Mutharika says Malawi needs ‘mindset change’ to support economic transformation

President Peter Mutharika has called for “mindset change” amongst Malawians to support economic transformation.

Mutharika with Mzuni vice chancellor

Mutharika with Mzuni vice chancellor

Mzuni graduation congregation

Mzuni graduation congregation

Mutharika was speaking when he president over a graduation of Mzuzu University (Mzuni)  congregation where over 800 graduated with degrees in various fields of study.

Among the graduands were 589 males and 243 females with about 30 awarded master’s degrees, one a doctor of philosophy (PhD) and two, including poet and producer Qabaniso Malewezi aka Q Malewezi, and honorary doctorate degrees.

Mutharika, who is also chancellor of Mzuni, advised graduating students to look forward and define their personal vision and path to the destiny of the country.

“We need character development because Malawi needs serious mindset change if we are to develop,” said the President.

“We need skills development because we need to create more jobs. Above all, we need mindset change to support this economic transformation. We need a common spirit and character for pursuing our national destiny,” he added.

The Malawi leaders said “the national pursuits must be within the common spirit of patriotism, with the common character of integrity, and a common culture of hard work.

“Without patriotism, we have no country. We have no common home. We have nothing! Without our love for one Malawi, as a people of a common destiny, we cannot develop because we spend more time plundering Malawi and quarrelling.”

He also called on Malawians to be hardworking people, saying success is not possible without being a hardworking people.

“Success is not a miracle. Success is not talent. Success is a product of nothing but hard work,” said Mutharika.

Earlier, a High Court ordered Mzuni to award degrees to 10 self-sponsored students initially excluded by the university from the list of awardees.

Blantyre-based visiting High Court judge Healy Potani issued the order in Mzuzu on Thursday for Mzuni to include the 10 barred on the basis that they paid fees later than their colleagues.

Mzuni had earlier tried to bar the students from taking examinations because they paid their fees late. The students obtained an injunction to stop Mzuni’s decision. After the results were out, the school also clang to their results and it took a legal battle to have the university release the results.

The institution then resorted to excluding the students from the list of graduates to be awarded degrees despite that they sat and passed their examinations but also paid fees.

Lawyer representing the students, Leonard Mbulo, said it was surprising that the university barred the students from graduating when they met all requirements.


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21 thoughts on “Mutharika says Malawi needs ‘mindset change’ to support economic transformation”

  1. Lexxxie says:

    What mindset change are mumering about? wat do you know about Malawi and Malawians?

  2. dadaboma says:

    APM is advising people to “change mind-set” and “stop quarreling”? Why was it only him who skipped to acknowledge the presence of KK as former VP? While all who spoke before him acknowledged the presence of KK and JM as former VPs, APM only acknowledged the presence of JM and not KK. Is this not vendetta? Can a country develop like this? If APM died, Malawi would resurrect, otherwise those who voted for APM had nailed Malawi into a coffin and the country is sleeping in it. Stupid APM and his fellow Lomwes.

  3. APM you are a professor of jokes. Rigging presidential election is what you call ” mindset change, patriotism, integrity & spirit of hard work???

    APM you will not go free with the calamities innocent souls are facing in this land because of your greedy for power. Remember during the evil days of your brother leadership. Four people died at the KCH IUC & at the same IUC is where you late brother failed to come back to life after all the efforts of the best doctors worked to revive him. There we saw your brother rotting as a dead dog in the bush

    As you have allowed innocent souls to be murdered by nurses, clinicians & doctors with drugs on an empty stomach so shall you be revenged. They are are dying prematurely because of your cruelty & evil leadership which Malawians never dreamed to be ruled by.

    God Almighty will fight for the innocent souls. Remember when your brother was told that he will die but because he was adamant he called for false prophets to change the truth but their like a dog he went to the grave rotten. Your turn is not far. All your bloody money will not save your life.

    A mindset change, patriotism, integrity & spirit of hard work comes only if God is the center of all the affairs of man.

  4. johntembo Kuffor says:

    Can Malawi change with people like the Director of Buildings in place?kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. jimbo says:

    More platitudes and fine words from APM. If anyone needs to change their mind set it is APM himself. He is a dinosaur living in the past trying to emulate Kamuzu Banda. He needs to show the way before he begins lecturing his fellow countrymen. Where is APM’s patriotism and love of Malawi? He loves himself first, last and all the way between! He is a total hypocrite who must first put his own house in order. Until he changes his own mind set no one will pay attention to anything he says. He needs to walk the talk or resign and let someone else take his place through fair and honest elections.

