Mutharika ‘s billions corrected: Owns K840m not K3.4bn

After receiving a barrage of criticism on President Peter Mutharika’s his wealth, the Office of the Director of public Officers Declaration has corrected an amount which was indicated that Mutharika holds in a bank in the United States of America (USA) from $8 million (around K3.4 billion) to now $2 million (around K840 million) and not in the foreign account.

President Peter Mutharika : Bank balance corrected

President Peter Mutharika : Bank balance corrected

In Malawi, Mutharika has about $1.7 million at a local bank, along with a fleet of nine vehicles that he reportedly bought between 2001 and 2014.

Assets director Christopher Tukula said he was approached by State House officers sent by Mutharika to query the figure which was made public in the assets documents, and that he called for original documents which the President submitted and agreed that the handwriting was ambiguous, hence officers ended up entering a wrong figure.

“When we checked the original record submitted, we agreed the handwriting was equivocal, but the figure was indeed $2 million. So the figure we have corrected is the one in our system, which we released to people or organisations, that accessed the declaration,” said Tukula.

A legal expert and human rights activist, Justin Dzonzi, said there would be nothing wrong with correcting a genuine mistake as long as the correction ties with the actual bank statement.

Mutharika, his deputy Saulos Chilima, former president Joyce Banda, Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya and leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera have made their assets public in accordance with the country’s constitution.

Section 88 of Malawi’s constitution requires presidents and cabinet ministers to declare their assets – and those of their spouses – within three months of their election or appointment.

However, the declarations were postponed after Malawi’s Office of the Director of Public Officers Declarations gave public officials until December 31, 2014 to make them.

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137 thoughts on “Mutharika ‘s billions corrected: Owns K840m not K3.4bn”

  1. C Tukula a brother of G Tukula a senior Nation Editor critical of DPP and Muthalikas. Without any doubt this guy too comes either from the north or Kasungu North. Why then giving us uncorrected documents prematurely? Did you want to test our thinking or you were playing hide and seek in order to enjoy first the first citizen being intimidated by your kinsmen? It seems you’re inexperienced and this position is too big for you. Resign please to give room to the experienced. It seems the spirits of the selfish and greedy disgruntled opposition supporters will now rest as they were uncomfortable with APM to be a Billionaire. I’m also still not convinced with JB’s assets; they must be underestimated for the one who owned a Telecommunication networks company (Access), building a whole new school compass with scores of workers’ self contained houses at green corner, etc. We also need verification of her declared assets failing which you are a difficult and selfish tribe that loves intimidating and harassing others for mare cheap politics, tribalism and nepotism. If you won’t give us the true figures of JB then you cry for merit in order to intimidate others and bring the government to a stand still. Why always fighting the president, especially DPP top brass? Don’t cheat us that you are doing so because APM is the president, NO! as it was the same while in opposition: Despite his party was in majority you denied him leader of opposition in parliament, his tribe was victimized for the reasons better known to you, his ascendancy to the high office was almost halted by you to defeat the wish of the majority, he was attacked in daily local news articles, etc. The problem in Malawi is self aggrandizement. We don’t care about our nation because of this we keep on fighting the majority’s wish in order to wrestle the power outside the ballot. These incompetent guys are very clever; they use tribalism and nepotism as a tool to intimidate their opponents in order to forcibly given a chance to govern so that they can mess up things to their own advantage. Let’s be honest guys; which tribe has its personnel dominating in top government and private positions? The answer is the Tumbuka. Is their crying for tribalism and nepotism genuine? Under their reign Lhomwes were crushed and almost reduced to out casts in full view of G. Trapence, Notorious Mtambo, and even JB foundation, the maseko Ngonis at one point in time benefited from NAC in full view of M. Kwataine and they were all silent. Are their complaints really genuine or they are doing that to pin someone so that he can fail to deliver to us. Its high time now we move forward and must stand on our own to let the donors concentrate on other areas instead of always backing up our incompetence and selfishness. We’re a sick nation that needs proper rehabilitation- gosh; oohs Africa have our apologies for bringing shame to you for we are lazy and only love to talk- talk- talk-talk and jitters whenever one performs so that we can remain a begging nation as they are always inertia.

