Mutharika to visit his jail cell at Maula, Lumbadzi

President Peter Mutharika will on Wednesday visit Maula Prison and Lumbadzi Police holding cell where he was detained on treason charges.

As it were: When Mutharika was a treason suspect Peter Mutharika at the court

As it were: When Mutharika was a treason suspect at the court

State House press officer Chikondi Juma said President Mutharika will lead those that were arrested together with him and the entire Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) membership in retracing his roots.

According to the statement, the President will participate in painting of holding cells and offices at Lumbadzi   Police Station where he and 11 others were incarcerated as well as visit Maula Prison in the city of Lilongwe.

“The President’s involvement in these activities is to underline his philosophy and the commitment of his administration that no one in Malawi will be arrested on political grounds and that prisons should not be detention centres for punishment rather places for rehabilitation and reformation,” Juma said.

The cell where Mutharika was has been painted blue and the corner he slept has been dubbed “Freedom Corner”.

Mutharika lamented at his inauguration last year that he faced persecution under the previous regime when he alongside former Cabinet ministers in the Bingu wa Mutharika administration were charged with treason.

After winning elections, government dropped the case of Mutharika and DPP heavyweights charged alongside Mutharika includING Jean Kalirani, Kondwani Nankhumwa and Patricia Kaliati, Goodall Gondwe, Nicholas Dausi, Simon Vuwa Kaunda and Bright Msaka.

The State said the sitting President was immune to prosecution as stated in Section 91(2) of the Constitution which says: “No person holding the office of President shall be charged with any criminal offence in any court during his term of office.”

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130 thoughts on “Mutharika to visit his jail cell at Maula, Lumbadzi”

  1. This is very stupid. Akufuna ma compesation awa. But its not a right approach to get compesation. I thought this leader ndi wa nzeru. Am a Lomwe but am very ashamed for what APM has done. I apologise to all Malawians for what APM has done. Am very sorry.

  2. william says:


  3. sh ebraim isa says:

    The whole president going about painting cells?did he not been advised by those of his DPP that we are waste people’s money for nothing?

  4. I think what happened to you Mr. President and your comrades was good. Otherwise you would have thrown prison keys into the lake like your late brother who never bothered to think about those in prison. The 48 hours experience has made you somehow human and act biblical. How ever; may you be reminded that your treatment by the police boys was better than reality considering that you were a high profile remandee. Ask those inside for real traumatic experience of jail. So stop browing your little taste out of proportion for political sympathy. The painting of cells and food donations to inmates is your responsibility to them and not a gesture of kindnesses like you are trying to portray. You went there like every law breaker or criminal suspect and not as a visitor to earn a VIP treatment.

  5. amazing says:

    Koma Ku Malawi akukulowetsa uchitsiru anthuwa yeti.Zothi anthu akuvutika mapresdident akulowabzimenezo sakusamala ayi kodi ndi ufiti chain.Mmalo moth I mupange bungee lothandiza nkhalamba zikuvutika kumalawiko ayi koma kumangodya ndarama zaboma basi kuli kupanda ulemu.

  6. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    My goodness,this man sorry I cant even call him president because he does not look like one, speak like one and act like one.Malawians are you really that desperate? This man is hopless.This man and those surrounding him have no interest in serving Malawians The whole president going to visit a cell where he only spent 48 hrs| Poor poor Malawians|

  7. hahaha! bwinotu mwati sichamba (ganja) working in this oldman? advisors where are u?this is why we will remain the poorest

  8. chaoloka molele says:

    initially I thought malawians voted Peter and DPP on the grounds of good papers he has and leadership skills that comes with higher education. to my surprise am starting to learn that the party is a crap and lacks wise leadership as demonstrated by myriad mistakes done within a space of less than 24months. the guy seems to be sleeping and dreaming alot. you cant surely be a hero for staying 48hours in a prison cell, making the whole 13million plus pipo freeze at your presence on the road and else where. I wish his advisors were live and visionary considering that some of the pipo who voted for him are loosing trust by day. the guy needs some modification if things are to improve in our country. he has a big mountain to climb.

  9. kadamanja says:

    He will go back to the same cell soon, wait and see. He is a coward!

