Mutharika to cancel Thoka Banda diplomatic appointment – Chaponda

Malawi’s minister of foreign affairs George Chaponda says President Peter Mutharika had already planned to bar Thoko Banda from representing Lilongwe  in Harare where he was expected to be an ambassador for the Southern African country, even if he did not pull out by himself.

Chaponda:  Thoko Banda was to be dropped by Mutharika anyway

Chaponda: Thoko Banda was to be dropped by Mutharika anyway

Chaponda told the state-owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation  (MBC) television during Monday evening news cast that Mutharika appointed Banda for the post because he was not aware of the remarks  Banda had made against the Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.

In 2006, Banda reportedly called Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe “an idiot”.

Banda told the BBC he would no longer use these words but  said he has turned down the job of ambassador to Zimbabwe because he was opposed to dictatorship.

Commenting on the development, Chaponda said President Mutharika was going to drop Banda from going to Zimbabwe after Nyasa Times exposed the scathing attack he made  against Zimbabwe’s president in 2006.

“Malawi has long been in good terms with Zimbabwe since time immemorial so Mutharika could not have allowed spoiling this relationship this time around because of someone,” said the Foreign Affairs Minister.

“ Therefore the President had already plans to drop Thoko Banda from diplomatic mission.,” he said.

Banda was initially earmarked to be Malawi’s envoy to Belgium and the European Union, but said he was not consulted before being switched to Harare.

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46 thoughts on “Mutharika to cancel Thoka Banda diplomatic appointment – Chaponda”

  1. Matthew Admire says:

    The stance taken by His Excellency Cde Peter Mutharika to drop the appointment of Mr Thoko Banda is commendable, his appointment could have strained the relationship between the two countries. It is my humble submission that the Cde Mutharika will appoint a deserving diplomat

  2. Davis Machiwi says:

    Am residing here in RSA but am Malawian citizen. Muthalika should cancel that guy Thoko Banda as a diplomat of his Government he is very stupid. There is no reason why he can tell the President where to send him, thats an embarancement to our President Muthalika for insulting Mugabe.

  3. Stewy says:

    Thoko is being noisy. He should learn to be diplomatic. His outbursts won’t help matters .

  4. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Mutarika should pick from his silly hand clappers. Osamawayamba dala anthu anzeru ngati amenewa. Ndi mizozodotu imeneyi. Sinyangwita zanuzi.

  5. Makwasa says:

    Talk about a dramatic fall from grace!!!

  6. nkhedu says:

    Total madness.No big deal here. Next plz

  7. bulawayo timoro says:

    a distinction to mayi nsato — comment number 21.

  8. How is the vetting of the diplomatic placements done? Who has got the appointments very wrong this time? Is it the public appointments committee?

  9. Alungwana says:

    Brother Thoko dont bother to go to Zimbabwe. It is really a country full of idiotic leadership and dictatorship. I wonder why do we take courage to send a diplomat to such countries. Indeed that leader is idiot even if we send another diplomat, it will not change the idiotic statement. He is idiot basi.

  10. Chipwete says:

    Anthu odziwa diplomacy tili pheeeee! olo tilankhule sizimveka. Apuludzu inu.


  12. Goverment Weavel says:

    this president how come he went on apointing some1 he doesnt know. This just serves as testmony that the apointments are just done to appease some individuals.

    1. sibweni says:

      Before making such appointments OPC submits names of prospective appointees to NIS for background checks and vetting.

      I am most certain that OPC fullfilled this requirement, however, the question still remains, did NIS do their job? Or someone there is not doing what he’s supposed to be doing?

  13. Watela says:

    Who said degree holders never fail to perfom their duties or never fail to achieve targets. there is no substitute for experience. How many holders of degrees do we have in Malawi and yet the country is still sliding backwards economically but when u meet at Bwandilo every showcases his degree without back up mimimum standard of ability. With your degrees please help our government to solve its economic problems. Degrees are there not to cover inability.
    I would rather have a non degree holder who can produce better results and meet targets than have an educated parasite. What matters most in any business is good results and not how many people have degrees in any establishment. Results, results and more results thats what distinguishes a business from a business plus.

  14. Zimbabwe Moto says:

    Mwari hari mudenga
    God is still on the throne. You need to repent Thoko for all your sins including refusingyour daughter to see her born mother. What kind of spirit is behind you.. The beginning of the end. And you owe an apology to us all Tongas for denying your identity that you are not Tonga but from Thyolo just to get favoursfrom government. And apologise to the grave of your father how can you deny him if you deny your home of origin?