  2. Boko Good says:

    Does the American Government know that this guy has such investments in their country?Does he pay tax? With such lies he could be evading tax there. Malawians will one day end up paying taxes for him in America. Watchout!!

  3. Amunabawa says:

    Even his late brother Bingu assented to a bill which in the end apologized to the public that he did not read it.
    Like brother like brother kkkkkkk

  4. prince says:

    Big idiot he do know math ask MADALA godwel wamusambizhe

  5. dennisgombe says:

    is it true that the whole state president of malawi can submit a hand written declaration of his wealth without traceable supporting documents ? what is the whole purpose of this office? how are they identifying the credibility of the information they are receiving from these polititicians?two schools of thoughts from a corrupt mind in this regard: (1) aperson may declare what he does not have to show it later on after he has stolen.(2} a person may declare something hehas just stolen. Efforts must be made by the responsible office to know when and how the worth was accumulated .

  6. Mphwache says:

    So just as we cannot speak, we cannot wrote too.

  7. james says:

    hope Malawian accountant dont differiant between $ nd 8 they think $ is 8 shame 2 mi homeland

  8. Lolololo says:

    Kodi amachita kumulembera eti? Iyeyo sadziwa kulemba. Alibe laptop, paja BBC eti? Born Before Computer!!

  9. Mnjonjo says:

    How does $8.2 million change to $2 million, a Professor? If $ was meant to be 8 then we have 88.2 million without currency symbol. Bodza basi

  10. Taweni says:

    Why change now when someone used professional people to determine values. Who is cheating who?


  11. Aferazao says:

    Peter still remains a big cheat regardless of this new lie. What is he afraid of? The spoils of the 92 billion Malawi Kwacha he stole from state house after the demise of his brother Bingu? The country is aware that he stole a number of bags full of hard cash and part of that loot is those many billions he had declared at first. He will still be investigated on the whereabouts of the MK92 billion.

  12. point of order says:

    This Tukula guy is not serious. How can a 2 be mistaken for an 8? And can he go ahead publishing such information for the first citizen without making sure that it is correct in the first place. If APM and the nation are serious about this office , this Tukula thing should be relieved of his duties. This is a serious anomally

  13. membala says:

    I don’t think it’s Tukula.State House agreed their handwriting of $ symbol looked like 8.I blame State House here .Why write by hand declaration ya President.Mediocrity!

  14. The Patriot says:

    Next we will hear that the nine vehicles actually meant six! The $ actuaaly meant MK! Amangwetu ndikayesa you submit printed details? Pali za handwritting apa?? Kutiona kupusa ife a Malawi eti??? Ukanama sikuchedwa kuchatu!!

  15. jcholomandenga says:

    This whole thing is not being done in good faith, so it is just a waste of time and has no relevance.We all know politics is big business in this country.

  16. Palikanthu says:

    Where is the opposition in all this?
    Can’t you hire a lawyer and verify this declaration and prosecute if need be?
    Do protect us oppressed Malawians the fraud is just too much, it is suffocating us economically, socially but also spiritually!

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      I would not allow any MP any lawyer and any SCO member from the north to get involved. Musovenge mwabwene kukuko. Mwabana wakwithu you know the insults you/we get when you want straighten things in this country. Wapulika Timothy?

  17. Chenda says:

    It happens when we talk of errors, and this is why the computer has got a back space button and a deleting button for the purpose of making due corrections considering that the exercise is in line with what the law requires in terms of assets declaration.


  19. kuchitekete says:

    Tukulayu wayamba kale kulakwitsa ntchito achoke

  20. Mwana wa Analiyera says:

    Abale ndifunseko kodi muti ma asset a APM analembedwa in his own handwriting and anapita ku Office of the Director of Public Officers Declaration osataipidwa and without APM checking on them before they were dispatched?????????????????????????????

  21. special advisor says:

    “Handwriting was ambiguous”? Kikikikiii. Pope John Paul once said something like: “those that lie are fools, because for every lie they make, they must invent twenty more, to defend it”. Methinks we are dealing with a bunch of…not fools but idiots that cannot even invent a convincing lie! Trust is like an A4 piece of plain paper; once its shape is damaged, it will never be restored to its original state. Tukula and Peter: you’re in that situation right now ie you’ve lost a good measure of trust.

  22. malawian says:

    still nadalamayo ndiyochepa akunama.

