Mutharika says 2016 Malawi economy to recover: More job creation

President Arthur Peter Mutharika says he believes that with resilience and focus from all Malawians, 2016 is going to be a better year than 2015 which was more of a formative year of his government’s long-term development plan for the nation even in the absence of donor support.

President Muthariks sees Malawi stable economy in 2016

President Muthariks sees Malawi stable economy in 2016

In his new year’s address to the nation, the President noted that running government with meagre resources has not been easy for his government but it has helped in cementing the belief that everything is possible if the citizens pull in the same positive direction.

“We are not proud of the reasons why donors withdrew, but we are proud that we are learning to walk on our feet as a nation. And this is the year we survived and managed with our locally generated resources,” said the head of state while referencing Cashgate which was the main cause for donor withdrawal of aid.

Mutharika added, “This is a reason for national pride for every patriotic Malawian who aspires for our economic sovereignty.”

Besides Cashgate, other factors that made 2015 a hard year for Malawians were natural disasters such as heavy and destructive rains which culminated into floods. The calamity killed more than 106 people while close to 200 people went missing. In addition, almost 25 percent of farming land in the country was swept away affecting the expected output mainly for the staple food.

The President was however quick to assure Malawians that his government has put all necessary measures to ensure that no single citizen dies of starvation between now and harvest period even beyond that.

“We have enough food for all the 2.8 million people, to take them into the next harvest period. Out of these, a total of 1.9 million people from 168 Traditional Authorities will be given food, while about nine hundred thousand people from 58 Traditional Authorities will be given cash to purchase food commodities,” said the President.

Despite the challenges President Mutharika still finds hope by looking at what was achieved in the just ended year.

“In spite of the challenges, development programmes never stopped. Within our limited means, we kept government running. We kept building roads. We have been renovating university campuses from our local resources. We have been building community colleges and developing skills for the youth because this is one way of creating jobs. We kept fuel flowing. We continued investing in the health infrastructure and re-organized the drug delivery systems to keep the health of the people improved. We have completed a new district hospital in Nkhata-bay among other facilities. And much more has been happening”

The Malawi leader pleaded with those who oppose him for political motives to take time and see things from a neutral and pragmatic angle so as to appreciate the progress being made in transforming the country.

“Those who wrongly think of transformation as an event will be impatient and disappointed. But those who understand transformation as a process, sometimes a slow process, also understand that Malawi is moving forward.

“ I can also understand those of you whose political job is creating misinformation, creating doubts, pessimism and hopelessness in our people; and scoffing at everything your Government is doing, because you think that is how you win the hearts of the people. But the people will always be the better judges”

Among some of key achievements by President Mutharika’s government include construction and opening of community technical colleges, strengthening of financial management systems to avert theft of public money in government, upgrading of several roads, commencement of construction of the Mombera University in Mzimba.

In addition other achievements in 2015 are expedition of Cashgate cases in courts, reforming and recapitalization of water and electricity utilities to improve service delivery.

Another key area in which government put in so much effort was courting foreign investors to bring their capital into the economy either as sole investors or under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative which is being managed by government. In his forecast for 2016, the President said his government will work hard to turn around the economy by bringing in more investors who in turn will facilitate massive job and wealth creation.

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50 thoughts on “Mutharika says 2016 Malawi economy to recover: More job creation”

  1. Afera says:

    This buffoon should stop feeding us with his usual crap. Let him yap about his cheap propaganda of nudzi fund, dubbed cement and malata and the village community collegess which are the only things he can sing about day in and day out. Bingu was far much better than this chikondamoyo cha soda.

