Mutharika scoffs at critics: Refuses to quit as Malawi President

Malawi President Peter Mutharika on Sunday indicated he will not bow to opposition activists pressure and quit as Head of State, saying he is staying put at State House and maintained that he would win the 2019’s elections and rule Malawi for another five-year term up to 2024.

Mutharika addressing a DPP  political rally in Thyolo

Mutharika addressing a DPP political rally in Thyolo

Mutharika greets his supporters in Thyolo

Mutharika greets his supporters in Thyolo

Home ground: Crowds that attended Mutharika's rally in Thyolo

Home ground: Crowds that attended Mutharika’s rally in Thyolo

Speaking at  Thyolo Community Centre Ground where he held a political rally on Sunday, Mutharika challenged that there is no formidable politician in Malawi that can defeat him in an election.

Malawi will hold another periodic election in 2019 at the end of Mutharika’s first term.

The 76-year-old indicated he will seek another term and predicted a “landslide” in favour of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“It is wishful thinking that I can lose elections,” said Mutharika at the rally which was beamed on  taxpayer-funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) television.

It was not immediately clear if Mutharika’s remarks were a reaction to recent political developments, which have seen many leaders asking him to hand over power peacefully because of the poor state of social services across the country and also widespread executive corruption.

Mutharika also scoffed at his critics, and targeted at former Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika’s legal counsel Z Allan Ntata who has of late become a fierce critic and whistle blower on corruption on Mutharika’s administration.

On several corruption allegations Ntata has raised, Mutharika did not give any reaction of substance but defended himself on accusations that he was lacking inclusiveness in his government and that he is appointing people in government based on cronyism, nepotism and tribalism.

“There is someone who is going around saying my government is not inclusive, this is not true,” said Mutharika in apparent reference to Ntata.

Mutharika mentioned a number of influential government positions which he gave to people from other regions apart from those that dominated by Thyolo and Lomwe belt .

“Chief Justice (Andrew Nyirenda) and Director of Anti Corruption Bureau (Lucas Kondowe) are from the northern region. Inspector General of Police (Lexten Kachama) comes from Lilongwe while Chief Immigration Officer (Innocent Medi) comes from Nkhotakota while the Army Commander (Maulana) is from Zomba.

“Is there nepotism there? But all the time you say Thyolo, Thyolo, what is wrong with the Thyolo nonsense?” said Mutharika.

The President also said he had listened to a recording of an interview on Zodiak Radio’s Tiuzeni Zoona programme where opposition People’s Party (PP) secretary general Ibrahim Matola branded him as a Mtchona (someone who has spent years in the diaspora).

Mutharika said such remarks were “demeaning”, saying some  people who attack him will continue to stay in the opposition.

“If the opposition continues with that kind of politics, I assure them that they will continue to be in opposition forever. I must say here that it is because of that kind of politics that I have decided to contest in the elections again in 2019. I am standing,” said Mutharika.

On women, Mutharika said he has included three women in his 20-member Cabinet as well as sending another three to diplomatic missions in South Africa, Egypt and Zimbabwe.

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73 thoughts on “Mutharika scoffs at critics: Refuses to quit as Malawi President”

  1. Blessings Kaweru says:

    DPP stop nepotism and tribalism we’re all Malawians

  2. MTNBAC says:

    N’tchona must step down. We are starving because he is a thief surrounded by thieves. Dpp ndi mbava. Zimene amakambilana ku ma meeting a DPP za umbava zokha-zokha.

  3. Obster says:

    I become so disappointed by the Mr president that he is so proud of the dead country he killed, Malawians go out side the country and see how many people left Malawi due to lack of life there and became useless to do poor jobs, like garden and maid, walking with fear of the deportations, then the socalled president proud of, if he needs to be elected again, he must develop the national now, we people out here, we not fools, we are busy forming our party that will work for all Malawians to live better

  4. Jona says:

    We are fed up with this selfishness of our leaders, just thinking of their families forgetting the poor elders and youth who were burning with sun on the queues.Malawians let’s stand firm just to eradicate this fake leadership (stop cheating poor innocent people ).

