Mutharika shrugs off nepotism criticism: Tells PAC cabinet hired on merit

President Peter Mutharika has told Public Affairs Committee (PAC) that he was nepotistic in his appointment of 20-member cabinet comprising ministers mostly from the southern region, saying they are based on merit.

President Mutharika faulted on Cabinet

President Mutharika faulted on Cabinet

PAC and other human rights groups criticized Mutharika, accusing him of nepotism and creating division with his Cabinet appointments, and failing to address urgent economic issues.

Two local rights groups, the Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation and the Center for the Development of People, said President Mutharika appointed Cabinet based on nepotism and ethnicity.

PAC, which met Mutharika at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre, told the President that his choice of the Cabinet, largely from his stronghold, the Southern Region, may have (a negative) impact on good governance.

Committee chairperson the Reverend Felix Chingota told the President said PAC has no problems with the size of the Cabinet, but the personalities.

Speaking to reporters after the President meeting with PAC, Minister of Foreign Affairs George Chaponda, who attended the meeting, said the President picked some technocrats that are not MPs into his Cabinet from other regions such as Minister of Finance (Goodall Gondwe), Minister of Justice (Samuel Tembenu) and Minister of Housing and Lands (Bright Msaka).

PAC publicity secretary Father Peter Mulomole of the Catholic Church told journalists that the President told the PAC delegation that he chose his Cabinet based on members of Parliament (MPs) his party has.

Mulomole said the President also said that most of his MPs are from the Southern Region and wondered how else he should have done it since traditionally Cabinet ministers are picked from parliamentary representatives one has.

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51 thoughts on “Mutharika shrugs off nepotism criticism: Tells PAC cabinet hired on merit”

  1. ras dunga says:

    Let me tel u ppo….Malawi iz a vry poor country we depend on donors so stop talking shit..u com from north, central or south we are all malawians…evry president has his own choice of ppo 2 work with.

  2. The saying goes: we can do without the north….!

  3. JAYJAY says:


  4. haswel bello gama says:

    the so called nyika people muuzane pangani zanu.musasokoneze amalawi anthu odzikonda inu.ngati mitima yanu yafufuma, iphulike bwanji.simudzalamulanso boma democrancy, majority rules and we the southerners timaberekana osati masewera.sizanu zautsiruzo mulipo angati kuti mutenge boma akawalala inu!

  5. Peter Hitler Mutharika is a liar and a thief. This man is tribalist and the father of all “isms.” In his eyes only people from Southern region have merits while other regions are nonsense. Why he can’t let other regions be independent because we are sick and tired of a man who is justifying his tribalism as the way to go. Malawi need FEDERALISM with strong provincial governments, rotational presidency among our three regions, and a point system(Electoral College). For a party to win the presidency it must win two provinces out of three. Malawi will know no peace until everybody is treated equal. This Mulhakosm that was started by Bingu wa Mutharika should not be allowed to have a place in Malawi. This man has declared war against all peace loving Malawians. He is a dictator who only cares to keep power in Southern region. Any president who wants to unite Malawi look beyond party line and regionalism politics. This Hitler’s regionalism and tribalism runs in his blood because for him to keep the presidency in the South he has to empower Southerners in order to oppress others. I urge all Malawians if you love your country to be united and opt for FEDERALISM. You can’t support unitary system because it has already divided Malawi along regionalism and tribalism championed and supported by Peter Hitler Mutharika. To see if a president is a dictator—they entrust security matters to their fellow tribesmen. We have seen how Saddam Hussein and Slobaden Milosevic thought their tribe must be a ruling class. Peter Hitler Mutharika only care about his tribe and region while the rest are a skunk of the world. The war to FEDERALISM must continue until Malawi is free from the domination of the Southerners. If he wants war—we Nyika people will give it to him. We’re sick and tired of being slaves. The only language this Hitler of Malawi understand is the armed struggle. We must fight to the last man. Viva freedom!!!!

  6. Ninja says:

    Stupid president!

  7. ine ndapita kwathu sipaziko 361

  8. Onasiwelo says:

    You PAC are stupid as well, has the president accepted before that he has made a mistake? I thought to him everything is well, starting when he was minister of justice there was strike did he solve it? Minister of education the University saga did he accept the responsibilities? What about when he was minister of foregn affairs did he not advise his late brother may his soul rest in hell to chase the British man. To him he does not make mistakes and remember his elder brother answered a prayer in Mzuzu so does he. You PAC are helpless and there is nothing you went to talk with this stupid man so shut up and let us be. GOD will judge us all stupid pac stupid apm.