  2. Mkandawire Rumphi says:

    We are happy with you Sir continue running the government

  3. Ngwira says:

    Your Government has good vision for the youth and we are proud of you

  4. Nkhonjera says:

    In APM we believe and trust

  5. Mwenifumbo says:

    Abwana gwirani ntchito ife tikuthandizani

  6. Mzomera says:

    We will support you Bwana

  7. Maliko says:

    Let us support APM

  8. MU lomwe weniweni says:

    Peter ndi chitsiru kwambiri bola ma leaders ena amene adutsapowa osati ichi ayi

  9. choka peter says:

    mutesi uyu

  10. Charles Tunthuwa says:

    To make things very clear for herself Joyce Banda should come back home. What’s her fear to come back if she really believe and knows that she is innocent. She must come and provide her own evidence and the court’s will decide so she can carry on with her party politics. For how long then shall she have to stay in joburgh. In come back if you are innocent as this is so embalassing for a former head of state. Are you now a rebel leader in the jungle come back.

  11. Joseph Moyo says:

    Ine sindidaonepo boma lozunguzika ngat lino chiyambiren kuzindikira.boma likuti lifuna lilembe ntchito aphunzisi opuma pantchito chikhaliren ma fresh graduates angokhala kugonera mango mmizimu.Amenewo mudawapasa mwai wa ntchito adalephera kuchita invest ndye bwanji osapasa mwai ma new blood wa?
    Nde anthu a mitu yopanda ubongo okwanila mukumati alova azipanga business capital atenge kut mumvekere capital ndi iwowo.munthu adayamba liti khala capital.ndipemphero langa kut akuchoseni ntchito chaka chinocho inunso mukhale capital tikuoneleni mutionese ululu wa ulova.ngat mulibe choyankhula mukhale chete.pokhala malova sikuti sitimaganiza.mwakamba zot timagwirisa ntchito ma foni odula kod kukhala mlova ndye tilibe zokhumba?Ntchitozo angatiitne bwanj ku ma intavyu opanda fon?Nanga pot ntchito za makono zikulira ma foni a email kut tichite apply inu si Mulungu ife ntchito tiipeeza sikuti ndkale ai chaka chino shame on you anthu oipa osathandiza osafunira anzanu zabwino.

  12. Dr Haswel P. Bandawe says:

    The President’s message has pluses and minuses. The pluses refer to his mention of some of the activities done by government: food security, public works, expansion of tertiary education facilities.

    But during times of hardship the President needed to catalogue more challenges faced by the country UP FRONT: water supply; electricity supply interruptions, inadequate supply of seeds and fertilizer; high inflation, a large budget deficit; the balance of payments deficit and the weakening Kwacha which aggravates inflation, and others.

    That would show Government awareness of and concern about the hardships people are going through. That is leadership; good and strong leadership.

    Then, the President needed to spell out what is being done and planned to be done to address and each and, where possible, where possible how long it will take to reverse a particular situation.

    How many people that are close to the President have been suspended or fired over allegations of corruption? What belt tightening in spending is being done? What is the fate of the fertilizer subsidy going forward? Any plans for irrigation? How about diversification of food crops? and others. Surely, some progress has been made. People would like to hear as many specifics as possible.

    In fact, this would be a time to commend the opposition and other commentators for bringing the government to account. Implore the critics to continue to be vigilant so that government’s attention continues to be focused on solving problems. Critics are not enemies! There is no politics about it; they point to real issues which should be attended to. Paranoia will not do!

    In times of hardship or crisis clear communication, transparency and accountability strengthen Government’s position to rally the country together; not counter accusations and defensiveness.

  13. Naliyela says:


  14. bav says:

    Ntchindele icho he dont knw wht he is talking about

  15. Tengupenya says:

    In Malawi the economy is dollarized. The Kwacha is a symbolic currency. Si the people are cheated. Prices of commodities and services are pegged to the dollar. So you must get it fixed one way or the other. Are you a dollar denominated economy? Are you a Kwacha denominated economy? You cannot have it both ways, de nominating the supply in dollars and paying for the demand in Kwacha. It is cheating the workers who are paid their income in pure ?Kwacha (not dollar equivalents).