  10. OGO!! says:

    Fuck it….I blame Malawians..people could see this head is full of nothing. He is a total idiot for accepting such stupid things to be associated with him. Freedom Corner? What freedom? Its an insult to those who were jailed for our freedom.

    You guys had to be arrested you behaved stupidly and wasted Govt money for personal ambition. For disrespecting a deceased President, you had to be jailed. For trying to bar the vice president form assuming office had to be jailed so everything that happened then had a reason..n JB did not jump the gun it was the law. If JB had been doing what you guys are would not have even contested if they fast tracked your be proud but don’t insult people like this.

  11. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    Lock him up.Malawians how can you put up with this nonses? Where did you get this gick? Poor Malawi|

  12. Grace says:

    What freedom? Do you guys have any imagination? I dont think so.

  13. PM says:

    This is an insult there are people who have really suffered for this country. Real jail not the rubbish they are doing. umatchona ukubuta basi

  14. cash gate says:

    Abale 48hrs Munthu Ali Mu Selo Ndiye Mpaka Kuonongera Ndalama, A Pitala Shame On You, Ngati Mulibe Chifukwa Ndi Joyce Mwachitazi Mumachitilanji, Kodi Azilangizi Nchito Yawo Ndi Chani? Ku Office Kunalibe Ntchito? Mawatibowa Kwabasi

  15. Kabwafu says:

    Fredom corner? Which fredom

  16. Kadakwiza says:

    President visiting a corner of a prison cell? And lomwes are clapping hands saying the president have done a good job by visiting of a prison cell. A corner?

  17. osman usu justin says:

    Zauchitsiru zopusa zaugalu zaziii zaku…

  18. Mfwethu says:

    Saulosi please come back and sort out this mess, they waited until you had departed for Singapore and started this useless merry go round!!!!

  19. ras says:

    let him serve 27 years like mandela see how he comes out of it. he served a month or so & celebrating for what. lumbadzi & maula are small time jails Robben island was. you hindered the constitution you go to jail thats it. nothing to celebrate here.

  20. gogobawo says:

    muti mutisokosere apa inu dza dpp moti simunaone chifukwa cha chuke wanuyu kukakhala ku maula? Kamuzu anali ku gweru ukooo inu nde mwati mutisokosere ndi umbanda wanuwu. dyera ndilomwe linakulowetsani ku maula ndi lumbadzi inu munkayesa chaaaa. agalu inu wopanda mano mkamwa Malawi akuseweretsedwa ndi munhu oti sanalivutikire dzikoli Mulungu atithandiza ndithu muyalula tima pwepwe tanuto

  21. nabanda says:

    Shame on u APM 2gether with your party,kuononga ndalama zaboma pa zinthu za ziiii!

  22. Hoitty says:

    kodi mesa mudakana kuoota ku Maula inu.

  23. CALLISTER says:

    Peter you are an idiotic president. Freedom corner, for what? Do you know that what you did together with your fu…..ken midnight six was tantamount to coup! Why were you flying maliro a Daniel Phiri in disguise to buying tym to rape the constitution. Similar to what happenned to Daniel Phiri is around the corner. Tell your imbecile kudontoni to start digging your graveyard.

  24. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Let him go and visit his inmates criminals like him. After all thats where he belongs. Is it not true is a treason offense under Malawi constitution to be taken before justice after what he did? No one is above the law. After your tenure that file will be reopen.

  25. emeka says:

    The epitome of pettiness, emptiness, shallowness and all the trivia’s we associated with Joyce Banda`s rule is back. what happened to this educated professor? the man needs to grow up, you cant keep living in the past, its like Joyce kept on saying i was abused by my husband…blah blah…so what ? who cares? if he wants sympathy he should go get it from his wife. we don’t care whether he was arrested or not. we hired him to do a job and he is not doing a good job at the moment.

  26. Phwado says:

    That was indeed treason .Yu are just lucky bcoz joice anakukhululukirani otherwise u cud have been hanged by ur scrotums and labia majoras

  27. chatonda says:

    He wants to be called by his name. This clearly shows that the man has no work to do.

  28. popapo says:

    Mr President find time and read Nyasa Times, your Advisors are plotting your last breath. It is very shameful to be done by a learned President like you. Why ?

