Mutharika to lead prayers on floods victims

Malawi President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika will on Sunday 8th February 2015, lead the nation at the Interdenominational Memorial Service of Worship to be held at the Robins Park near Kwacha roundabout opposite Njamba Freedom Park in the City of Blantyre.

President Mutharika with Muslim leaders

President Mutharika with Muslim leaders

Acting Presidential Press Secretary Timpunza Mwansambo says in a statement that the service of worship is expected to start at around 12 noon.

During the Service of worship, whose theme is: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble,” Mutharika will partake in the reading of the Holy Scriptures, the Second Reading (in English-New Testament) from John 11:25-27 .

“There after the President shall lead the congregation in observing a minute of silence in honour and memory of those that lost their lives to the floods,” reads the statement in part.

Malawi faced the unprecedented flood disaster that hit the country a few weeks ago leaving 176 people dead and another 153 missing with slightly more than two hundred thousand people displaced countrywide.

Mwansambo says Mutharika “strongly believes that God will answer all our prayers because God is our refuge and Strength, a very present help in such times.”

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13 thoughts on “Mutharika to lead prayers on floods victims”

  1. ndadabwa says:

    Peter to lead munthu woipa mtima ndi woipa khalidwe ngati ameneyu. wodya ndala zogolira ma. mukumupalamula Mulungu. inu mwapanga organise these prayers mwaba kale ndalama za flood victims mwagululira nyumba. komatu tsoka likukutsatani

  2. ndadabwa says:

    interdenomination prayers is ok. koma kumeneko kukakha kumupembedza Peter Mutharika not God so dont expect God to be there. you know what i mean

  3. Mabvalidwe ku Mapemphero says:

    I agree with you Murry. Why not go to pray in Chikwawa or Nsanje? Or is it because the fashion show part of the prayers requires town setting.

  4. sunderstar says:

    This interdenominational Prayers brings nothing to GOD apart from pleasing people. President Mutharika being a Christian Should have organised the National Prayer for
    Christians and advise other religons to do the same in their places of worship. Malawi though secular have a strong presence of Christians and as such we believe that JESUS CHRIST IS THE SON OF GOD and is the Way,, truth and life. no body can go direct to GOD but through JESUS.
    SO WE DONT need to be mixed with people who dont believe in what we believe and who dont recognise Jesus as the Son of GOD. Therefore let them do their prayers their own way and in their places of worship. LETS DO AWAY WITH INTERDENOMINATIONAL PRAYERS IN MALAWI.

    1. freespch says:


  5. Anonymous says:


  6. fkr says:

    Funny thing. God sent the floods. Did you think that he did not know there was going to be victims. Do you think he is stupid? You prayed for rain, you got it but because you have destroyed the environment by cutting all the trees down you ended up with a disaster. When will you wake up. Instead of paying get off your lazy ass and do something about the root cause. If you have not figured it out yet is called over population and environmental distruction. Stop cutting down trees to give to the chinese to build soccer stadiums and hotels that don’t need. Here is a clue a soccer statium is $70m. A power station big enough to power the whole of Malawi is $50m. Do you get it or not which is going to build the county and stop the cutting off trees the power station or the soccer stadium. The government is a non thinking government. There is no long term planning at all and we l, our children and there kids will suffer until someone finally clicks and starts thinking and doing instead of praying and doing nothing

  7. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Is our president a deacon, elder, or chair of men’s ministry?

    Zamasewera aitu apa. All the corruption you do yet you want to lead the nation in prayers.

    Amatero, mwalapa liti?

  8. Murray says:

    Prayers at Robins Park? why not at the flood areas? Maliro amakhuza pa Siwa. Atleast akanasankha malo amodzi for delegates to really feel it

  9. Charter says:

    Offensive? Defiling protected gear!

  10. kanchenga. says:

    The Christian have a relationship with Christ and any other prophet is but only a servant of God. A Moslem believes Muhammad is the last prophet of God and that Christ was just another prophet. I don’t know what the hinds and budist believe. Does it really make sense in bringing these groups together. I believe that there can only be one spiritual truth in world and that the others are lies. Lies belong to darkness and truth to light and two don’t mix. I know what I believe in but I will not stand here and judge any religion. My point is we should pray in our separate places and not many religions gathered at one place worshipping different Gods. It is a mockery to the true God. It is true there is only one God but which one is it. Is it that of the Moslem or the Hindu or the budist or the God the father of Jesus Christ. Men of God please advise politicians appropriately. Remember the choice Joshua had to make. Can you help Malawi make a good choice. My points are 1. There can only be one truth. 2. Light and darkness do not mix. Only pure prayer from the heart can bring Jesus to our situation. The rest is noise which our friends hear we hear ourselves but God does not. You are more important to Malawians than those politicians. You should tell them the will of God. Through the floods God is saying something. They wouldn’t know unless it is revealed to them through prophecy. Do not join politicians like ignorant people.Advise them to wait for God’s revelation. Only then can prayer make sense. Meanwhile can men of God pray for this nation continuously for God’s revelation and guidance. Remember light and darkness do not mix.

  11. wena says:

    luk these indians seem to be suprised if in the world there is a strange president like how this Lomwe gogo luks

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