    Rise for once. Either the Kwacha falls and the US dollar is domesticated as the national currency, or the state confisticates any business that fixes prices to a foreign currency. No prices to be displayed in foreign currency. No payment to be made in foreign currency.

  16. Tengupenya says:

    Boma ilooooo! Those critiquing government and those criticizing it helps it stay the course of sustainable and equitable growth. Those ridiculing the opposing and the critical scrutiny of the government poison our best opportunity as a nation in quest of development. Listen to the critique and critism and respond by evidently reducing the gaping inequalities and non equaitable coverage of government sponsored development. Instead of castigating the critique and critism offer clear explanations in your counter criticism and not the verbiage of your opinions about the people criticizing you. You are in public office. The public is vast and varied. You cannot represent only your individual constituency, at the national level, the government must allocate sufficient and equitable resources to the local and municipal levels for them to take care of their priority issues. Processes are necessary but they are not enough. Transparency in allocation of the resources that make the difference in peoples livelihoods is REQUIRED.

    And yes! Let’s deal with cashgate with unity of purpose to recover the plundered resources and to punish the perpetrators regardless of age, status, gender, political affiliation, current or past positions. Those with immunity from prosecution can have the immunity lifted by the appropriate authorities as long as there is compelling evidence. No malevolent deals to shield each other please. Restitution and just deserts should be the core approach to the cashgate sage so that .several decades from now the state and it’s citizens should look back and say the perpetrators were combed, punished and their ill gotten proceeds confisticated by the state.

    Secure the peoples will expressed during elections. Rigging the elections is akin to wasting resources and killing the expression of the people, ignoring their choice of leadership and installing an illegal government. Should people not uprise in such circumstances to reject imposed leadership? For now the people have depended on Devine interventions of various kinds. Soon they will take matters in their own hands for a lasting solution for them to restore their dignity. Pray hard for personal deliverance and national unity. Nothing will come easy and no cheating will stand for long. Anytime soon, any cover for all cheating will be lifted by the reversal of the will of those who were used to facilitate the same. People will come forward as they seek personal peace.

    All the best for 2016.

  17. Ndege says:

    Well I wonder why presidents in our country point at what they have done instead of taking anything done as their job which they were elected for in this country. It’s shame that they take a lot of their time explaining to us what they have achieved, all of have worked and achieved something they need not to point, their work will been seen by the ppo themselves and ppo will appreciate. You can say we have food and we r going to give out cash to people to find buy food when the economy is not stable and what type of people are we going to be always waiting for the govt to feed us are their no ways to teacher to feed ourselves. PLIZ sort out the economy and we will solve the rest ourselves. Don’t tell us again what you have done we will see it ourselves and if you are not performing will continue to talk the negative until you die with heart attack.

  18. Mtsikana sachepa. says:

    Petulo is a blank slate.

  19. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr.President,do not think that Malawians are all that fools for electing both of you into the highest positions in the land,it is just because things had gone somehow wrong somewhere.The fact that people voted for your brother and yourself,does not indicate that Malawians are fools eventhough they gravely blame themselves for having unconsciously done just that.However,there are no bounds in making mistakes,we have learnt our lesson once and for all.Your declaration that 2016 will be year of economic progress,is in the first place,a big deceipt in a cocoon.It is over a year now since Peter Muthalika was voted into power,but the state of the economy perseveres each day that passes.The fact of the matter is that,Peter is not demure enough to get the ball rolling,and aboveall,he is a leader that does not care about the people of Malawi,instead he cares about himself and his children who live outside Malawi and likewise,the children of his late contemptible brother Bingu Wa Muthalika.Generally,both the Muthalikas had been showing lack of progressive leadership and eventually,become excursionists with unpatriotic dimensions.So Malawians,do not fall prey of a failed leadership that is regressing both economic and political establishments in the country.Right now,every economic sector is collapsing,the Kwacha value is disgracefully in disarray,unemployment at level high,endemic corruption the list goes on and on.So Malawians,you have to embrace yourself for a long haul.