  29. Enidziko says:


  30. malawi says:

    i first i thought his idea of going there was to improve the prison standards since he is now aware on how bad those places are,but it shows its something political “why painting the room in blue” why calling that corner a freedom corner? this wont change our nation,am afraid that we may have a public holiday on this day, believe me

  31. male pipo says:

    Imene ija idali nthawi yovuta. U hv a reason to cerebrate a hardwon victory. Akutsutsa amakumbukira ngakhale useless things.

  32. Nangozo says:

    Wasting of time and resources.

  33. chikhwa says:

    What kind of freedom are we talking about here? People are struggling. People are crying. We wished we did better. I wished you remained there until….. We are in political, economic, intellectual and social bondage in Malawi. Mr President inu munatuluka koma mwatiika pa ukaidi woyendera ndithu! If anything the whole Malawi will be painted blue signifying bondage and state house “Bondage Corner” lol. Accept what you and your cabinet then and now did was wrong. Morally, spiritually, and culturally wrong. Zoona kubisa Maliro kuti mukhale pa udindo? Ndi izoo! We were free then than now. Komanso tiyeni tiyangane chitsogolo bwana osatikumbutsa mazunzo anu mutaiwala athuwa. Ngati ndalama zachuluka go paint a room at Chanco, Queens or donate to an orphanage.

  34. Bob says:

    Kkkkkkkk, hahahaha ati freedom corner kali kaCell. Zili paMalawi.

  35. Wozionera says:

    Tinakuuzani mtchona palibe chimene angapange, ndizimenezi, mapazi anu nonse amene munavotera zimenezi

  36. Boza twoboo says:

    For what Mr. Ibu,,you are just wasting time instead of developing this country,,,,,,what a shame president,,,,,umbuli basi

  37. The Patriot says:

    Linda madzi apite ndiye udziti wadala!! The case was dropped but who knows what will happen to the case 5 or ten years from now???? Only God knows!!!

  38. Balamanthu says:

    Akabwera-Mumutsekere momwemo and drive to Beira to throw the key into Indian Ocean because the prison cell is where he belongs

  39. aMUMA says:

    Z this serious?

  40. ujeni says:

    He wants to create himself a hero like Mandela and other local freedom fighters we have in Malawi. Iyeyu just went there for few minutes and we saw him reading newspaper and in a suit, Bwampini uyu ndithu

  41. Let the world gives what it has takes what it needs.

  42. Let the world gives it has takes it needs.

  43. Mzuzian says:

    Just how on earth could these DPP (mis)advisors adopt a presidential name from ‘MZUZU CORNER’????

  44. me says:


  45. KANDAWE says:


  46. Kandapako says:

    Kenaka mumva kuti jail cell imeneyi ndi National Monument…..if not the whole Kanengo Police Station being declared a National Monument. Chamba chake chakumwa ndithu!!!

  47. dadaboma says:

    All this show is intended to justify the witch-hunt for Dr JB. APM started talking about his arrest under JB’s rule right at the beginning of DPP’s euphoria following their “win” of elections. Even APM’s inaugural speech had lamentations of having been arrested on “trumped-up” charges. APM will not stop gloating about his arrest until he arrests JB. And yet this APM had the daring to hide his brother’s death; flying a dead body for “treatment’ all the way to RSA, spending 12.4 million MK in the process, just to seek ways of raping the constitution and usurp presidency from the rightful candidate. The best APM can do is it to be quiet about his arrest and focus on the country’s economic problems. But the problem is not with his advisors. Those who say so are trying to run away from blaming themselves for having voted wrongly. APM should never have been voted for presidency. He has no track record justifying peoples’ voting for him. Now the country is sinking further into poverty, and APM has no clue what to do. Vuto ndi anthu ovota. Nonse amene munavotera APM ndinu mbuzi; munatiwonongera dziko; shupit.

  48. Jonjo says:

    Fake president at state house. You never fought for any freedom in Malawi. People were arrested for opposing Kamuzu e.g. Baklili and Chihana but Bakili never commemorated his arrest after ruling this country for 10 years. Mr. president God will punish you. Why waste resources when the country is in dire poverty? Shame! shame! shame! A Malawi kusamva you vote for anything including this madeya president. This country will never develop even after 200 years shaaa…

  49. Mr Ibu says:

    Waste of time.