  23. Justice says:

    Tukula, this is not on…how can you make such an error? can your office indeed be trusted with assets declaration matters if you cant even publish correct information?

  24. Gobede says:


  25. attorney general says:

    Koma anthu inu mwasowa nkhani? Pali nkhani apa?Chinthu chinalakwika ndiye mumafuna asakonze? Thanks for the correction Mr Tukula.Ngati mwini wake akuti chinalakwika why not correct?

  26. kwake nkuluma says:

    Can You Photocopy The Erroneous Declaration And Put It In Newspapers 4 All Of Us To See, Mr Tukula? Only Then Will We Be Satisfied

  27. Skelewu Banda says:

    Zokaikisanso if it all he has 840 Million.Ndipofuna kuti chuma chake chiwunikidwenso.Mupeza kuti ali ndende ndi mzake Saulosi,Amalawi tatopa ndikubeledwa.Mungotitayitsa nthawi apa za zii.You are dying for politics just because of money.The lives of Malawians are in shambles because of these greedy people.He should simply resign.Malawians have totally lost trust in this man.

  28. edda mwalweni says:

    Bola feudalism yomweyo basi tilemezenso ena
    Alhomwe mwandikwana

  29. Dingiswayo Mputeni says:

    This man needs to resign and pave way for investigation.There is no way dziko lingatukuke with this type of mentality.Simumaona Muluzi mbava inzake ili ndondo mbuyo knowing kuti adya ndi mzake wakubayi.No wonder other Malawians are vying for federalism.There is alot to this asset declaration.Even JB must have lied alot.This Tukula guy must have of questionable character.People will no longer have trust from what comes out of their mouth.This Tukula guy also needs to resign.The impoverished tax payer is being ripped off in day light.People with lots of benefits koma Katangale thothotho.I don’t think Malawi will ever change with useless kind of leadership.

  30. Citizen says:

    I do not agree with u mr director. Your explanation you said the dollar sign was mistakenly to be 8? If is the case as you put it then the amount should be 200,000 not 2 million how can 8,200,000 remove 8 to be 2,000,000? People help.

  31. Dambudzo mwasanya says:

    The way things are in Malawi everybody seems to have lost trust in this man.Azungu keeps records in details osati timabodza tanu ta pamalawi.Anayiwunika game kuti ikula anangoti ndingonamizira za handwriting.This man is not fit to lead Malawi.He should even return the money that was stolen by his senile brother.These people just came to rip off Malawians.Pitala is not here to transform Malawi but to enrich himself in old age his greedy lomwe cronies like the chola boys Ben Phiri and others.

  32. Givens Gonapamuhamya says:

    No we at Nyika Republic are advocating to have our own state.We can’t keep up with the lame excuses of mbyofo mbyofo Pitalas hand writing.The guy is not serious.So that is the loot that he has inherited from his brother Daniel Phiri?Shame indeed a billionaire 3 Years ago who crying to buy a city council house for a price of 3 million kwacha.Koma ndiye kuyiseweletsa Malawi.

  33. this is our country says:

    But the lesson i have got fron all thus is that our friends fron south,educated or not,they will always support the leaders in power just because they are also from the south,this is bery dangerous,they dont use reasoning at all,i am afraid this flawed way of doing things could also be applied wherr ever tjey work,in componies and gvt inistitutions,and this explains why malawi is not changing,i have now found thr reason,its all about poor reasoning and poor way of doing things,i argued with about 4different graduates on this,but they insisted mutharika deserved that sum of money accumulated from monthly salaries alone in USA as a lecturer,but look now,i was right,southen region fells you need to work up,you have the population power in voting,but you severely lack brain power and good reasoning befitting your ages and educational levels,this is dangerous for this country,please,if we are to develop,lets use our brain capability God created us with,serikusly you people are not using your brains,change please.Am dissapointed.

  34. Moses Nali says:

    mmmm kma guyz tiyeni timusiyire ambuye coz palibe mutsogoleri okhulupirika ok

  35. chiku matimati says:

    Walakwa chani

  36. Phwado/Mabattery a mlakho says:

    THIEVING ASSHOLEs’!Shame on you.Be reminded that you wont live forever!Shallow brains!

