Mutharika says Malawi broke, stop ng’we-ng’we-ng’we salary hike demands: Reacts to IMF decision

President Peter Mutharika has put a brave face following the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suspending of loans to Malawi for failing to cut its wage bill and improve revenue collection, saying his administration will implement what IMF has recommended and the economy will not collapse though  it is less likely Western donors will resume budgetary aid.

President Peter Mutharika: Malawi economy will not collapse

President Peter Mutharika: Malawi economy will not collapse

The IMF said the loan facility would remain suspended until Malawi’s government met certain targets.

IMF mission chief for Malawi, Oral Williams, said restoring macroeconomic stability by bringing inflation down to single digit remains a key precondition to fostering and sustaining growth in the near to medium-term.

Economics feels the current economic situation, as assessed by the IMF, will culminate into worsening donors’ confidence and further frustrate both foreign and local investors as there is a gloomy economic outlook.

But addressing a news conference in Lilongwe on Thursday, President Mutharika said the country’s economy will not collapse and that Malawi will get back to track by December but conceded that Malawi is in “complicated situation.”

“It’s not a crisis, economy is not going to collapse,” said Mutharika in the news conference covered live on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and monitored by Nyasa Times through online streaming.

“People are saying a lot of things, ng’we, ng’we, ng’we. I am the first President to run this country without donor support,” said Mutharika, saying his administration is being punished by the wrongs of the previous Peoples Party government.

Donors withdrew their 40 percent contribution to the recurrent budget in October 2013 amid concerns of Cashgate, the plunder of public funds at Capital Hill.

Mutharika said he had predicted about IMF off-track situation: “I said it in April that if we are not careful with how we are spending, we will go off track. I hope you now believe me.”

The President said the global lender gave condition to his government which were to sell Malawi Savings Bank ( government sold the bank to FDH Holdings), sell IndeBank (sold to National Bank of Malawi), reduce wage demands, saying there is “relentless demands for salary increase.”

He said in rather furious tone: “This business of putting deadlines on the government [for pay hikes] must stop. Let’s show some respect to this government. This nonsense has got to stop. This government was elected by the people.”

Mutharika said government has failed IMF test among other things by giving pay hikes to public servants, saying they were “forced to borrow from Reserve Bank of Malawi.”

The President said public servants should sacrifice to work for living wages, saying they can go to private sector if they want to be rich.

“It’s a sacrifice to work for government,” pointed out Mutharika.

Mutharika urged public servants to desist from calling for industrial strikes over pay hike.

“If you strike you are hurting your country, you are not hurting me,” said Mutharika, pointing out that Malawi has a wage bill which is one of the highest in the world.

The Head of State said the IMF position should not cause panic as his administration will put measures to bring programme back on track, including a revised fiscal framework sufficient to meet the end December 2015 program target on net domestic financing and a tight monetary stance.

“As long as human beings are there, there will be problems and challenges and we will try to resolve them,” he said.

Mutharika said he campaigned on a platform of bringing transformational leadership and is implementing his electoral pledge.

“Transformation means change. We are making changes. You wanted transformation, you have it now,” he said.

Mutharika said he is working tirelessly to ensure Malawi get economic growth.

“Every country in the region except Malawi is booming. Tanzania is ahead. Even Zimbabwe with the sanctions, are ahead of us, why?”

The President said his critics and opposition leaders have not come forward with alternative strategies to help Malawi out of economic doldrums.

“Not a single person has come with alternatives. They have nothing to say,” he said.

Mutharika stressed that government is geared to improve business environment and the macroeconomic situation in general.

“We will try very hard to cut on borrowing; spending and I am sure by December will get on track. I don’t want anyone making demands for salary increases. We don’t have money,” said Mutharika.

IMF also suspended the fund’s supported programme, the Extended Credit Facility (ECF),   in 2012 when the Malawi government failed to devalue its currency, the kwacha, and reform public financial management.


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182 thoughts on “Mutharika says Malawi broke, stop ng’we-ng’we-ng’we salary hike demands: Reacts to IMF decision”

  1. nkhakamila says:

    the problem with Malawis poverty is not the president.the main problem are the citizens whose mind are corrupt,evil,greedy,dull,mad,goaless etc.I once stayed in Milanje Mozambique just a few kilometers from Mulanje Malawi.the mozambican citizens there are doing heavy farming there and the produce being sold in Malawi markets and you come to Mulanje Malawi what you see there is people busy drinking beer or chasing women.what a go to a hotel bar and find this foolish malawian spending more than K200 000 to the hookers after selling matabwa from chikangawa soon to be called chikangawa desert and yet the relatives are lacking a packet of sugar in the villages,their brothers and nephews are failing to go to school because they lack resources and tomorrow you brame the government for failing to deliver,what a shame.Malawians you steal money from government in the name of cash gate but you fail to use the money wisely.How can someone steall millions and have poor relatives in the village.dyera too much a malawi.Malawians are always busy using their mind to braim others but if you can ask yourself what you have done to urself or others interms of steal money and you buy posh cars and yet you dont have investment.the burundian shop opens at 5am with bread available and a malawian shop opens at 9am and bread is not available and anthu amwa kale tea.when mataifa shops were under tanzanians,everything was well managed and we used to have better clothes and the shops were always open even on sundays.Now most of the shops are owned by malawians and what you see there are all chinese products ordered from the other side of the town and the shops are alaways closed on saturdays sundays and public holidays and yet Kera market is open 24/7.even if we can bring Obama or Kagame or Cameron to be our president;POVERTY CANT CHANGE IN MALAWI because poverty is in our mind.we think poverty we eat poverty we speak poverty…everything is poverty.we just need deliverance from the mighty God not a new president because even you the author of this cant even bring a dot of chane to malawians because malawians are mad in their brain and they dont know they are mad because they are mad.

  2. tiko says:

    We elected a leader for the core reason that he will manage the and improve the woes of Malawi. But that person seems not to know what to do 2yrs down the line, and announces of running for the same office in 2019.Malwi, what is happening? I do not understand.I did not expect this from the president. By the way, the wage bill is high not because of higher lakes. Rather it is high bcoz gvt has employed too many people, most of whom have no any quantifiable work to do. Empower pvt sector so that they absorb these other people. Example: how many drivers are in gvt against how many cars? How many office clerks, messengers, cleaners? That is why amangocheza bawo, sth that cannot happen in pvt sector. The factor is about allowances for meetings and workshops that do not take place. In some cases people at capital hill attend to four workshops per day, how possible. And this is worse with OPC and evn parliament. We r getting no where. So the perks to individuals are not too high, intact they shd be raised.





  4. kaya says:

    inu nomwe mube, inu nomwe mutukane

  5. Jelbin mk says:

    This man is completely insane I have no words to describe him with he is out of touch with the reality he behaves as if he doesn’t live in Malawi

  6. PasChal says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa still clueless to leadership and economic or finance l got few ideas you can can do

  7. chipie says:

    Nkhani simphunzitsi yemwe adasankha APM ayi. Mudamuona kmo uja amalengeza zotsatira akulira. Akhoti atalamula kut asawerengedwe 2tyms? Simuona kodi akhot akanena kut awawonjezere malipiro zimatheka pompopompo? Nde mukati mphunzitsi?.???

  8. hisbolla says:


  9. kachindamoto says:

    Malawi is broke, but I’m gonna hire a private jet anyway, what kind of foolishness is this Mathanyula???