  9. haswel bello gama says:

    kaya zanu izo! ubwino wake palibepo mbuli onse ndi ophunzira bwino. inu mmafuna asankhire kutengera zigawo? sasankha nazo gulewankulu? alomwe! alomwee! aliyense anyadire chikhalidwe chake koma by the end of all tonse ndife amalawi. amene zikumunyansa akakolope nyanja ya lake malawi.



  11. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Then why don’t you agree that the country has already been devided during elections and that we just need to cement it so that it is conspicous? Silly goats.

  12. Homohabilis says:


  13. airline says:

    Participation in midnihhr six discussions and being party to the treason trial was the main criteria in srlecting the cabinet. I hear that Kudontoni was appt VP because anakagona ku Lumbadzi police station Peter atamangidwa.

  14. Some of us are just waiting for 2019 to kick out this Nyaphapi.He is just arrogant for nothing like his fallen brother.Malawians haven’t realised up to this time that unpopular man who ascended to this post thru means is the president for the southern region people?Him too knows that he doesn’t deserve to be in that position without some gullible lawyers making a choice for us Malawians.

  15. Manda says:

    Pac do not bother with this arrogant corrupt thief. We must all join hands in continuing our efforts to expose the corruption which exists in DPP administration. The donors have been very receptive to our ideas and contributions. That is the only way nepotistic leaders like APM will understand. They can continue the statusquo. We will continue to expose them. Our letter writing campaign has been very successful in persuading the donors to stay away until APM deals with Cash gate fully. So he can be arrogant all he wants by the end of the day we will be free

  16. koma says:

    Nkhope ikugwa?

  17. nyani wachabechabe says:

    a nation of job-seekers!! going nowhere very fast!! look at all the countries around you creating wealth and all you look for are JOBS!!!??? monkeys!

  18. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    The choices were on demerit not merit. Why not apply quota system in selecting the cabinet or advisers?

  19. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Truly no nepotism with mr president if there is then its only tumbukas who practice much of it

  20. ujeni says:

    Since when did he learn that there is such a thing as merit

  21. Mhesha says:

    Even in the US or UK cabinet is filled by the ruling elite unless there’s a coalition government like the one witnessed in UK between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. Otherwise wait for the next elections when you will choose ur own ruling party.
    After all, PAC at this age still following the issue of cabinet composition? Discuss real issues. ..persuade the donors. .or u just wanted to drink the Nsanjika tea?

  22. Dzukani a Malawi. says:

    PAC ya fake mwapindulako chani kumeneko PAC Isakhale yobooka mumatumba just honeymoon

  23. mbwindi says:

    ya thus on merit tavomela bwana

  24. Nkhombokombo says:

    It very sulking at this age and time to still have such rediculous response from a Head of State. This was a chance to correct his faulted appointments. It is not wise always to be more knowledgable to those who volonteerly want to advise. All this misunderstanding comes from the same stiff neck altitudes. Six months is still a mere step on a five year journey. You are yet to face more unsurmountable problems. We are looking unto you for good things in return for our vote. Njala bwana!!

  25. Lawatonda bo says:

    The president does know the meaning oe nepotism

  26. chakwanuleka says:

    This cartoon of a president is too old to understand simple issues. PAC officials should have reminded him that he chose Goodall Gondwe as comrade on the mid night team of criminals. He chose Tembenu because of helping him in stealing our votes and entangling MEC
    All the other midnight six comrades are ministers. Is that the source of merit. The problem we have is that even Mutharika himself does not deserve to be in that position. Look at the way the economy is going. The donors can not trust him with their money at all

    1. Patriot says:

      Yea I agree and especially when the so called vigilant gouvernment want to pursue all cashgaters while DPP itself has already started cashgating money meant for HIV Aids prevalence for Beautify Malawi, Mulakho wa alomwe and NIB Nicolus Dausi.
      A continuation of his brother’s K92 billion kwacha siphoning of gouvernment coffers.

  27. GANGAMFUNO says:


  28. Plebian says:

    Merit does not mean when you are a village headman then you appoint only members of your family since they were infront fighting for installation as the village was divided. It is proper to unite the village since development activities will need the whole village & not only your family. Thus how a wise village headman does & thus what my father told me since he a village headman for 40 years. I hold his virtues. What advice did APM get from his father? Unity is very essential for development. But alas the name Mutharika is equal to Lomweism proved by Bingu & Peter. Zitsiru ndi A Chewa, Yao, Sena, Tumbuka etc povotera Peter yemwe amangoganizira a Lomwe okha. Zitsiru ndithu!

