malawi need to have more energy operating companies to compete and reach out to the people.

  5. Nganga says:

    There were no blackouts during Kamuzu!

  6. Palikanthu says:

    Tathatu A Malawi, watigulitsa mchonayu. Mai kalanga ine, Oh we are finished, finished ndithu

  7. Jelbin mk says:

    Achingolopiyo mwayenda kuti? Bodza ilo mukunena kuyenda kwake kupit kutyolo ndi kumulanje. Go to South Africa despite having a population of over 65 million excluding foreigners who are also in millions but one eskom is supplying cheap and affordable electricity and water is cheaper than a price of bread in south Africa it costs R40 (K1600) for a house hold with 15 tenants in the location for the whole month’s water bill and yet South Africa imports water from Lesotho, ask those who have lived in South Africa will tell you that it is true and yet there is only one water supplier. And about electricity everyone in south Africa can fully use eletrity despite his/her economic status even a construction worker (womikosa matope womangila nyumba) amaphikila komanso Ku ainila zovala ndi aini ya magetsi while here in Malawi even a lecture at the university will have electricity only for lights and cooking on charcoal fearing obscene bills at the end of the month. As am writing now South Africa now has got a little bit of power problem where they are experiencing load shading for not more than 2 hours per day but they have not opted for a sale of eskom but have resolved to bail out the power giant instead because government has the welfare of the people at heart not this stupid government of ours. Therefore Mr chingolopiyo don’t cheat people that you have travelled and yet you have no know how about situations in even our neighbouring countries such as Mozambique Zambia yes even Tanzania.

    1. Kanthu Ako!! says:

      In South Africa water is privatised since 1996, its not one supplier, and there are problems there also.

      Eskom has the only Nuclear power station in Africa, so don’t compare with Malawi.


    Like his late bro Bingu! He will steal even more than his late brother did. Stupid Malawians who voted this poor man to power to continue stealing where his late brother left. God plz punish Malawian Leadership!!!

  9. Patriot says:

    A gouvernment of try and error.
    A gouvernment without vision.
    Anangokopera manifesto ya PP lero akulephera kuyichita implement.
    Ena akuti tiyipatse ma plan DPP yo, eee? Zoona?
    Mayesa kuli ma professors menemo, ma dokotala menemo. Ndipo anasankhidwa ndi iwowo. Ife tiwagwilire ntchito olandira azikhala iwowo?
    Mwalephera, STEP DOWN

  10. namatikitiki says:

    Good comment no23 though Escom did not start with Kamuzu, it started with Colonial masters, it used to be Nyasaland Power Supply Company before it changed to Nyasaland Electricity Supply Commission. We had electricity in our house before Kamuzu came back, my father was a Warrant Officer Class One in the Kings African Rifles!

  11. Ernergy is key to unlocking a country’s development. We can never have serious investors with daily blackouts. Any efforts to revitalise the power sector is most welcome.New investors either to partner or open new generation capacity into our power grid should be applauded no politics here purely economical urgument those who oppose are entitled to their opinion as we are in a democracy.

  12. Dr Bright Msaka-Cypress University says:

    This country wil very soon become ungovernable. People will take themselves to streets and demonstrate to show vote of no confidence on this govt if this willy nilly of selling every govt entity continues. Wamva Mathakonyula.

  13. gwamba says:

    ESCOM is gone again. Zoopsyatu izi. umwini ukuvuta APA .

  14. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee!!!!

  15. rough masambara says:

    A leader without vision

  16. Mr APM apa mwaganiza bwino kuti ESCOM ikhale mmanja a New Invester chifukwa bungwe lathuli (la ESCOM) lalephera. Pakufunika kuwonjezera maPower Plants ambiri komanso kukonza maPlants owonongeka. Blavo Mr APM !!!

  17. Sapitwa says:

    Democracy in progress of failing!
    Every President comes with their own stuff with no continuity to the next President.
    Bingu left Nsanje Port which JB connived with Armando Guebuza to fail. JB started distributing zingwe ndi ng’ombe, lero zinatha. Can we really develop like this?
    We have our MPs who are also bootlickers who go to Parliament to get allowances and make noise like kids at the kindergarten? We will ever blame the Presidents as stupid but we are the ones that are extremely stupid!