  10. Pachalo Chinthu says:

    Koma a malawi, tikukhala ngati tosefe sitinaphuzire. Polumbilisa amati chini. Kusauka munthu amaoneka ngati ndiwamisala. nkhaya tizionela

  11. kennedy says:

    who voted for you and do you remember you ridged ekections?? ridge the economy if you’re a proffecor. if people voted for you how come stopping them from demanding salary hike? I thought sunce they putted you in power its now your turn to put them in power. when are you going solve the problem of tribalism? you think we’re stupit? with all the squandering you’re silent why? yet you are telling us you’re rich are you stupit peter? you don’t even know what you said testerday and last week. can you go and see the doctor please?

  12. Wakalamba uyu. Akadyera kumanda ndalamazo? Suit ya mtembo ndi imodzi. Mwinanso we will cremate him.

  13. seleman m'baluku says:

    zidze pano nzatonse

  14. mbonaona says:

    my very own son said to me…’adadi a president alusa eti kulankhula choncho?’ I was numb… I just went and switched off the gudget….

  15. Mbatizi says:

    Its high time we stopped LOOKING FOR HELP from Donors. Let them help us on their own. Jeremiah 17:5 and 7.Cursed is he who rely on the hand of man.

  16. Sandram says:

    So is it mean the change that was outspoken during campaign, is to challenge your own people?

    Sound has totally changed and be friendly to your Malawians when you wanted them to vote for you. You showed a lot of kindhearted and there was no such thing of insult “ng’we-ng’we”, why today? Because you are on that chair. Tell the nation the truth in humble not like it never be important. Bwana where is your dignity regarding to your education, position and merciful? Cut off your salary and stop taking expensive flights.
    Regarding to this article above, there is a lot of misleading the country that I have picked up from you bwana. Poor addressing, anger, full of no education and these are just few to the list. We respect you and give us respect too. Be proud of your own people because you are there for them.

  17. Sichina akumipando ikuluikulu mumafuna kuti mulemeletu nthawi yomwe mwasankhidwa .
    Mumangopopota ndalama zones zaboma.palibe ndimmodzi yemwe amaganiza zotukula dziko ayi. Teloni tione kuti u pulofechono wanu uli pati.

  18. Skenance kapinama says:

    Kaya mumkavota nokha

  19. Nyerere yaikulu mutu says:

    Kungoti amalawi sitichedwa kuiwala ndi boma lomweri mu 2010 limkanena mwano kwa ma civil servant panonso akupitiliza zonsezi ndinu aphunzitsi kususuka ndi zaziii! Nde akuti kulibe salary increments ngati ufuna kulumera pita ku ma private school ukaphuzise nde ngongole zakozo USOVAAA!

  20. K B says:

    This is the begnning of the end.We shouldn’t xpect things to move as was in ancient times.Don’t finger out the downcast.Read the word of grace for confirmation.A bad carpenter blames his tools.Pray God is ready to hear u.

  21. Agama says:

    With DPP in government no way zungu angatulutse ndalama zake,come to think of k551Billion.They’ll keep on coming with one exuse after another

  22. Zabwino says:

    Mr president congratulations for the outbust as u hav demostrated and u deserve a part on the back. But l hav a question to put forward to u. At ur age loosing it out like that will it do u good? The people who are asking for explanations from u are the same who put u in that position, they voted u in that office and they want straight answers why u went with a large no of people to the UN, simple. If u start telling them how rich u were before coming to Malawi will not help u, because Malawians simple as they are did not want a ricg person to be their leader, they wanted someone who could ease theis suffering and bring ‘sanity’ in this small but sweet country of ours. The media are the watchdog and wil always be, no one will be able to silence them including u. What is needed is to give convicing answers to your entourage and what they went there to do, PERIOD! You have missed another opportunity here of telling Malawians the truth. My advise is ‘take it easy, this is Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa, which can get HOT and TOUGH when u least expect it.

  23. Bandawe says:

    Arrogance=heart attack=painful death.

  24. Nanga ntani says:

    Some one calls you a professor of doom. Am not going to remind you his name.

  25. Yosefe Gambatula says:

    The professor sound possessed.He needs to be exorcised.He has totally lost direction.I don’t know where Malawi is heading too with this clueless oldman.Kusamva Amalawi.Mudya udzu zaka zake zino.simunati muzingoti ng’we ng’we ng’we malipiro akukwezereni ndani?Mwanya nayo Pitala.A samvankhuku osamva why repeating some useless people from the same family like there are no any other people who can lead Malawi to greater heights?

  26. Chimani. Game says:

    This man is a full brown idiot

  27. Truck says:


  28. Wadya Kake alibe mbiri says:

    Mbendera, Kenyatta ndi aziphunzitsi. Mwaona zomwe munapanga? I hope pano mukunjoya. Zomwe munkafuna sizimenezi nanga?

  29. lonje ken says:

    mmmm koma Mutharika really has to voice this out basi mudaonjeza inu mmmm

  30. zeze says:

    Mr Ibu in “wonderland”. Clueless, gaping instead of sipping glasses of water! That tells you a story of this man kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  31. CHIGAWENGA says:

    Peter Muthalika , you must be the damnest president this country has ever seen. How can you admit your stupidity in public? You talk about over spending and yet you like a fool just came back from NY where you unnecessarily spent our tax money on a useless trip. If you were smart you would not have taken an entourage of cock suckers and hand clappers. I hope the donors do not come back. You don’t deserve any sympathy from them or malawians. If anything you should be kicked out of office by any means necessary because you are a disgrace to Malawian society. You are nothing but a thief. You should be given the title of head thief. Uncaring thief whose interest is only to steal from Malawians. You should be ashamed of yourself. But again usually thieves do not regret what ever they do. I hope your prostate will take you soon because to b e honest malawi is better off without a corrupt and greedy bastard like you.

  32. Iwo adadzikwezera salary by 90% last year, this year he increased Capital Hill expenditure, why not civil servants? Afuna alemele yekha bwampini ameneyi? Shaaa…! Nchiyani kod Malawi? Mulungu tichitiren matsenga anu aja kut tipulumuke.

  33. Tozer Tsono says:

    Malawi is Bankrupt in peace times. Mozambique, Angola, and Namibia sorted out their economic problems despite huge wars. Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe were the back support for ANC against apartheid in pre-Nelson Mandera South Africa and paid for it economically. Malawi opted for contact and dialogue policies which seemed to suffice at the time at the cost of credibility among neighbors. The question is how have these other countries succeeded despite their hardships?

    Without a doubt, Malawi leaders are to blame ninety nine percent. Rightfully so, because 12.49 million people (.01 million being the leaders) don’t see nor handle the donated funds. The people are just loyal, peace loving and for some reason just like sheep with their necks and throats bare to be economically slit open. The people choose leaders for wrong reasons, and that is why they are to blame too. The so called quota system, as out of place as it is deplorable, reveals good hints. For example, if the government has acknowledged to be an abject failure at addressing educational inequalities by oppressing one region, the North (so far the government only solution), then it follows that you need leadership from the North. They figure out how to harness scarce resources in education to train their students for higher learning. As we know not most of them make it to the University since because earned spots are donated to their peers in the South and Central of Malawi. This has been the case since independence. The government has not come up with viable solution but placed the whole burden of resolving the issue on northerners. Why not have a rotational presidency then? Tap into all resources for maximum benefit. For as long as the majority will pick a president, the talented northerners will never contribute from the presidents office. Malawians love each other but politician divide them. So far the presidents from the Central and South of Malawi have proved
    corrupt, inept and reckless CEOs as evident through unending sanctions and bankruptcy. So much for Malawi does not need Donors! Consequently, innocent 12.49 million lives are paying for nepotistic choices in politics. Nepotism is the knife to the throat of those who engage it. Love, Bankruptcy; enjoy the gushing of the government wallet!