  37. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    Tiankhwezure ta DPP timachita defend kuti Mr Ibu should be a rich man having worked at unknown university in the USA. Hahahahaha koma anthu a DPP kuba simudzasiya and Malawi will always remain the same.

  38. zikomo says:

    If he can’t clearly write figures how can he clearly balance them .

  39. BigMan says:

    I said it all along, the media goofed, and so did the directorate. There is no way that Peter would lie about his assets, because these are going to be verified. We as a people need to start getting things correct first time.

  40. Kandakhute chinyetenyete says:

    Inu pheeeeee!!!!!!Muone.

  41. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi is cursed

  42. adawaza says:

    Iwe chi peter nkhope ngati chakufa koma uli wamoyo, nanga ukazafa uzawoneka bwa?? chauta mtundu wanu anawulenga mokayika. Munthu wonyasa ndi za mkabudula zomwe?? Uchoke pasanapite 6months. Opusa iwe.

  43. Mawu says:

    Was the Official document hand written?

  44. Tangokumana says:

    Kuyaluka nkosayamba

  45. Mccarthy says:

    Amalawi Tulo kwambiri, Munthu uyu akuwonga Dziko mukuwona ndimaso

  46. The whole state house assistants and BP. As personal assisitant failing to trace the errors. That’s shit don’t kid us

  47. Here we go again says:

    so how much does our president hav in total? Can someone do mathematics for me pliz!!. Professor osadziwa kulemba, kulephera kuyankhula ndi kulemba komwe? Which part he can do better? I feel sorry for this man

  48. Chimwemwe says:


  49. kalulu says:

    kalulu adamva mawu oyamba

  50. Chimntu Tega says:

    Mudavapo kuti tsizinantore? Nde ameneyu

  51. kd says:

    koma mtundu wa munthalikas sudzamva sure, APM am warning you just try to steal poor man’s tax, ufa ngati brother wako bingu, osadwala …… dnt say i dnt warn you.

  52. Aubrey Chembezi says:

    what a joke!!

  53. Skyler says:

    Correction, really?? He indeed declared that he had $8 million, but he was dumb enough to not think that the US Government would be investigating him on his taxes. After this realization, he decided to cook up a story of inelligible handwriting, PLEASE! Initially, his plan was to inflate his networth so that when he leaves office with a huge amount of money, we should all say that he had the money prior to his presidency. America siyoyidyetsa njombatu anayamba kumusaka saka kale kuti awone kuti $8 Mil anaipeza bwanji and to see if he paid taxes on that cash! Wakuba ameneyi – pano akuti iyayi, ma account sali kunja koma kuno ku Malawi! Mwayiona mbava! These people take us for granted, they think they’re smart, but there are people who are smarter than they are – nde kuyalukatu. Iwe nawe Tukula, why let your name be dragged in such bull – you think we believe you? No way!

  54. Gwenembe says:

    Every figure ya ndalama does have amt in words,how was it written?this is not true.

  55. master says:

    we said it, peter cant have those billions, which job teaching students??????? these are simply vultures, southerners u r a big shame in this country, u mean u couldnt sense any madness in that declaration of assets????????? southerners no matter how eduacted they can be, they will still support any nosense as if peter gives them something

  56. charlie hebdo says:

    What ever has been written aside, but I wish I had the genetic make-up of APM… at 75, not a single grey hair? Also Dr Chaponda..nothing! No grey hair! How is this possible?

  57. Asset Declaration says:

    Wathu ngolemera, anali lekichala ku amereka. Inuyo wanu ndi osauka! Uku kunali kusilimbwitika kwa ma cadet a DPP. Lero kuli ziiiiii. Bata ndi mtendere zakhazikitsidwa pa forum ino. Inu mumayesa kuti kupeza $8 mn nkophweka? Zikhale zotheka bwenzi ku university of malawi kutatsala lekichala wa Law? Tikudziwa anthu oti agwira ntchito ngati zomemwezo ku amereka konko koma pana alibe chinantindi cha ndalama ngati zimenezo! Bodza ngati telala. Kunama mmaso muli gwa! Mmene Zodiak inalengezela muja? Mulibe manyazi eti? Mwatchera kumwezi nkhanga zawona!

  58. Kwangwagwa says:

    Kuyankhula alephere, kulembanso alepherenso. Oh! no. Something must be wrong somewhere with the president.

