Mutharika ‘too busy’ to meet PAC over presidential powers, national issues

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has reportedly postponed the meeting which he was scheduled to have on Tuesday with quasi religious body, the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to discuss possibility of reduction of presidential powers among other key issues.

Mutharika to find time to schedule PAC meeting soon

Mutharika to find time to schedule PAC meeting soon

PAC executive director Robert Phiri said government has told the influential group that the meeting with President Mutharika has been postponed indefinitely.

“Government said they will communicate to us on a new date,” said Phiri.

Government spokesman Jappie Mhango confirmed that a meeting was “proposed for March 29” but pointed out that President Mutharika’s busy schedule has made it impossible to “schedule” it.

“The President’s meeting with PAC will be held in not too distant future,” said Mhango.

PAC spokesman Father Peter Mlomole said the grouping will furnish the President on the resolutions at their 5th All Inclusive Stakeholders Conference where the opposition voiced calls for the Head of State to step down.

The organisation would also raise the issue of reducing the presidential powers.

But Mutharika is on record saying he was set to veto any bill aimed at reducing his presidential powers.

There have been concerns that the President has excess powers that include the appointment of statutory corporations that include of tax payers funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation that has now compromised its public broadcaster status as it is more of the ruling party propaganda machine than a public broadcaster.

PAC held a two-day stakeholders conference under the theme Defining Solutions to Economic and Political Direction in Malawi with efforts to find solutions to the problems dogging the country.

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every person is a busy one ,what more a president? so what is needed is being able to assign time to precious issues first, even those in PAC are busy people.


ali busy chani apa. kapena zaumathanyula zomwezotu!!

al hajh

Ali busy ndi chani iyeyo??? Ife amene tinamuvotera adzitiopsezanso? Apite akakumane ndi PAC uko. Za Chamba eti. Leaders should not excell above the citizens. Tinakuikani pa mpando ndife and you should be accountable to us. Dziko la Malawi likupanga ndalama, but surprisingly mukuti ndalama kulibe pomwe you guys are getting richer each passing day. Ndalama zikupita kuti? I need answers Mr. President.

Francis Kamanga

Reducing of presidential powers or central government powers. which is which here? Is it decentralization, devolution or federalism? what system of government do u call this then? U want presidential powers to be reduced. where will these other powers be delegated to? Is there going to be regional governments? in to understand plz help me.


I fail to understand why you are criticising the president, kodi amalawi mudakhala bwanji? Munthu akuti alibusy imu mukuti walakwitsa kukhala busy kkkkkkkkkkkk seriuos? Ngati zili.ndale ndiye zopeperatu


APM is coy to engage with the people he is supposed to lead. He failed to attend parliament to answer questions because his advisors told him that he is answerable to no one. Probably he only leads his friends not all Malawians. But he has to grow up and take the mantle of leading ALL Malawians by working in their interest with utmost honesty and integrity!


Tatopanazo Kod Mtsogoleri Wabwno Adzapezeka?


Pac stop wasting time lets just do what is supposed to be done Lets do plan B coz amalawi atopa ndikudikila


APM has done a good thing of not allowing PAC members not to meet him , all what PAC guys wanted was to go and eat with APM , people who attended PAC meeting they already made their resolutions and when everybody went away the PAC executive members were given money and they made their own resolutions to please APM and his DPP government , that’s why today we are seeing Kapito walking with prakers along BT roads castigating Chakwera and praising APM.


Mavotavota ife sitinavotere gulugufeyu tili chete tikuonerani. Inu munaona kuti presidential candidaate amalengezedwa usiku komanso kulumbira mukhoti? Dzifunseni ndi kudziyankha.

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