  34. True Malawian Citizen says:

    Changing this dead economy in two months. Sound miraculous. We never know. He may bring back the Mk591 Billion stolen from Government during the DPP 1 Rule from wherever it being kept.

  35. If we did not have people like comment of 11, Malawi could develope. Those who critize whites are stupid. Look at us where do we go to beg when we are in need? Your president even ask the donors to help. Have yo seen a white come to beg Malawi or Africa? If we want a white or Muzungu teach or tell us what to do, lets stop corruption or using the money we dont have. A Muzungu is smart. He will never use the money as or leaders do if they know there is hunger in their country. After all I have never heard huger in those nations who give us aid. They have hard climate bu always have food even they dont grow the crops.Shame on whose who always attack Muzungus. A BEGGER SHOULD NOT HAVE A BIG MOUTH.

  36. Truth says:

    Koma ndiye wadziputiila ma comments president Mutharika. Napepe. Boma limavuta kuyendesa man Peter. Just hand back the mantle to rightful winner Laz Chakwera or you’ll be tormented by one disfunction after another

  37. Okay says:

    Komane bola wajkuuzani kuti samadya pakhomo pa amanu. He is already rich. Inu tabalirani ndi ngongole mudatenga zija kupangira campaign. O Leader ov Opposition tayambani yanu ija ya reactive politics. 2019 sipano ngati mukuganiza kuti mungasokoneze mwauponda.

  38. GRM says:

    Wow!! My opinion is that APM IS THE REASON HIS BROTHER BLUNDERED IN HIS LAST TERM. This guy reminds me of my year one communication lesson on defense mechanisms. Denial, projection, rationalization, aggression/acting out and withdrawal are some defense mechanisms.
    1. He is in denial that he is a problem or that there is crisis and want to be comfortable on a rented jet when Malawians are going hungry. Let him wake up to see the reality in Malawi
    2. He projects his problems to others including civil servant, donors, journalists, former presidents. THIS GOGO IS A FLOP
    3. He is trying to project his fun on presidential jets to Kamuzu in other word he is justifying his actions by saying if Kamuzu was doing it why not me. HE IS COMPARING HIMSELF TO A DICTATOR AND I GUESS HE IS ONE
    4. He is becoming aggressive and acting out his fury by banging desks uttering unpresidential words like ng’weng’weng’we. WE HAVE AN ABUSIVE MAN AS A PRESIDENT


  39. kinley says:

    Zovuta kobasi,a president atha nzeru kikikiki

  40. Mlomwe says:

    Peter ngati ukunena ukalandira 10times of 1.4million kwacha imene amphawife tikupasa uli kunja ,kodi adakuyitana ndi ndani?Kodi bwana musanene mavutowa tikuwawona kamba ka PP kodi ndalama mudaba inu ndi Bingu zili kuti?APM usatitenge a Malawi ngati ndife opusa.Kodi JCE mwachoselanji?Kodi mwana wanu adaphunzirako ku Malawi?Bwana musatisokonezere maphunziro kuno kwathu.APM chifukwa chani mwayimisa madotolo ndima nurse kukagwira ntchito yawo pamene anthuwa atawononga zaka zawo zambiri ali ku college.Ndiye sekani ma college’wa muzikagwira nokha.Bwana tiwonana 2019 kaya muzabere Malawi watopa ndi anthu otumbwa ngati inu.

  41. mweyeye 1 says:

    The president is leading the country to the wrong direction and this is the proof that he has totally failed to lead the country. He should also learn how to talk to people who are in the dilema of help from their own generated resources.

  42. Msamamtchula says:

    arrogance is a sign of the begining if the fall of any goververnment, soon we will witness the fall of the Mwenemutapa Kingdom

  43. ben says:

    Itis time to say goodbye to Goodall he is too old bring in Chikaodna as the new FM, goodall cooking figures , breaking procuremnet regulations in subsidy, enjoying foreign trips while we are suffering, ACHOKE ABWERA CHIKAONDA

    1. Fingo says:

      Chikaonda and APM are very similar: All talk and no action. The biggest problem we have is not who becomes minister of finance; the problem is that we have a president who cannot take responsibility. He says the country is broke, but has done absolutely nothing to cut down on executive waste: convoy, state residencies, foreign trips and bloated entourages, hiring private jet, bloated number of advisers, excessive allowances for senior public officers, etc.

      APM blames everyone else but himself for the economic meltdown. By contrast, his brother had won over people who had not voted for him at this stage of his first term. APM is just trudging along…as long as he can enjoy the trappings of power, then he is happy. In his mind it is the donors who should provide for this country, and it is JB who messed up the donors.

      APM may be 78 years old; but when it comes to taking responsibility for his actions (or lack thereof) he could well be only 8 years old…

  44. kamfana says:

    122 & 121 U r True Followers of MOST things which r happening in our country. What U r saying is what exactly, is on the Ground.Keep it up Guys.If the President CANNOT TAKE ONE OR TWO FACTS FROM WHAT U HAVE SAID, then I DOUBT if Malawi will DEVELOP. U SPEAK JUSTICE GUYS.

  45. Sizoona akanangoyankha mwaulemu chonchi anthu samamulemekeza

  46. Jimbo says:

    To summarise APM’s speech: ‘You guys keep suffering, I’m alright Jack’.

  47. peeping lizard says:

    ndinakamba kale kuti munthu uyu siprof ameneyu sangaikwanise malawi,wachepa bola nkuluwake.bora kutula pansi udindo

    1. Bandawe says:

      The President has hit rock bottom with his temper tantrum

  48. Jimbo says:

    APM’s brother Bingu worked for the World Bank at one time. What did he learn from that? He ran the country into the ground – no forex, fuel shortages, power cuts, etc., etc. His brother is following his example. Now he says he will sort our the economy by the end of December! He has been President for 17 months and he says he will sort things out in just TWO months! The man is either a miracle worker or a fool. Does he think Malawians have cotton wool for brains? Did you notice exactly HOW he said he is going to improve things? He is full of bluster and big words but very short on ideas. Don’t expect any improvement soon. He has his millions of kwacha, so what does he care about the rest of us?

  49. VYOTO says:

    By pushing the blame on Donors dry taps to PP Government is like reminding some of us that MCP was the right party to take over Government from PP. This argument is based on the facts that Donors closed their taps when DPP was at one point in power under Peter’s eccentric brother late Bingu Muthalika and came back when PP took over following the demise of Bingu. Unfortunately Cash gate which started during the late Bingu administration continued with PP Government, Donors were thus forced to go back with their money again. It is as simple as 1 plus 1 that Donors could have come back had the Majority of Malawians decided to bring at least a new party in the name of MCP with clean hands into Government not the same DPP with the same already tested and well known Muthalika Brand popular with ARROGANCE AND EXTRAVANCE. How on earth could an old person like Peter Muthalika of the Muthalika brand be a solution to the problems facing Malawi. He (Muthalika) is in fact part of the bigger problems.

  50. Zanyanya says:

    Uisova mdala tionana December madala

  51. Kamoto says:

    A President Tulani Pansi Udindo Zakukanikani Tione Zina Mwinanso Bola Amai Omwe aja.

