Mutharika says ‘power hungry politicians’ perpetuating anarchy: Speaks on labour disputes

President Peter Mutharika has finally commented on the spate of withdraw of labour in public service  over  demand for higher perks, saying his government is dealing with the matters through wage harmonization under civil service reforms.

The President has since declared that the huge and haphazard salary demands by the strikers will not be granted.

Mutharika: No money to increase salaries

Mutharika: No money to increase salaries

He said in his year-end State-of-the-Nation feed from Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe that was beamed on radio and television stations on Saturday night that the Democratic Progressive Party, in its manifesto, adopted public service and public finance management reforms as priority programs of the needed transformation programme of action and wage harmonization in the public service, which is made the cornerstone of the public service reforms.

“Wage harmonization is not only necessary to revitalize the service but it is considered an important means of curbing the propensity for fraud in the service. Equally important is the fact that it restores the principle of  ‘equal pay for equal work’ in the public service as was the case up to 1998 before a multiplicity of salary scales emerged,” said the President.

Economic analysts have warned that Malawi is likely to see more strikes by disgruntled workers grappling with an economic gloom with donor freeze.

Meanwhile, the country’s judicial system is paralysed after courtroom staff went on a strike while primary school teachers also at one time boycotted classes to obtain salaries not paid for almost six months.

Labour militancy appears to be on the rise.

Last week, supporting staff of the University of Malawi launched a sit in to demand a 45 percent salary hike while the country’s Anti-Corruption Bureau has its operations at a halt following similar strikes. The medical personnel are also serving notice to withdraw their labour if their salary hike demands are not met.

The President explained that the principle of “equal pay for equal work” in the form harmonization must be a core element of the transformation process and must be implemented.

“ For it simply does not make sense that a newly recruited doctor in the mainstream Civil Service should receive a starting salary that is equal to the salary of a driver in the Anti-Corruption Bureau or in Human Rights organisation.

“Nor does it make sense that a Budget Director or the Accountant General for example should receive just about half the salary of his counterparts in the Judiciary or in the National Assembly. We are unlikely to get the best from such people and we have created an environment that is conducive to fraud which progressively led to a disregard for public money as we saw during the cashgate days,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader said government has decided that as part of the needed transformation, salary scales in the public service be harmonized as they were between 1964-1998.

“In order to achieve harmonization, the government decided that, within the budgetary limit of an average wage bill increase of 24.4 percent, the mainstream Civil Service should have a higher increment that would permit their salary scale to be notionally higher than other salary scales in the public service except for the Anti-Corruption Bureau that remains the highest.

“We then allowed other scales to increase up to the new mainstream Civil Service salary scale. But because their scales were originally higher than that of the Civil Service, it followed that their increment were smaller,” explained Mutharika.

He stated that the gist of the strikes and other controversies is that those who had privileged salary scales want to continue to earn more than their mainstream Civil Service colleagues.

“In short they demand equal salary increments that would maintain their superiority over the mainstream Civil Service. To do this, of course means, that we would have to find extra money from somewhere. There is just no money for us to increase their salary scales,” he said.

He said Malawi government has recently signed an IMF programme premised on expenditure and therefore wage containment.

“If we break this agreement with the IMF, the chances of reducing inflation and interest rates and returning to normality will have vanished,” he said.

Mutharika said between wage containment demanded by the IMF and finding means to perpetuate privileges for a few people, the country must choose wage containment.

“However, I am aware that there is need to resolve the controversies so that the country can resume normality. For this reason, I am prepared to continue to negotiate with those who feel aggrieved,” the Head of State said.

But he said the negotiations must be within the legal framework.

“We are prepared to prevent the prevalence of anarchy that is being fuelled by a few disgruntled power hungry politicians within and outside the country,” said Mutharika but did not mention the  names.

He however challenged that his government has “the means, within the law, to deal with such elements of people.”

Mutharika insisted that “unscrupulous politicians within and outside have taken advantage of the situation to perpetuate the controversy and extend it to other sectors inside and outside the public sector.”