  59. anabel mitawa says:

    the only non thieving Mutharika is a dead one

  60. Lufita boy says:

    apa ndiye timve ziti?

  61. totani says:

    Vuto la amalawi timangotha kulemba ma comments koma we dnt do anthing to change things,,,munthu waonetsera2 kuti ndiwakuba koma timudikilabe mpaka 2019 kuti azatiuze kuti ku 2 kuja anaiwalako zero nthawi imeneyo itasanduka 20 million

  62. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Oh! what a shame! How can a 2 look like an 8? or two look like eight? How can the whole president’s declaration be written with a free hand with all these computers at his disposal? You just wanted to steal in advance. Again, shame on you!

  63. tchende la pitala says:

    Useless president. Asitha poti anthu amunyoza? Idiot

  64. Nanchunjule says:

    Uyu ndie Fisi WA president,a Malawi kutengeka anthu ayesela kunena kuti munthuyu analephela kugwila ntchito ngati mulangizi WA nkulu wake,kuumaunduna a za nkani za kunja,chilungamo komanso maphunzilo ndie musatengeke naye? Anthu kupusitsidwa ndi bodza lelo ndi izi akungolakwitsa chiri chonse fisi ameneyu, Malawi wawola basi

  65. B.Mwansambo says:

    this is unbeliavable,why changing this time?

  66. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:

    A Tukula how would you let that to the public when you literary saw that it was not only morally incorrect but mathematically wrong as well. Shameful!!!!

  67. Haaaa! This correction creates more suspicion in the mind of the wise ones. No noble and saint mind can believe that correction. We are just waiting for the ACB to physically ascertain these nominal declarations of assets.

    1. mkazi wankulu says:

      anthu okuba awa akufuna atibelenso ife osauka

  68. ujeni says:

    How come are the declarations in hand written form? For bank accounts you need original up to date bank statements from the bank in US. Can KPMG , Deloitte and other Audit firm help out to audit this declaration fraud.

  69. Commoner says:

    So the figures of the votes it was the same,EC wanted a recount you refused mwati mwawina basi,so with this how does one Kenyata Nyirenda fill about his intergrity as judge with his midnight ruling for these thieves. What has compelled u to correct the figures this time around. Inu mudzingofera pa mpando basi chifukwa chodzipanga impose pa a Malawi kuti muwalamule

  70. ujeni says:

    Without people questioning the figure, no correction would have happened. This is a sign that everything Pitala Mutharika has declared is not correct. what a crook of a leader

  71. Jelbin mk says:

    The exploration is not valid and insufficient because hand or machine writing there is no way the whole office of president can make such untold mistakes, the fact of the matter is that the residency has sensed danger of inflating figures of the declaration and these guys are only taking advantage of us Malawians and think that we are as stupid as their DPP followers as someone has said that this president doesn’t respect our constitution.

  72. Taking Us for Fools says:

    Malawi @ 50 in the 21 st century writing Important documents in Ink. The President didn’t even check before submitting that important document. Wina wadya sikono apa. Corruption is deadly in Malawi. If they forged papers for Daniel Phiri AKA Bingu. What can stop them in their power to change the document with all the billions they have. Its about the rich and famous. APM never tells the truth.

  73. Ntchona says:

    Just making a fool of us knowing we will cry and the cry will eventually stop

  74. Commoner says:

    Why then did people(I mean DPP thugs),talk nonsense when Raphael Tenthani raised the issue honestly?

  75. Bob says:

    Kkkkkkkk, kkkkkkkk ine kwanga nkungoseka. Abale is Malawi a country with real people or full of fools?

  76. george chimowa says:


  77. Bob says:

    But Malawi is full of drama and at the end of this year kuchitika zoopsya. You see what from all the comments all DPP zealots are nursing their foolish egos. Kkkkkkkk

  78. mgawadere says:

    Alibe ndalama uyu inu tamamvani munthu ndi mphawi iyi

  79. cash gate says:

    Tinene Kuti Akuopa 2 Years Ya Ku Ndende Ngati Atanena Zabodza

  80. kabotolokamo says:

    There is no shame in letting the public know what you have Mr Munthalika, its called honor people will only respect you more if you say the truth , but changing statements , l can smell a Rat ! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  81. Look at things objectively mistakes do happens

    1. ahoy says:

      Kkkk mistake from state House. This is not a mistake

  82. accountant says:

    I am one of the people who declared my assets as a chief accountant in Government.The form is provided for by the Act of Parliament.It is a standard form.Officers just fill in details by hand.It is normal to expect mistakes in handwritten documents.Mistakes on hand worry ten documents like vouchers invoices etc always happen and we correct them everyday.The most important thing is to verify the declared assets.