  50. Gwejula says:

    Za ziiiiih

  51. Kaliati Galu says:

    zitsiru za a galu inu a DPP. Which freedom did you fight for? You were arrested for treason which was VERY TRUE. Zigawenga ngati inu sinaone. Why blinding people here/ do not politicise everything you a Galu.

  52. If the president was thinking right, this is one of those things he would not want to remember. Asayiwale if they are to dig the background of that arrest, it was simply because ‘amabisa maliro’ a president wa dziko because of power hungry and not the love of his brother. Peter tortured his brother to hell – kumuthyola thiti, kumuwoletsa, made him lose his dignity in death ( imagine, nurses and pilots from south Africa refusing to carry his body). Honesty, Peter and Dpp your action calls for repentence and not cerebration. It Peter’s action that warrented him the arrest, and HE SHOULD KNOW ‘MULANDU SIUWOLA’

  53. imfa ikayandikila m’mayamba ndi mkhutu kugotha! Remember a man who was born Webster Thom, sneaked into the presidency as Bingu wa mutharika succumbed to cardiac arrest as Daniel Phiri!!

  54. Jihad John says:

    surely not a good idea. Poor sick and useless advisers. Was it not treason? Why do want to make Malawians believe that politicians cannot get arrested. That each time akamangidwa ndiye kuti it is political. This was clearly a case of treason. Which freedom did APM fight for? Freedom for himself and we should take on this as a nation? No wonder we are the poorest and we will remain as such with this kind of shit.

  55. Gondwa says:

    This is seriously bullshit. Am failing to travel for business outside Malawi because my passport is not yet out at the Immigration Dept. Why? Govt owes a supplier ‘TechnoBrain’ Millions for its passport accessories supplied long ago and the supplier has folded its hand on all supplies to the Dept. For close to a month now the Immigration Dept is not issuing passports. How much is this silly visit to these cells going to cost? Why can’t such money being spent to satisfy personal desires be spent on priorities of national interest? This country sucks!!!!

  56. Ndiyankhulepo says:

    iweyo unkachitiranji?

  57. kanunkha says:

    kkkkk boma liri mmanja mwa agalu!! hehehehe, kuvota kwa amalawi kukuwachitira umboni tsopano tiyeni nazo, i guess this is more importatnt than umphawi uli mmidzimu!!!!

  58. Mrs Ben Phiri Pitala Mathanyula says:

    Who is paying for this circus? This is gross abuse of govt funds. Did parliament provide extra funds on the State House vote for this buffoon to misuse? Who advises this fool? Does he compare himself to the original Ngwazi from KU who spent time in Gweru Prison as a political prisoner? His case was criminal, we all know!

  59. Anzathu says:

    Kodi wakuwuzani ndani kuti pali nkhani ya ku Gwero apa. Ngati mulibe chonena, kumangokhala basi.

  60. Jelbin mk says:

    To call a spade by its name his arrest was not political coz he violated the provisions of the constitution which makes this trip baseless, stupid,nonsense,daft,myopic and dunderheadrous.

  61. ujeni says:

    Mediocrity of leadership. He said he was going to be an office president but look at his travels, nchwala ceremony in Zambia, going for valentine party, going to Mhlakho ceremony, going to BEAM party, opening HTD warehouse

  62. Muhiye Mwana says:

    Akulu akulu, ine ndikuwona kuti nkhaniyi ikupita kwa JB ngati mwini CASHGATE! Sipaja apolisi akuti tiwauze amene ali ndi chuma chakuba? Lutepo analakwitsa! Koma kumeneko JB! Mphamvuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Kwa ifeeeeeeeeeeee!

  63. SAKHAREYA says:

    Is this visit really necessary?

  64. Chemjambe says:

    God please heal this sick and pathetic nation of ours, we come to you with our humble hearts and souls. We are really tired of having visionless leaders. Give us the spirit of hardworking as with our friends in other countries, make us people with a purpose. We are tired of being poor. Amen

  65. jmc says:

    Why wasting our taxes like that, oh poor Malawi wake up!