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65 thoughts on “Mutharika says ‘power hungry politicians’ perpetuating anarchy: Speaks on labour disputes”

  1. Guyz!….u have 2 knw dat dziko lose asogoleri akubvutika,do take ur time lead or vist jazeer.and new york news u ll see kut asogoleri akulephera much but even if he fails 2 anchiev he nevr called names like what we do..kuno kuli Zuma waononga chuma chambili stl ppl respct hm as a ldr while othrs slipng wth hungr is happnng here in S.A ….my point is stop adressing our prsdnt names that u know if some1 call u so u can be dsapt…..may almighty ALLAH PROTECT AND GUIDE Peter Mutharika amiii…..n umphawiwu is coming cause we dont respct our lders they’r wk coz even if they do bettr to u is no!let us change and w ‘ll see change and if we dnt thy wont stop stiling,is nt de prsdnt only whose doin wrng also u athorankhan mukasowa zolemba mungopeka nkhani bas……

  2. Black Market says:

    I totally agree with the President. That’s how we can go to correct some of the mistakes formers leaders made. There is no difference between a driver at ACB and a driver at ministry of education or justice. Harmonisation must indeed be implemented without fail.

  3. mwama says:

    Harmonization is the best idea so far. I support I support and I support.

  4. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Uli power hungry ndi iweyo mathanyula as you don’t know which direction to take. Your brother was decomposing while you were busy lying to Malawians that he was alive. Inakukanika Ministry of Education ndi Academic Freedom ndiye kuyendetsa dziko umayesa njerengo? Usova!

  5. Apa Professor ndiye wayankhula bo,
    Akuti fwe fwe fwe ndindani?

  6. Danny says:

    Phunzirani kunena zoonaa pitala

  7. Mutabaruka says:

    Peter Mathanyula, you have no moral right to talk about “power hungry” politicians . You, yourself , are so power hungry that you allowed your own brother’s dead body to start decomposing while you were engaging in machinations to take over government . That is what we call being truly power hungry .

  8. Mfwethu says:

    This is how a president should talk, harmonisation of salaries/wages in the public sector must be done and there shouldn’t be going back. Those who want to earn high salaries must leave and find work in the private sector, the public sector needs selfless people. The judiciary is full of self important people, if they think they deserve better let them go and practice as private lawyers, their friends have done that and they drive posh cars, why should they want to be like RK when they can’t even make a ruling for years and years!!!
    APM please put your foot down, harmonisation will bring order in the wage bill of the government, not these ridiculous demands emanating from univeristy, hospitals, courts, etc…

  9. God Hear Me says:

    The problem ndi a Malawi is that timafuna kumaoneka superior through kupondereza fellow malawians moyo umenewo sitingatukuke.

    By the way zimene akunena APM ndizowona anthu amene mukukhumudwa ndi chilungamo inuyo ndiye woyipa.

    Aliyense wakufuna kwa bwino akuyenera kufufuza kaye kuti kodi malipilowo amasiyana bwanji?

    Awo amene akubisala keseri kwa malamulo justification kumakhala kuti malamulo ali clear funso langa mafunso anga nawa
    1 kodi malamulowo analemba ndani?
    2 kodi malamulowo akukomera ndani?
    3 kodi amene ali ndi malamulo special a masalary wo anapita sukulu yake yiti? University yake yiti kuti enawo apitenso university yomweyo for them to get equal pay
    4 Amene akupanga organise ma strike ngati akufunira zabwino amalawi bwanji wosapempha akunyanyala ntchitowo kuti ayambe kugwira ntchito because in the first place anthu amenewa amalandira kale ndalama zambiri kuposa anzawo amene ndiwofunikiranso ngati iwowo

    choti tidziwe a malawi is that aliyense ndiwofunikira pantchito yake

    sikuti anthu wogwira ku court ndiye wofunikira kuponsa ma civil servants ayi otherwise then there should be only courts without civil service
    it is high time we Malawians should stop celebrating the suffering of our fellow Malawians
    Moyo umenewu sitingachite develop.

