Mutharika says donor age is now gone: ‘Malawi economic growth slows’

President Peter Mutharika says Malawians should accept that donors have pulled their aid from the country and they will not be returning back.

President Mutharika opens the 46th Session of Parliament  in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni Mana

President Mutharika opens the 46th Session of Parliament in Lilongwe-Pic. by Abel Ikiloni Mana

Mutharika said this Friday when he opened the 46th session of parliament in Lilongwe.

“The age of donor aid seems ro be gone. Our developong partners remain with us only wit support outside the budget,” said Mutharika in his 25 minute historic address.

He said more than ever, the nation needs economic prudence and innovation in the wake of donor pull out and the current economic crisis.

“Malawians must understand the changing times we live in. We must work to endure our painful path to economic sovereignity,” he said.

He said this was the time for all Malawians to unite and condemned political bickering and finger pointing.

“Sadly our democracy seems to have taken our national duty and sense of responsibility. Our freedom of speech has become a celebration of blaming and counter blaming one anorher. We are wasting precious time failing to develop Malawi now. History will never forgive us,” Mutharika said.

On the economy, Mutharika said projections have been revised downwards to the growth of 3 percent in 2015 and 4.5 percent in 2016, adding the kwacha depreciated by 30 percent.

The President said it was sad that Malawians continue to struggle to survive, saying the hard times should teach Malawians hard lessons.

“The rougher the times, the tougher we must be. And we can turm our challenges into stepping stone for building a resilient economy. Malawi is at a very critical stage,” Mutharika said.

Mutharika recognises insecurity concerns but says statistics indicate crime is on the decrease.

The President also said Issuance of National ID cards to all citizens will be rolled out in 2017.

“Go vernment has commenced process of issuing National IDs. We intend to issue first 5,000 IDs by February 2016 on a pilot basis,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika further declares an end to theft of drugs in public hospitals due to new measures tackling the malpractice.

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124 thoughts on “Mutharika says donor age is now gone: ‘Malawi economic growth slows’”

  1. Stocking says:

    This number one servant is in his own world i’m sure. We have two countries in the world which receives big donations Eygpt and Israel yet they leave much greater lives than us and they can afford leaving on their own than us. Yet they don’t say things like that. What are we Malawi, we have failled so many times economically and politically. Our shaping of economy is just proving that of the Arab style of rulling which does not bear fruits at the end. Politically, we only know how to kill each other, to bury the evidence. You preach democracy, who ever puts it into real practise is excuted military style. Mutharika must come clean and accept that he’s a looser. If you don’t time is going to prove its self. The way you came to power is the same way you are going. At the moment enjoy stealing from the Malawians

  2. PETER NYADANI says:




    FREE !!

  3. Sapitwa says:

    Blunt Truth
    You haven’t read the speech carefully. You are the one who is lost. He said donors are assisting us outside the budget. Read read read and read and understand before you comment.

  4. Kikito says:

    Let me correct the missunderstanding of the president from donor point of view. The donors are ready to help but not a corrupt system like DPP or PP. Malawians remember that donors also withhold their aid during Bingu time. This tells us that if we need economic growth to prevail then vote wise. DPP , UDF and PP are parties with bad records in the books of donors. It time we are not cheated and do the right thing in eyes of God and donors.

  5. Chingolopiyo says:

    This dangerous for speaking for Malawi and Malawians. 1 The one speaking is eating the money he co-stole with his fallen brother. 2 He does not pay any tax but he is swimming in our hard earn and highly taxed monies. 3 He does not pay any utility bills, not even hospital bill, but we are paying for him, very expensive hospitals, but we are languishing with the shortage of medical drugs in our hospitals. No man is an Island, even if we are to produce more for exports, with this attitude of our leader, who will buy from us. The Western donors can do and are doing without us, but we can not do without them. Everyone wishes to stand alone but not for now in Malawi. This simply means that DPP led gvt is not ready and will not change the governance issues, will not stealing frm gvt coffers, will not prosecute the fraud cases and the political killers that the donors have asked them to. But there is God in heaven who hears when we are crying, he heard the cries of the Israelis in Egypt, he is the same God

  6. nick says:

    Does anyone still believe that donors have pulled their aid from Malawi. They must be blind! Did Bingu not boast about zero-aid?
    Development aid is simply coming in to Malawi, as before, but by a different route and in different boxes

  7. Mmapeh says:

    This is an excellent speech. Fools do not understand APM. We need to wake up and stand on our own. Days of dependence and hand outs are gone. Begging will not help us. Who is Chabwera by the way, a very silly Pastor, hungry for power but God is angry with him because he deserted his job of serving him. I rest my case!