    1. Mccarthy says:

      Man ndinu chitsilu Kwambiri,

    2. johnM says:

      A chief Accountant in Government, that is similar to being a thief. Sindinu anyamata a cashgate. If legal document has been signed you cannot claim mistake as an excuse. That is my opinion.

  83. Jihad John says:

    Why did you lie in the first place? This amount is still too high from a Green Card holder who was a mere lecture. The average of of a lecturer is $60,000 per annum. You need 30 years to earn that without eating.

  84. Kennedy mapira says:

    Is threu malawi why why everytime 2 kilyng koma tizapeza prasident wotukula dziko lathu better the fast prasident Dr m.h kamuzu banda amatha dongoso la chuma

  85. Mwama Du says:

    Onse angoti ziiii. DPP kuzolowera kuba.

  86. Van Persey says:

    One signs the Assets Declaration Form under oath. So our President can sign a document under oath without verifying its contents? Come on Malawians this is no laughing matter

  87. chakwanuleka says:

    Zitsilu za DPP zija ziri kuti tsopano. Life timanena kuti anthu awa angofuna kufipatsa ma figures oti akaba adzanene kuti chumacho anali nacho kale. You mean this president of ours doesnt read newspapers that he could not spot the mistake from day one, not even after all the outcry. Has he grown so old that he can’t even have a rough idea of how much he has in his bank account. Ndalama zakuba from 92 billion so its difficult to determine how much he has used so far. Amalawi tiri pa moto.

  88. sikusinja says:

    Asset declaration by a sitting president was handwritten..Tukula has been bought. This is why they arrested him before taking office so they can manipulate him

  89. Mphevu says:

    KiKiKiKiki Koma kumeneko| Simunati ma figurewo musinthabe ife kwathu nkwangopenya

  90. BOMA LA KUBA says:



  91. brutsha says:

    This is a cheapest way of exposing crookery, stupidity, low profile thinking and corruption. What is more disheartening is that such low level thinking is emitted by those entrusted to lead the country. Malawi is in leadership crisis. In other more serious societies such behaviour would warrant someone to resign.When declaration of assets came out, I strongly contended that there was no way Peter could have accumulated such wealth reading from the way he has lived his life. But my friends who come from Southern region, educated though, lambasted me saying that I am a jealous person like most Malawians who are used to a pauper life style. I don’t know what will be their view on this. But what worries me so much is that no matter how educated one is in Malawi when it comes to political inclination, a graduate would think like a kindergarten. Blind loyalty.

  92. Wayne Kazima says:

    Scared of prison. So you choose to lie that it was a handwriting mistake? Was the mistake just in figures or in words too? Mafias

  93. pewani joza says:

    Mother fuckers no president will ever solve our problem. If he were rich he would not vie for Malawian presidency

  94. WIZA says:

    The best thing to do is to appoint an indepependent evaluator to confirm the declared assets. i hope the Mhc houses have not been overvalued. all declared assets must be revalued.

    1. Mtumbo says:

      Pepani public servants are required to declare their assets not the value. The form is good in as far as concealing one’s wealth is concerned. In my case i declared 9 houses and not the value as per the form. When it comes to bank balances its a different matter you state the amount. However the form doesnt say attach a current bank statement.

  95. mitsubishi honda says:

    Because of the same mistake he is now president. He did not win the may 20 elections but there was a mistake with the figures. I hope malawians can now see and believe even mbendera if u have eyes you can c this idiot did not win but people just doctored the figures.

  96. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    The country we live in and our leaders, one wonders!

  97. Kenkkk says:

    You can’t fool us, we are still unconvinced. To deflect his hypocrisy of urging Malawians in diaspora to send money to malawi whilst keeping his in USA, now he says the $2mn he has is in fact in malawi and not in the foreign account? That is the way I understand now, is this correct guys? So he doesn’t have any money in USA apart from the house? Is it a house or apartment?