  66. Kaka says:

    Tikamati misala timanena zinthu ngati zimenezi. How can the whole President kumapita kukaona kumene anasungidwa atalakwira lamulo?? Worse still, painting the cell with blue colour and naming that corner kumati freedom corner. Whose freedom did he fight for. We fought our own freedom long time ago that’s why we have the martyrs. This simply shows or tells us kuti sakudziwa kuti President ayenera kutani, ntchito zake ndi zotani…. Lucky him kuti he is immune to be taken to court kukayankha milandu according to our constitution. Otherwise he don’t deserve the presidency….. Ambuye chonde tilandireni munthuyu watilaka ife a Malawi. President opanda nzeru, chindere chakufikapo!!!

  67. Maximum Prison says:

    Amene zikumu nyasa akakolope Nyanja apo biii azipita kwa JB kuja ku refugee camp anathawira kuja! One President at a time. Lero ife olamulira tipange zimenezi basi!

  68. Trust Kamanga says:

    Oooh ma goodness

  69. ine says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Kusowa ntchito ndithu, kulaka-laka ndende. You better read about Mandela or Kamuzu.

  70. Yokwiya says:

    Are they trying to rekindle memories of the demise of one Daniel Phiri. Foolish midnight six Pxsiiii!!!!!

  71. Patriot says:

    Number one Poorest Nation in the World we will remain.

    Akuyendetsa dzikoli ndi Ben Phiri (ati ndani uyu pulezidenti ndaniyu anamuyika mmbotolo).
    KAGWIRENI NTCHITO KU OFESI KWANU BABA osati zopanda ntchitozi. Zitipindulira chani ife amalawi ZOPUTSAZI???

    Guys apa ndi pamene muziwe kuti ndalama za boma akuomolamo osati masewera, angakafunse ndani kuti chuma chiri mmatumba awowo chikuchokera ku misonkho yathu? Ndani? Apa ndi pamene akuba koopsya chifukwa si ndalama za ma donors.

    Dzikoli lilidi mwa mau anu big man “manja mwa agalu”.

  72. Chizatso Phiri says:

    The problem of having a clown president, where is this taking us to malawians.
    ? God have mercy on us.

  73. Nyambitoni says:

    what are you smoking at the State house?

  74. Kaidi says:

    Hardly Surprising….Paja he was Chairman of a Gay Club at Wisconsin State University ameneyu!…he celebrates stupid things….Abomination

  75. Zoona ? ? says:

    These idiots had no money to hold a decent memorial for the Martyrers who were killed in Nkhata Bay …..and yet they are ready to spend K20,000,000 for this fun ride ? That is what this trip will cost.
    (Fuel, hire of lorries for supporters, police allowances, allowances for supporters,(paid for from para statals as part of the eating) allowances for Peter entourage and himself, contingency fund, and outright cash gating by the accounting staff, the list is endless)

  76. Likoma Economist says:

    The level of stupidity in DPP govt just amazes me.

  77. sikusinja says:

    When Bingu was about to die he did a lot of senseless things. This is deja vu with the Mutharikas.

  78. jp says:

    Koma abale pitala ncitsiludi eti? He thinks kuti ndipo ptate WA ndale pa Malawi pano, freedom corner was he arrested fighting for freedom? Is he a freedom fighter? Garudi ameneyu? Bwanji osalemekeza chihana komanso ena ambiri amene anasauka ndikufela ufulu?

  79. Biti foloko says:

    I would have respected him if he visited Robert Chasowas Family or indeed his burial place!..Iwe Mbuzi eti?…paja Bingu had three Death a Dates Eti mpaka kuola stupid idiot!

  80. big laden says:

    Ichi ndiye chitsiru cha munthu basi. Za masanje basi? Ndiye u professor umenewo? Ngati mwana olisha n’gombe

  81. Getrude Mutharka says:

    Ichi ndiye chomwa madzi ometela ichiii

  82. Mwena Malawi Origin says:

    Bwanji kukayendera mawanja amene anaphedwa pa 20 July ndi kuphedwa kwa Robert Chasowa MANYAZI a galu inu. ndizakhala mu office kodi ndi ntchito ya office imeneyo ?