  8. YAKI says:

    why step down full of jealousy

  9. Blunt Truth says:

    The state president’s message that the donor age is gone is highly misleading. Donors are assisting Malawi but outside the govt budget. He even said the global fund has given Malawi a record amount of US dollars to fight HIV/AIDS etc. It is the recurrent budget that donors are not assisting because of the K92Billion misused during BINGU WA MUTHARIKA RULE and K24billion cashgate during Dr Joyce Banda’s rule. Without donor support Malawi on its own cannot meet the cost of treating Hiv/Aids and social and economic problems. In fact donors do not trust DPP because of its past terrible record of bad governance. The president is cheating Malawians on donors.

  10. Chenda says:

    In practice we view it the same when we do not have donor money because even when we were supported, the donated money was misused and no body benefited. The President is very correct in his presentation and we should pay heed and work hard.

  11. Tim Masamba says:

    This idiot should just have told the Malawi Nation that he is stepping down!!!

  12. redeemed says:

    Well spoken. It’s high time we learned to stand on our feet. Economic problem is a global challenge there fore it’s unrealistic to expect other countries to abandon their own people drowning and run to save strangers.we are living in a time where only the toughest will survive and it’s either we swim or sink. I applause the President for being bold enough to call a spade a spade, unlike the RSA President who is too scared to tell his people the truth.

  13. Tozer Tsono says:

    Mr. President you have twisted words on donor assistance. The era of donor assistance is not gone. Leaders (k577 billion unaccounted for under your brother’s rule, whatever amount former president Muluzi is in court for, and millions stolen under PP leadership, etc) stealing donor contributions has been checked. What you can do to assist is to let the whole world know what your brother did with the money unaccounted for in audits. Simple enough, right? No, because it is your brother and who knows who else benefited from the loot! That is why donors have withdrawn their assistance. They donated money for the all the 12.5 million people, but only the top brass are asked to account for the missing funds. Tell the donors where your brother stashed the k577 billion otherwise making speeches about donors withholding assistance is useless. Donors have not stated that they do not want to fund Malawi, the 12.49 million people. They just don’t want to fill the Bandas or Muluzi’s or Mutharikas pockets if they are culprits in the pilfered money. Please correct your false allegation.



  15. Hamza Wotch says:

    Zovuta kwambiri mpaka apresident kuvomera kuti zinthu zavuta.

  16. losco says:

    This is my President on whom I am always delighted! Keep on leading the nation and leave alone the fools who are always shouting at u.They will never appreciate even asingle good job done by u for the sake of their Lazaro.


    Stealing will never end ngati pali munthu mwamva?

  18. KALULU says:


  19. Balamanthu says:

    The most daft speech by the most daft President on EARTH.Professorhsip yogula ndi choncho basi.How can Malawi President say this when the government he leads hasnt had its government accounts audited for the past five years and he is hankering for China to sell our country to?Such day light stupidity

  20. Chopwichopwi says:

    My view is that all well meaning malawians should heed what the president has said. Let each one of us think on how we will make our country develop and grow economically. Be creative and innovative. Busness isamangokhala yotulutsa forex lets do business which will earn the country the much needed forex.the donors are tired and they are now asking why they should forever spoon feed us. Tiyeni tidzuke.

  21. bingiza says:

    Is it a poem sir

  22. RoyK says:

    No one can steal drugs at hospital ???? sure, because there isn’t any.

  23. Real Patriot says:

    Pitala would you please hand over the billions that were stolen during your brothers’s era and you are even pompous to the downtrodden Malawians that your swimming in billions in a highly impoverished country.Why then did your deceased brother manipulate the system to succeed him in a dubious way if you were really a billionaire in America?Please handover the stolen billion to the Malawians who are suffering because of your greediness with your Lomwe cohorts.A big curse is following you with your friend Muluzi because you are seated on a big loot while the mass Malawians are in stinking poverty.Malawians are fed up of your austerity measures while you are reckless spender of their hard earned taxes.Dziko lakukanikani kuyendetsa ili.The only solution is simply to resign.Palibe chimene chikuyenda.

  24. kamps says:

    This is the plain truth,well done my president but fools will always criticize you.,you are president with vision.Rome was not built in a day.God bless our APM

  25. James kotoki says:

    But people are really blind,how can someone praise this idiot with all the mess he has caused?