  52. GooNgayikosya says:

    Pple are busy workshops from first to thirty first of thee month no time to work in the office let them go.Or the best way is to throw in a towel in gentleman way lyo lyo lyo lyo lyo

  53. Innocent Guta says:

    Mutharika is nothing but a selfish leader. With the skyrocketing inflation, how do you expect a civil servant to survive on the little that you give them?? These people have families, children and other people they look after. What do you expect them to do??
    He says the opposition is not giving him altenatives, its not as if he listens when he is advised, so why is he complaining??

    He says people should stop demanding for high wages, well, the truth of the matter is, people will not stop, as long as they are rational beings. In fact, he should have set a good example by cutting down his salary and allawances for the love of the people. BY doing that we would really be sure about what he said that working for the government involves a lot of sacrifices….

  54. Big kahuna says:


  55. Souja says:


  56. Big kahuna says:


  57. skinner says:

    ‘This government was elected by people’ who attended the briefing? These are the people who voted.Bola Bingu anayamba kulalata Ali second term.President akayamba kupsa mtima timadziwa kuti waitaya plot. Reference;bingu

  58. James Phiri says:

    Mr President I listened to the press conference yesterday and I would like you to consider some issues and apologize to Malawians for mistreating us.
    You were voted into office and you promised that you will be transparent and accountable for your deeds. All Malawians were asking you is to account for their money that you spent on the UNGA trip. Surely you could not go to town lambasting them for that.
    Remember your brother called us tinkhwenzule. But then your late brother had some achievements to show for his first term at least. Then came Amai who also did not want to listen to the people with her useless trips. At least Amai stabilzed the economy after your late brother and the DPP had messed big time. Tell us Mr President even one thing that you have done that you would be proud of. Nothing , nothing, nothing. And what makes you think kuti mungamatitukwane ife pa radio ngati pamene paja. So you say you will stand again in the next elections, how will you justify your kutinyoza.
    We heard you loud and clear that you cannot bemean your officeby travelling on commercial flights. But Mr President do your actions make nay sense both socially and economically? You admit that the Government is broke and it has to be frugal. At the same time you go on spending millions in hiring a jet. I thought good leaders lead by example. Or is the Government only broke for anthu wamba and can find dollars for the presidency? Or is it just showing off to your fellow presidents and the world that you can travel high class when your tax payers are literally dying due to lack of food, medicines and adquate personnel in the hospitals. Imagine what a long way the few kwachas you would save would have lessen our problems. What you are doing is like a father of a poor household going to work on a taxi yet the house has utilities cut and there is no enough food. This is the picture you are potraying Mr President. You cannot bear the pain with us.
    Talking about the delegation to the UNGA. Give us evidence Mr. President of the other funding agencies that sponsored the other bodies that you went with. Your mean the party functionaries and the chiefs you took were paid for by UN or NGOs. which ones Mr President. Contrast Malawi a country of 15 million people to Nigeria and Kenya that are more populous and richer had delegations of less than 30. Tell us something convincing Mr President. We cannot afford to be extravagant Mr President.
    and you should have remembered not to go and ask Mr Mukhitho to vouch for you that you spent less than we think. Is this the same Mukhitho who engineered the death of an innocent university student and his troops were giving false death reports? Is this the same Mr Mukhitho was was among the group that was hiding your late brothers death and wanted to unconstitutionally instal you as president? Give us another person Mr President. Your man is not trusted by anyone except you.
    Lastly Mr President you have rightly reminded us that you are a very rich person and dont need our money. Thank you Mr President. Kamuzu also constantly did the same. If so why did you not fly out and give allowances from your pockets and why did you not personaly pay the people you took to the USA? Why are you going bowl in hand begging when you would become a philanthropist. Charity begins at home Mr President. By the way when are you surrendering that MHC house you bought at an understated value? if indeed you do not want to steal from us we would have expected you to at least have the house revalued and then pay the actual rentals. So musatinamize apa. Otherwise you would have resigned long way back.
    are you a listening president Mr President? Listen to the cries of the people. The ones surrounding you will never tell you the truth because they are benefiting from your largesse. On your down fall they will run away from you and laugh at you.
    sinthani kuti ulamuliro wanu muunve kukoma pao bii chabwino palibe. Ndi miyoyo ndi mizimu ya anthu mukuzunzayi

  59. Palikanthu says:

    If the country isbroke how come a sane president is taking 135 people to go shopping in the most expensive city??
    Why could the president not demonstrate good practice by opting not to go to New York this time round just to underscore that Malawi is broke?
    The double standards that you show throughout your leadership are what annoy us that pay taxes which you waist by being extravagant, pompous and arrogant when asked to clarify matters let alone put ito context.
    As a single parent I pay 467,000 monthly as PAYE and you abuse it with impunity. If each month I gave my PAYE to people in my village to start a livelihood I would have a model village! But entrusting it to the number one Civil Sevant equals total loss!!
    Kapumeni bwana ili ndi pempho langa otherwise state funeals are also costly, Malawi is broke!!

  60. Mlauzi says:

    I would like to concur with Commentator that indeed donors do not like this lot, especially after what they did to Cochraine Dyet plus other human rights abuses prior to and after the fatal demonstrations. Again the last election lacked in transparency and accountability. Donors are doubting the legitimacy of this regime and are squeezing it.

    Those in power should also know that these days you really can`t rule with an iron fist, especially in a poor country like ours. By issuing threats and slurs at your own people (in any case are they really your people?) you are actually fanning the flames of hatred and discontent against yourself. Dziko lili pa moto ili and we are facing a myriad of problems. If people are agitating for salary increments, the reason is that with soaring inflation they are failing to balance their budgets. It`s not that they want to become rich.

    Again it is not necessarily true kuti salaries are high in the private sector. Pali ndi makampani ake. Those of us who started working in Dr Banda`s regime were getting low salaries but because inflation was low in those days, we were leading quality lives So perhaps rather than just looking at salaries the authorities should come up with strategies to reduce inflation and contain the cost of living which in any case is the highest in this part of the world.

    For strategic reasons Malawi should have chosen a leader with a global appeal during the last election. Dziko lisamavutike chifukwa cha munthu m`modzi. Zina za cashgate ndi zinazo yangokhala excuse. The bottom line is that donors want this regime to fail.

  61. Byron says:

    He is acknowledging that neighboring countries are booming while Malawi is not,but he is blaming it on opposition for not providing alternative solutions,what a president! The fact is he doesn’t listen to anybody especially opposition.Malawi deserves better.

  62. kwakwase says:

    where are we going?

  63. Dodolido says:

    Just revert to retiring age of 55 years. A lot of dead wood go out naturally.

  64. George Kamanga says:

    APM you are a big brutal the nation has ever had as a leader.

    Firstly you were not voted into power by Malawians but thank mbendera and kenyatta for being inhumane to innocent souls in Malawi for selling you the first seat. Truly these two fellows will pay for it as long as Malawians die before their time due to shortage of essential drugs in hospitals.

    APM your threats are dying words from a dying old fellow.

    The best you can do APM just rig the economy.