  10. josef gambatula says:

    Power hungry from Pitala really?This was the man who was failing to mourn for his fallen brother properly otherwise Malawians discovered that his brother Daniel was lying cold at the state house.Musatitopetse ndi upulezidenti wobera mavotiwo.He should be the last man to speak of power hungry.

  11. Twaniche says:

    Ma MP anaphunzira amene mwawapatsa ma million? Amagwila ntchito it? Just to say yes or no mu parliament. A peter look into this

  12. Think Tank says:

    please educate me: does it go further than allowing your dead brother’s ribs to be broken to try to bring him to life? wh went all the to “win” elections by hook and crook? No sir,dont redefine the meaning of power hungry.

    1. God Hear Me says:

      Zimene ukunenazo sizikugwirizana, Maliro a Bingu ndi nkhani yamasalare zikugwirizana bwanji?

      1. Feel good says:

        Yes Pitala is the best example of a power hungry folk.We all witnessed how he and his DPP cohorts wanted to circumvent the republican constitution which is the supreme law of the land just to get his hands at the presidency.Today , that kind of a despicable man is pointing fingers at others of being power hungry? what a joke.

  13. WAKWITHU says:

    sense in what apm is saying

  14. Kondi says:

    Kumeneku ndiye kulankhula kwa uve. Osalankhula mwa ulemu bwanji. Tonsefe kuti tikhale ma Professor ndiye likhala dziko? Ma driver omwewo mukuwanyozawo ndi omwe akumakuyendetsani. Ulemu ndi ofunika. Convoy timaiwonayo imayenda yokha. Mwatani kodi APM? Dzana tamva Fwefwefwe lero driver kynyozeka kaya mawa timva zotani?

  15. rif says:

    The president is saying the truth!

  16. A MALAWI. musanati mulila ndipo tilila chifukwa amalawi timango udzuwa ubvumba pamene ena akamalangiza kuti munthu ameneu musampatse voti koma kaka muziona munthu ameneu sawelenga zamunthu. Chisoni ndi anthu akumudzu omwe saatha kupeza k100 patsiku

  17. ACBerless says:

    But then how did the presidency, cabinet, MPs (legislature) increase their salaries obscenely in light of salary harmonisation?

    Dont just compare a Medical doctor and driver. Consider the MPs vs other professionals too! Does it make sense for a JC MP to get 600,000 as salary, 350 rentals and 24 million loan, duty free car…. when a Professor/Medical Doctor, PS, Director/Engineer in civil service gets a fraction of that?

    Please try to be holistic when you make these adjustments not pleasing one sector of the society.

    Since, it maybe hard to reduce salaries. what harmonisation calls for is to increase the salaries of civil servants to the highest salaries of a government funded body such as ACB in this case or legislature.

  18. Nkhombokombo says:

    The comment has rather too late, the Gvt said that salary increase for the Prsdnt, Mnstrs, MPs and Opposition leaders was inclusive in the approved Budget so too should have been the salaries for civil servants. After all the Gvt will be serving 70bln or 30% from the reforms, so pay them!

    1. God Hear Me says:

      Iwe Khombo pay who and for what?

  19. Sengerwayo says:

    Power hungry kubisa malilo a Bingu kuti mulamulile mwachinyengo,kuthamangila kukhoti kuti a Kati akulumbilitseni nsanga-nsanga zonsezi sizitheka boma ndiili likukanika kutsogolelali.

  20. Atcheya says:

    I agree with the guy’s stance, especially on this one. It really doesn’t make sense for civil servants on the same grade to be getting different salaries: it is recipe for fraud indeed.

  21. TUMBLES says:

    The president said well but I have problems with what the Commonwealth Association said. Do they know the status of our economy. On the other note they should appeal to their fellow judges to stop being lazy and always demand for increments and other luxuries.Malawis economy is too small and can not afford to satisfy the selfish desires of our lazy and greedy judges some of them who would spend years without hearing any case.

