Mutharika says insecurity hurting Malawi economy

President Peter Mutharika has has cried out over the hurting effects of  insecurity on the nation’s economy.

Speaking at the  commemoration of National Police Day, retaliated that his administration was aware of the security lapse, but was steadily addressing the matter.

President Mutharika: To wage war against crim

President Mutharika: To wage war against crim

“The voice of Malawians about issues of safety and security is very clear. So too is my government’s commitment to issues of security,” said Mutharika.

The President said he was “very concerned” with the state of security in the country, saying  it is having “a negative impact on the economic development .”

He assured that his  government will do all it can  to ascertain that all residents of Malawi are secure everywhere they are.

“I would like to assure the Malawi nation that the police will make sure that law and order is  maintained in this country,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said the police “shoulder the responsibility  of making sure that our chidren should live their  lives without fear; fear of being attacked, molested or defiled. Our women should be free to walk anytime, any place without the fear of any violation or abuse.”

The President said he was also concerned with the safety and security of investors and their investments  “whether it is a Malawian investor or foreign, their investment must be safe.”

Mutharika said his  government had ordered 50 vehicles to equip the police to effectively patrol the cities and other areas.

“The procurement of 50 vehicles and some public order  equipment is just the begining of  a long journey that my government  will undertake to revitalize the security sector in this country.

“ I am aware of a wide range of challenges that are affecting your ability to deliver service to our people such as poor housing and office accommodation, lack of reliable transport, inadequate uniforms, lack of modern telecommunication equipment and forensic support to policing amongst others,” he said.

Reports indicate that there has been a significant rise in crime, particularly in urban areas, since the DPP government came to power in May 2014.

Some robberies have even been taking place during day time, thereby creating fear and panic among Malawians.

Mutharika is on record saying he has intelligence information about the existence of an underground gang terrorising the country in an attempt to destabilise his government.

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23 thoughts on “Mutharika says insecurity hurting Malawi economy”

  1. Patriot says:

    It’s funny the president claims to know the people behind these criminal activities and yet so far nothing tangible has been done to improve the situation. I recall the former president jb saying the same thing. For how long are we going to keep singing the same song? If you claim to know the people behind this, just smoke them out and get it over with. Please do something about it, fast

  2. MaiMai says:

    I thought you were inviting investors saying Malawi is safe in New York? ?,just 2 weeks later? securityecu?? Which invinvestor would put his money in lawless country? ???

    Is this guy real professor? He thinks in reverse gear.

  3. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    What the President is saying is that anthu akuba mma kwalalamu tozikawneneza kupolice mmalo mowabisa pomwe tikuwadziwa. Akutinso inu a police musawateteze akuba kuti azikugailani zakubazo. Kodi zamveka? Zitomveka?

    Akakhala magalimoto APM wagula kale ena akubwera. nyumba akumangilani. Rome was not built in a day

  4. Vehicles alone wont solve the security lapses of this country. Of course they will make a difference but what we need is a robust 24/7 – 365 Police Call center like that of Airtel or TNM with armoured Police vehicles assigned to every neighbourhood of our towns and cities who can ably respond to every emergency reported to the call center like 911 in America. The police need helicopters too, so that they can chase organised crime vehicles like the recent K500 m standard bank robbery. This is the 21st century! We should learn to be innovative

  5. Gokwe says:

    This president ali ndi mano ofiira ena oyera…pulezident wa alhomwe ndi wachilhomwe ameneyo.

  6. Gokwe says:

    Me I would suggest 30 June 2015 as the referendum day for northern independence.

  7. amina says:

    Do a survey on Traffic Roadblocks. I would like to get the honest record with these guys. This is the department which is letting the Police down in all avenues. Search whenever they are coming to their duty station and when going out you will cry. They will be leaving the duty station with your monthly salary in their pockets on just one particular day. Count how many working days are there in a month? Guys you are joking we are the only sick citizens in the world with a poor mentality. I wouldnt mind to pay at the station coz I will get a receipt. In all fairness can we have in every roadblock the rules and regulation of traveling on the roads of Malawi for everyone to see and read. We will know the penalty of a certain crime and soforth. By so doing we will be at the transparent end of the game. This will reduce more theft by these personnel in uniform.