  65. Emmanuel E. Muyenza says:

    I think there is lack of. “Political maturity” in the languange the President uses. The boisterous use if languange is very unnecessary. Examples, “I was already a millionaire before I became President”. Mr. President who cares? You are a Servant of the people who elected you and therefore, people are the bosses and have the the right to criticize what they see is wrong with governance. Again, language like, “ng’we ng’we” lacks maturity and restraint. Perhaps there is need to employee a linguist to educate the President on sociolinguistics. Lastly, it is not only PP administration that screwed the Malawi funds. Mr. President do you remember the President named Bingu who led a corruptible government under patronage of a political organ DPP?

  66. Capital G says:

    i am failing to understand what IMF is saying:
    1.Malawi has a lowest paid civil service
    2.Even the NGOs have agreed that Malawi needs additional civil,nurses,etc
    this tym they r saying that wage bill needs to be reduced which means reducing number ov civil me guys

  67. Ha ha ha ha bolani ku khala maiko a eni.

  68. Mphalapili says:

    Malawi is broke koma APM akumwa wine odula kwambiri,akudyelela? Sitinganve zimenezi pokhapokha mutasiya kuononga ndalama za boma.

  69. George phiri says:

    You wanted transformation by electing me you have it. What a statement.

  70. Benson T Phiri says:

    Zakuvutani man tula pansi man

  71. vendort says:

    Running Govnt is a serious business kkkkk

  72. OBSERVER says:


  73. English Guru says:

    The president in his outburst reminded the MCP spokesperson that Kamuzu used to hire a jet too! That just shows how shallow the president is, trying to justify his actions by comparing them to the Kamuzu era. The president needs to be reminded that that era was a dictatorship, this is a democracy! To say that Kamuzu used to feed people to crocodiles does not mean that if the president does it today it will be right! Use your brain ‘professor’ and distinguish the two eras! Move with time, it seems you are still trapped in a time warp where you still think you are in exile!

  74. Change says:

    Time to Go. Resign or we will force you out.

  75. Peter Wangotalika is crying and will cry until he resign that’s when he will be freed.
    With this October he is sweating everywhere ndi pankolokolo pomwe thinking on how to run serious business which is goverment.
    This is just a starter.SUNATI ULILADI.
    Iam giving you 30 days to resigh if you fail we will be matching every week!

  76. ras says:

    please people if you the press briefing of APM kindly upload it to youtube, I HEAR its a must watch…… millionaire in 2007………..

  77. redeemed says:

    At times I understand the leadership style of Dr H Kamuzu Banda, he realized that the only way to rule a human being is through autocracy or dictatorship. Even the Creator repented for creating a man of all creatures.

  78. blessings says:

    koma zavutilapo

  79. Steve Ng'omba says:

    Retirement of old-timers vital, ife tikalembedwa kuti ntchito

  80. The real ujeni says:

    This president is boring, he doesn’t even inspire at all. Yawning!

  81. Civil Servant says:

    In saying that we have a huge wage bill (as a proportion of the total national budget), both the IMF and the President are right. However, where I do not agree with the H. E. is on how we can deal with the problem. Stopping employees from demanding better pay is a non-starter. It has never worked before, and it wont work especially now that we have the Labour Laws in Malawi.

    In my view, the wage bill is high because of wastage on Government’s payroll. I am an Economist by training and I am using the word wastage technically. We have many filled positions on Government which are irrelevant. For example, at the lower levels, we have many copy typists, many secretaries who are doing almost nothing. In this era, almost all Government professionals know how to type. We may turn the secretaries into office assistants and do away with the typists. (Of course, others will say I am being inhumane by proposing firing people. However, good things come at a cost. May be this is the cost at which we can by our national development!). At the top, we have many PSs, although the naming has now been split to include Chief Directors. (By the way, did we do a needs assessment to create these positions?). I dont know if the absence of Chief Directors would cause any problem. Their presence may simply be worsening the wage bill.

    So, instead of punishing people with a moratorium on salary increases, Government could reduce the wage bill whilst motivating the relevant positions with better salaries. If we cant accept this reality, we are bound to be faced with an inefficient civil service because employees will be demotivated, more corrupt to survive and not passionate about their work and country.

    These are simply my thoughts as a concerned Malawian. God bless our country. Long live to our H.E. Lets support his reform agenda — together we can develop Malawi.

  82. brave nyanyaluwa says:

    Don’t blame PP alone you should also blame yourself and your late brother. You milked Malawi too much. Late that report out with all the details and see if u will be spared. Wayamba kulankhula ngati Mbale wako Bingu? Do you remember said something like Nfwe nfwe nfwe and u are saying ngwe ngwe ngwe here in our land. Do we have a country we Malawians where leaders will respect us? You are telling us the donors asked u to sale our only bank MSB against our will which means to you the global financial institutions are important to you Malawians? You are doing the same as JB by devaluing the MK after being told by the Colonialists. MULUNGU AKUWONE.

  83. Bob says:

    This man is on the verge of a total breakdown. His reaction is that of someone who has literally no idea about what is going on around him.

  84. Sharshaja says:

    I always imagined the light I saw before dying would be that sent from God—bright white with an angel glancing at me, tranquility—not that dropped by an aircraft.
    It scares me how many times I’ve escaped death. I feel every breath of air I breathe is stolen. I feel like a fugitive running from death. Have you ever touched a dead person? They feel so cold, icy. Gelid. Every missile that hits makes my blood turn cold, my jaw dangles wide open and I can’t speak. I try to remind myself that once again I have fled death. Once again I have beat the odds. Read more »

  85. tsetsefly says:

    Awatu samaliza term yawo. If the kitchen is hot leave it bwana. This country can best run by strong hearted. You do not seem to be one. Now that you have started getting angry I am afraid we may lose you earlier than would have been the case. I would urge you to slow down a bit. It is clear that with mess caused by the MK577B stolen between 2005 and 2013 by DPP & PP joint plunders, there is very little that you can do to ressusitate the economy in the immidiate term hence difficult to meet demands by the civil servants.

    I laughed my lungs out when a German envoy said donors are not like some father christmas that narrow minded nations like Malawi should always look upon for gifts. I felt so sad to be a Malawian at that time. At the same time I said what is the problem with us that makes us to be so poor like headless chickens. I found out that corruption is the cause. This is the more reason why govt should allow a thorough investigation into the MK577B to bring trust in the donors that we can be trusted with thier money. More importantly is for our leaders to begin to see the donor fatigue. We can not go on in this manner. We need to move away from the donor dependence.

  86. PMW says:

    Kodi which transformation is he talking about? Just because wina wake told him kuti he did well making a speech at the UN (which people didn’t even listen to) iye wamera matako. He thinks that means he’s doing everything well.

  87. GADABWALI says:

    Ok, I’ll also work as I earn. I can’t sacrifice my energy just because am working in the civil service.

  88. dungulinya says:

    Cashgate chased donors, they haven’t come back since…..Civil servants want increases to be funded by who or what? Malawi cries fir development funded by what and who? Time to all of individually pull up our socks, these times can’t be sorted by government alone

  89. sapitwa says:

    That’s the reason why Kamuzu became a Dictator; it is because of these frog noises which have no substance. Through his Dictatorial Leadership, Malawi was better economically though with too many poor and uneducated people, You would wonder why China,South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and most Asian Countries became rich; it is through Dictatorship.
    Malawi will never come right economically regardless which President rules it as long as the freedom of nonsense prevails as is in the media fraternity.

  90. apm says:

    No wonder Malawi won’t progress. Ma pulezident timasankhawa! Ish! My legs are itching for a kodokodo. Kkkkkkk sacrifice? My foot. Enafe ndi sacrifice pomwe iwowo nde mapwevupwevu. Just waiting for a kadyacallista.