  22. wangalusa says:

    Malawians were under oppression during Kamuzu. People lived in fear of their lives. If Kamuzu were to rule now, he would face resistance. Malawians are no longer the same and human rights groups are everywhere unlike in his time. Kamuzu anali atasuluka m’mene ankachoka ku Sanjika. Anthu anamuimba nyimbo zonyoza-”osamuka”. Don’t forget recent history. Most Malawians have been poor since independence.

  23. dadaboma says:

    Does increasing salaries and allowances for president, VP, cabinet, MPs for up to 300% become part of the harmonization process? If so why are you refusing to increase salaries and allowances for other public workers? In addition, why is the salary, which is taxable, lower than the untaxable allowances of president, VP, cabinet ministers, MPs? If you’re not just hiding behind harmonization to deny good salaries to public servants why don’t you consolidate all monies accruing to president, VP, cabinet ministers, MPs into salaries and tax them? This would ensure that all public workers are treated the same way, and that they should all pay tax to govt on PAYE basis. We have a situation here in Malawi where one public servant receives a salary of 100,000 MK per mth (and no other allowances as all such were consolidated into salary) and pays 40,000 as PAYE tax, whereas a Minister would get similar amount as salary and pay similarly as tax, but gets 500,000 MK per mth as house allowance, fuel allowance, vehicle allowance, etc. Where is harmonization here? Why can’t you consolidate all allowances of president, VP, cabinet ministers, and MPs into salary as you did with other public servants and charge them tax? There is no harmonization in DPP govt. There is just a blue lie. In addition, what do you mean by equal pay for equal work? How do you measure equal work? Are you sure an MP works more than a teacher for the former to get the privileges he gets? Are you sure an MDF soldier works more than a policeman for the soldier to be getting the huge monies he gets? Do you know what you’re talking about? This APM govt has to booted out and we must have a caring govt instead. We cannot continue with DPP-these are thieves, killers and total liars.

    1. God Hear Me says:

      Iwe DAdaboma you are a hypocrite, APM and DPP are good caring people. Inu amene mmafuna muzipondereza ndi amene mukudana naye. Anthu a dyera, tonse tinapita kusukulu. Doctors Nurses, Agriculturalists, Security specialists, Judges, Accountants you name them tonse ndi wofunikira no sector is special than the other after all tonse tinapita ku sukulu. Enanso more than those getting more money in Judiciary.

      Please tiyeni tikondane a Malawi hatred sitingapite nayo patali.

  24. nyakaronga says:

    I meant tivote ‘mwanzeru’.typing error

  25. nyakaronga says:

    Uhhhhuuuuu Tinkanena ife pa dzana paja amalawi tiyeni tivote meandering tsamba lake lomweli tinkatukwanidwapo. Pano Ali kuti ankatukwana simtitukwananso? Lord have mercy.



  27. Sengerwayo says:

    Kubwebweta nkosavuta koma kuchita zinthu ndie kovuta ,paja nthawi ya kampeni munati mukadzangowi muzakwela helicopter kukatsekulila doko la Nsanje nthawi yomweyo china chizayamba kuenda bwino chifukwa mukudziwa how to fix the economy , how to talk the donor language n investors language. Mmmmmmmmh a Malawi kuimba m’manja zaziiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! Lelo mukungotuluka dovu.

    1. God Hear Me says:

      Sengerwa, sengerwa, success of the country can not be achieved by one person. we just voted few months ago its time to concentrate on building the country.

      kodi bambo ali ndi ana atatu wonsewo amakumvera amalimbikira, ndiwokhulupilika ndiye angamapatse chakudya chambiri mwana mmodzi yekha?