  83. charlie says:

    Foolish president. That’s where he learnt and tauhght others how to rob

  84. chefourpence says:

    kodi atumbuka mukutukana chani? Mumva kuwawa simunati? Inu mumatibowa ndi makoswe anu a anafa pa 20 July aja. Mumati apite kwa amanu? Hule lanu limayanda-yenda lija mumangoti phwi chifukwa abale anu amaba ndalama! Get a life! Mfwe mfwe chani apa!

    1. Mbanangwa says:

      The president has goofed 100% today, ill advised, instead of making political gains, you have de-campaigned yourself a lot. It is a shame. You drained tax payers money and you have yielded nothing, brainless advisors are digging a pit for you. You will ask me on 6 months time. Learn to sift things in life.

  85. Kadakwiza says:

    Now I understand why Malawi is the poorest country in Africa and the entire world. Because of useless leaders we had like this one now. Mr president must know that people are dying of hunger in Malawi. This president is useless. He is suppose to be busy planning to create jobs, instead he choose to visit a corner, A corner? Malawi is doomed.

  86. Freedom Corner hater says:

    Palibe nzeru apa.President anali Kamuzu.I don’t know for how long we will live with this kind of crap in MalawiThere is so much mediocrity in leadership in Malawi.He seems he doesn’t have anything to do at the state house probably Mr Airtel money Saulos should take over.Malawi has alot of problems than wasting tax payers money burning fuel painting some stinking cells with blue paint.

  87. hastings says:

    Za ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  88. Matey U .Mopiya says:

    Koma these guys are clowns kulakalaka “Gwero Prison” you never fought for any freedom the presidency was handed to him on the silver platter .Is this the reform we are talking about .Lets take this bald headed guys out of town

  89. uncle Bob says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  90. mwenecho says:

    This is the result of having a bunch of myopic people masquerading as presidential advisors

  91. ndadabwa says:

    kaye nkhopeyo!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. sinthole,manondo,mphwiyo,lutepo says:

    pitala ndi alomwe anzakewo ndi mbuzi,,iyeyo kukhala woyamba kumangidwa chani? munapha anthu inu a dpp pa 20 july mumakanika kukawamangira ziliza,,why wasting money on a stupit iniative zigawenga inu?

  93. nkunthamasese says:

    paint all prisons and police holding cells n Malawi. The situation is pathetic. use a better colour not blue.

  94. KUDONTO wa DPP says:

    Koma chamba si chabwino! Utsogoleri wavuta apa! Freedom Corner ndiye kuti chani? M’malo momagwira ntchito zenizeni dziko lisinthe, koma Malawi ngwatsoka ndi ife a DPP

  95. edda mwalweni says:

    Mr president no medicine in our hospitals , poor salaries to civil servants now you want to spend some millions on nonsense things like those! Shame on you. The arrest was not political but this trip is not only political but also baseless.

  96. Chimani. Game says:

    chimimba,uko,months,wamkulu,kaka won’t,née de,ukundiyetimatikupusa,kusowa,chochita

  97. Davido Shutup says:

    Awa nde masanje enieni makosana. Someone should tell me that this is just a ‘JOKE’…

  98. JIHAD JOHN says:

    Next,this day will be made a national holiday kikiki

  99. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Hon J Z U Tembo was also a political prisoner the time Eleson Bakili Muluzi was in power. How many Malawians have suffered under Kamuzu , Maluzi and Daniel Phiri ?
    Should Malawians go on the street to demonstrate for the death of their beloved ones who were over 20 people killed under your brother’s Daneil Phiri
    leadership ? It seems that you even want to make your two days treason criminal arrest as a public holiday . Malawi is in mess really.

    Pitala Munthalika your case was a criminal case , don’t politicise it please .
    What type of a lawyer are you ?The Malawi Electoral Commision corruptly gave us an insane political tyrant , is Malawi really serious to have this idiot to be appointend as a country leader with a population of over 15 million of people ?
    Please , God , forgive Malawians ,why can’t you take this so called president to a place called a graveyard and have him kept there until the day of judgement just as what you did with Daniel Phiri who was his direct his brother born from the mother and father with him ?