  6. dwambazi says:

    Change of leadership is what Malawians need.

  7. Wokwiya says:

    This clueless clown of the president should stop lecturing us about mindset.Why did he lose all the teeth in diaspora and come stealing to us in old age.Is he a patriot himself?He has found an easy fortune in old age.Patriotism patriotism yachaninso apa?

  8. Mapiri says:

    Plz write properly. Mzuni is a university not school.

  9. Mseuwaboma says:

    APM expects everyone else to have a mindset change, but not him. He is happy to do things the Kamuzu Banda way – including going about in a 20 vehicle strong convoy. If as first citizen he is still stuck in the 1970’s, how does he expect the people he is ‘leading’ to change their mindset to 21st Century thinking? APM is the weakest link in Malawi at the moment – and there are strong indications that this will continue to be the case up to 2019 (or even 2024 if my fellow southerners who seem to love him so much, give him a second term).

  10. MaiMai says:

    Mr president its more than mind set first do as follows for Malawi to move forward:

    1- you stop being corrupt yourself and your party thieves

    2- Move fast and prosecute all dpp thieves who including you are even ministers

    3 – security should be a MYST otherwise you cannot move as a country

    4 – Energy independent. As it is now which investor can come to Malawi? Only fellow thieves Indians with small small shops that don’t need electricity but candles.

    Mwamva inu a clueless president?

  11. Phwado says:

    The first person to change a mindset must be you mr. President.A country cant progress with a corrupt,thieving,clueless,nepotist,dunderhead president like you.

  12. nankungwi says:

    Mr President sir I agree with you Malawi needs mnd chnage but Malawians wont be able to do this themselves you need to be proactive about it. The ministry of education can take on all those students and teach this mind change, the trade industry minister has to instil this mind set change in offices etc…..

    Proactive sir! proactive! you are absolutely right we do need mind set change desperately!

  13. Males says:

    A Q mutaya nazo nthawi izo. Pitani kusukulu mukapeza degree yoti mukhoza kulembedwa nayo ntchito. Umuone Beatrice Msolombayo amene umadyana nayeyo. Kkk iwe pamenepo mutu gonekere wati am now Dr. Q. Za ziii. Go to school and get some genuine education. Not these stupid honoraria kkkk. Nayo MZUNI ka university kameneka nkosekesa kwabasi. Palibe chanzeru chimene ndimachiona. Is it because it is run by nort… Finish

  14. Jkm says:

    That is right Mr. President but be the first and we follow your lead.

  15. Azumith says:

    I choose to be unpatriotic. Firstly you where have you been all your youth Mr Wamutharika? Where was your brother? Where was Goodall Gondwe? Where are your kids? Do you think our ministers are patriotic? In other words you want us to work hard for revenue generation ( to make revenue for your enjoyment). If we work hard who raises their benefits so high? Is it the poor civil servants or the legislature, executive and judiciary. Who gets free government accommodation, fuel, and other benefits? Stupid zako wamva. Uzikanamiza Ana wamva. Mzuni graduates musanamizidwe. There’s nothing like patriotism. Don’t waste time public service delivery system. Pangani zoti zikuthandizeni anthu akakuonani aziti pali auje apo. Don’t be cheated by the gift from martin nkasala ayi. He is better from govt than where he was before.
    wakumva wamva

  16. Joseph Moyo says:

    Mzuni imapanga zoziwa yokha thats y it is the maddest university in the sadc region ngat umalephera ndi one mark?

  17. Masharubu says:

    I disagree with you Mr APM . What Malawi needs to change if it is to move forward is YOU as its president . For as long as we have a clueless president, the country will not move forward .

  18. Ine says:

    Dr Q!!!! Paja so Dr Ethel Kamwendo koma yaaaaa!!!!

  19. Dalitso says:

    What is wrong with Mzuni university.

  20. Odala says:

    Q’s doctorate wont hold water, same as Shanil’s – my foot!!!!

  21. Charter says:

    Even when people truly fail to pay fees, it is barbaric to bar them from seating for exams. You hold peoples’ results, not preventing them from seating for exams. Ehh! but there more to this story than the writer is able to cover! Fighting for dear certificate like that? Someone should be fired from MZUNI admin!

Comments are closed.

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