  91. Shaa says:

    Mutu wake sukugwira nkuluyu.

  92. khofi says:

    Goodal wakalamba, let him retire plis. A chaponda mkati we need fresh blood to advise the HE accordingly

  93. Malawi says:

    You have just come back from US with a larger than life Wapping 106 people and justified that. Despite saying that the govt did not fund all of them, I feel its irresponsible. Considering the situation Malawi is. As a responsible person with a heart for his citizen, you could have asked the well-wishers to divert the money into other things like drugs and food in hospitals. How much has this whole US UN thing costed Malawi? I also fault those well wishers in funding this. This is not on. Its high time you sat down and listened to our cries not just shouting at us. We respect you as a leader but you need to listen to your people too. Together we can achieve something. Pointing the finger at PP only for cashgate is wrong. Refrain from that because our Late President played a major part too. Let work to build Malawi. Things are at a critical stage now. If this country is going to sink we are all going to be affected. What’s the way forward that’s what we want to know.

  94. MABVUTO says:

    Civil Servants will have to demand for a pay rise for the next financial year to match with the cost of life.Government should get prepared for this come rain or sun shine.Retire those that do not deserve it and terminate all unnecessary contracts and those on temporary appointments.Reduce the number of advisors and you will find that in so doing the wage bill will automatically go down but for the civil servants pay rise is an automatic thing that that will be implemented.

  95. WakaWaka B says:

    Iwenso kunjako ungobwelako, sikukupindulila Nyapapi wina. The problem is your President himself, hes brainless, dunderhead. Cant find a way out of this mess. Hes busy blaming tge Opposition that they r not coming up with ideas to help him solve his own problems.. Thats natural. Even at the moment Mourinho is struggling to perform at Chelsea, U cant hear mourning that Wenger should help him with tactics… He is man enough to take responsibility. Thats Politics! So stop ur nonsense of applauding this toothless, brainless, tactless Magogo of urs

  96. Ameneyo says:

    HE says ‘I said it in April that ………we will over spend.’ Who is in charge bwana? You are the CEO of Malawi and you need to take full responsibility of the overspending.

  97. Blunt Truth says:

    Is it Goodall Gondwe who crafted a poor budget that has failed in the 1st quarter of the fiscal year? If so Peter Mutharika should fire Goodall Gondwe as he is now a spent foce. If not then this is Peter Mutharika’s DPP failing just as DPP was failing up to April 2012.

  98. LessChildrenPlease says:

    Unfortunately these same people would win an election today. Nepotistic politics. So don’t complain. (Also have less children so that we can destroy our country less quickly).

  99. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    A President mumavuta kukumana nanu I have alternatives for you to run the country well.

  100. No Retreat No Surrender says:

    Tizakakutopela uzadziwaso kut takwiyaaaaa.. Watch out APM

  101. Blunt Truth says:

    The fact that the national budget has derailed just after the first quarter is evidence of poorly crafted budget. It means that Goodall Gondwe and the Peter Mutharika govt did not pay attention to revenue collection. The retrenching of over 200 people at MRA in 2010 and political interference by the DPP govt structurally weakened MRA. In fact MRA is bringing in less tax revenues in real terms compared to the period before MRA.

  102. No hope for Malawi,message from the leader says:

    Mr president,
    sort it out your own mess please.
    dont throw it on opposition, the opposition gave you a crew that you deal with people who are involved in cashgate ,including DPP suspects.
    Are you sure we elected you or you entered through back door?
    note that this mess you are reffering to PP was started by DPP before PP taking over the government.
    are we told what to do or you are threatening? dont provoke us, we are already debating what to do next following your own statements

  103. phiri says:

    Our country our pride. Malawian we only have one Malawi let us help ourselves first, our government and president to develop this country. We are poor yes, but we can do better. STOP CRITICIZING AND OFFERING NO SOLUTION

  104. makito says:

    Mudala ameneyu angakupatsa BP. Dziko ili tagulitsa. Koma Thom Chiumia, my eyes see something strange in the spelling of n’gwe. I thought we used to write ng’we as in ng’ombe?

  105. cnkhuto says:

    Stupid are Malawians who think they will be rich by just staying idle in their houses. Fools are those receiving subsidies without the focus of multiplying the gift and rely on themselves. Fools are those who think they will get better services in public hospitals for free. Wake up Malawians, time for free things us officially over. We need to reform. If you receive subsidy this year, multiply it so that you are no longer dependent. Our laziness is taking us no where. Work hard people. If you don’t have anywhere to work then you are stupid. Whatever job you are doing, put your heart on it. Mr President,Sir, continue telling Malawians the facts. Don’t go backwards, people will criticize but don’t pull over. Hard working people will understand you, but lazy people will criticize you. The problem we also have is that people gave not accepted election results. People, our president is there full time untill 2019 when the post will be vacant again. So don’t waste time for cheap politics. It time to work hard Malawians. Stupid.

  106. Khwinda says:

    Basi gulisani dzikoli ku Tanzania,,, paja nyanja ndi mpira omwe tinapeleka kale

  107. chimudikiu says:


  108. Ken says:

    Please retire these so many old people you are maintaining in the civil service ,they are just sleeping in offices and draining govt money, if you are to reduce the wage bill.

  109. bandaee says:


  110. Denguzman says:

    N’gweee…N’gweee….N’gweee Single chorus for APM. Pofyo….Pofyo….Pofyo this one is for GOODALL GONGWE. What is the meaning of these choruses ? It means that these Matchonas are just stealing koma osamasuzumira muthumba mmene ndalama zikuchokera. PROFESSOR APM, think u re really confused bt u stl dont kno the one who is disturbing u. Its not Chakwera neither NGO bt the problem is, u hv too many Advisers and many of them they doing nothing rather than drinking coffee and telling u lies that things are ok while patients in hospitals are taking drags wthout food. APM, APM, APM reduce the numbers PS coz changing them to CHIEF DIRECTORS it means that u are not focusing to change anything in the civil s… Respect Malawians.

  111. Ada Phiri says:

    Kwe doli ku Malawi! Mbendera, asambizi, aphulisa, asilikali mutiti uli sonu?

  112. Umziya says:

    Boma lakukanikani basi apa. Kuvomeleza ndi bwino. mxiiiiiiii

  113. ubunthu says:

    so its true that u r a forena! By saying ur country means its not ur country! This shit is realy a pain in our asses!

  114. Malingaliro says:

    Who has talked about pay rise now? Is it a diversion of real issues to mislead people or a misfiring talk? Search me!!!!!!!!!! To those who lack common sense will think take the whole village to UN meeting using K500 Million is cheaper than, providing medicine to hospitals using K200 Million. Common Sense is not common to common people. isn’t it?

  115. Che Ngana says:

    Bravo Peter Mutharika!!!Wachita Bwino Waamasula Akanganya Amenewa.Asamakutengere Kumtengo Ngati Maliro Anjoka.Akakhuta Ndikumachapa Zigoba Zao Kumageyera Pa Iwe.Ukamapanda Kuwayankha Amakuona Ngati Chitsiru Chokutha Mapulani Eti.Wachita Bwino Kuwathira Mchere Ndikuwatembenuza Choncho.ZOPUSA BASI.

  116. Dikisan says:

    You still have along way to go to 2019. The journey has just begun. Are you going to finish the race as people’s demands are getting higher and higher? I doubt. Let wait and seen. This is Malawi.