  29. mpopoma says:

    What merit?.most of them have poor credentials.

  30. Chidikuliku matongu says:

    What merit mr peter can you say your deputy minister Vincent Ghambi who has a form two certificate was picked by you on merit? The guy cannot complete a sentence in English. Petera thinks Malawians are stupid he will be in for a rude weakening!

  31. The Patriot says:

    Merit on Cabinet appointments , Quota system on University selection! Why not merit everywhere?

  32. given says:

    especially chaponda he is the meanest creature malawi has ever had

  33. Steven guzani says:

    This is a trend to posts like these.

  34. Pido says:

    Its not a must for Ministers to be MPs

  35. Tengupenya says:

    if we know what the cabinet was hired for, we should now be talking about its performance. composition of it will not change unless the appointing authority itself wants to change it. let us face it, in the multiparty wisdom, and the Malawi tradition of rewarding party stewards with cabinet posts, a regional quota will not be guaranteed in the appointments of cabinet. geographical quota in the cabinet is a worthless dream. a Malawi cabinet is hired to implement the dogma and policies of the party in administration. for anyone from outside the party’s corridors of powers to get attention for cabinet appointment, one must bring special attributes that are highly sought after by the authority. the better if one is directly linked to benefits the party is looking for. one must also be known to the authority as great at keeping vital secrets. let us talk performance. in our social economic development, the cabinet plays a very insignificant role compared to the party’s policies, the president, the legislators and the technocrats in the public and private practice. which cabinet minister has gotten away with a real ministerial strategic plan other than do what the president wants? so does it really matter who is in cabinet? what matters is who is the president and what are the president’s policies. so the cabinet will do nothing for anybody other than for the president! they are an appendage of the executive; there is eve no scrutiny of the appointments by the legislature. that alone drives home the fact that the cabinet in Malawi is exclusively the president’s show. all they do is what the president asks them to do. that is how they keep their job. the accountability for the performance of the cabinet lies with the president himself. give the president feedback on performance and not on quota or lack of quota of geographical representation in cabinet. you would be wasting your and his time. if you take out the cabinet, nothing would hardly change really, strategy wise!

  36. moto mwikho says:

    PAC is compromised and opportunistic and totaly irrelevant. It should not micro manage the President. Churches in Malawi are corrupt and moraly bankrumpt!

  37. Anonymous says:

    a good question is how could president choose mistet who is not from his party, and ma mp ambiri anali aku mwera ndiye mumati atani inu anthu ofuna kukolola pamene musanalime bwanji munavotera ma MP a MCP ndi PP ndiye mumati asankhe inuyo

    1. Patriot says:

      Iwe nde mbuzi yeni yeni.
      Waonatu bwampini wakoyo WALEPHERA and pano akupitiloza pamene analekera brother wake uja KUSAMVA.
      Tingoti phee tizamva “Breaking News”.

    2. Jabulosi says:

      A good example of people who refuse and don’t want to reason and think!!!!

  38. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    PAC , it seems you went and you came back with the answers . What do you expect Malawians to say ? We know you came back happy people.
    God is watching with what is going on with you men of God.

  39. Patriot says:

    Paja ukama…..mumayamba kugontha ndi mkhutu

  40. Nyapapi says:

    There! Wakuuzanitu ndi PAC yanuyo, muli ndi mau?

    Alhomwe alhomwe! Noophiya!

  41. Malunza says:

    PAC only represents itself. They serve their bellies, look at Fr Tamani a complete disgrace. Malawians are suffering because you allowed Mutharika to rule on a stole votes. Malawi will burn and do not be surprised.

  42. Kenkkk says:

    But there are also DPP mps from North and centre!!!

  43. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    Koma President wathu uyu mhuuuu so many unanswered questions

  44. murupwana says:

    a PAC honestly you expected this arrogant president to accept that he is nepotistic- at least if you asked him what prompts him to remove bonafide elected office bearers of his paty from their positions he would have been cornered. I hope you didn’t just get the fifty thousands he is giving to others to close your mouths. What about the apopointment of so many Lhomwe clergy and Lhomwe CSO leaders to positions of prominence and boards- this nyaphapi is not serious at all

    1. Mhesha says:

      Just contest for that seat and give us a better cabinet. Other wise this is Peter’s Cabinet as DPP leader.

  45. John says:

    Talking about the composition of the cabinet now? Are these guys serious? Where the &@)*+ have they been all this time? Is there anything that is of use in this country? Anything? An organisation, a commitee, an institution may be?

  46. Zansete says:

    What merit Mr president?

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