  18. chingolopiyo says:

    Mr President sir, this is a welcome development. We need reliable energy in this country. I have travelled and I was asking myself why in Malawi we are still having one energy company which is monopolizing the consumer. If we have many companies , the prices will be checked, monitored and controlled. People have been paying huge bills even if they manage to have 13 days of electricity and 17 or 18 days of blackouts. It is heartbreaking to see people who don’t want to see this country change talking nonsense in their comments. We the people that live in Malawi , we want electricity that is reliable. We are tired having constant blackouts every evening because of rationing. Those who are making silly comments are used to use muni or are makala sellers so they are afraid the business will come to an end. Good energy will stop deforestation. ESCOM has been in Malawi for the entire life, beginning with Kamuzu up to now blackouts all the time. Those who will refute never lived in a house with electricity So many Malawians are building beautiful houses and need power. Those who are saying No are those who work after blackouts, opening people houses at night, taking advantage of the blackout. APM will end your dirty business guys. watchout!

  19. Mr Ibu says:

    Hopeless president ruling useless people who do not know their rights. Malawi is a country full of foolish people.

  20. Rodriguez says:

    4give this president pipo; he doesn’t knw hw to speak, he mean what he doesn’t mmean.

  21. Peter Mthibulo says:

    ine ndinasiya ku commenta pano, becauseI I feel malawians have no brain. Kwacha and malawi economy is performing badly with no hope of change in Mutharika’s lifetime. Yet the whole nation is doing nothing about it. All this because there is no influential tonga in DPP government that can be scapegoated as was the case with Kasambara in PP or Vuwa in the first DPP.

    Stupid nation. Munya muona.

  22. SAVIMBI STEVO says:

    BOZA!!!! BOZA!!! LIMENELO a Manthanyula Peter.You are selling ESCOM and mukunamizila ku ma Investor a New one akubwera pompano koma pansi pa mtima mwapanga kale ma DEAL ANU kumbaliku.Mungotimata phula m’maso poti a malawi tinazolowera kunamizidwa.But let me WARN my fellow Malawians if ESCOM is sold like MSB we will CRY bcoz Electricity will be more expensive.The New Company will be after PROFITS not to serve Malawians.Take a look ,”How many Governments Companies have been sold and how many have been successful since Bakili Muluzi?The answer is NONE,so ASK yourself Malawians .If you could point me one successful Company which was sold and is doing okay on the market now then I will give you a pat on the back? Its pointless to just be selling what Kamuzu took many years to build and then someone just come and destroy .Whether you believe or not ,but me l can see the PROPHESY of LIABUNYA been fulfilled as our country is sliping into a DEATHBED of BANKRUPTCY.The Govt will sell all Statutory Bodies like Waterboard;etc then we will be crying no where to turn to for help bcoz all new owners of the sold Companies will be Profit making Companies.Remember ,”POLITICIANS COME AND GO ,But us people will always be there crying to whoever rule us.The DECISIONS these DPP and their Manthanyula President they are making will hurt us, Malawians very soon.Mudzidzati ,”OTIUDZA KOMA ANALIPO BUT IFE A MALAWI KUTSAMVA,TULO KWAMBIRI”. It will be very painful indeed.Now l see why Multi-Party is USELESS when useless Leaders , like Peter and his DPP are doing so much mess to our beloved country.l now understand why people says ,”SOMETIMES LEADERSHIP FAVOURS FOOLS”,no wonder we are already in a DEEP MESS right now.”Its simple to destroy than to build”.DPP and Peter must make their Developments and show us what they are cappable of,not kutsakadza zomwe anzanu anabvutikira kupanga inu mulikhale ku America.

  23. Captain Botsotso says:

    This is the worst president malawi has never had!! mxiiiim

  24. mmm says:

    Let me guess,
    Mpinganjira or,
    maybe Mulli or,
    anyway mlomwe wina wake.
    Dzikoli pasala kuti alamulire azungu,
    Bisnowaty, rescue us.

  25. Mwasowa zonena apa. Zinthu zikukuvutani. No wonder you left Malawi in 1960 only to return very old.


    Amangwetu, Bwampini pochoka iye things will be worse like it was after Tcheya.Atleast Tcheya we can forgive him was semi-literate.Koma Pulofesa wolephera ngati ameneyu sindinamuwone.He has already sold Escom for a song and bad days are coming.Kupusa a Malawi ndizomwe munavotera musalire.Kape Ameneyu Like The Way He Was Brought To Power It Was Shrouded With Dishonesty.He Is Here To Loot And Plunder Our Wealth.

  27. Muthiyana mukumi says:

    Pano ndiye alomwe tikuchita manyazi. Bola magesi azingothina nyumba za atumbuka osati alomwefe ai.

  28. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Malonda ku Malawi. Future generations will be cursing our tombstones becuase these mistakes.