  5. SADRIDO says:

    The president appoints some people from other areas when he has seen that there is nobody from the Lomwe belt. What a shame for such a brozi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I Think We Are Lucking Personality Here.Where Malawians We Don’t Support Each Other.Rise Up Malawians Let Us Be United.Lets Take Responsibilities Of Developing Our Country.

  7. aurora says:

    am strongly behind you APM,u dont have to quite for anyone especially them LOOSERS..2019 ndi BOMAAAAAAAAAAAA…as long as you got my vote hey you will win…hehehe

  8. The Malawi opposition is now shattering; their hope of ever winning an election now is lost for they fear DPP very much. It is the party of performers’ not mere rhetoric: you can imagine the road construction works are in progress; community tech colleges are in progress, etc. and to them the only tool to defeat DPP is by continuously attacking it and force it to step down. Another thing is that these guys; the likes of Kamulepo and Katsonga are fearful of the k577bn cashgate report and the only way to do with it is by forcing the current administration to step down forgetting that we put this party through the ballot basing on their manifestos. I doubt if Katsonga and Kaluwa ever casted their votes for this party, why then all this noise as if they liked its manifesto? Mr. Katsonga was even denied a Parliamentary seat by his constituents, how dare he is to ignore the majority’s vote then to have the democratically elected government to implement the manifestos people voted for? Who are they to speak for us? We spoke on May 20th, 2014 if they want to govern let them polish up their manifestos not their rubbish. Another thing is that this Katsonga guy is used to business monopolization which he was enjoying in JB’s rule as his fierce competitor Mulli was gagged and he was very amused with that to the extent of helping masiten to give no room for Mulli. Mr. Katsonga no matter what you can do you will never rule this country and this is the fact. Mr. Kaluwa beware of 2019, if you are not careful you will be booted out and this is the fact. To the surprise the experts used to comment on issues of national interest are all from the North, does it mean we don’t have experts from the south? For example the so called experts from Unima who attacked APM on the issue of Unima lecturers to dwell much on research and avoid on commenting on trivia most of them are from the North: Danwood Chirwa, Edge Kanyongolo, Sunduzwayo Madise, and CHRR boss, Chirwa and these guys don’t like DPP no matter how the party performs, they have an inborn hatred. During masiten they were her good boys. Even the vocal D. Ngoma is from there. How can we then trust their expertise? Ndipo inu a Nyasa Times musamafulumire kutseka ma comment chifukwa enafe timaziona mochedwa. Monga nkhani ya zitsiru zaUnimazo mukanatisiya nafe tilankhulepo anthu opanda mzeruwa omwe alowesa pansi maphunziro mMalawi muno busy commenting on stupid things instead of reseaching, za mkutu!!!!

  9. angozo ndi abanda says:

    The opposition always greed always at longer heads accuses each administration and you dont give solution to Malawians but all you dream is presidency and can Malawi be developed this is our only Malawi lets love it and help our leaders with sober minds. Malawians needs development not politics. Ndale anachita Atcheya this time is for development sand Malawins dont need politics any more but action on the ground that changes our social lives.

  10. jumbe says:

    We are indeed the dead nation where on earth did the so called government officials enrich themselves with such huge monies 92 billion or 577 billion what ever it is and be left free while the ordinary malawians who are majority are dying of hunger iam on a view that let the president peter mutharika do honorary thing and resign

  11. Ern says:

    the problem that we Malawians have is we care for ourselves and we like new parties to rule our country what we forget is that not every new thing last long then we become disappointed in a matter of time, let me point it out that let the opposition parties tie up the grip for the government and be watchful enough for if a simple gap is given to the ruling party then poor decisions will be made and at last poor people will be the victims lets take an example of south african opposition they press the government on every side that there should be change unlike our country Malawi, and i thing it will be a good idea that madala should step down before things get worse.