      Ndiye bambo uja azipangidwa accuse chifukwa chokonda ana onse mofanana?

      please love your neighbour as you love yourself, GOD HAVE MERCY

  28. chaiwone wawo says:

    For once the president is making sense. It really does not make sense that people of the same scale bit in different departments within the civil service should earn different salaries. There are indeed some other departments that think they are superior than others, that is not true. Harmonize the salaries Mr. president. Am not your supporter but I will always agree with you where you make sense. I also want to say that there is no politician sponsoring these strikes form workers, they just don’t understand what the economy is doing to them. It makes a difference when you speak on issues Mr president other than just keeping to yourself. Just this statement you have made has brought some souls to your defence.

  29. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The labor woes in our country are such a travesty as to expose the callow and, I dare say, puerile way of our living, in the modern world.
    Why on earth would an employer pay a striking employee? Where else does this happen, in the civilized world? What motivation would the employee then have for returning to a productive life?
    Malawians, are we stupid, or what? Striking employees, if need be, should be getting paid by their union, baasi. Like from a strike fund. This is the way it is in private industry. No wonder we are a sad-sack economy, even by African standards.
    APM and his government should start by asking parliament to amend the law, if the law stipulates such stupidity. And he will have public support on this matter: tax payers should not support such moronic approach to life.
    No work, NO pay! No more stupidity!

  30. JB says:

    Change wont be easy in a society like Malawi, of which the majority of its citizens are less informed and educated. Change is what our society needs. WE can not continue in this way, else the world wil leave us behind, just as we are now. APM, I am not DPP, but I can see some direction in what you are doing with your VP. Its our mother land that we want to see developing. We must start now or never to sacrifice for that. One thing for sure is that, we have many ignorant political followers, who think the only way to solve a problem is changing political leadership. That is not. WE need strategic, legislative policies to instill discpline and direction. Many Malawians just as they think it is normal to urinate on a pole in town, also think it is normal for a driver in Judiciary to receive higher perks than a Medical doctor or a University Lecturer. That is insane. APM keep up the fire burning, but it wont be easy but its possible and and will be done. Dont fear these protests. It is normal ignorant resistance to change. You have my support and support of many others who love Malawi. Your Brother BIngu was hated to hell by almost everyone includinng me. The cause is different with what you are doing. Keep up and we will be there!

  31. mphatso says:

    All of you on strike do you know that there are millions of us who dont even have jobs?have you ever heard us striking?but we hussle.The government should just take civil servants and attach them to businesses for one week,i tell you when they come back they will understand



  33. Tribal leader. Useless man. He is an American. Where are the Russians?

  34. Aferazao says:

    When things go wrong because of incompetency there is always someone to push the blame to. Madala you are failing to run this federal republic of Nyasaland. Go back to the chalk that is what you can afford to do.

  35. Mzumara says:

    Mukunya muwona. Zakuba sizipita patali

  36. Zamadula says:

    Salary harmonization makes a lot of sense but it cannot be bulldozed. In cases where disparities are entrenched by law or binding agreements, the laws and agreements have to be changed first. The problem with the Mutharika brothers is that they have this strange trait of being slow where they should be fast, and being fast when they should move slowly, taking all pertinent issues on board. Remember how Bingu wanted to fast track his ‘zero deficit budget’?

    APM should also stop thinking he can explain everything away by giving cashgate as the reason. Cashgate involved MWK20bn; since he came to power MRA alone has collected over MWK200bn. Cashgate was a big blow to Malawi, but it was not a crippling blow – the total amount was about equivalent to half a month’s govt revenue collection.

    APM can achieve something if he is willing to move out of JB’s shadow and concentrates on tackling Malawi’s current problems. For example instead of being stubborn on the courts strike he should think about how much the country is losing by having the courts closed for this long – if cashgate cases are not moving how can he expect resumption of donor support? Is he willing to sacrifice everything on the alter of ‘salary harmonization’? Before effecting civil service increments was he not aware of the arrangements for the courts?

    If APM is willing to take his time on civil service ‘reform’ and dual citizenship, why is he not also willing to take his time on salary harmonization? He could achieve all three within a year or two; but he expects salary harmonization to happen in his first 6 months?!

