Mutharika snubs Malawi MPs grilling: HE questions style-session

President Peter Mutharika has snubbed an invitation from parliament to answer a myriad of questions on the state of the economy and the persistent food shortage across the country.

Mutharika:  Delegates the  questions to ministers tp answer the MPs

Mutharika: Delegates the questions to ministers tp answer the MPs

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya said Mutharika had delegated line ministers, including Finance minister Goodall Gondwe to answer the questions.

Opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera who is also the president’s traditional political foe, Mzimba south west MP Harry Mkandawire, Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua summoned Mutharika in writing with questions.

“The President has indicated that he will not be able to appear in person,” said Speaker Msowoya.

Kalua said he wanted Mutharika to face His Excellency’s Question Time (HEQs) style-session of food situation and Malawi situation since holding the executive to account is one of the three responsibilities of parliament.

Mutharika was supposed to appear in the House on Wednesday to answer the questions in view of increasing problems facing the country amid calls that the Mutharika administration is slow in dealing with the problems that have contributed to the sharp rise in cost of life.

However, this did not go down well with the opposition who wanted Mutharika to answer the questions in person.

The Speaker said the law allows the head of state to delegate the answering of the questions to any cabinet minister, emphasising that the President had not broken any law.

Mutharika could have been the second head of state to answer questions from backbenchers live in parliament after Bakili Muluzi in the mid 1990s.

According to Section 89 (3) of the Constitution, the President is required to submit himself before Parliament without necessarily being invited by anyone as he does with the State of the Nation Address.

The call for HEQs have received backing from the civil society with Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive director Timothy Mtambo saying Mutharika should appear before Parliament.

Malawian professor of law based at the University of Cape Town, Danwood Chirwa, clarified that the President does not have to be called by Parliament to answer questions posed by MPs for the HEQs.

Chirwa said the President “is constitutionally obliged to appear before Parliament every year, immediately before the consideration of the budget, to do [the said] three related things.”

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24 thoughts on “Mutharika snubs Malawi MPs grilling: HE questions style-session”

  1. mike says:

    chakwera and your friends mwachepa, mumayenda mbali, iye wakuwerengani kale. Find other option koma iyi yokha sigwira.

  2. wakum'mawa mario says:

    u ugly people so called tumbukas, don,t cheat urself that u wanna rule this country one day nooooh!!!! ur selfish agaru onyasa nkhope inu .u think u r wise enough? Tell us from kamuzu time up to multiparty have ever produce a president? so who is dull between u tumbukas and professor? zitsiru

  3. wakum'mawa mario says:

    che Jubaini James! u r coward, what is the relation of mulhakho and invitation of president to parliament here? can u tell the nation? if u have nothing valuable to contribute u better shut ur big mouth.stupid!!!!

  4. mjomba welewo says:

    He can’t stand with Kamlepo,akhoza kumphaphalisa ndi mafunso mpaka kukomoka omwewo ulendo.wachita bwino Kamlepo siwamasewela.

  5. hey says:

    APM wazichita bwino zizetezi zopanda nzeru ntchito phokoso basi zikudziwa kuti 2019 phokoso lonse lidzakhala ziii titawakwapula ndi 50+10

  6. Mzizi says:

    I am NOT PROUD to have a such president.

  7. Hambani says:

    President Zuma goes to parliament to answer questions. What is APM fearing? It is so sad. He has shown that he is a fake leader.

  8. Che Jubaini James says:


  9. seat says:

    What a dull president

  10. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    APM has done well by not accepting the so-called invitation.
    Some MPs, like this Kalua guy, are good at grandstanding and not much else. If APM gives them a podium, they automatically start hurling personal insults, just to boost their egos. And uncivilized! They think the public does not know their agenda. Asa.
    Agwa nazonso awa! (APM put has put them in their place, without uttering a word; deserved putdown, no less.)
    These MPs and their Parties should be satisfied with their Opposition status for the next three or four election cycles, unless they change their tactics. Trigger happiness and recklessness are not desirable traits of a president: one needs to act cautiously, carefully and with purpose. Not just to seek attention, like a clown: which is how some of these rabid critics often act like.

  11. FootSoldier says:

    This guy must be stripped of all his papers having shown beyond any reasonable doubt that he is truly dull and useless even in areas he claims to be his speciality!

  12. Mcheka sipikala says:

    Goodall backing your president in parliament is not good for your Health. Take care you will be next on line.

  13. Lets take our country back says:

    Not constitutionally obligated but morally obligated. He owe it to Malawians to address the concerns that we have.

  14. PAYERE says:

    What answers can a dull person like APM can give to Malawians ? Leave this toothless bulldog be chained st the state house. A country lead by an idiot.

  15. Chambe says:

    All the issues that the President has been summoned for are very genuine and critical. The fact that KK has foretold that the President will not be ridiculed and undignified can be a smoke screen. This on the contrary is most likely to happen looking at the maturity level of our MPs.
    To me an ordinary Malawian would want to hear from the President through a special broadcast on the TV and the radio. He already promised a briefing on the maize in due course and Iam still waiting to hear about this.
    The Ministers will be biased though the President has not broken any law by delegating them.
    Mr President, address the nation please!

  16. john phiri says:

    Empty head, what do expect? The guy is just too dull, knows nothing. Wachita bwino osapita akanalira konko nkumangophwisa.

  17. X says:

    Kodi Mr. President amenewa, alibeso achimwene awo ena? Mwinatu tiyese amenewo.

  18. Bwande says:

    Coward!!! As education minister, he failed. As foreign affairs minister he failed. In Justice ministry he failed. Performance wise this is a person who cannot be employed by any serious organisation. And yet some dunderheads chose him as a president and they continuously defend him. He has no idea or clue and cannot face the MPs. We are in trouble

  19. Lomwe guy says:

    Guys dont waist our time with thise idiot he know he cant ans any question because he is full of shit he knows that he is total idiot he dont know anything what is happening in our country thise is a bullshit head of state malawi will never have eeeeesh.

  20. Manuel says:

    One thing that is common about the petitioners is that they are all newcomers in parliament and when they insist on doing what they don’t know better, the whole house will be a village operation. Some of have proven to be hardcore hooligans already

  21. Thoko says:

    Kamlepo is making democracy work in Malawi….

  22. PG says:

    Mbavayi ingayankhe nchiyani. mbava zake kuganiza kuti asolola pati. komaso APM ndi wakufa kale. pano iye Ali maso kuyang’ana uku ndi uko kuti imfa ilowera pati. Honorable MPs don’t waste your time to hear from this dead living man.

  23. Sailota says:

    God, do everything good for Malawi. Amen!

  24. Kenkkk says:

    That was obviously expected. Arrogance and self-importance are his attributes. He can’t think or articulate anything, saving himself from embarrassment.

    Goodall will do. No fear. But he is not the real thing. The real thing is a coward.

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