  12. Nayuma says:

    Chakwala angopeza zochita zina palibe kuzalamulira dziko MCP ndiyo inaononga malawi

  13. Mlungisi Marcus Bokveld says:

    People of Malawi must not play marbles here! Elections were endorsed by relevant structures as free and fair, therefore President must be given chance to prove himself!

  14. mouce says:

    51 years on and where has Malawi got too. But we must be grateful for fuel, water and erratic electricity. However, do I feel extremely sorry for the villagers who suffer at the hands of greedy politicians who don’t give a damn about them

  15. Teketeke says:

    How can a president quit after only a year? A whole university professor failing to do a job that can be managed by illiterates?
    You guys calling for his resignation gotta be kidding! Every employee has to have a period to check his performance. So far, this one is better material. You fear that when his fruits start coming, you’ll have no chance to take over!

  16. ChizaLi says:

    We need serious leaders in Malawi who can inspire the nation into working together towards economic development of the country rather than conducting campaign rallies 4 years before
    the elections.

    The next 4 years tikhalila kumva zimenezi? Lets get serious Mr President.

  17. Half Mlomwe Half Myao. says:

    Nayenso uyu watsala pang’ono kugwa.Paja munthu akatsala pang’ono kupita amagontha makutu.This is a sure sign that somebody’s days are numbered.Daniel Phiri also became very arrogant in his last days and he never lasted for a month.History is trying to repeat itself.So anthu akwa Goliati ndi amene akukulimbitsani mtima?Koma Pitala wamera mapiko ndi mavoti obera.

  18. Dr Mbewe says:

    It is very clear kuti peter alibe nzeru. Kungomvera chisoni dziko la Malawi latayika

  19. skeptical resident says:

    He thinks Saulosi Kulozi Chilima will find again the opportunity to tamper with the voting system and his friend Mbendera crying again in the midst of night.Sanjika gateman spy Dausi will never be given the opportunity to burn the ballot boxes again.Lastly what you should know is that brainwashed illiterate people of Goliyati village do not represent the whole Malawi.Nkhalamba yamatama kwabasi.Watch out for cardiac arrest.

  20. frank kalikwembe says:

    Malawians don’t know what they want.They seem to be clever yet they are stupid(sorry for using this)How presidents lied you Malawians:Bakili,Bingu.Malawi will never have a leader but Crooks.

  21. Kalokwete says:

    Pulezidenti nambo aju ngawa yineyi

  22. nyapapi says:

    I think DPP is full of sick can they cheer their skazonzo amidst such a foolish speech.Malawians have alot of issues to listen to not about who stands in 2019.If not for Chilima the performer this idiot would hav run away coz he has no agenda for the nation.Those who advise the nyapathi are asfoolish as their boss and not capable of their duties.Let me remind them that their is a prophency standing that the winner of 2014 election will die during the second year of his term and power will be in the hands of youthful leaders so Mr Chilima just prepare to govern and chase all the dpp thieves and fools.We knw it will come to pass and it will not tarry.Okhala nalo khutu anve chomwe Khristena ku mipingo

  23. Rodgers Banda says:

    Let’s just wish him long life. Is there a brother to take over in 2019? Tyolo train another Mtharika time is running.

  24. Happy Eduardo says:

    Koma nde kunali people, people, people. Kungoti the DPP Government performs, just see what will happen with these five years: roads, community colleges, Mombera University, Nsanje Port etc.

  25. ben says:

    forex yatha kwacha is running next diesl petrol ayamba kusowa

  26. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Like elder brother like young brother .
    This is a big lesson to all Malawians , we will very soon be lured by Rwandese and Burundians because of choosing unknown people. This foreigner is now becoming stubborn ,he forgets that Jumbe who is now left suffering and poor after he had obtained an injunction for him to be a fake president.
    He is a president because of the support and corruption of our courts.

    God has his Own ways of dealing with the Munthalikas , we leave everything in Gods hands , let him talk and our hope is in Him.

  27. Zuze says:

    So the President can mention all officials from two regions in less that 1 minute?