  117. Sharshaja says:

    That’s how we run the government .we make others suffer with hunger or even die with it for the betterment of our politics.the more people die the more politics get spiced up.

  118. guguh says:

    There you go… Blame game and taking no responsibility for what is going on in this country..way to go dummy

  119. commenter says:

    The western donors don’t like you and your ruling party thats why!!!

  120. Man of God says:

    Bwampini, usatitengere kokatiyesa, samala. Anzako anayesa zokalipazo koma anafa nazo. Ukamayankhula zamwano, dzikonso likubwezera mwano womwewo. Ife zotiderela ayi.

  121. Iwedi ndiwanyau basi

  122. For the first time i saw my president akumenya tebulo. For the first time i heard my president asking the reporter how he can be travelling overseas.

  123. Kikikikikikiki………..Bakili Muluzi once said,…” RUNNING GAVAMETI IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS”…..KIKIKI…..SI IZO MWAZIONATU..!….CHILI PA NZAKO NDE TACHIGWIRE NYANGAZO.”……..Already we are SITTING ON A TIME BOMB…. fuel prices will be UP SOON..!

  124. If you do not want people to demand salary hike then make sure prices for commodities do not go up. The moment prices go up, we’ll demand for pay hike. If you fail to raise our salaries we’ll match in the streets. If you tear gas us then cadiarc arrest will fight for us.

  125. kachikho says:

    This government is full of nincompups . They don’t see that they are not able to raise enough revenues because of corruption and incompetence of MRA . You can change Commissioner General’s 100 times but there will be no improvement as competent staff was removed in the2010 to pave way for corruption and cash gates

  126. tony kanyenda says:

    N’gwe N’gwe N’gwe, No humility, full of himself, Iwe APM you are not here to serve your interests and those of your cronies this is our country and tax payers money, you are so extravagantly pompous, but your fall in near. Pride comes before a fall and you are heading that way

  127. Majaivane says:

    No money was stolen by Mfo wakho

  128. ade says:

    why are you surprised, didn’t this nutty professor not admit that he does not know his job?

  129. ubunthu says:

    Iwe ndi galudi, sacrifice my foot!

  130. Bwande says:

    “Running a gafamenti is a serious business amayi ndi abambo……..sikuti kungodzuka uko mphonongolo zako bi mkumati muyendetsa boma”, Tcheya anatero. Ndiye inu nose atolankhani ndi nose mukumachuluka nzeru dziwani zimenezi. Musiyireni mapuya pachiongolero akoze chuma. This is serious business

  131. The only Democrat Left says:

    You dunderhead Peter Mutharika, let’s be clear. You were not elected by the people you brought Brian Bowler back from New York to Malawi to rig the elections. As for increasing revenue collection which is one of the conditions of the World Bank, if your government collected the revenues from the companies awarded huge government contracts for pharmaceuticals and fertilisers revenue collection would increase. But you will not do this but instead MRA harasses poor and working Malawians to collect taxes from them. Now as for cutting government expanses if you stopped chartering aircrafts and using huge motor convoys which include Hummers using 1 gallon per 5 miles then government expenditure would reduce.
    You Mutharika are singularly the problem, and we are praying the our men and women in the barracks drive to wherever you are to pick you up, sit you in the back of their Land Rover and drop you off at Mikuyu.
    By the way donor support is withheld because donors uncovered that you and your dead brother Bingu stole billions and donors want you to bring that money back. Do you expect Malawians to believe it’s only about the time Joyce Banda was in power. If that were the case how incompetent of you Mutharika not to redress the problem in the time that you have been in office. No you are the crook

  132. Peter Mathanyux says:

    Our president needs rabies vaccine ASAP

  133. chaponda says:

    Mapwevupwevu nose ogwira ntchito mbama no increment munya ife tikuvina abingo senders tilowe mboma.antchona mufangati galutu umudziwa mmalawi uwonaso

  134. Kaka says:

    A Pitala, dziko lakukanikani. Tula pansi mbale zisanafike poyipa kwambiri.

  135. sikusinja says:

    The problem is not public servants demanding pay hikes. Didnt you Mr President and cabinet ministers get pay hikes? Didnt MP’s get pay hikes. How about the MP’s getting a loan facility of up to K24million each. How about MPs getting 500 litres a month for fuel.
    How about Ministers getting 1000 or is it 1500 litres a month. (50 litres a day). Where do they go to blow 50 litres in a day. Why cant internal audit teams analyze how much fuel is used on average by these ministers in a month. They should get fuel as needed. So you want a lowly civil servant not to demand a pay hike when you yourselves give yourselves pay hikes. You need to stop sounding like your brother just before he died. The people can give you pressure and you can leave that position either for health reasons or by force. Be presidential. Maybe the biggest problem is that you were already a millionaire like you said so you dont know what suffering or failing to make ends meet in Malawi feels like.

  136. Tintin says:

    you basturd…unabela ma voti nde uziti the people elected you..mxiiii…ndiwe olephela basi,why dont you accept the facts moron

  137. mulopwana says:

    Please clear me on this point.Does this include wages/salaries /allowances for Peter,his deputy,his friends in cabinet and mps? Because it does not make sense to stop raising wages for other guys in civil service but later to favour himself and his friends.Stupid Gvnt.”Iam the 1st President to run the gvnt without donor support because iam being punished because of the past errors of the peoples party” Truly a president with full senses can say that publically?Cashgate is for both pp and dpp,who doesn’t know that?

  138. truevoter says:

    safa Nahum 1:9

  139. Sake Chilling says:

    Maybe APM needs to be reminded of what Bakili said: “running government is serious business!”

  140. mbimbi says:

    I forgot to ask what does the president really when when he says ng’we*3

  141. chikondi says:

    Muthalika has failed the country. Malawians are no longer interested in your leadership. Quietly or

  142. chikulupati says:

    if you support the wrong doers, you will remain at a wrong side of the truth, am particularly focused on those who are supporting this furious, adamant, starbone leader

  143. Ng'weng'we APM says:

    Kodi akuti abereka mwana ku Phiri la Sanjika akungolira ng’we ng’we ng;we? Alembe special assistant to APM responsible for pacifying Ng’we Ng’we Ng’we wawoyo!

  144. Okay says:

    O Chakwera president wakuyankhanitu.Siinu aja mumati Mfweemfwee. Lero yambiraninso kuyenda kuchititsa misonkhano munamise anthu bola osawauza kuti aziotcha misika.

  145. mbimbi says:

    Hihi!!! Haha!!! Malawi with highest wage bill? And Malawi with most miserable salaries. This equals what?

  146. freedom says:

    mr president of Malawi. why utilities and foods price is going uo and yet you don’t want to increase wages? don’t you think this will fuel poverty and people will end up cash gating to meet up with daily basis living demands . don’t know if you are looking for strike action and then you could control the living costs. woken up more.

  147. AKIJA says:


  148. benjnes says:

    go to hell you are a selfish president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  149. che Muyaya says:

    ‘You wanted change; you have it now’. ‘ If you want to be rich; you can go to private sector’. ‘Every country in the region is booming why not us?’ All these sentiments to come from from your mouth Mr. pulezidenti is unfortunate. Firstly we are not booming as per your say simply because you are not fit for the position. The best job for u is to look after your grandchildren. I don’t forget the time you failed with distinction as minister of Education, Home affairs and Justice. All these scenarios were enough to conclude that you are empty but Mbendera and friends decided otherwise. My reminder to you is that when aid of 3.3 million people affected by hunger comes send my portion immediately. I am among them.