  29. mwene says:

    Mr. President if you have good intentions for this nation do not hide anything, be Transparent period!!!! Each time you keep anything under wrap people become suspicious especially with your continued dining and wining with HTD and Mapeto crooks!!!! These people have no love for this nation!!!!!!

  30. Chigawenga says:

    Muthalika and his advisers are very confused rot. They can not develop this country as they are following a band aid strategy which does not serve our community. Few months ago this so called professor went around and bragged about how he went to the Unites States and met with potential investors blah!blah!. He did not have specifics none what so ever. As a concerned citizen and some one who has been involved in negotiations with investors else where it takes more than a MOU to get things done. First of all Malawi does not have the infrastructure needed to attract serious investors. We have poor water supply, not to mention rampant corruption and lapse in security. Unless this inept and ill-advised president want to maintain status quo then yes, he can claim to be successful in his efforts to attract investors. The only way he knows how which is through corruption!. There is absolutely no way a sane investor would come to Malawi under the current conditions. The president needs to understand that he can not drive the economy as his min-bus, or Kabaka. He must show transparency and accountability on how these so called deals are being negotiated. We have lost too many resources due to incompetent people negotiating and giving away our resources. So Please come out in the clear and tell Malawians what and who is going to invest in the energy sector and at what cost!

  31. Kasim says:

    There is no way privatisation will solve any problem. The issue here that govt has failed to invest by building new power station since eighties. You don’t expect machines that were built to cater for a demand of one thousand people to still suffice for a demand of one million people. Bring in other investors to construct their own power stations and compete with escom the way it is not unbundling it.power and water utility companies can’t be left in private hands. Its poor that will suffer most

  32. drogba says:

    what a pathetic style of creating and spreading trivia you poor so called journalist. you wanted the president to prematurely be over the moon, explaining all details even before an MoU is signed with any energy investor?? you are such a brainless little chicken. journalism is not always reporting on a negative angle

  33. Amalawi tiyeni tilimbe nazo zonsenzi ndi Mr MEC says:

    APM please admit kuti zakuchulukilani hense all the chaos. Please shed the load of your powers to others who can make better decisions. This is not good for the party and worse for the country. One thing at a time. Bank mwagulitsa. Ndalama zikusowa kolowera anthufe tikuvutika mkumalayambanso zina yet zinazi sizinalongosoke. Mavuto aliko.

  34. Tengupenya says:

    since the board of ESCOM wants to do business with ESCOM, ng’ombe zayang’ana ku ….. Let ESCOM and their Board deal with each other and let the new investors make virgin investment.

  35. Tengupenya says:

    New investment by the new players is the way to go. Let ESCOM die a natural death. It served its purpose, it is now obsolete.

  36. Jelbin mk says:

    And about the money realised from MSB and inde bank I can’t believe it is intact somewhere while government is struggling to keep its figures balanced it can’t pay civil servants in time and is also failing to fund its departments adequately. Therefore believing the statement made by the ministry of finance’s spokesperson (Nations Musowoya) is as being fooled as the fooling person himself the truth of the matter is that government is having difficulties explaining how it used the money because they might have used on non crucial issues.

  37. Jelbin mk says:

    Do you think he will clarify? He is afraid that people will deem and liken his government to an irresistible father who privatises (sells) all house holds leaving his children languishing in material poverty. I have no doubt the government is after selling escom, they are sensitive with the reaction people would give considering the fact that government has just sold two banks and they have not yet manifested how the realised money will be spent. The other reason why they can’t reveal if they are selling escom or not is that the reason of cushioning the zero aid budget effects is not entertained by the population, in other words government does not have enough convincing reasons for selling the energy body thus why they will do whatever it takes to keep it secret.

  38. anadimba says:

    zaziii zopanda mchere

  39. English Guru says:

    all these problems, electricity and water shortages, point out to failure to plan ahead on the part of successive governments and the people managing these parastatals. in this day and age we really should be given such trivial reasons as low levels of water in the shire river as a reason to have persistent blackouts through the summer. the amount of money ESCOM makes should have been invested in solar panels, wind farms, to generate enough electricity to last all year round! but they channels it to wrong priorities, such as buying new vehicles etc. very soon BWB be feeding us the same low-water-level rubbish to tell us why we’ll have dry taps in the summer. question is, if too much water caused these problems in january, and too little water is causing the same problems in august, when is the right time to use this natural resource for constant supply of water and electricity?

  40. kadamanja says:

    This President is a just show off president, look at his hand. Mupaseni Chilima boma. Zakukanikani.

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