  28. web wimbe says:

    To thyoloans 2019 polls yes, but let it b to Rumphians only few shameful can vote for you prof. Malawiata.

  29. Van de Kaithazi says:

    Eeish! This mtchona can challenge. I wonder where is he getting such guts to think that he is untouchable. However, my blame is on the king makers of Malawi (Muluzi and Mbendela) for crowning such heartless family with muyaya kingship of Malawi. But I also believe that all is not lost when God is still on the throne. My hope is that Malawi will be emancipated from current affliction.

  30. Mseu wa Boma says:

    APM would do well to read the parable of the rich fool in the New Testament. APM and DPP are now displaying a vintage DPP trait: Extreme executive arrogance. It does not matter whether it’s APM himself or Goodall or Nakhumwa or Kasaila or Kaliati etc. Every DPP utterance now is dripping with unbridled arrogance; there is no room for taking onboard alternative opinion. Lessons from 2009 to early 2012 have already been forgotten…

  31. ian newton chidothe says:

    Peter akunama aluza ndipo 2019 safika muzandivomeleza inu anthu aku thyolo thekelani munazolowela kudya nthochi

  32. WAKULILONGWE says:

    Kodi ndiye kuti kubanja la Muthalika kulibeko munthu wama looks?Nkhope ndi mtima kufanana.U knw wt I mn.

  33. nyetse says:

    a DPP, for how long will u spend time talking about elections instead of addressing the current problems that Malawi is facing? Malawi is currently faced by serious problems like insecurity, hunger and corruption just to mention a few but you are busy standing on platforms talking rubbish, mind you bomali munachita kulanda, may b if u could convince us through good governance, we could have forgotten about that but with what u r doing, forget about winning in the next elections and otherwise that old decision about impeachment could better be applied to you

  34. Bornface c Mwale says:

    More fire Peter life president umakwana you just perform you will be voted again by Mec not Malawians shame on you former Airtel Boss Chilima!!!!! C now

  35. umziya says:

    Akungoti adzawinanso 2019 asayiwaletu kuti zaka za iwowa pamachulukilapo ma Cardiac arrests. And anything can happen. Who knows

  36. First offender says:

    No.19 mind your business uli kutali ndi bwanawa ukutaya nthawi yako

  37. Biswel says:

    Amene ali ndi bomber la tinkanawo ndani andiveke ine ndithane naye kampanda manoyu

    1. Symon says:

      ungotaya nthawi yako chifukwa iye olo atafa lero adzanena kuti president wadziko la Malawi wamwalira, nanga iwe? iwe ndi mbuzi yamunthu!

  38. First offender says:

    Umboni wa 577 billion uli nawo kapena umbuli wakupweteka

  39. First offender says:

    Kumzimba kulibe anthu adasamuka ena Ali jhb, Tanzania komanso pakati ndi southern

  40. sain it like it is says:

    indeeee paja bingu naye amaona ngati akhala pa mpando umenewo mpaka muyaya…either by vote or by fate…u will not lead malawi beyond your term sorry to say…cardiac arest mwaiwala kale?

  41. Bob says:

    People of Malawi victory is certain.

  42. Phwado says:

    Koma na uyuuuu!Why not having a rally in Mzimba?The last living one toothed dinosaur indeed.kkkkkkkkk!

  43. Achimtedza says:

    Plz tell this old man that only Malawian who are aged 35 to 75 years are eligible to stand for Presidency and not old person like Peter Mutharika who will be 79 years in 2019. To he with his wishful thinking, demeti!!!!

  44. Nijo says:

    Amalawi anali opusa kale.mumawadyera masuku pamutu zosezo amaono ndipo anakusakhani kukhala pa pando ndie chowalepheretsa ndi chani kukuchotsani? Chikhalirecho mukudya ndalama zawo za misokho 40 likwana ng’ombe zidzayang’ana ku golo

  45. ben says:

    Please mugala mankhawala , ma chipatala tikuvutika

  46. Chithumwa says:

    komatu achimwene anu atayankhula mau ngati omwewa sipanatenge nthawi, basi anatisiya!! Ndimwano nsinkhu ngati wanuwo kumayankhula za 2024 tamvana?