  37. the same old story.. opposition this opposition that… ur harmonisation drive is good mr president just focus on that and leave out opposition parties or any other politician, this is your call dont push the blame on others

  38. Prophet says:

    Don’t blame others Mr. President. They are not the ones that devaluated the Kwacha, raised passport fees, license fees etc.
    You are.
    3 Fingers are pointing at yourself mister president.

  39. Mr what what says:

    U wanted be be a president, since you don’t know how to govern, u must be adhames of yourself, just quit and give the someone who can lead people, u still the votes without knowing what to do with them. Useless brat

  40. Proffessor says:

    Harmonise the salaries, its an insult kuti employees on the same grade azilandira salary yosiyana. Ngati sakufuna enawo asiye ntchito basi. Anthu odzikonda amenewa mxiii!

  41. Vomerezani achikulire kuti mwalephera. Fulani pans I udindo basi..Zinthu zokakamiza zimatero. Nobody wanted you apart from Mbendera ndi a High court. Do us a favour by resigning.

  42. Old Pitala says:

    “The Malawi leader said government has
    decided that as part of the needed
    transformation, salary scales in the public
    service be harmonized as they were between
    1964-1998.” This means that Bakili Muluzi messed up the country and it also means that the judiciary is being arrogant. We should not allow the judiciary to feel important. We have doctors and nurses who are also important. We also have teachers who make every other educated persons what they are. All civil servants should be treated equally. There are many people who want jobs and those who are not satsfied should be allowed to leave. Those arrogant judges can leave if they are not satisfied with what they are getting. People out there are struggling to get even K20,000. Why should some people be paid for doing nothing. The judges and magistrates do very little and nobody measures they performance. They come to work at any time they feel like. It dies not make sense. The Chief Justice ought to do something about this. The accountability system has to be put in place. There is need to put criteria for measuring perfirmance. Everybody should be satisfied with the services being provided in all gocernment departnents be it teachers, doctors, judges, the police, the army and local government. Bakili Muluzi should be condemned.

  43. Namahocha says:

    Koma kumeneko! IBU zamuvuta basi! Kuyendetsa dziko was called by Muluzi as a serious business. Mwachepa mr ibu!

  44. aphiri says:

    He is also a thief according to how he acquired MHC houses. Azungu sakufuna ndi ndalama zawo coz of ur administration which is full of thieves

  45. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Bwampini, is really clueless. There wasn’t any other politician in Malawi who was more power hungry than yourself. Now that you are in power, deal with the crisis. For how long will you point your finger at others? It took just less than a month for jb to turn things around. May she rest in peace. Something is surely wrong with your administration. I hear you are a professor. Nanga zikukhala bwanji? Fix the problems. Osamangosiira chilima. He is your vice.

  46. The Patriot says:

    Dont waste time blaming the opposition or spinning out lies Mr President, all what we want as ordinary citizens is solutions to our problems! Once our problems are sorted out, there will be peace no matter what your enemies(perceived or Real) can do! It is simply nonsensical to say that the people staging sit ins have NO REAL issues but are just being used by the opposition! Wake up Mr President , the salary issues are real, inflation is real!!

  47. cbk says:

    aphunzitsi asakulandila ndalamawa akupangisa ndi omweo ali kunjawo?kkkk.ndiye ali ndi mphamvutu.mpaka miyezi six muli mboma kukanika kuwapasa??

  48. The Truthful One from the West says:

    There is nothing that is being offered to Malawians. The harmonisation is being badly implemented. He should not find scapegoats but deal with the problems.

  49. Manuel says:

    Blantant liers and mafia-like confusionists like Mr Chigawenga are the ones distracting Malawians frm productive work and waste time and money on counter-accusations.Did APM really refuse to declare assests? Why don’t u ask relevant office t show u the declared assests? Is it in our culture&tradition as Africans t brag about your own wealth whthout specifically been asked to?

  50. MJ boy says:

    Achotsedwe ntchito amenewo! Misonkho yathu iwalipira akakasuma mxwww!! Anthu ozikonda amtundu wanji

  51. ujeni says:

    Fearing your own shadow Mr Fwe fwe fwee, outside politicians?