  100. Malindima says:

    I like the idea! Malawi Prisons are so pathetic, neglected and not institutions for correctional services but punishment centers. Recently you witnessed the the graduation of Prison Wardens you reiterated that you want this institution to be for correctional services. Those who oppose your visit have never been remanded in custody where they have experienced the filthy blanket la nsabwe or where they got packed like saldins. Mr President, I support you for this visit and should be done to revamp these centers for they violate the human rights!

  101. moya says:

    We know the main aim of the trip is to visit cash gate victims who were siphoning money for DPP , beginning with the master mind Namata. Akatopa ndimundende awulula basi.

  102. Mr president u r nt serious……where do u tek us fo? Dnt owz buy insults frm ur felow countrymen mr president….dnt b lafing stock fo ur felow countrymen n our nebaz plz plz………umean uhav no serious bznes to do dan dis?ibeg to differ!

  103. Mustack Ommar says:

    Dziko lili mmanja mwagaludi ili….

  104. Pimbiton says:

    Stupid advisors 4 a stupid ruler. Wats the fucken sense?

  105. Bob says:

    How much are you going to spend Mr Fool and your entourage on this useless trip?

  106. Kachindani Jean says:

    Kumangidwa kwa 2 days koma pokopokopoko. A Chihana, a Orton Chirwa, A Very Chirwa, Gwanda Chakwamba or even kamwana aka ka Atupele anakhala mndende nthawi yayitali ena mpakana kufela kundende komweko on tramped up charges.

    Koma uBwampini siuposa apa. Munthu uyu nigaludi zedi.

  107. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Heheheheheee! What the f…!

  108. katakweka says:

    Koma abale zinazi zakumaliseche basi.freedom corner ndiye kuti chani

  109. دج says:

    koma zoti lelo ndagona ndinjala munthuyu akuziwa?‎‏ ‏ngati akuziwa andithandiza bwanji? komansotu siine ndekha mmalawi muno! komatu sikufuna! owowo.

  110. bonya says:

    Poor advice to the president. What freedom corner and whose freedom did you fight for? Kudzikwata ndi chala.

  111. Mweneeeeh!! says:

    Koma chamba si zinthu. Was it not treason? Which freedom came from that corner?

  112. bilimankhwe says:

    Ok so this is what the idiot will do as development?

  113. Bob says:

    Hahahaha. Kusowa chochita abale paMalawi

  114. nyau dancer says:

    Kkkk……i think there is nothing to do at state house.

  115. bokhobokho says:

    Chitsiru chakufikapo. Is this sensible?

  116. kaphaizi says:

    Useless government. Nothing to do

  117. kavala says:

    Chimunthu chobisa maliro mfiti galu

  118. kavala says:

    Take ths person to mental hospital please. Very childish

  119. ujeni says:

    Waste of time. The who President and entourage doing masanje in the poorest country on earth. People, dont get suprised we are poorest. Clueless President doing masanje

  120. kapena says:

    Kodi uyu ali ndi ma advisor abwino oti miti ikuyenda? Misala kapena waiting for cardiac arrest again? Useless

  121. kapida says:

    Stupid president wasowa zochita. Choncho ungatukule malawi?

  122. kavala says:

    Kodi wosowa zochita eti?

  123. katundu says:

    This lunatic what is it he wants to do? Cardiac arrest ili pafupi. Paja mbale wako amateronso

  124. citizen osabisa mau says:

    The Treason charges were not political Mr President.
    Inu mpaka kubisa maliro a bro wanu? Mulibe ufiti inu?
    If Malawians were not intellectually challenged, I am sure you could not have been voted Into office ever.
    Muthokoze umbuli wa a Malawi inu

    This Is a waste of time

  125. Iyeyo says:

    Utter nosense, for how long was he held up in those facilities? Making an ant look like an elephant

  126. Chidongo says:

    Zachamba and time wasting. Find something better and beneficial to do please. Anthu opanda nzeru inu. Reminded of the wise HKB not these dogs.

  127. ken says:

    games games childish.

  128. Kwaderatowi says:

    Zazii, ichi ndiye kaya ndithu!

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