Mutharika tells PAC to go to hell on power trimming: President says Malawi political terrain has changed

President Peter Mutharika has told Public Affairs Committee (PAC) officials that he is not reducing his executive powers, arguing he has an obligation to protect the office of the President for future leaders.

President Mutharika  with PAC members

President Mutharika with PAC members

Mutharika said this on Thursday in a lively, frank and transparent meeting with PAC officials at Kamuzu Palace attended by almost all cabinet ministers, all presidential advisors and senior Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials and beamed live on state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

“I have the mandate to protect this office for future presidents. If you take off the powers of the president appointing senior government officials like ambassadors, MBC director general, Macra director general, then what will the president be doing, what will be his job then,” Mutharika asked rhetorically.

He said elsewhere, even in UK, the Prime Ministers appoints the director general of the BBC so too in US where the president appoints a director general of an organization similar to Macra.

He said there is no way parliament should be given the mandate to appoint the graft busting body, Anti Corruption Bureau and office of the director of public prosecutions chiefs, arguing how independent is parliament, saying it can have its own dictatorial tendencies within democracy.

Mutharika conceded to have made pre-election promises on the independence of the government institutions and that these are also reflected in the DPP manifesto but the political terrain has changed now.

The President also said there is nowhere in the world where parliament can be fully autonomous with its own budget, saying the three arms of government check on each other.

“If we do that, there can be abuses at parliament. How sure are you that parliament cannot abuse its powers and resources? This arrangement is good, parliament makes checks and balances on the executive, the executive makes the checks and balances on parliament,” he said.

On the economy, Mutharika was upbeat that the economy would improve soon, saying he had not travelled outside the country since December as a costing cutting measure.

“I was supposed to go to UK, South Africa and Turkey but cancelled the trips. I was supposed to give six lectures but cancelled because of the state of our economy” he said.

He however predicted the economy would be worse than last year because of anticipated high inflation rate due to severe shortages of the staple food, maize.

The President also described as untrue PAC recommendation that development is not spread evenly in the country, saying his government gives development to areas on merit not on tribal or regional point of view.

“I went to China where we were given seven major development projects. Out of the first five which we are starting, three will be here in the centre, one in the south and another one in the north. I know you want to say that I favour the south because that is where I come from but that is not true,” he said.

He listed a number of development programmes the DPP led government has done or intend to do in the north including the Livingstonia Njakwa road a teachers training college in Rumphi among others.

PAC chair Felix Chingota asked the President that technical committees from both the government and PAC be formed so that they meet as soon as they can to go into detail the recommendations from PAC.

The President was not told to resign as demanded by some political parties at the PAC indaba in February.

Mutharika was on same occasions assisted to answer the questions by some of his cabinet members and his aides who included Samuel Tembenu, minister of Justice, George Chaonda, minister of Agriculture ad aides Francis Mphepo, Hetherwick Ntaba and Collins Magalasi among others.

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26 thoughts on “Mutharika tells PAC to go to hell on power trimming: President says Malawi political terrain has changed”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    Absolute power corrupts power corrupts absolutely.Now that Peter has tasted power and found that it is sweet,he will want more and tragically,he will listen to nobody.During Muluzi’s second term,he became uncontrolled pit bull and a drunken soldier hence he cared less for public funds.Bingu Muthalika behaved like a deranged idiot,he could make no difference between public funds and personal finances hence,the collapse of the nation’s entire economy.Here,Peter must be cooperative whether he likes it or not to the wellbeing of our country and its fine people.Peter,you must know that you were elected (even though unconstitutionally because you rigged the processes). You must be respectful to the nation’s standing orders which are the backbone of our country’s liturgy.Mind you,PAC is the logical defender of the peoples’ birth rights and you have no rights at all to be disrespectful to PAC and the language you used itself,is odious and not befitting of the President.Mr.President,it seems you are a very confused and misguided simpleton that have turned our country a laughing stock of Africa.Generally,Malawians are respectable people,but you and your late brother are arrogant and uncivilized that we are now struggling to find out your genesis because real Malawians are generally respectful and compromising.It seems you are not even feeling that the people who voted for you,are passing through untold sufferings and degradations under your incompetent leadership.The people of Malawi have the highest respect and regards for PAC. FORWARD PAC,BACKWARD NEVER!!!!

  2. ASSANI says:


  3. Kingsley Dandruff says:

    An idiot of a president in this fool you have guys.i feel sorry for you

  4. Tengu says:

    what do opposition parties do in Malawi. respect the people’s return at the polls and do the right thing which is to strengthen the policies and strategies chosen by government selected by the people. opposing is a waste of time. strengthen!

  5. Apopo says:

    Kkkkk azikwera ka baza azisechedwa ma roadblock aaaa kusowa nkhani uku talalikirani anthu atembenuke mtima dziwni kuti nthito ya mamission ndi kulalikira uthenga wabwino ndalezo siyani ndithu dalira kwa Mulungu

  6. Mr Profesor accept your failure unite with opposition parties to find away forward to rescue our mother Malawi from crippling economy and high cost of living. Inu simuvutika anthu amavutikakunjaku.

  7. Gologolo says:

    When malawi wakes up – the country will be in flames.