  26. Nhuma says:

    Should we really say donor age is gone? Should we? Or its a desperate attempt to cover for our mess and weakness? With all this poverty around I wonder if we should really talk as if we know what we are doing. School children are learning under trees, or in grass sharks, teachers have no housing, police officers living in dire states, 65% of us cannot read and write, very poor primary health care, poor roads, poor urban infrastructure etc . we are failing to do these on our own and indeed we have failed to achieve the same with donor money. Not that we lacked funds but they were embezzled by scrupulous leaders in government. As leaders we are letting our people walk barefooted and dance for us while we wipe our faces with enriched honor. We crap hands and given then K10,000 to share amongst themselves. So they thanks us if we are gods for their lives. Poverty and cruelty what should make us believe we no longer need help.

  27. San says:

    We must commend the President here for saying the right things. This is an example of true leadership. Malawi must change.

    Kamuzu Banda wrestled the country back from its colonial rulers 51 years ago. For those who can’t tell, donor aid is a modern day form of colonialism. They do not ‘care’ about us; rather they want to control us. Forever.

    As long as we are saddled with huge debt we are incapable of paying back in full, we will eternally be in the red. Remaining stagnant or even regressing in some cases.

    Democracy is supposed to give people the freedom to choose. Let’s look to the future, lay sound strategy in place, and build our Malawi. The political party you follow/support/worship is irrelevant if you deeply and truly love your country.

  28. Concerned malawian says:

    The usual speech by a dubious billionaire.Malawians are suffering because of the visionless leadership.The Leadership has been greedy with a few individuals by stealing donor money and at the end have telling Malawians to brace themselves for hard times.When are they going to start arresting people who stole 577 billion during bingus era?We need back that money to kick back the money.Arresting a few people of Joyce Bandas is having no any impact.Its time all the stolen billions were recovered and big fish too were arrested.Sad for poor ordinary Malawians whose life is going to be tougher and tougher just because of a few individuals who think that their lives are important than ordinary Malawians.

  29. Bololo says:

    Mr President thanks for your words but walk the talk as well. Lead by example.Don’t tell us to tighten our belts as you loosen yours
    Cut your cloth according to size. Stop the waste of meagre resources in your government.Look around you, the VP, cabinet minister’s and capital hill. That’s where most of these problems emanate from.
    Show us you truly mean it by cleaning up your make believe world. Those pointless convoys, big 4×4 for every Jim and jack in so called positions of importance all the way down to drivers playing bawo on our taxes. If you have any sense balance the books by removing that albatross around Malawians necks called civil service.

  30. Eugene says:

    Don’t point fingers at anyone but yourself Bwampini Mathanyula. Donors are ready to help but they don’t want to waste their taxpayers money only for you and your cronies to steal it…shupiti brutes, agalu inu!!

  31. Well done Mr President we need to hear more of this facts and words of encouragement that we can not move forward unless we work hard, not stealing/corruption ! this is what has been missing in most leaders since Kamuzu died ! let us tell Malawians the truth about how to progress, get rich and develop. It is about hard working not kusolola !

    Now Peter do something on the 92 billion/577 billion issue – show Malawians that you stand for the truth and will not tolerate anyone stealing whether a DPP top officer must be held accountable. That is what we call leadership bwana.

  32. Nyambose says:

    wise saying ,wise president ,blind and silly Malawians never know that we have a good leadership. Malawians are politicising everything keeling development of our nation

  33. zikomo pondionetsa ku new york ndi misonko yanu says:

    you’re a very silly man. we’re a nation of 15 million people of which 700,000 are gainfully employed and of those 700,000, 3/4 of them are thieves. 12 million are subsistence farmers that get paid once a year when they sell their crops.

    the rest are transporters or vendors that sell watches and belts, young boys that sell boiled eggs or dried fish that are painted red (to this day i don’t know what the red stuff is) used oil, timber, water in plastic bags, mandazi, thobwa, mangoes and yet you’re brave enough to say ‘dzuka malawi dzuka’ dziko lake silino man.

  34. the little Malabùh says:

    it is true that we cannot rely on donors aid. we cannot not just be sting waiting for and wait for someone to give us money and we misuse it. it painful for those who gave.
    however we cannot exagerate the problem by saying the age of donors’ aid is gone. the problem is with us. you want to tell me that all developing countries are suffering like Malawi?
    think!!!!! and ask what is the problem with Malawi?! all developing countries are being helped by the same donors

  35. Njolinjo says:

    Nothing new. Same old rhetoric.

  36. Rabalamani says:

    Lets work to uplift our lives. Zaulere zatha.

