Mutharika upbeat to heal Malawi economy, launches investments handbook

President Peter Mutharika used his address during the launch of Malawi’s first-ever Bankable Projects Compendium – Malawi Investments Projects Handbook – to express  confidence that  his government will  heal  the country’s ailing economy.

President Mutharika with Zimbabwean Ambassador to Malawi Cde Thandiwe Dumbutshena (left) and then showing the booklet to the guests who attended the function at Kamuzu Palace.-Photo by State House press office

President Mutharika with Zimbabwean Ambassador to Malawi Cde Thandiwe Dumbutshena (left) and then showing the booklet to the guests who attended the function at Kamuzu Palace.-Photo by State House press office

Mutharika presided over the launch of Malawi’s Investments Compendium and National Dialogue on Private Sector Development at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

The handbook follows President Mutharika’s directive — upon his return from the Washington US Africa Leaders’ Summit — to all Ministries to produce a compendium of investment opportunities that would be used to woo potential investors in the country.

Mutharika said he  is committed and determined to change Malawi from a predominantly importing and consuming economy to a predominantly exporting and producing economy and to graduate Malawi’s economic status from aid dependency.

He also said government will strive to reduce public expenditure, guaranteeing the independence of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, strengthening public financial management systems and ensuring a restoration of donor confidence.

“Taking into account the current economic situation, there is no better time than now for government and the private sector to share notes for the good of our beloved country, Malawi,” Mutharika pointed out.

He noted that  that the compendium presentations by some business, trade and economic experts were top-class.

The presentations included ‘Doing Business In Malawi’ by the Bankers  Association of Malawi (BAM), ‘Challenges Affecting the Private Sector’ by the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) and ‘Malawi Projects Compendium’ by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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this man is living in a dream world.


APM says he ‘will strive to reduce public expenditure’ and then he gives himself an 80% salary increase! Who is this man kidding? No one in their right mind would ever entertain investing in Malawi. There is no viable infrastructure, corruption is rife, strikes are commonplace, transport is a total mess, fuel is expensive, etc. etc. What APM knows about economics and financial management could be written on the back of a postage stamp with room to spare. The man is a fool. His only interest is in self-enrichment.


What authority has booklet really got? Is this a national policy or another DPP manifesto translation? Until Malawi establishes a long term economic strategy all these workshop outputs will be nursery rhymes “Incey Wincy Spider…”


Like his brother, he lives in wonderland. The book has magic and will automatically bring investors.

maonga Village

Big Goat kapena kuti mbuzi

victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi
victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi

Let’s all support the this move. Min. of Finance and Dept of Immigration, do not allow foreigners who come into the country to establish shops and hawkers to import goods for sell, externalizing our finances, instead allow only manufacturers. miners and agricultural producers to invest here. City councils, Malawi Housing Corporation and Dept of Lands, stop selling land in favour of foreigners.

What makes you think that just because you have a book the investors will come. Mr president you forgot to address the most important facets that attract investors to any country. Particularly a poor country like ours. For argument’s sake let me ask you this, Why would an investor choose to locate in Malawi as opposed to lets say Mozambique, or Zambia? Or better yet India? If you are seriously considering to attract investors to our country you need to be serious in a number of areas. (a) Security, security,security. Currently no investor can feel safe. Read US Embassy advisory.… Read more »
Those who have studied the dynamics of Foriegn Direct Investment will understand that Matako has outlined drivers that attract FDI. In addition to what Matako has said, the issues of kickback or kickforwards demanded by govt officials including Ministers, the bureaucracies, the leaking buckets (MK92B) and many others have a bearing on how we are perceived as an investment destination. You will notice that the kind of investors that we attract are the crooks who use the lack of patriotism of the state officials to reap off the nation. One examlpe is the mining investors which I believe has made… Read more »

Nonse amene mumadana ndi APM mwakwera yokuphwa mufune musafune ife tili nganganga pambuyo pa pulezident wolamulira, dpp woyeeeeeeeee mbuzi zosutsa nyoooooo

Fathi Alshab
persinally Apn should be ssen ti know the problems not hand nites kijs taecher to students about to write abexam. Apm wht not reversr the fliation of the Mwk, stop the judiary strije and others pending university. teachers primary school pupils. reversd the pasport visa hike licences taxes etc…its dowable jb did reverse vad laws fidex shortage donif cinfudence was restored and briught in nearly us1b in sux months.. aaa nwatani kodi bwana…..revisit appointments- nduna advizers &Boards compisition be more inckussive based on demograohucs region enthnicity gender etc..also reverse sale of state comoanies railways shirebyslibes airmalawi lajeservuces gameoarjs etc..uzitu bzatonse… Read more »

what are you saying? palibetu chikumveka apa. Chizungu, Chichewa zonse zosamveka. Ndiwe mtundu wanji wa anthu?


Kaya zanuzo

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