  20. enidziko says:

    What is he smoking at sanjika palace?

  21. Mtumbuka2 says:

    Believes? Be specific

  22. kambindingu "hard & low" says:

    Malawi is a failed state.

  23. mtumbuka says:

    Enanu m’mangopanga opoz every. Timangodziwila2 kuti ndinu a lazaro lazaras chakwera ndi jb aha m’mati amai adutse. Otherwise ndingoti APM boma ilooo

  24. Abiti Mtila Akuba says:

    Nanga legalisation ya mathanyura simunanene ngati achievement bwanji

  25. kangandiwamba says:

    Koma yeaa!! Professorship character imeneyo….

  26. jofwido says:

    Cashgate happened in 2013, we are now in 2016. If he was serious about removing the adverse effects of cashgate he could have done so in his first twelve months.

    Many of the things he cites as happening with local funds actually have significant proportions, if not 100%, of donor support. And through all this economic hardship APM has continued to fund his lavish lifestyle, including an expensive motor home and numerous foreign trips.

    APM only cares about his glory; he is not in this job to improve the lot of Malawians. This is why he is always demanding respect for himself. This is why he always gets angry at even the slightest question about his extravagance in the face of dire poverty. If he wanted he could turn things around, but really he couldn’t care less..

  27. kangandiwamba says:

    Don’t Fool us here.Malawians are not children!!!!

  28. Mtsikana sachepa. says:

    Bolanso kungokhala chete. Only deranged person can seriously take what exudes from that mouth. Malawians are surviving by God’s grace.

  29. Mccarthy says:

    Mudakana Chakwera Zanu zimenezo don’t cry!

  30. Mccarthy says:

    Useless President, can’t you see people are dying with hunger?

  31. Alole says:

    Mwatelo apresident ai zikomo Ambuye akusogoleleni

  32. Patriots says:

    Let’s walk the walk and talk to talk Mr president truly Malawi needs a comprehensive vision that will resonate with the masses. Malawis prosperity depends on intergrity and consistency.

  33. Mathanyula says:

    Still waiting to clap hands for this clueless administration, from the look of things it’s going to be a loooooooong wait

  34. Dwambazi says:

    Keep on dreaming Mathanyula, it’s pretty obvious that you live in a totally different world ( Lala land) than the rest of Malawians whose lives have been negatively affected by your lack of leadership.

  35. Washington Fixon Awali says:

    keep on finding the ways that can keep our Government moving forward without depending the donors. Because other donor countries are full of nonsense.

    Please government officials, private sectors , religious leaders, would you sit together find ways that can keep our country economy strong.

  36. WAKUMUDZI says:

    Kampeni yayandikiratu bwana !!




  37. Mapiri says:

    How about the blunders u made e.g. Selling MSB?

  38. Malawians u are good in crying when things get worse. U voted for this man becaus u he iyourrtrib U Like JB yes but did not lijelie.. If you had listned to JB to day u could have a better lfe at least. I dont trust Malawians any more. I know you will again let APM/DDP rule Malawians. U like leaders like this man. U have never lived a good life like we Zambians so u dont know how to live a life. U are used to go to other countries to work. U are still living in old time of Kamuzu Banda. AFRAID to talk and rotest. That is why your leaders take advantage of u. They krtnow how to treat u and how weak and coward u are. When are u going to enjoy your nation indepedence? Zambians could never had allowed another Muntharika rule them. Thinking of what his brother and Peter did. Peter did show signs when he is with his brother. He is the one who changed Bingu. Malawians ignorance is believing that DDP/Bingu developed the country or is the only party which can develope the country. They mean buildings which is built under DDP or have continued. What they dont know is it was planed and was going to be there whether another party rule Malawi. The money comes from loans which is inpack for poor Malawi and Malawians. Only educated
    Understand this. Majority of Malawians are under average of education and have no knowledge where the money come from. Pity. These are the ones who vote for Muntharika.