  37. One that what Muntharika is saying is not coming from his head. How do he expect donors to come back while not long time ago he hired an expensive jet and took a huge number of people to UN? Then he boosted how rich he was. Is there any sense. The donors have made demands about Cash Gate but APM is not reaching that why because he knows he is involved. How many Cash gaters from DDP are convicted? It was donors and tax money they stole. Muntharika has failled to even encourage investors. He said he will bring investors but how many have come. With investors they could be jobs and with jobs tax money. That is why Europe is rich. TAXPAYERS money and APM should know that since he lived i US. He paid tax there. And still pay because he has pension there. He gave up his green card because he knew he will sack poor Malawians and he has no problem for sick insurance, and he can live without green card. Have you seen or heard someone who has done that before. I have European citizenship I will never give it ut for Malawian. I love my nation so much, but I can nt loose this opportunite of pension and free moving all over the world.

  38. Kenkkk says:

    Good speech, nothing new but just reminding us of what we are facing.

    My main concern is, if what some are saying here is true that donors have asked you Peter to return the money stolen during bingu dpp rule before they give us budgetary support and you are refusing to do so, then Peter you are really selfish by such action which is creating untold sufferings to 15mn Malawians while you are enjoying yourself.

    The Pain of 15mn malawians means nothing to you as long as it doesn’t affect you. Really?

  39. mapwevupwevu says:

    Some idiots are speaking as if the so called donors left the country and they will miraculously come back if somebody else becomes president.

    Look around! The British & American embassies are still here they are just changing tunes on a daily basis on aid. They are facing problems Kwao they need money in their own countries!

    Dzuka Malawi dzuka! Develop your own country!

  40. zikomo pondionetsa ku new york ndi misonko yanu says:

    eya. azungu atitopela tsopano. amalawi timaba udyo ndipo timayiwala kuti ma dollars/pounds/yen/yuan/deuschmark tikubawo ndi misonkho ya eni ake. ine ndili mbali ya azungu ndipo tinya sitinati, atikhaulitse kumene.

    chilichonse chimene tikuchita, wina amapanga photocopy, photograph, record, whatsapp, facebook, wikileaks ndiye palibe chinsinsi. cashgaters have killed a whole nation.

    the only good thing is mahule atsitsa mitengo heavy. tizidyano 5 hunds m’malo mwa 5 pin. wa whisky azimwa gin, wa gin amwa chibuku, wa chibuku ma satchet, wa ma satchet kachasu, kachasu chikokeyani last ndi chamba.

  41. Kakha uErutu says:

    Lazy Malawians. Still begging with 51 years of independence behind you? Shame!
    Your president is the most visionary among most African leaders. But you don’t see it. I think Malawians are a cursed people. I pity you.

  42. Mapwiya Phaloni says:

    Wanena za mzeru mkuluyi koma azikonda kuyankhula chilungamo osati azitibisira ndikumatiuza bodza ayi kuti ife tizilimbikira timabusiness ndi ntchito zimene ife timagwira.

  43. Jamax says:

    I think APM has spoken those who loves this NATION wud not sit down & write rubish… it’s high time we change our mindset, work extra hard & pray to GOD to heal & bless our NATION everything z posible….!!!!

    1. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

      Stupid mindset. If rich countries like Israel and Egypt are still assisted by Donors, how can wean ourselves of the same. It not a question of prayers here but ridding ourselves of cash gate and vote gate regimes.

  44. Ngumbi says:

    Of course its gone but how will the poor be freed from the calamities of CASHGATE????

  45. KALULU says:


  46. jmc says:

    Kkkk. Hard times deserve hard decisions and actions. Kkkk! The comments here seem to suggest that Malawians have come to believe that its only thru begging from the rich that we can solve the country’s problems. Noooo! Noo. Malawians change that mindset. Securing donor aid shud not be considered like achievements atal. APM i salute u for begining to wake up! Dzuka malawi iwe dzuka!

  47. mbani says:

    this is criminal

  48. Jamax says:

    I think has spoken those who loves this NATION wud not sit down & write rubish it’s high time change our mindset, work extra hard & pray to GOD to heal & bless our NATION everything z posible….!!!!

  49. benten says:

    Green belt initiative tiilimbikitse kwambiri so that we should be exporting foodstuffs through out the year

  50. chemwali kulibe says:

    Thats a problem of stealing votes.Zinthu zakuba zimakhala za minyama heavy.You think when Chakwera becomes the president the donors won’t come back.As long as DPP rules this country donors will never come back.Your late brother stole billions and you are also doing the same.Malawians are hopeless now.God save us from the jaws of this lion.We only have hope in you .We know you have your own ways of saving innocent malawians.

  51. Kaka Boy says:

    Mr APM, you say no blaming each other yet you are the one who is sending servants to castigate other people. What did you expect others to do. Blame yourself. You are a failure.

  52. lehman says:

    [email protected] al abt our leaders,none wl develop malawi.dey jst want to pump their pockets.