    I suppose the $1.7mn is not separate from the $2mn, it is just rounded up to $2mn or is it $3.7 mn that he has in total. Again am I understanding these sums correctly? Also Is this money in foreign currency or in kwachas?

    There are are still a lot of loopholes in his asset declaration and mr takula you are just soiling the matter even more.

  98. kadamanja says:

    Ntchito ya quota ndiyimeniyi, Talembani anthu woziwa ma number. Amafuna kuba almost $6million????? Dziko ili tiswane, fedulo basi. TCHAKUBA ichi cha Pitala.


    I welcome the correction. We need honest pple who can understand that in hand written script, “$” can look like “8”. There is no issue here.

    1. Think Tank says:

      the issue is $ 8.200000 and $ 2000000 sir, see the difference? Ok $$.200000 see?

  100. balak boy says:

    kulimbana ndimakobidi awanthu ena bad,zaziiiio!!!.

  101. Moseliwa says:

    Kodi ma declarations amalemba pamanja osati ndi machine? I think this is a false excuse. Do not faul us

  102. Jimbo says:

    No one believes this explanation. It is total rubbish. It is an insult to the intelligence of Malawians. How can anyone trust this administration when it behaves in this manner. Malawians are not the fools APM takes them for. ‘You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time’. APM is a fraud and cheat through and through. The sooner he is put on trial for treason and or rigging the election the better for the poor country of Malawi.

  103. Chindere Mandere says:

    To my thinking, Tukula has failed us. He is dancing to every tune thereby rendering his office incapacitated. Why z t that ndi munthu m’modzi yekha amene ma figure ake sali straight? He knows the game kma Malawi wake siwalero, sizitheka zimenezo

  104. It’s not even 840 million. He doesn’t have money. He estimated to steal 3.4 billion by the end of his tenure of office. Minus questioning Tukula, I don’t think he cld’ve changed the figures. Where was he to blush out the said figure on the first day it was published?

  105. sakamundende says:

    I thought he signed to consent the worthiness of his assets

  106. hounarabo says:

    Commentsoon the amount wil be 6o bilion mk, kkkkkkk,and it wl jst end like that,gosh! thats malawi

  107. chatty man says:

    Mawa abweresanso ndi ma correction ena kkkkkkk

  108. paulo says:

    So the president of Malawi, who is responsible for the health and welfare of its 17 million citizens, a large number of whom have been made homeless due to flooding, cant even fill in a standard information form, is this true or some sort of comedy feature in your website, it cant be a true article, if so the man is a fuckin retard, worse still who voted this retard into power ?

  109. Hoitty says:

    Ngati mistake inali yoti asokoneza $ ndi 8 bwanji sanawerenge kuti 82 million. Nanga pano akumati ndi zimaoneka ngati 8.2 decimal anamulemba bwanji pambali pa$? Ngati 8 anali dollar sign ndekuti analemba kuti $.2 million?. If that is the case then the account has 2hundred thousand dollars not 2million dollars. Mbava inu za dpp dp ur homework

  110. whitehouse says:

    Aren’t the corrections supposed to be made after verification?? It is an offence to either under or overdeclare! We have set precedent here whoever is uncomfortable with the figures will claim a mistake and ask for corrections and we will not be able to prosecute those who cheat

  111. Ndikutelo says:

    Koma Malawi Ali pa mavuto,ndithu mavuto aakulu ndipo pakufunika anthu odzipeleka,a chidwi,achifundo ndi chisoni kuti atsogolele dzikoli. Osati kumangoledzela ngati APM ndi gulu lake. Can someone tell me the whole professor with a team of aids n advisors (on every thing) could not c that something was wrong? Komadi ndakhulupilila zomwe akunena AZ Ntata kuti munthu m’modzi kapena awili amanga linga kumuzungulila Muthalika ndipo sakunvanso za anthu Ena. Komano imeneyi ndi ngozi yaikulu Ku dpp,boma komanso dziko lonse la Malawi chifukwa a Malawi adzalipila zolakwika zonsezi ndi misonkho yawo,zokhumudwitsa komanso zonvetsa chisoni kwambiri.