  52. DIE HARD says:

    The labour stopages are being sponsored by state mercenaries and they have resolved to steal files of cash gate cases from the courts and ACB. Government should not give in on these selfish demands. let those who are not happy resign and if the strikes continue government should withhold salaries of all striking staff. then advertise their post. ignore whatever ruling that mighy follow in respect of the labour disputes

  53. Fig says:

    Hahahahahahaha munya.. Chakwera where are you?

  54. brown says:

    Madala zithu zakuvutani mumaona ngati zopheka kuyendesa boma bolaso mayi womwe aja.ndikukhara kwanu osanamizira azanu.

  55. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    Nanga aphunziti amene sanalandire kwa miyezi 6 akudikiranso salary harmonization?? Koma bulutu uyu, utithandize iwe?

  56. Chigawenga says:

    APM it is not too late for your administration to borrow a page or two from Kamuzu economics. Malawi was not called the food basket of Southern Africa for no reason. Kamuzu transformed and put in place sound economic policies in this country. We had a vibrant civil service that was committed to serving its citizens. Since multiparty UDF and DPP turned this country into a corruption syndicate where swindling of state resources has become order of the day. Your administration has failed Malawians. You seem not to listen to reason. There are reasons why the donors want you to deal with Cash gate of PP and that of DPP MK92 Billion. The writing is on the wall Mr president deal with it or else you need to resign. While at it it is now almost the end of 2014 and you and your ministers have yet to declare your assets. By not making your assets public goes to show you have something to hide. If you got your wealth legitimately please show the world that you are a hard worker therefore Malawians should emulate you. Other wise you are setting bad precedent by refusing to declare your assets. Lead by example. Fish rots from the head and prove to Malawians that you are not rotten.

    1. Cymru says:

      Chigawenga, I heard that the president and his vice and even leader of opposition declared their assets. It is not the duty of the person declaring the assets to make them public to you or any one else. There are procedures to be followed thus why there is office of Director of Public Officers Declarations. Don’t write on issues you are not sure. Asset declaration are legal matters. If you are interested to know assets of the president, then apply to that office of Director of Public Declarations and you will be told the procedures. Don’t expect any officer required to declare assets to go on radio and tell you what he or she has.

      1. Jelbin mk says:

        Its not Director of public declaration but Director of Assets Declaration rather, u too should not comment on anything u have little information about. If there are procedures then why were they (the DPP) making too much noise urging the former president (JB) who saved our country from disappearing from the world’s economic map to make her assets public? I think you are a DPP die hard because you can’t see things with true eyes and mind.

    2. Truth shall free Malawi says:

      Peter Mutharika, is it not obvious to you that the donors will not restore aid until you and the children of Bingu wa Mutharika account for every cent that Bingu stole from Malawi? Asking PAC or any other body to engage the donors will not make any difference. The fact is that the donors are demanding the return of the billions that Bingu stole. Because its the Government of Malawi that has to demand the return of the stolen funds the donors can do no more than to withhold aid until it is plainly obvious to you Peter Mutharika that aid will not be restored until what BIngu stole is returned. If this is not true then why are you unable to deny publicly that Bingu stole billions?.
      There is no way that you and Gondwe can run a government on a zero deficit budget and if you do not know this you will as soon find out as the strikes we see today will lead to demos on streets and then violence. You are heading for disaster whatever happens. For lets face facts, once you leave office forcefully or even at the end of your term, the next leader of Malawi, will have no choice but to demand the return of the money that Bingu stole. As this will remain the demand of the donors.
      Do you really believe that the audit that the Germans are funding will not reinforce donor demands for the return of the stolen money? So come what may the issue with donors withholding aid is as much about what Bingu stole as anyone else. Nothing else. Its a fact that if you returned the billions that Bingu and his cohorts stole in the 8 years that Bingu was in power then Malawi could do without donor aid for many years. The fact of the matter is that you are a corrupt thief yourself.

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