  53. A Malawi anzanga, let us wake up and accept the reality. We have buried our heads in the sand for too long. We cannot rely on donors to give us budgetary support for too long. We can only do that at our own peril, because there is nothing like free money. Donor aid has its own hidden costs.

    It is time we started to gradually wean ourselves from aid, starting with budget support. We should have started this a long time ago. What does this entail? It entails a good and cohetent development strategy, that is implemented to the letter and relevant individuals held accountable for any slippages in implementation. It entails hard work for all of us and shaking off the current dependecy syndrome. We need to start realising that our government is too poor to be giving out hand outs to able bodied people, who are capable of fending for themselves. We also need to resist all temptations to steal from our poor government in whatever form, be it cashgate, tax evasion or otherwise. Remember what one Fahad Assani said about a third of government money being stolen? Would this not take the place of budget support? I believe with cashgate the proportion tha gets stolen must be higher.

    Makosana, the problems we have in Malawi are of our own making. Yes we need aid, but I believe we can do far much better, even on our own if 2e change our mindset. Many of us, from politicians, civil servants and ordinary people are simply parasites, looking for an opportunity to suck from a very sick and financially anaemic government. Until the day this stops, we will continue on this path but will never get far. Dzikoli ndi lanthu, nobody, I repeat nobody except us Malawians can develop it.

    implemented to the letter and relevant individuals held accountable

  54. Comred Brigadier says:

    Yes Mr President depending on donor aid time is over

  55. benten says:

    The president has said the whole truth. Malawian should now work hard to achieve the economic prosperity we are yearning for. Osadalira zopatsidwa, kupemphatu kumapatsa utsiru. Tigwire ntchito ndi manja athu molimbika and we shall prosper.

  56. Chikopa says:

    A beggar is not respected. Whenever seen approaching a certain house people there develop attitudes to cut his visit. What the President is saying is true. Do not have ten children waiting for free primary education, free health facilities, subsidized fertilizer, subsidized nyumba, etc etc etc. It is this stupid democracy which allows thugs (ziomba) to rule the country with impunity, civil servants to steal as their houses in Area 10, 11, 12 etc were sold in the name of democracy. Pilfering medical drugs and we know who are doing it. Corpses rotting at KCH until oozing. What benefit do I get for name calling of the President? Nothing!!!!

  57. Principal GVH says:

    Then let’s put a stop to theft of public resources and lavish lifestyle in government top brass. Donor money has never been a solution in the presence of endermic stealing of public resources for personal enrichment

  58. Fireguy says:

    aMalawi pliz lets understand kuti its time to do things for ourselve no matter how hard it will be….the President is right donor age is gone….kodi until when do we want to be economic underdogs….lets wakeup!!!

  59. Je suis charlie says:

    APM is pathetic: He is the one who starts the finger pointing and blaming others – especially JB and Chakwera. He is right in saying that history will not forgive him…he wanted the job so much, but just for his own glory and not to help Malawians.

    He talks of hard times teaching hard lessons – but he doesn’t seem to learn any lesson. His convoy if anything is getting obscenely longer and longer. Everyone else is supposed to learn the hard lessons, but not him.

  60. maka says:

    Lets appreciate the call that president is calling out. IN CASE you don’t understand what he is saying. The president is calling for Malawians to take development in their own hands. Malawi can not develop on handouts.
    Support Malawian businesses
    Support Malawi owned University or small private colleges.
    STOP corruption, especially traffic police officers
    Find means of lowering the price of cement cause it has direct impact on infrastructure development.
    DEVELOP patent law against illegal coping of business.

    Most importantly, join the international trade with your Cashgate Money. not buying cars but equipment that will create jobs and increase production in the country.

  61. Alfred Newmann says:

    Bingu’s zero budgeting gimmick is the same idea as what this guy is telling us, only trying to disguise it with an intellectual spin. After stealing and misusing aid money and cursing out the donors, we are being told to forget about foreign aid (except perhaps Chinese and all their fake goods!). And we are being told to unite when a few days ago the guy was tearing down the MCP in its own home ground. It’s hard to imagine how anyone can go to bed with a clear conscience after telling the nation such horrible lies.

  62. Pat says:

    Mr The Only Democrat Left, please don’t forget that the president in his address was talking about Malawi. So, don’t label the president a liar due to your little lack of understanding. Donor age for malawi is gone and thats a fact mr begger. Lets sweat working to lift our lives, not sweat begging!!

