Mutharika says in 5 years Malawi to transform into skilled, export oriented economy

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has said his government has stepped up efforts aimed at transforming the country into a more skilled and export oriented economy within five years.

Mutharika speaking at the panel

Mutharika speaking at the panel

Mutharika in China listening at the opening of World Economic Forum

Mutharika in China listening at the opening of World Economic Forum

Mutharika made the sentiments during a Televised Session cast live on CNBC-Africa which was part of the World Economic Forum summit dubbed ‘Annual Meeting of the new champions’ currently taking place in Dalian, China.

“I think China had been very pragmatic in its approach by focusing on rural development; we are doing the same in Malawi. We have decided to take a massive training approach for the youth in rural areas we are moving social amenities such as schools and hospitals to rural areas where most people are; we give them skills training right there.

“As in my case, I want in five years from now people should say we are better off than we were before. I want a society where people are happier than they were before; people with better incomes, good houses, good roads and better services,” Mutharika said.

Asked as to whether China’s economic woes can have influence on Malawi, Mutharika observed that economic challenges facing China would have negative impact on Malawi.

“China is crucial partner to Malawi since 2008, they have been supporting us in a number of areas such as irrigation and infrastructure development, it is also a free trade area for over 400 products,” said Mutharika.

World Economic Forum is a platform that brings together World leaders ranging from political to business to discuss challenges facing trade and investment across the Global.

This year’s meeting is called Annual Meeting of the New Champions and is being held from September 9-11 at Dalian International Conference Centre (DICC) for the second year running under the theme “charting a new course for growth’.

The Forum is expected to draw together about 2 thousand delegates.

CNBC Africa Executive Director Bronwyn Nielsen hosted the one hour panel discussion which also had Marcos Vinicius de Souza Brazilian Secretary of Innovations, Kevin Lu Chief Executive Officer and member of the Global Executive Board Partners Group Singapore and Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao, Chief Minister of Telengana India.

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50 thoughts on “Mutharika says in 5 years Malawi to transform into skilled, export oriented economy”

  1. Frank Mafaiti says:

    Where Malawi Z Going?

  2. vavlov says:

    Malawi president is a great dreamer, he drops promises which he has no clue of delivering on.

  3. SENGABAY says:

    A president anapita ku workshop ya kunja kumadyako tima alawasi uku akunamiziria kugwira nthito…….siku lina nafeso Malawi wathu akazalemera tikawalimileko nsewu ndi public service refomu abale athu a ku chayinawa chifukwa iwowo atithandiza kwabasi

  4. Brazilian wax says:

    At 20, your comment is interesting but smacks the identity of someone with little knowledge of what the high office of the president is expected of doing. At first level of thinking you sound right to assert that we shouldn’t expect the president to end/alleviate our economic plight in the country rather we should work hard on our own. You seem to be inductively generating a theory that society operates in a disorganized vacuum. Interesting! we have such mindset citizen in majority in Malawi. But have you ever wondered why the president is accorded the respect, the resources and all that comes to mind? Surely a lazy mind would conclude that all that is just for the sake of it. But you should know this; presidency is not for dimwits. The president is not for the average homosapiens. It is in order to expect the president to be someone to create an enabbing economic environment for citizens to realize their full potential. Vying for the position of presidency is tantamount to accepting and getting ready to take the colossal challenges daunting the nation head on otherwise better step aside.

  5. Brazilian wax says:

    At 6, first let me thank you that you read my comment but you didn’t read it in between lines or you are just one of those blind apologists of Peter Mutharika. It’s possible that you don’t know the distinction between an event and a process. For your benefit, an event is just a one time occurence. And in that case you can hardly trace any build up to it. In the contrary, a process is an occurence that comes about after a series of evident stages towards it’s materialization. Now, I don’t know whether you are in Malawi or you are using an aerial view to see the prevailing economic situation in Malawi or indeed you’re just one of those illegally plundering the country’s meagre resources hence exempted from the suffering innocent citizens are subjected to. Assuming you are in Malawi and you are an informed person and again assuming your tribal inclination doesn’t blindfold you to see the truth of the economic stand of Malawi as we speak , do you see any tangible developments that would give someone hope that Malawi will be transformed in five years? Let’s wait and see! Malawi needs serious and visionary leadership not just a shadow of the same. To be frank, I don’t see any leadership acumen in Peter.

  6. VERRY GOOGfrank says:


  7. Jang'ala says:

    Let’s wait and see.

  8. angoni apaphata says:

    Bola mwana ndithu. Awa ndi mavuto. Tsopano mpando akhalirawo eishhhhhhh

  9. Mika Kumbire says:

    I don’t like some nyasa times writers. But sometimes the comments made here seem to be bent on making nyasa times petty and a big joke. Nyasa times be careful. The content of your information may deliberately be eroded by nasty and obscene comments.

    The writer of this article has written a neutral and independent piece but some comments simply want to dilute it by diverting attention to real issues.