  112. John says:

    Kkkkkkkk! You mean the whole professor was failing to write readable things! Kulemba ngati ndi dotolo wa ku Queens? This is total shame and something is being hidden from us! Those with capacity must help us get the truth. Mumufufuze munthu ameneyu. Please go to his bank and find out when the bulk of his money was deposited. I will not be surprised if I hear that he accumulated that wealth as soon as Bingu died.

    Peter ndi Mbavaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  113. ankhoma says:

    pliz tell us the truth.bcoz this correction has come after several critisisms. so lthink the whole document is afake one.there is there is.

  114. Love says:

    Next correction will be in 2019 when he will be stepping down these figures will be multiplied ten times and he shall go out with $20 million

  115. akulu says:

    Akuti $ amaoneka ngati 8 .kkkkk

  116. Kwazulu says:

    How about the correction on the K7,000,000 Nyambadwe House. Can someone (quantity Surveyor?) challenge Peter that a house in Nyambadwe (like the one I know Peter owns) can not and should not be valued at 7,000,000 Malawi Kwacha. This is rediclous! It’s an impeccable lie if our opposition parties were not sleeping!!!

  117. Jenkha says:

    That’s why in financial sector you need to write figures and also put the figure in words to avoid removing or adding zeros. For example APM should have written the amount as $2 million (two million US Dollars). But our government systems seem to have useless people with low thinking capacity.

  118. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    Thumbs up Ralpahel Tenthani for being one of the people who queried the “stupid” assets declared by Moya’s young brother. But I am smelling a fish here. You mean this important document has been corrected after people questioned it??? And then some illiterate people notably Lhomwes were defending the inflated figures. Politicians will continue to devour our hard earned taxes ndithu.

  119. ine says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha Malawi sadzatheka, handwriting yonyasayi ndi yandani? Mayeso amakhonza bwanji mkulu ameneyu. SHAME

  120. ZilikuMalawi says:

    koma zinazi, you mean with all this technology at his fingertips APM chose to send handwritten materials.besides he had so many months to prepare these documents and he never took some few minutes to cross check this important data before finally submitting. To me that’s a sign that even though it’s in our constitution the President does not take this law very seriously. Five years from now we will be told it was $20 million not $2 million, ‘it was a handwriting/typing mistake’. Our leaders are crooks. No wonder we will continue to beg in this 20th century.

    1. JJB says:

      You should asking the same of Tukula, why did his office not send the final figures toi Muthalika to verify before publishing them?

      Nothing strange about hand written notes we all do it,

      Get a life, don’t waste your life looking at others, do something useful.

      1. ujeni says:

        JJB, verification of any sort be it declaration or audit, original documents are required. Unless you have never been to school you can play ignorance. This whole Peter Mutharika declaration of assets is a complete sham.

  121. this is our country says:

    Kkk i have been telling people,but sourthen region dpp followers are a dumbest lot i have seen in my life,no matter how educated sourthen fellas can be,their reasoning when it comes to politics is that of a standard 3 dropout,this country is in trouble,educated people were supporting those figures,what happened to common sense abale? Ati APM ndi professor so it makes sense,mmm,mow mwazionera nokha,mext time you want to back a politician,br sure cause this country needs people who reasonun,unfortunately we have very few,constructive criticism is not bad,is for the betterment of this country,koma mbutuma za dpp abale inu,zandigwetsa ulesi kwabasi.

  122. Sec-specialist says:

    What mistakes are you talking about here, Tukula? You really must think us stupid to buy your story. This thing is a shambles from the beginning. Damn.

  123. mona says:

    Kodi Ma corrections muzipanga mpaka liti kenako timva muntharika has no money in his us bank account, malawians we lack efficiency, seriousness as well as effectiveness. No wonder we are poor we like to be cheated

  124. nam'bwibwi says:

    Mwaona? M’mene ife timanena kuti sizingatheke professor mwanjira Ina ili yonse kusunga ndalama zochuluka choncho agalu Ena ongotsatila APM nchimbuli-mbuli ndi Ku toilet komwe anatinyoza ndi kutitukwana,lelo ndiizo. Manyazi bwanji?

  125. Asset Declaration says:

    Hahahahahaha! Total village operation! There is surely more to this than meet the eye!

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