  63. Ubwino wake amadzifela okha anthu awa no worries…tick..tick…kuyenda kwa watch..

  64. Ngedoma says:

    No comment………my be when u came next time with something sensible

  65. ngulenjet says:

    Good spoken Mr President but I wish all you have said was true and spoken in good faith please do not cheat Malawians we all know where the problem is and what has made donor countries to pull out. On the issue of wasting time attacking one another you need first yourself and your party members be the first to start that just on Wednesday you attacked Kamuzu with your baseless statements. Please Mr President be serious once and for all Malawians are suffering while you keep enjoying up there

  66. Telling the Truth says:

    A useless and empty speech from a tired old man. Donors are willing to assist but they do not trust Peter Mutharika and DPP. Do not blame democracy. We value freedom of speech

  67. Nebuchadnezzar says:

    Bwampini utsogoleri wamukanika,upulezidenti ochita kupatsidwa osati kuvoteredwa,Mulungu wayang’ana kumbali yatsala ndi cardiac arrest ndipo posachedwapa tionanso Daniel Phiri wina.

  68. dav says:

    Zimbabwe is surviving without western aid and Zim’s situation was worse than ours. Its time to help ourselves let us work hard in all directions we will succeed one day.

  69. The Impeacher says:

    Diplomats representing donor nation based in Lilongwe particularly the High Commissioner of the UK, Ambassador of Germany and the USA are doing Malawi and our hard fought for democracy a disservice by not disclosing to us Malawians the real reason why these countries have stopped giving direct aid to Malawi.
    These diplomats know very well that the reason why their nations have stopped aid because Mutharika and his brother Bingu looted billions from Malawi and their countries are demanding that Mutharika returns back to Malawi all the money the Mutharika’s stole before providing aid to Malawi.
    It is the responsibility of the press and media too to ask these diplomats the question of why the donor nations have stopped aid and if that has anything to do with Mutharika having to return the looted money back to Malawi.
    Mutharka is a liability to Malawi, because he will not return the money he and his brother looted and if Mutharika remains in office for 5 years Malawi will loose billions of Kwachas worth of aid. For every year that Mutrharika remains in office as President Malawi looses $500 million or more in aid for 10 years we will loose $5 billion worth of aid and development!
    And whilstt Malawians suffer from lack of basic medicines Bingu’s children are spending the billions that Mutharika and his brother Bingu stole from Malawi.

    1. Hd says:

      Ukapolo sanyanawo nanga mwaiwala

  70. -Donors will not give aid to thieves full stop. Mk577bn is no small money stolen by DPP. If you’re bold enough give back the money and you’ll see donors coming back. You fool.

  71. Jimbo says:

    While acknowledging the parlous state of Malawi’s economy, what concrete solutions does APM offer to move the country forward? He speaks only in generalities. Without genuine and practical leadership from the top the ordinary citizen is powerless to do anything to improve his lot in life. The President appears clueless as to what measure need to be taken to boost the economy. He spoke for 25 mins. but said nothing that his audience didn’t already know. What the people want is answers. The President speaks from the comfort of his ivory tower and has nothing to offer by way of solutions to the problems the country faces. Actions are need, not just words.

  72. mtumbuka1 says:

    How I wish you could tell the nation that you have decided to step down because you have faired miserably so far. Whatever you have said here does not inspire confidence and hope whatsoever…it’s a total hog wash and it’s a shame to have a president of this calibre who chooses to stray from his mandate ( of fixing the battered economy) and all that is worrying you now is how you will go about rigging the next election results which is a total shame.

  73. mbani says:

    is it by design or default this is man made poor malawi more to come open more martuaries coz we wont ve doctors and drugs in the hospitals

  74. Sapitwa says:

    Truth pains.There are many countries in East and Central Africa who don’t depend on donor aid budget such as Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia etc.
    This aid had to come to an end one way or another because it pained the Donors to see the Leaders of the begging nations misusing the funds. We have seen how our Leaders starting from Kamuzu have enriched themselves to the expense of the country.
    Those who are thinking that Aid will resume are just dreaming. It is gone, period. Leaders should focus on increasing domestic production aggressively as the only solution left.

  75. mapwevupwevu says:

    Anybody who doesn’t know that donor ad is gone all over the world is an idiot!

  76. Inu says:

    Let us stop playing politics every time. The president is right that donor age is gone. It is a bad thing for while if we play our cards right. But if we are serious we can be able to develop. Look Malawians are stealing at every level and the reason that we are stealing at every level is because we don’t care enough to hold officers since there are donations. Now that life gets tougher, I am sure we will want to hold them to account. Let us think as a nation how we can better ourselves. Looking at cashgate, can we say that aid was making a difference?

  77. Mr Pheee says:

    Za nziiiiiii

  78. Owen says:

    God forgive our leader for letting us down

  79. Gerald Milinda says:

    Oh!!GOD rescue us….