  8. Chado says:

    Palibe azalamulire dziko mokomera anthu onse, maso a umzimu palibe ai ali ndi makutu amve Baibulo likuti chiyani za masiku osiliza

  9. Apao says:

    April fool sinathebe

  10. Bwekabweka says:

    Why is he reversing today? Is it becoz he is ruling? Why is he protecting the future presidents? Its a waist of time and resources to keep talking of corruption if we knw that president and his cronies are stealing our taxes and the ACB director has no teeth to bite them: its why they have the guts to kill anyone who is standing on their way, be it ACB official or ordinary person

  11. Mbodzole says:

    Is it sane enough to compare MBC to BBC? Is there any professionalism left at MBC as is the case with BBC? Is APM really aware of how heads of such public institutions are appointed or fired in the UK or in America? Here is someone who thinks everyone is ignorant in Malawi. Wise up it’s not too late. As a matter of fact the real stumbling block to Malawi progress is MBC. Misinformation is what it knows. In other countries, public broadcasters are used as tools for development. They are used to promote patriotism. MBC only succeeds in making people to hate there country more and more. APM is surely clueless and out of tune with reality

  12. ineyo says:

    Banja ndi boma are two different things altogether u suspect zero37! only fools like you are always saying abambo is the head of the family! did u hear what your so called law prof said? change of political terrain!

    Mr president be consistent as well; u say economy will improve very soon and next second u say things will be we more worse than last year. which of the two statements should we believe Mr magweru?

  13. Tanena says:

    Every objective Malawian-except DPP stooges and supporters- know that Peter Mutharika and his DPP have failed to implement its manifesto. The economy is now worse off than it was in May 2014. Peter Mutharika has no clue as to how to boost the economy. The community technical colleges cannot and will not improve the fortunes of this country.As for the lean cabinet that Mutharika is proud of it has produced the most disastrous economic outcome-a very weak Kwacha, the highest inflation rate of 24% since 1964, high interest rates and scarcity of maize that has pushed the price of a 50 kilogram bag of maize beyond K12000-the highest since 1964. Peter Mutharika and DPP are failing and the plight of Malawians will only get worse.

  14. tim says:

    PAC address issue of excessive kwacha depreciation we are suffering due to last years high magnitude which has never been experienced in malawi, no previous government in malawi has depreciated the kwacha by more than 300mk within a single year,Tatopa bola JB

  15. L B Phiri says:

    Angodikira 2019 boma libwelere kwa anthu odziwa kuyendetsa, okonda Malawi ndi a malawi osati oba ndalama mboma kupita nazo ku ndata

  16. Kaponde Kayembe says:

    MENE MENE TEKEL PEREZ UFACIN! Ufumu uwu Mulungu wauyesa ndipo walephera. Time Mark.

  17. Taweni says:

    Well done PAC. National issues are about compromises.


  18. Ambele Chile says:

    Your so called Law Professor should check facts before uttering them. In UK, the Prime Minister does not hand pick his clones or tribes the way he does. The board has a mandate to sack a useless Director General.
    One wonders whether he lives on this planet or Mars to see the sinking ship.

  19. boy says:

    The Tone used on your heading on this story is too strong. It dosen’t reflect what the Head of state said. He is merely justifying the need to maintain the status quo. Lets be careful in the way we articulate issues. Such messages bring divisions and instability, lets be progressive ladies and genlemen

  20. Dan says:

    Suspect Zero67 ndiwe mbuli komanso wosadziwa dziko lako. Why can yoiu keep quite. Its not wise to show your ignorance where big brains are holding their conversation, Malawi it not Munthalikas estate. It is a democrativc state hwere nobody own EVERYTHING so take care and sopeak like you have teeth in your mouth

  21. Katsabola says:

    This is sole reason Why should support the idea of making party manifestos legally binding. One of the reasons some people voted for DPP into power is beacuse it promised during the campaign that it will cut presidential powers especially that of making appointments of directors of MBC, ACB., and this was said by Muthalika himself during public debate. It is a breach of trust for him to say he is longer going to do as he promised.

  22. Patriots says:

    It’s not rocket science to know things are not well in Malawi. Social economics and governance collapsing daily people are hurting comparison of a tooth decay suffering in midst of stagnant waters with no outlet. The current leadership will not cling to sound counsel due to executive arrogance. Malawi is in deep trouble dzuka Malawi dzuka!

  23. Jelbin Mk says:

    Did i hear him well? Did he hilight that the economy will be worse while at the same time he says it will improve? Is this fool ok upstairs? Je must go. I was expecting him not to say that. I was expecting him yo say “the economy would be worse but we have put in place abcd to cushion the problem” not what he said, you mean people will again sleep at admarc again without buying the grain? You must be very idiotic. We said you are inept and clueless you have proved us right.

  24. BOKHOe says:

    This is running the country a chimwene not banja PAC has all reasons to do that.

  25. BOKHO says:

    This is completely useless govt and they don’t have any way to go soon they will be finished. Who does not know that he favors South in terms of development. If Joice Banda did not reverse the idea of New Stadium in Lilongwe where could it be.

  26. koma a PAC ngati chiri chamaba ndiye mwasuta chowawatu ngakhale pa nyumba bambo amakhala bambo basi mukazafika ponenea kuti tichotse mphamvu za ubambo ndiye kuti banja siliyenda

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