  47. Smart says:

    Konzekerani kukapitiriza farm ya abale anu bra. Malawi salimwakale mr. Tiye uko iwe bobo!!

  48. Omex70 says:

    It seems the president’s head stop working many years ago. Malawi will never develop with this type of clueless president. Just step down and give others chance. Don’t waste our time and money.

  49. Balamanthu says:

    Malawians are not stupid people.Tiona ikakwana 2019.Ngati mufike muzithokoza mulungu

  50. The real Ujeni says:

    Achitsiru awa munthu kumalankhula za 2019 election, yet you just won the elections last year. Start working in the current terms, stop being an absent and idle he’s of state.

  51. Mr Chimani flags only fly at half mast not half mask ayi. President MUST handover power. To whom exactly???????? He must give power to whom????? Is there anyone who can standout & say that he is capable of steering the ship out of the quagmire???? I don’t think so. Let Chilima mature like wine with age then maybe he can takeover the mantle. Chilima is a very good administrator but not a good politician just like Justin Malewezi.

  52. Patriot says:

    Muzawina abwana chifukwa choti amalawi ndi mbuzi zokha zokha zimangoti meee meee ziri zonse.
    Mankhwala kulibe mzipatala koma muzawina abwana osadanda. Mortuary tikulipira, mankhwala amene tikulipira, koma inu abwana abwino aaaa muzawina landslide mdala.
    Chitetezo kulibe, mbava za mfuti zikuba poyera yera koma inu aaaa muzawina ndi landslide victory abwana.
    Anthu akuphedwa ngati nkhuku pansi pa ulamuliro wanu koma muzawina.
    Ena akulipira msonkho wochepa koma poti ndi achipani cha dpp palibe kanthu muzawinabe. Akutha mitengo ku chingangawa, ena ngongole zawo kufufutika chifukwa chogulisa banki ya msb, koma aaaaa inu muzawina poti mwayamba kale kampeni yanu kkkkkkk tizakuvoterani abwana poti ziri zonse timangoti meeee meeee ngati mbuzi.
    Chaka chino kuli njala ya dzaoneni koma muzawinabe amalawi amakonda inu zedi.
    Chikatha chiri mma kwalala mwathumu tizadya chiri pa nsalupo kkkkkk.
    Nyumba zathu zinakokoloka ndi madzi a mvula nthawi ija, inu munatipatsa mma jumbo oti tizigonamo, tikuvutika koopsya koma osadanda tizakuvoteraninso.
    Nyumba olo imodzi munamanga. Bolanso ma steni, sanakatisiya pamtunda chonchi, koma aaaaa poti amalawi ndi mbuzi za anthu sitichedwa kuyiwala, tizakuvoteraninso.
    Munayika msonkho pa sms, ife tiribe nayo ntchito sms, timagwiritsa ntchito whatsupp abwana kkkkkkk
    mutolera zochepa kumeneko kkkkkkk
    Muzawinadi landslide victory kkkkkkk
    Koma maloto enawa kkkkkkkk

    Back to senses, khonzani mavuto alipowa apo bi FORGET IT.

  53. GONANI says:

    Mr President akuoneka ngati Kwasakwasa star from Congo, bwaji kodi? Anayamba agwirapo ntchito yoyimba ku Congo kapena?

  54. Zinjathropas Javaman says:

    We shall see if you will rule Malawi again, come 2019.

  55. Eye Witness says:

    The Lomwes can not win you an election alone. The southerners have realised that you take them for a ride by your nepotistic ideas….we vote you into power and you reward the Lomwes only….Mr. President the Senas, the Ngulus, the Yawos, the Mang’anjas will see to it that you Lose miserably

  56. The real Ujeni says:

    Appointing people from other regions not yours is now considered economic development in Malawi, kikikikikikikiki. Malawi is for all Malawians, no one mchona can come and start thinking he is more Malawian .