  80. Napwito says:


  81. Kanyimbi says:

    Yes Malawi needs hardworking people. But the politicians and the civil servants must apologize to Malawians for causing this mess. No any ordinary Malawian was involved in Cashgate, but they are the ones suffering more.

  82. Zadziwika says:

    WORK hard on your OWN. Don’t RELY on government to solve your problems at HOUSEHOLD level.

  83. mzuzu says:


  84. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Donors want to help us on condition that cash gate cases should be completed and tax payers money should be confiscated and used for the intended purposes, kuyankhula kuti ma donors sabwelanso that clearly shows that Mr president you are connected to the 577 billion kwacha and you are doing anything to keep hold of that money, may the good Lord have mercy on you for punishing poor Malawians

  85. Achipate chichinanu says:

    But why our presenter there at parliament just watch this mother fucker adress such a silly lecture inu simukuona kuti akufuna nkhani ya cashgate aphiphilise we all know why donors run out.

  86. Agalu inu mungobwebweta osadziwa kuti zikuti bwanji kkkkkkkkk

  87. ben says:

    Donors have left us , so it is Governments work to bring them back, the kwacha has devalued is is your finance minister job to keep it steady, salaries are not going up , water and escom tariffs have gone up,School fees have gone up, cost of living is going up. We thought DPP is party of economic stability but Bingu gave us that from 2004-2009 after that Malawi has suffered on a downward path. If donors are not giving aid lets just fix the kwacha why should we listen to them when they dont want to give us anything

  88. Asant'e says:

    Kanyimbi weniweni!!!!

  89. Njolinjo says:


  90. Chiluwa says:

    A peter ingotsazikani zakubvutani

  91. Antiracist says:

    No donor money for thieving Mutharika’s of Cashgate fame!

  92. Issa Kabudula says:

    The president is talking sense, until when will Malawians keep on begging? Its time we talk bilateral agreements on business and friendship and not aid as such. The coming in of China and Japan must be appreciated and table to also see what can we Malawi be of benefit to these countries, osakomela mbuzi kugnda galu, there is need of waking up and work hard.

    I was fortunate enough to have a friend from Japan, who told me that their one day production gives tough time for America to produce, what about you Malawi? I was shocked – if America the supper power sweats with one day Japan production, how many years can we match it?

    Not that we are lazy, but sometimes we got leaders who don’t know themselves and the future of Malawi. For me I repeatedly say that Malawi with Peter Mutharika is in and we in a good hands, lets support the professor – tisiye kumuda munthu on baseless connotation jealousy.

  93. Nasimba Novirhikana says:

    Maine wavomela kuti wakanika koto ine ndithawira kuti dziko langa ili…..

  94. Alungwana says:

    If you know that Malawians are struggling, how come you continue with mapwevupwevu mr president? Should we say you are not concerned with our rough times?

  95. McGoodson Ngoma says:

    APM has failed to convince donors thats why he said like that he has no any option

  96. UKresident says:

    I tell all my friends to follow Nyasa Times. It would be the best laugh in the world were it not so tragic for the people. You cannot make up some of these stories of theft and corruption while those involved pretend they are following a genuine path to develop the country.

  97. kakoma nkuyenderana says:

    Osauka azingosaukabe pomwe inu ma politians mukungogawana ndalama like fodya opera oneday is one day maso onse akuona.

  98. kakoma nkuyenderana says:

    Nothing make sense.only Jehova will give the solution on these problems

  99. nachisale says:

    Western donors only provided ‘dead aid’ (read Dambisa Moyo’s book). This is aid which never helped Malawi and Africa and the problem is the West gave us aid and took twice as much in trade plus suffocated our development by forcing us not to build more infrastructure etc through IMF and World Bank. So, Mutharika is right. We need to forget donors if we want to have meaningful development and sovereignty. It is very painful to the majority poor but it a path that we must go through if our children and their children are to be better. No country has ever developed through aid – but ingenuity, innovation and a feeling of self-importance (patriotism) combined with education and skills. That is why the West is begging from China (a country that is supposed to be developing). I have hope Malawi will come out of this stronger and self-reliant. The donors will be shamed!

  100. Mukavu says:

    projection has been revised downwards to 3% why ???

  101. DZUWA LINYENGA says:

    Ndiye zitipweteka mpaka 2019 shaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Attention Seeker says:

    I thought that after admitting that the era for budget support is gone the President then should have gone ahead to tell Malawians what measures will be taken to ensure that the country still remains on track in as far as socio economic growth is concerned? The nation had very high expectations from the State of the Nation address but not much has come out of it. Am I the only one disappointed?