  150. Ntengatenga Ndi Ntokoma says:

    Voted into power by one tribe. Anyway we have been here before (dejavu) where people are disrespected by being called ngwe ngwe ngwe, tiankhwenzule….nkhuku . KARMA…….

  151. The real ujeni says:

    This ngwe ngwe ngwe president just like his brother are not leadership material, they fail miserably to address people.

  152. Thako Lambeta says:

    Come what may strike yokha tipanga basi iwe unazikwezera salary ndi 80% anafe nde 5%? iwe uvina basi, sizomatiwuza kuti azungu akuti… zako izo ndi azungu ako a IMFwo. Kazingosakiratu ndalamazo pano 92 billion unaba nde achimwene ako ija utulutsa iwe.

  153. The real ujeni says:

    You’re given alternatives on daily basis but you don’t listen. You prefer to listen to Kaliati. Cut your number of advisors now!

  154. Mwanga1 says:

    It is only a fool that will give credit to himself when his family fend for itself!

  155. musekanji palibe kanu says:


  156. Nyazgambo says:

    Nyapapi umayesa kuyendesa boma ndi nsima etii!!! Unya sunati!

  157. Ineyo says:

    You Mutharika, if you want to reduce the wage bill, then stop the aggrandizement. Cut off the presidential advisers, cut off the presidential initiatives, reduce the number of diplomats (many of whom are appointed for the purpose of sharing the spoils), and stop your ng’we ng’we ng’we of forcing public servants to be working as sacrificing whilst you stupid politicians are enriching yourselves. You morons.

  158. levelheaded says:

    I like the way you are approaching to these noise makers abwana. I think you are now learning on what Malawians want. Amafuna kuwauza momakalipira nthawi zonse. Bingu managed by doing that. Fellow Malawians! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

    1. Chenji ku Msika says:

      Bingu managed by doing that and shortly he died of Heart attack. I can foresee his heart attack is also coming very soon. Get prepared.

  159. Government of Peter Mutharika was not elected that is why he is failing to run the nation.
    #Resign before things go out of hands.
    We will always need salary hike if things go up.
    #Ulira sunatani these,chule,bwampini,changa,gologolo.
    #If you fail our demands, we will march USAKAIKE.

  160. am ready to help when asked so, to come up with constructive tax proposal collection to develop the country

  161. wamasomphenya says:

    Aaaaa ife tizipilila iwe pitala mdala kaphale kaliati muhara mbendera obera mavoti mukudya bwino palibeee mpaka ulila ching’ang’adza mpaka uli surrender boma unabali iwe unkayesa nandolo. Mphawi ngati iwe kumati ndiwe olemera bodza mulape pulezidenti wotembereredwa iwe skeins chabwino

  162. chechipapwiche says:

    The wage bill is not high but the allowances collected every month by civil servants are just too high for the country. Remove the allowances and leave the actual wages and things will automatically change.

  163. NKHUZI says:

    I CRY my beloved country MALAWI……..When shall JAH Kingdom come on earth??

  164. Tchaka says:

    APM osadandaula ife tikudziwa kuti sunalakwise chilichonse- gwirani ntchito bwana awa atumidwa ndi opposition asiyeni tidzawaonesa mbwaza ife inu phee!

  165. Kwazulu says:

    ngweee ngweee ngweee nyooo nyooo nyoooo!!!!

  166. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    Malawi Government needs full change of mind set. Take out money from office people and put money to those working with brain and hands, we can make Malawi a working nation. We give more respect and money to talkers and office signature people. We never encourages hard working people but comfort office workers, as a result they end up cash getting, late put moneys to doctors, nurses, mechanicals,artisans,agricultural field workers, IT technicians and stop giving free things senseless privileges likes cars ,houses, schools children fees,so on and on people must pay from there pockets

  167. Mafikizolo says:

    “Transformational leadership”, my foot! Does he mean transforming the country into an even poorer nation than it was before he became president?

  168. Miccateez says:

    Tarcative, Beer basi, we are waiti,, kudzavap0 zazeru fr0m ur pakamwa, t0se siife ma Tweeee ak0 ai, kut0k0ta kupamba,,, J0,,, Uruma bwa, uribe pr0per,,,,teet,,

  169. Gift says:

    For the first time I support the president Malawians in public sector has nothing to sacrifice for their country always demand a high pay cheque.The country has no money let the government help hospitals,Schools the basics first.When the economy booms it will include your pay cheque rise. Opposition leaders do not take advantage of this also please offer advises to the President on what steps to be taken collectively to win this battle. A white man is there to divide us with their campaign tool such as IMF. They tell us what to do as if we are in a class room. United we prosper divided we fall and West take advantage to rule through NGOs,IMF these are their weapons to weaken government. We get ashamed us in diaspora when we visit Malawi for vacations my friends tell me our government is poor solely because of leadership wrangles in our politics system. Think outside Pandora box Malawi.

  170. apao says:

    Justification ulike petulo the only mavuto with u petulo is one in Malawi we are experiencing long term mavuto you dealing or nditi you are overcoming ndi short term solution. Pp under JB inali bwino. Petulo zakuvuta

  171. truth says:

    Heheheeeeee. Malawi don’t have money to pay civil servants but have enough money to fly, feed, accomodate and pay allowances for 115 useless delegates to the UN. APM need mental check up. You blame PP for your failure, who started corruption? What about K557billion, is that work of PP? Come on old man, just concede you are worst leader ever malawi has have. Just hand over the power and be free.

  172. Bingu says:

    Are you sure the opposition is not bringing up alternatives.Have you already forgotten the thunderous response to your SONA that Chakwera made in parly?You are just pig-headed and clueless.This is how cardiac arrest starts…just get ready to account for your theft b4 the Judge of Judges!

  173. Masoambeta says:

    P****pako Pitala. People are dying because of your dishonesty. It runs in your family. Arrogance and pomp.

  174. Tiona says:

    Mtakati iwe tiona

  175. muwawa says:

    The mapwevupwevu government The Munthalika family sadzathekaso maliwians in government mainly teachers you see now he has used we helped him kubera mavoti use now no salary increment kuti kumeneko.Wanya adzaona this a changing Malawi pasi mtedza okanidwa mwala amisili anaufuna.Muyowanga unkalinda izi lies has got short legs

  176. Peter27 says:

    Hayi… This guy is a moron!!!
    What does ge means no one has come foward suggestions? I mean, really? Or is it just your ears going because of old age?
    Donors are waiting for you to bring to book all cashgaters from your party.
    Malawians are saying cut all this crap about taking huge entourages to useless meetings..
    Should I continue to count what everyone is saying you should do…..?
    You are running the country without donor because of your brother’s arrogance do stop using that as an excuse…

  177. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION bwana bwampini

  178. Bevu says:

    APM apa mwaonjeza! Ndiye survival ya a Malawi idzikhala yotani. Sukulu fees ya ana tikaitenga kuti. ….not from a head of state. Better it comes from CEO of a private company. If people are pinned too much they will start stealing. Malipiro a 2015-2016 ali kale mu budget.,aperekedwe basi. If people don’t get salary increaments where will the budgeted money go. Will they reverse the budget? The budget was already made in the wake of economic hardship and under zero aid which means and the same zero aid the salary icreaments should be implemented.

  179. best advise says:

    Every single household shiuld have some land to farm and th govrnment should support it by finding a buyer overseas

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