  15. Zondiwe says:

    AKB was a commander at MYP when the Jehovahs Witnesses were banned, exiled, jailed, murdered and had their properties confiscated. He was part and parcel of the MCP dictatorship, having double-crossed Orton Chirwa.
    Thoko cannot stand on the mountain top and preach democracy. He is a product of dictatorship, despite AKB’s own incarceration at Mpyupyu.
    It would appear that a lot of money went astray in Berlin when Thoko was deputy ambassador. The money was for the construction of the embassy. Please check and bring out facts about Thoko. He should not be allowed to talk nonsense all over the place.

  16. mai nsato says:

    To Chamutengure!!!!!! I laugh my lungs all out with your confused usage of English words. Do you know the meaning of erstwhile??? Please consult the Oxford English Dictionary before you are rendered another Zimbabwe idiot in chi-shona-english. No wonder Zimbabwean drag the English language when pronouncing it. Please send your little ones to Malawi schools to learn and master the English speaking techniques. You always pronounce 1 man as men, now what about 2 men?? and catch as cetch. I always laugh at Zimbabweans. You make me sick. Please listen to The Queen of Britain when she speaks at the official opening of parliament. Very clearly and simple usage of English language. No big words. You may ask why. If you dont know, here is a brief history of the Queen herself. She never went to a group school but was taught in the Backingham Palace rooms, simply not to intermingle with those that might mar the English language when conserving with her the way you Zimbabweans speak. You make me vomit!!!!

  17. GVH Kalingamchibo says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the near future, we hear that “Thoko the menace” is seeking asylum in the US or UK on account of being persecuted by the Malawi Govt for his stance on Cde. Baba Mugabe.

    Cde. R.G. Mugabe is a true African hero and his reputation precedes him. No need for further clarification.

    Thoko, your father must be turning in his grave with disgust at your conduct.

    If you cant find something worthwhile to do I would suggest that you take up farming at your late dad’s Kamata Farms in Mbalachanda which have been idle for I don’t know how long. Shame on you Thoko and please get a life.

    Long live MUGABE.

  18. JohnM says:

    I think we should strip the president of his powers to appoint people to a Diplomatic post. A Foreign Service Commission should be established which should identify people to represent Malawi abroad and not the rubbish that our politicians keep sending abroad.

  19. ELHAPO says:

    The young man is so unlike his father!! He must be an embarrassment to his family. He is busy burning bridges behind him and gives the impression that he so well qualified that Malawi cannot do without him.

  20. ernest says:

    Is it now Malawi knows that Thoko is not educated?the man has been a deplomat b4 in Muluzi’s regime,Don’t talk nonsese let the truth b told Mugabe is an Idiots.Leave this Tongan alone,Lomwe’s and Yawo’s stop castgating.

    1. womenslib says:

      Yes he was a diplomat in Japan during Muluzi admin where he is rumored to have have spent his time touring the country instead of doing a job he couldn’t do anyway and where he left unpaid debts.Diplomat my foot! The last real Malawian diplomats were in the 1990’s.

  21. Kasiya boy says:

    Dis guy is childish,he is de one who is idot not mugabe kupusa basi

  22. chembuye says:

    Do we really need an embassy in zombabwe???? thats a waste of our money and time!!! Zimbabweans are a bunch of idiots. Actually, we need to chase them out of this country. They are holding us down!!! The are teaching our students in colleges and primary schools some funny maths, computer skills, english etc. We dont need zimbabwe!!! To hell with it. Kill all zim people around! Bastards.

    Asaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Big up Thoko Banda. We dont need Mugabe and his big headed zimbabweans! They are thieves.

  23. chamutengure says:

    Thank God this Thoko Banda Guy is not going to Zimbabwe. It really would have been an insult to the people of Zimbabwe , a country with a high literacy rate to be seen interacting with a guy who lies about his academic qualifications and is even ashamed of his home area. I wonder who is an idiot this Thoko Banda or our erstwhile president Cde Robert Mugabe. What is surprising is that the Malawian Government is aware that this IDIOT is not a man of letters yet they still consider him for a diplomatic posting. How can a man with a warped up Colonial mentality be representative of a country like Malawi. Malawi has got a lot of Degreed people i wonder why there are fussing about this idiot whose only claim to education is being able to speak English, which he acquired by osmosis i.e having been accorded the chance to live with English speaking people.

