Mutharika to be installed Chancellor of University of Malawi Nov 19

President Prof. Peter Mutharika will be installed as Chancellor of the University of Malawi (Unima)during this year’s first Congregation on 19th November, 2014 at the Great Hall, Chancellor College in Zomba, Unima has announced .

Mutharika to be installed Chancellor of Unima. He was already installed Chancellor of Mzuzu University

Mutharika to be installed Chancellor of Unima. He was already installed Chancellor of Mzuzu University

According to the statement, all organizations wishing to send congratulatory messages on His Excellency’s installation should do so by contacting the office of the University Registrar by telephone on 01524282 to speak to Mr. Francis Machado the Assistant Registrar responsible for academic or by sending an email to [email protected]

University of Malawi was established in 1965 at Chichiri Campus with an enrollment of 52 students, two post graduate and 50 undergraduate students.

It has so far trained over 6,000 graduates since it was opened and currently has an enrollment of about 10,000 students.

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25 thoughts on “Mutharika to be installed Chancellor of University of Malawi Nov 19”

  1. maziko says:

    University of malawi are you drunk sachets liquor? Peter Mutharika is failing to run Malawi as State President,so why are you installing him Chancellor of the University of Malawi? He has my vote of no confidence

  2. chishimba says:

    tamangani ma university ena plz omwe aja a Ngwazi Ngwazi that time population was 4miln now we are 16miln,we have ana deserved to be at university are just rotting in our homes,Bakili akanamangako awiri,kangwazi kayesela ku ndata,apm naye amange osati ku ndata koma ya Malawi ku LL imodzi Mzuzu ina ana akungotenga zimimba kusowa chochita,osamangodya ndalama zathu a big investment in a country is education,osangothamangila u chancillor

  3. verson says:

    Kalanga, you cant find the journals in internet please try on internet.

  4. Masharubu says:

    APM deserves to be the fwe next Chancellor of UNIMA . And for those who think APM has achieved nothing since being sworn in as president, consider the following 5 achievements:
    1. Firing Gen. Odillo and replacing him with Maulana ;
    2. Firing John Bizwick and replacing him with Kamoto ;
    3. Firing Kelvin Mmangisa and re – instating Saukira ;
    4. Appointing Yunus Mussa to be ambassador to Egypt; and
    5. Kuveka ufumu wa Ngolongoliwa .

    Pamenepa nde wina aziti fwe, fwe , fwe .

  5. Mafunase zima says:

    Apulezidenti apange zanyuwani, ana asankhidwa kupoly apite this january osati mpaka august. Ana akumapezeka kuti alowerera chifukwa chokhalitsa pakhomo, atsikana kutenga zimimba, anyamata kuledzera. The president if u can hear me right pliz dulation for school leavers too long. Watch it out pliz.

  6. chatonda says:

    The President should advise both students and lecturers about HIV at the campus otherwise they will all perish. Only Post graduate and mATURE Entry students show the spirit of maturity but the rest especialLy undergraduate, I am afraid, we will lose them all due to HIV/AIDS. rEMEMBER THAT 59 FEMALE STUDENTS GOT PREGNANT DURING THE ACADEMIC FREEDOM SAGA. How many got the hiv/
    Your guess is as good as mine.

    1. Padambo Njobvuyalema says:

      Zimvere mtolo procrastination is the thief of time, Chris KAPUTENI

  7. Kalanga says:

    Congra! But remind professors to come up with academic journals for citation by students in universities!

    We have these learned pple but no malawian journals found in the internet. Ummmmmmm

    1. JAke says:

      you are not closed in to just wait for Malawi journals, there are so many publications by Malawians on Malawi in international journals, use those for now. and there are a number of local journals available as well, do your search diligently

  8. Patriot says:

    Boma la anthu olephera ili.
    Ma students, paja ndi uyu anakweza school fees ndi 400%.
    Ndi yemweyunso wakweza dzulo dzuloli passport ndi 320%.
    Ndi yemweyu wagwetsa kwacha kufika K520/$
    Ndi yemweyu wapangitsa kuti china chilichonse chizikwera mdziko muno.