    Talk is cheap, we want to see the reality in all circles, even at immigration and no corruption within the security itself!!! Okuba amakhala a Police omwewo!!

  9. Thoko says:

    Am also worried of our security

    But as you have promised Mr. President please intensify the security

  10. Sammy says:

    We want security indeed

    Try to make improvements on that by giving appropriate materials for the police

  11. Rhino says:

    Limbikitsanidi chitetezochi

    Tisamakhale mwamantha

  12. Andre Picard says:

    No doubt Your Excellence

    You don’t make false promises

  13. Andre Picard says:

    No doubt

  14. October says:

    Chabwino a President

    Bomalanu likuyesetsad pa nkhani za chitetezo pitilizani

  15. Malamulo says:

    Thanks for offering us hope that we are secured

  16. pierra says:

    It is interesting to see that sometimes common sense b e adopted in political and government policy. I remember during the HKB years, with the dreaded Death Penalty in place, such wantom lawlessness and security issues never existed. Indeed, it would be very interesting if researchers can verify the number of people executed during that period compared to people losing their lives currently. I am sure it would be a sobering figure. Surely, the law was there to deter some criminality. Maybe government should have kept this in place and use it sparingly like in some US states.

    In complying to western government calls for human rights, government lifting of the death pen has only increased cost of imprisonment; at times for life which a small country like ours is unsustainable in the long term. The same people will no doubt be asking that the poor prison system is a renege on said human rights; but prison costs government much needed revenue to maintain!

    I am sure if we kept our international friends in the loop of our chinese whispers on retaining the death pen the outcome would have been a cut in these criminal acts!

  17. Shoot to Kill basi says:

    Shoot to kill is the only effective solution. This has worked before it should work again now.

  18. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Sole searching on the police as a security organ. There are many cases where the police are involved in insecurity acts. While it is well known that the traffic police are out there on 80% money hunting and only 20% on true law enforcement nobody cares. It would only take hours to catch them in their dubious act on the roads, but nobody seems to care. A traffic policeperson’s house having expensive furniture more than that of his/her bosses in common service or pmf. A police chief previously accommodated in Area 47 and now promoted, having 4 trucks, a fleet of small vehicles and other property out of town. What salary has he been getting?

    More on policemen: There have been cases where even the arms used in robbery have been provided by some policemen on night patrols. Such court revelations have shown in the country. Sometimes the police will deliberately let a crime take root due to relations or personal benefits. There is a lot to be done to search the integrity of our police personnel.

    Observe the night Tanzanian buses: The police will not search them inside. They are overloaded, they carry anything, any nationals and nobody checks them. Inside lights are off at road blocks or police stops. The conductor or driver will come out quickly and meet the policeman at the back of the bus and off they go. Sometimes only the side luggage boots are checked but no matter what is found there the issue ends amicably with a policeman in the dark.

    Indeed, Mr President, our national security is bleeding. Our police deservice is corrupt through and through. Very few have the integrity and patriotism at heart.

  19. Issa Kabudu says:

    The Malawi insecurity is linked with cashgate tycoons, who are in fear of jail, instead they r funding ordinary youths to damage the new vissionary goverment. The same gang of cashgate are the ones behind federalism and tigawane Malawi Project. Lets work together to stop this madness and help mother Malawi develop and so its daughters and sons.

  20. mzikayise mashaba says:

    ndiye ukumuwuza ndani instead of just doing the needful???? mathanyula zako!!!!

  21. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Contrary to what the reporter states, the apparent increase in crime has not been during APM’s rein at all: the increase can be traced to Joisi Banda’s presidency. When she did a “180”, by reversing crucial policy of Bingu’s – the shoot to kill – which was really meant as a deterrent to hard core criminals. That policy was beginning to pay dividends, which were short lived, thanks to JB. She was simply cowed by her foreign masters, to whom she always said “yes bwana”.
    She also made a big blunder by removing IG Mukitho, the effective one. From the tone of APM’s speech, it appears IG Dzonzi’s days may be numbered: this IG has been given enough time to show his mettle. The desired outcomes are simply not evident! Enough is enough!

  22. loveness says:


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