    1. drakes says:

      This is a very bad comment coming from a disgrunted person, and I dont buy his analysis because what I know is Mugabe is an evil person has maimed and killed many people who were our brothers. Right now he wants to kill mama Mujuru and Thoko Banda should stand by what he said and not be cowed down by jelousy people, there is a life outside Government.

  24. mai nsato says:

    Chaponda, you are a disgust. Is Banda a celebrity or what? Please Malawians and those at parliamentary committee, call for all Malawians’ CVs and pick from there possible diplomats. There are many Malawians with 3 to 4 degrees but choose low profile in the society. Is him celebrated because he is a son of Aleke or what? Do you want me to list guys that went to Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, from Malawi. Who is this Banda? Is he like Roy Kachale also.
    Peter, when I read your 46 minute CV, was convinced that you are better off educated than Bingu because you got your first and masters degrees from London. Remember Kamuzu after America, he went to UK to re-study and kept own saying that he did so because degrees from America are not trusted. To me any degree from America if it is not Harvard or Yale, sorry that person is not learned. So who is this guy that has not proper degree. Typical of aTonga like Zikhale who has no MSCE and first undergraduate degree yet calls himself dr. kzn. I have used lower case d, you why???? find out

    1. Mugonapamuhanya says:

      You are thinking colonial buddy. Gone are the days when American education was looked down upon. The best universities in the WORLD are American. Keep updating yourself.

    2. JohnM says:

      Is that English? I have an American degree and I may not be learned but I can write better than you can.

  25. Katsande says:

    You should see how Mugabe is persecuting his own party members and Vice President to realise it was a wise move not to bring Banda here.
    The man can go any length to defend his dictatorship despite him being over 90.

  26. Katsande says:

    This Banda man is an instant hero in Zimbabwe.
    Its sad many Africans want to legitimize Mugabe out of undeserved diplomacy rather than out of common sense and his poor record.
    Yet You as Malawians endured your own brutal Kamuzu.
    This is the stage we still live in of intimidation, voter rigging, propagandas, oppressions and poverty and intolerance.

    No need for hypocritical diplomacy. Mugabe is evil and the world must condemn him.

    1. A joke! says:

      The hypocrisy with MR Thoko Banda is that the same issues that he is concerned about are happening in Malawi but he has not said a thing about it. He never said anything when his father was part and parcel of an oppressive regime.

  27. Malindima says:

    Banda the opportunist! There are many brilliant people like me that can represent Malawi in Zim.
    Dr Chaponda, APM; please contact me . I will serve my country very well!

  28. Tsoka liyenda says:

    There is no need to strip him of the diplomatic post, HE ALREADY FAILED THE INTERVIEW! that should have been the end of discussion period!!!! Now, from now onwards please don’t entertain him . Thanks

  29. Mashupo says:

    Great, now lets move on! We have bigger fish to fry than dwell on this chihuahua. Don’t entertain his barking anymore Lets see how we can move the country forward, we need to focus on our economy.

  30. kukukuki says:

    Koma Kwacha ikugwa bwanji kodi ayipanga devalue. Our leaders seems not knowing what to do.

  31. Namu! says:

    ThokoBanda’s Diplomancy’s story is on yahoo’s home page. Thoko Banda is being praised by many “commentors” ‘kkkk. Zosautsa.

    1. Mashupo says:

      Yahoo will not run the affairs of Malawi

  32. Nrima Ohambura says:

    Mr Thoko Banda is “everything a diplomat should not be”,his language,his conduct and demeanor would be a disgrace to any government in the world.Regrettably some see “a brilliant diplomat” in him.

    1. Zaithwa says:

      I totally agree, he is a loose chihuahua, doesn’t know when to stop barking.

  33. Moorhen says:

    Let me give you a heads up. I know this guy very well. Now that you have stripped him of the Diplomatic Mission he will focus all his energy to undermine the DPP government and bring down APM. He is that malicious. It is always his way or no way. I wish you had listened to my earlier warnings about this dude.

  34. Makwasa says:

    There’s a God!!!

  35. Honourable says:

    Hahahahahaha poor Thoko Banda was being assigned by an IDIOT to serve as his Ambassidor to a country ruled by yet another IDIOT. It was from idiot to Idiot. Kkkkkk but he unfortunately recognized only the idiot on one end and not the one in the sending country kkkkkk

  36. wilfred ziba says:

    Well everybody knows that the old mad man is indeed an idiot so why the worry. Thoko Banda was just being man enough to call him that, well congratulations Mr Banda you bit me to it, I wish it was me calling him an idiot, but you forgot about another fool behind the wheel, I wonder where he is driving us to……

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