  9. Mukutu says:

    kkkkkkk chancellor was academic madness. Nyasaland dzikolatu

  10. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    How stupid and irresponsible can we be to install the very same person who presided over the 8 month closure of CHANCOL just a few years ago while he was the minister responsible for education as our chancellor? It hurts!

    In the words of the bard from Strattford Upon Avon ” Thou monster ignorance, how deformed dost thou look?”

  11. Rasta says:

    Nyasa Times please contact the registrar for correct figure of graduates since 1965. Its not right to state statistics without proper quotes. This article is being viewed by people all over the world. Zinazi ndi zoyenera kusitha. President ali ndi ntchito kale zochuluka ndiye sangapange concentrate pau Chancellor. Ofunika kumupatsa u vice kuti avimva vothaitha. Ngati Univeristy ya boma palibe development imene ikuchitilka. Too much in-fighting ya ma professor. Too many personal project, lectures enriching themselves. All we need is transparency and accountability of science and innovations that are taking place in all universities. People are chewing donor funded money with releasing technologies. People are publishing in international journals without informing their own people what they got. I mean even those we collect data from. This is crap and it is the role of the public to influence that policy change. Public Research Institutions and Universities should work together for visible development in Malawi. We are all failing and the university is failing in most aspects such as embracing information and communication technology to advance good ideas to local citizens. We should adopt new methods where willing professors should go in the villages to conduct rural development as what happens in developed countries. We should not just rely on out-date traditional knowledge and say that Malawi will change for better without out intellectual action. Mr. President has the taste of it and should lead by good example to change the entire education systems to suite our needs for development.

    What are your views folks?

  12. klopp says:

    When people are given positions, it suits others while to others its just a mockery to the position…. HKB, BWM and APM deserves these positions and it suits them. The rest were a disgrace…….wont mention their names.

  13. alekeni malitinyu says:

    Simungachite manyazi iyayi chisawawa chinalowa university imeneyi basi inu a chancellor? ana aschool kukhala mutchire ma cafeteria antha kalekale basi nsima kukanganilana yobwelesa azimayi mu dengu. zomvesa chisoni inatsala ndi medicine basi.

    1. Mkandawire says:

      Nanu inu muziyenda and be exposed. Imeneyonso ndinkhani? Go to these world prestigious universities and see how they operate. The fear of unknown for a change is retrogressive. Go to Oxford mukaone ngati ma students amaima panzere ndikulandira nyemba. Iiishi!

      1. idah Nyamwale says:

        Dumb, you are comparing oxford students and a son from a poor farmer from namileme who is on gov scholarship getting 30 pin a month ya zakudya including transport from poly to chichiri everyday? Zikundiwawa!

        1. PUTEN says:

          chifukwa mu 99 out of 100 universities mu africa

  14. Tengupenya says:

    Is it statutory that all state universities in Malawi will install the Head of State as their Chancellors?

    1. Bodza la n'nanu says:

      Its a sicken statutory, I am afraid to say.

  15. lufina says:


    1. mboma says:

      Lufina thats a blue lie UNIMA for the past 40 years has been admitting 800 students i mean 800 in all their colleges, the number has just increased in 2011 to close to 1700 students this university is a big shame to produce such a very low numbers 50 yrs after independence!!!! even if it was true it has produced 20,000 graduates after independence is that not still very shameful to be associated with???? ma very ashamed to be associated with UNIMA, infact i have ever worked at Chancellor College, nothing to celebrate here, peter should prepare his much energy on how to fix the economy and not wasting his time with graduations, what we need now is how the kwacha will gain its value again, am forced to believe that Malawi is a one of the country with so many PHD holders but very clueless on how to fix the economy, PHD is nothing but a peice of paper which in Malawi simply reflects how much u have memorized in school, that is why we still import toothbrush, toopick, useless country called malawi

      1. JAke says:

        that has nothing to do with PhD holders! its a shame for the whole country including you. why don’t you start a tooth brush factory yourself, or toothpick factory? that’s my point we are good at whining not acting, no wonder we have a hotel finished three years ago and not being used, we have a university built in somebodies village and we have civil servants and politicians stealing half of the countries budget, we are an embarrassment to Gods creation. we are to blame nobody else,

      2. Mkandawire says:

        Jealous at its peak.

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