  103. wayunda says:

    Now I have discovered that these people who are in authority most of them are demonic. They dont care the lives. Izo ndiye ntchito mdyerekezi mdyelekezi ndi madala okulira kumayiko akunjawa. Please God fight for us we are in truble with a certain family here in Malawi he

  104. blessing lipengs says:

    The truth was supposed be like this! Malawians , as long as DPP and i as a President of this country remain in power ,donor money we desperately need will not come and me as your president I blame you for voting for me in this office.
    Malawians should endure me as I turn 80yrs in 4yrs time then I will angrily forced to handover to Dr Chakwera with tears but don’t you worry I have Gertrude to comfort me and Mndata farm for my retirement.

  105. MAYE says:

    I would like to disagree with “The Only Democrat Remaining”, Do you know that it is not only Malawi where donors have withdrawn support? Ask Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda, you will hear similar stories. I’m saying this because much as we appreciate funding from various donors, we need to find lasting solutions which will help us in averting some problems which we are facing now. Much as we keep on pressing government to do so, as Malawians we need to provide possible solutions.

  106. nankhoma says:

    These are last days olo mulimbane ndi Mutharika u are just wasting your time it only shows that u don’t read the bible masiku omaliza zinthu zizakhala zovuta even ma donors angokwanitsa malemba so take it into ur dumb heads nothing will get better mpaka mapeto adziko

  107. akusipikana says:

    You should lead ti reduce expenditure. Reduce your fleet of cars, expenditures at state residences, partying, taking huge delegations on overseas trips, give back to the government the cash your brother and you stole from taxpayers,recover all the cashgate monies and assets etc etc ,. Only then shall we take you seriously that you really want to turn the economy. Otherwise your utterance was all b…….t. You are actually the one bringing down the economy, people suffering, hunger, diseases you name it. All because of and you brother.

  108. sabata says:

    Good news we are no longer the slaves of the west. One thing that is remaining with us is their religion.

  109. Masharubu says:

    I will never understand this man’s love for Mapwevupwevu . Spending only a brief 25 minutes on a speech of national importance so that he can go home and prepare for the trip to BT for tomorrow’s Mlakho wa Lomwe function .

  110. KoKolikoko says:

    APM all the best we are proud of you!!!!

  111. Chalex says:

    Wavomereza kulephela kulamula dziko ili ndi dziko zonse zimene ukuchita dziko likuona

  112. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    This is an underground movement by the stannic cult driving the world to the use of one currency and mark of the beast. The president knows much better than what was discussed with Barack Obama and the pope of the catholic church. The world is fast running to the apostasy. We the faithful ones are prepared to fight against the dragon.

  113. John temboh says:

    A welcome gesture by apm.its the truth.plain truth.

  114. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    From the cashgate and extravagant way of life by our leaders particularly politicians one learns that Malawi has enough resources to stand on its own. The only problem is that we don’t practice financial prudenice or austerity starting with the high office itself . I mean can someone convince me on he rationale for large presidential convoys? It’s nothing apart from showing off. I don’t think Malawi is a very high risk country in terms of securit. If only the politicians lead by example then everything will sort out on its own. So it’s up to you Mr President to equate rhetoric with action.

  115. Mafikizolo says:

    A very brief and empty speech, from a very blank and empty president .

  116. Eugene says:

    Step down Puppet Buffoon mxii

  117. malawi says:

    So you people, you wanted the President to paint a good picture while things are not ok??? In as far as I know, a very good leader is the one who acknowledges situation and calls for solutions. A Malawi how did we sit (tinakhala bwanji). Ine Im not a DPP sympathiser, but today’s Presidential Statement on the State of Affairs is so far the Best ever. Congrants Mr President, that means you are able to see and u are accomodative. Vuto nkukokanakokana kwathuku.

  118. Noxolo says:

    Mr President, no one will listen to you because of what you do. You have denied Charles Mkandawire a job becoz he is from the north. No Chinese project has gone to the north. You must walk the talk.

  119. Max B says:

    Mr P. Wavomera kuti sizikuyenda which means zamukanika because he did not give us any hope

  120. The Only Democrat Left says:

    Mutharika is lying when he says that the ‘Donor age is gone’. Because the fact is every donor country is either maintaining or increasing their aid budgets to provide aid to developing countries like Malawi.
    In fact Malawi because of the poverty that our leaders including Mutharika himself have failed to address is one of the most favoured country that the donors want to provide aid to. But the donors will not provide aid to Malawi for the aid to again go into Mutharika’s pockets and the donors therefore are insisting that Mutharika repays to Malawi the billions that he and his brother Bingu have stolen from Malawi.

  121. benjnes says:


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