  39. Morris says:

    The kwacha is the worst performing currency in the world there is only misery you need to change policies or there will be chaos in the country. How can a currency devalue every day watch out Chuka is a Pp supporter and has deliberately made policies to make kwacha devalue so Dpp become unpopular act now if kwacha does not come in control people will vent there anger on Dpp

  40. What can he say something must come from the mouth. Especial end of the way. The an is a papegoa. If one does not make it first year how is going to do in second year? This is a punishment of stealing votes. U see any nation ruled of old people does not social develope. Where are jobs going to come? Without investors how do new jobs come? People are failling to do businesses because of black outs. Malawi is the only country ruled by someone who has not lived in the country and who just came back old and because of his brother become president. I dont
    Think any country could allow that. If Malawi and Malawians dont make a change 2019 forget to live in Malawi.

  41. akuntinji anamuona says:

    Blunt truth mukunama. It seems you missed the class of economics. The time you advocated for devaluation, did you not project long term impact considering Malawi is net importer. Munawononga nokha Malawi si Peter.

    Mzungu anakupusitsa to support his selfishness.

  42. Rights says:

    Clueless speach based on mare beliefs of economy recovery. We have lost hope. So far the toughest time ever since our Republic was born. This government has brought misery us misery. We need solutions not beliefs.

  43. Chimwemwe77 says:

    He is enjoying the fresh chambo in Mangochi and wining there, nothing is changing here, its him who is getting better and better while the people on the ground are languishing in poverty, paying high taxes, over 60% of our earnings are going back to him thru PAYE, VAT etc. Despite paying high taxes, when i go to the hospital for medical services, which i have already contributed, there are no medical drugs. Shame on us, Malawi-ans! Yayimuna yakanikanso kukoka ngolo. The Kwacha is tumbling fast thereby raising comodity prices, Secondary school fees, water, electricity tarrifs gone up an yet the salary is the 2007 one, nobody is thinking of adjusting to much the living conditions! As far as the name Mutharika appearz to be the 1st citizen, donors wont release their money, they bring condition after another becoz our head of state doesnt knw what he is saying and doing, today he is looking for donor support tomorrow is castigating the same like “donor age is gone, and i dont work on automatums” on the other hand he is busy stealing proceeds of RTDSS, MRA, ESCOM, he is hiding the K577bn financial scum under the carpet and pronouncing corrupti-on as evil. Mr president, its your 3rd year in office, dont make cashgate as your failing point, turn things around otherwise your tenure is going without meaningful developments but you will leave the young-ones in deep credits. Show that you ard a true prophesor by turning the economy, otherwise we are tired of lame excuses about cashgate while you are busy milking the little Malawi have. Donors contributes 40% and our taxes contributes 60% but the way things are, its like Malawi is having 40% according to the things on the ground, use accordingly the merger resourses, no kusolora, eg, if the ruling party steal frm ESCOM, the workers also steal becoz they see that you are just using them, end result are the fires that gults the same companies, that is to cover them up for their theft

  44. anadimba says:

    mupite mmidzimu apresident mukaone umphawi.ndiye mudzikamba bwino zosamvekazo. Anthu akukhala pachigayo dzuwa lonse kudikira magetsi.zinthu zakwera mtengo kamba kakugwa kwa kwacha.anthu alibe chochita.

  45. Ozitsata says:

    Blunt truth, its becoming evident that even the DPP followers are feeling the heat now. Am sure its only some family members who are still enjoying the current situation. I hope these guys will work out something .

  46. No name brand says:

    Can anyone trust the muntharika’s. I wonder

  47. No name brand says:

    Can anyone trust the muntharika’s. I wonder

  48. kukhala says:


  49. Blunt Truth says:

    Almost every Malawian, except those aligned to the ruling DPP, knows that Peter Mutharika has brought misery to the majority of ordinary Malawians since May 2014. The Kwacha is losing value thereby making life expensive for Malawians. It was an empty speech.

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