  10. The Most Concerned says:

    That’s our Visionery Leader. Following the footsteps of his Visionery brother….

  11. jimbo says:

    APM has spoken! Remember these words in five years’ time. After 51 years of independence the kwacha has lost more than 400% of its value and Malawi is rated one of the poorest countries in the world. What miracles is APM going to work over the next five years? Will he even be President in five years time? Does he know something the rest of us don’t know? Fine words from APM, but let’s just wait and see if it comes true.

  12. kusankha kwa a Malawi ena kumeneko giving us a dander head for a president.

  13. Matako says:

    I don;’t know which world this incompetent Malawian leader is living in. I also wonder which Malawi is he talking about. For some reason it seems Muthalika is either in a coma or he is dreaming in colors just as his brother did during his last term in office. What transformation is this man talking about? Malawi has one of the highest unemployment rates in Southern Africa, One of the highest inflation and Human index in terms of production is below 2% what is this inept Malawian leader talking about? If anything Malawi is better off it this corrupt president steps down. If he does that I can guarantee you our country’s confidence among the donors will rise. Muthalika has failed us and there is no indication that we will be anywhere in five years especially if he has absolutely nothing to show for the time he has been in office other than continuing the legacy of swindling state resources and remaining visionless.

  14. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    Wishiful thinking. Malawi will be in tatters after 5 years. This President does not know the situation on the ground. Malawi is going backwards eacha and every passing day. Mtchona uyu akutionongera dziko.

  15. Becks says:

    Not under APM rule

  16. Phiri says:

    If you do not like the president, shut up and do not write crap Why don’t you love your country. I do not belong to DPP or any party but lets respect our elders and each other. What manner of people are you?


    the last time i check we dont have any president in this country

  18. chithope says:

    To my side may be pipo from thyolo will b transformed in 5 yrs time not malawi as nation.

  19. Zangazatha says:

    Za chi mlakho basi. mxm

  20. P. says:

    Can Malawi really afford to wait another 5 years ?
    What’s wrong with now ?, let’s change things around now ?

  21. chimwemwe says:

    Please give us stable currency our salaries are fixed while to kwacha is floating , we need floating salaries then we can be better off

  22. bambo says:

    Lets give him time, cos he has vision & he is well educated leader , Malawi ever had. Lets wait and see.

  23. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    U malawians u r gud @ talking than action. If u feel dat APM is not capable of rulling u cows, why u dont gun him down? Otherwise sumthing danger is loading!

  24. Chindele says:

    Nothing will change in our country. Mthalika is also a failure. Lie after lie. We are tired of these greedy leaders like him. Futseeeeeek!!

  25. Kulibe kantu says:

    Someone should tell the president not to attend such forums. They are for juniors. He was the only president there. This is forum for CEOs like Chiakonda not presidents. He should have attended the SADC conference where he sent ministers.
    Mr president do not cheapen yourself. Next time do not attend these low profile forums. Go where your your presidents attend.

  26. Zagwa says:

    The second picture makes me really sad to see “His Excellency the President of the Republic of Malawi” sitting on that cheap chair. Ujawu wofira wofewa uja watsala? No! This is Not acceptable bwana. We are a sovereign state asamakuzunzeni chotere, you deserve the very best. Next time tidzatenga even ma VX aja, mobile toilet ija, ADC wa uniform, guard commander ndi ma body guard. Actually adzapita a week before kuti akazolowere. Ndalama tili nazo kuno. Tikuchalila kuomba mmanja chaka chamawa, watiuza kale Goodall.

  27. Wodzichepetsa says:

    Mlomwe paliponse amangooneka odabwa, olo makhalidwewo mpaka kufuna kuponda tag ya anzao…..

  28. ... says:

    bla bla bla bla bla
    The country as I write has
    1. No Water (which was hiked by 45% by the way)
    2. No Electricity
    3. No Forex
    4. No Security
    5. Kwacha is the worst currency in Africa (it is losing value everyday. And by the end of September it will be at K750 to a Dollar.
    6. No nothing
    7. People are poorer than during all other 4 presidents before him.

    8. This is the worst president Malawi ever had. He always has 2 statements who contradict himself. For example his gouvernment was lying to malawians that the economy will grow by 7.5%. Truth of the matter is the Economy will grow by less 3%.

    We need maybe to introduce a bachelor degree that will lead to a Ph.D in presidency or vote for something else than black and especially matchona who knows nothing about Malawi.

  29. Nabanda says:

    Koma ndiye kuusumanatu a President, chimwendo mwapachikilacho.

  30. akukonde akukonde Osaopa says:

    if you think the president can improve your household income then we are dull to boot. work hard and improve your life. sometimes we have unrealistic expectations from the president.

  31. Phwado says:

    Unfortunately you have already 2 years wasted down the septic tank and remaining with 3 yrs which am sure you won’t finish.Hahahaha Peter!