  57. MAN KENYA says:

    Let me not first doubt Mutharika’s performance in the meantime, but the issue of ruling upto 2024 sounds chest- thumbing. You may have all what it takes even underhand methods of winning but give God a chance to reach you that time. Lets not sound so arrogant to future activities. Man proposes but God disposes. Bingu would havs wished the same. Trend slowly your excellency.

  58. Nangozo says:

    Mighty Kings have fallen before. Who new that Kamuzu would one day be out of power? How about Sadam Hussein? Gadaffi? And others. As long as God is willing you can be a leader but when your time is over, you will not force matters. God’s hand will take control.

  59. kabotolokamo says:

    We have heard that before ! kkkkkkkk ! funny !

  60. Doctor says:

    Malawi No 1 idiot has even copied his late brother look in dressing. No originality how stupid can you be.

  61. Jelbin mk says:

    Mr president no one has argued that you won’t amass more votes than any contender in the forth coming general elections you are missing the point people are asking you to resign because you have failed miserably to run this tiny country in the world. We are not saying “step down because you won’t win the 2019 elections” no!! But we are saying step-down because you are not inspiring hope and because you have failed to effectively run the nation. And about elections where do you draw that confidence of winning with a landslide majority while people are sharply losing trust in you? Remember you didn’t legitimately win the last general elections so should we assume you will use the same mafia like operations to rigg elections again? You must be very stupid Mr president to think so and your argument is too shallow you say there is no inspiring candidate to unseat you and yet we still have 4 solid years to go to another general election what if a young man like me arises within four years to contest who will be influential enough to challenge you with your shallow and poor speeches and ideas? I was expecting you to show us what you have done so far in your one year rule in order to warrant your acclaimed landslide victory ✌.

  62. Nkhombokombo says:

    The man sulks! If he thinks his party is popular, he must test the waters. Aasaa!!

  63. Chizafa 2040 says:

    Koma moyo ndi ozuza heavy. Man awa mkhola mwawo zoti analipo angapo ayiwara? Mai ake. Bambo ake, achimwene ake, akazi achimwene ake, onsewo si ali mdothimu? Ndiye kumazitamilira ndifika 2024, usawi chani? Tiona.

  64. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  65. pat says:

    Stay on boss. This country will experience its fastest economic growth under your leadership, so forget about the ‘ndikanakhala ine’ critics. We patriotic malawians know that time for politics is gone, it will come again in 2019. Now is time for us to support you, the sitting president and develop the country. God bless Malawi

  66. chikhwa says:

    Abwana ndale za castigations zachikale. Auzeni ana anuwo kuti aziyankhula zomanga Malawi osati zophwasula. Komanso ngati mukutha kungotchula mayina a anthu amene sali ochokera ku lhomwe belt ndiye kuti alipodi wochepa. In fact list ya high positioned people yimathera pompo!. As of Mai Kaliati, the description that best suits her is village idot. Period!!!!! Lastly, bwana mwalimba mtima zokafika ku 2024? You r not growing any younger. Kaya!!! Mau ngomwe aja you cant fool all the people all the time! And u cant full God anytime.

  67. Hitler says:

    Mr President is very careless with his words. The arrogance he is showing will not sit well with his party heavy weights.

  68. Shivas Intoxication says:

    Zambia = Malawi

  69. The old man has told that he still has nine more years to be in power.In 2019 the old dinosour will be 81yrs old.Remember Kamuzu Banda was still in power when he was over 90yrs and almost finished.The chap kept on falling anyhow as he walked around.By the way where is Kamuzu’s former mistress Cecilia Kadzamila?Eeh that woman wielded a lot of power and influence.

  70. Chimani. Game says:


  71. Chimani. Game says:

    You. At refuse to step down but remember if you don’t leave peacefully you will make the Malawi flag fly on half mask

    Malawian number one idiot

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