  32. ALOSWEA says:

    Please bear in your mind Mr President we are the poorest let’s move as fast as possible ,

  33. Rodgers Banda says:

    The president is right because they is no need for better roads for by 5 yrs to come people will have wings to fly; money will grow in trees; food will not be grown but sibogs will manufacture and some will be expected giving our GDP clas 1 and above USA and China. They be no need for bridge in Likoma to Nkhatabay for people will fly.

  34. Caroline says:

    U President udatchipa masiku ano. Mbwiiiiiii, President kumakhala ku Audience ngati munthu wamba! Sindinazione ine zimenezi. Kuchititsa manyazi bwanji.

  35. GULINGA says:




    Abwana APM zinthu ku Malawi Sizilibwino anthu anu akuti zuza mu ma office they have the following slogans transfering and deployment of people without unique reasons(Siwathu),Goods are to too expensive,Blackouts,Water fee hike,Tribalism,hunger all in all life is unbearable

  37. mtumbuka1 says:

    According to me, people can only clap hands for peter if he voluntarily stepped his ass down cos he is useless to boot!

  38. The real ujeni says:

    Malawi President has been talking nonsense ever since he became politician wongogwera. Its easy to talk but doing it is another thing. So far you are failing to do even the easiest things that school boys can easily do. Where are the roads in rural Malawi, where are the manufacturing industries in various districts?? Kubwebweta basi

  39. 666 says:

    Why do our leaders demean themselves. I mean how could the whole president of the Republic allow to be on a panel with officers? Have you ever seem other presidents except Joyce Banda and APM sharing a panel with officers?

  40. Truck says:

    That’s good vision Mr President keep it up!

  41. Jon says:

    We have heard these stories before. Development this and development that. You politicians are just the same. Talk is cheap indeed.

  42. Masoambeta says:

    Takonzani M1 abale inu. Atleast dual carriageway.
    I know you’re there to steal our money but hey, please vekani mtembo chonde.

  43. Chatsalira says:

    If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!!!

  44. Zamanyazi says:

    Brazilian Wax,don’t you think you are contradicting yourself? Development is an an event,it is a process and that process has begun. It is hoped that it’s fruits will be seen in five years time. Ss for Mtumbuka I,you have missed the whole point. Issues raised by Goodall are quite different from what Mutharika is presenting. Did Goodall say Malawians will have better incomes,good houses and roads,and better services next year? If he did,did you believe that miracle can happen next year? Understand zinthuzi and make relevant comments. Don’t allow your hatred of this government expose your ignorance

    1. Maliroagonepati says:

      For starters, Mutharika only has about 3 and a half years remaining in his first term, therefore any talk about “the next 5 years” is absurd. Secondly what has happened in the past fifteen months does not provide much hope for APM’s leadership. All we have seen is unbridled executive waste (the guy still drives around in an obscene 20 vehicle convoy and is intending to build 2 state banquenting halls), and lack of direction in national affairs.

      He talks of rural hospitals when even central hospitals do not have drugs; and of training when colleges stay closed months on end because of lack of funds while the ruling class is busy with mapwevupwevu. APM is all talk and little else – that is why people hate his administration. Even people who voted for DPP are dismayed by the lack of direction.

      APM needs to cut down drastically on executive waste and focus on getting things done. He has done enough talking…

  45. Tione says:

    Pitala ndi galu. He claims he wants to transform Malawi but he lives extravagant life with his friend Dausi yet they shamelessly go out with a begging bowl. Should China assist, will that be Pitala transforming Malawi? This is a stupid and dull president Malawi ever had. An uneducated Professor. Amayesa kuyendetsa dziko ndi njerengo uja amasiya mtembo wa Bingu ukuola? Winanso wakuba ndi Hastings Magombo ku Montfort SNE College. Afufuzidwe basi ngakhale wathawira ku Lilongwe. Kuba ndalama za CBM ndi ma computer a ana olumala, pamodzi ndi James Kingstone. Onse athawa ku Montfort. Kingstone ali ku MUB. Agwidwe basi akaone ku Mikuyu

  46. Brazilian wax says:

    Only lunatics would believe you. So you think development is an event? I thought the academic titles you have would enable you to realize that development is a process. With the socioeconomic landscape Malawi is in, do you really see Malawi getting transformed in 5 years? Are you realistic? Munangomva kuti leadership should demonstrate optimism? May be transformation has changed meaning. Let’s wait and see.

  47. mtumbuka1 says:

    Goodall gondwe says Malawians will be happy and will be clapping hands for the dpp government next year, we are a few months away from 2016 and we are hearing it’s 5years to come and one wonders what these two assholes smokes.

  48. nyakwawa nganga says:


  49. Mapuya says:

    Wat abt the inflation of dis country, Mr president? Noting is being done to curb the enconomy’ don’t u knw dat its da steering of dis nation? Wat a shameful president we are currently having in Malawi” so God help us”

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