Mutharika upbeat to heal Malawi economy, launches investments handbook

President Peter Mutharika used his address during the launch of Malawi’s first-ever Bankable Projects Compendium – Malawi Investments Projects Handbook – to express  confidence that  his government will  heal  the country’s ailing economy.

President Mutharika with Zimbabwean Ambassador to Malawi Cde Thandiwe Dumbutshena (left) and then showing the booklet to the guests who attended the function at Kamuzu Palace.-Photo by State House press office

President Mutharika with Zimbabwean Ambassador to Malawi Cde Thandiwe Dumbutshena (left) and then showing the booklet to the guests who attended the function at Kamuzu Palace.-Photo by State House press office

Mutharika presided over the launch of Malawi’s Investments Compendium and National Dialogue on Private Sector Development at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

The handbook follows President Mutharika’s directive — upon his return from the Washington US Africa Leaders’ Summit — to all Ministries to produce a compendium of investment opportunities that would be used to woo potential investors in the country.

Mutharika said he  is committed and determined to change Malawi from a predominantly importing and consuming economy to a predominantly exporting and producing economy and to graduate Malawi’s economic status from aid dependency.

He also said government will strive to reduce public expenditure, guaranteeing the independence of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, strengthening public financial management systems and ensuring a restoration of donor confidence.

“Taking into account the current economic situation, there is no better time than now for government and the private sector to share notes for the good of our beloved country, Malawi,” Mutharika pointed out.

He noted that  that the compendium presentations by some business, trade and economic experts were top-class.

The presentations included ‘Doing Business In Malawi’ by the Bankers  Association of Malawi (BAM), ‘Challenges Affecting the Private Sector’ by the Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) and ‘Malawi Projects Compendium’ by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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49 thoughts on “Mutharika upbeat to heal Malawi economy, launches investments handbook”

  1. njovu says:

    this man is living in a dream world.

  2. jimbo says:

    APM says he ‘will strive to reduce public expenditure’ and then he gives himself an 80% salary increase! Who is this man kidding? No one in their right mind would ever entertain investing in Malawi. There is no viable infrastructure, corruption is rife, strikes are commonplace, transport is a total mess, fuel is expensive, etc. etc. What APM knows about economics and financial management could be written on the back of a postage stamp with room to spare. The man is a fool. His only interest is in self-enrichment.

  3. Vyapasi says:

    What authority has booklet really got? Is this a national policy or another DPP manifesto translation? Until Malawi establishes a long term economic strategy all these workshop outputs will be nursery rhymes “Incey Wincy Spider…”

  4. makito says:

    Like his brother, he lives in wonderland. The book has magic and will automatically bring investors.

  5. maonga Village says:

    Big Goat kapena kuti mbuzi

  6. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Let’s all support the this move. Min. of Finance and Dept of Immigration, do not allow foreigners who come into the country to establish shops and hawkers to import goods for sell, externalizing our finances, instead allow only manufacturers. miners and agricultural producers to invest here. City councils, Malawi Housing Corporation and Dept of Lands, stop selling land in favour of foreigners.

  7. Matako says:

    What makes you think that just because you have a book the investors will come. Mr president you forgot to address the most important facets that attract investors to any country. Particularly a poor country like ours. For argument’s sake let me ask you this, Why would an investor choose to locate in Malawi as opposed to lets say Mozambique, or Zambia? Or better yet India? If you are seriously considering to attract investors to our country you need to be serious in a number of areas.
    (a) Security, security,security. Currently no investor can feel safe. Read US Embassy advisory.
    (b) dependable infrastructure, electricity, accessible roads, No investor would invest in a country where level of production can not be guaranteed due to poor facilities such as electricity.
    (c) stable political environment. Right now there is strikes everywhere can you imagine what that is saying to ma potential investor? Deal with strikes and take them seriously. If people don’t get paid they don’t spend. So why invest in a country where there is very minimal disposable income?
    (d)Attractive rates of return on investment
    These are just a few things you need to work on before there is an slight hope of attracting investors . Right now you get a 3 out of 10. Which means no matter how hard you try to sing Kumbaya there is no hope in hell any smart investor would invest in Malawi. Ask me and I will tell you why. I give you E for effort how ever you will never see substantial investment coming to Malawi not in your life time anyways.

    1. tsetsefly says:

      Those who have studied the dynamics of Foriegn Direct Investment will understand that Matako has outlined drivers that attract FDI. In addition to what Matako has said, the issues of kickback or kickforwards demanded by govt officials including Ministers, the bureaucracies, the leaking buckets (MK92B) and many others have a bearing on how we are perceived as an investment destination. You will notice that the kind of investors that we attract are the crooks who use the lack of patriotism of the state officials to reap off the nation. One examlpe is the mining investors which I believe has made the economic situation for Malawi worse than it was before they came. They believe in bribing presidents, ministers and other officials in exchange for rousy contracts that do not benefit Malawi. This country needs a total transformational leader, a leader who will work and not spend 12 hour sleeping like a baby. We have learnt many lessons and we must get to realise that these old good for nothing idiots who are clueless on running govt affairs will take us nowhere.

  8. Namazavo says:

    Nonse amene mumadana ndi APM mwakwera yokuphwa mufune musafune ife tili nganganga pambuyo pa pulezident wolamulira, dpp woyeeeeeeeee mbuzi zosutsa nyoooooo

  9. Fathi Alshab says:

    persinally Apn should be ssen ti know the problems not hand nites kijs taecher to students about to write abexam.

    Apm wht not reversr the fliation of the Mwk, stop the judiary strije and others pending university. teachers primary school pupils. reversd the pasport visa hike licences taxes etc…its dowable jb did reverse vad laws fidex shortage donif cinfudence was restored and briught in nearly us1b in sux months..
    aaa nwatani kodi bwana…..revisit appointments- nduna advizers &Boards compisition be more inckussive based on demograohucs region enthnicity gender etc..also reverse sale of state comoanies railways shirebyslibes airmalawi lajeservuces gameoarjs etc..uzitu bzatonse isato mlahkhi ayi…..

    1. zebe says:

      what are you saying? palibetu chikumveka apa. Chizungu, Chichewa zonse zosamveka. Ndiwe mtundu wanji wa anthu?

  10. Kalanga says:

    Kaya zanuzo

  11. Pitala Failure says:

    Stop this blundering fool APM before he completely destroys Malawi. He is corrupt, tribalism, nepotist and a looter. Stop him before it’s too late.

  12. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    How can you heal the economy when you keep on looting in the name of NAC Gate and what we do not know you are doing behind the scenes you stupid Peter? It is easy to say than do. We need action not simply saying as you are sitting phwii! When you act it is an act of looting and more looting while the poor Malawian is starving.

  13. Bongololo says:

    Watondeka iwe, fumapo! Chisyo nge chibwatiko.

  14. Gimbogo says:

    Mbava ya Presdent inoganiza zokuba basi

  15. mada kuleso says:

    Ngati wina akuwona ngati boma ili lilephela, alemba mm’adzi. It’s this government that is well made to adress the inevitable challenges following the fallout from cashgate and WE SHALL OVERCOME.

  16. Sinthani says:

    Kamuzu did not waste time with this kind of paperwork! He had a set of upper class advisers whom relied upon for direction of key investment opportunities. He was just doing it! I mean action oriented brains! This is what Malawi is missing since the era of multiparty regimes. He remained in the class of his own 20 years down the line. We have only leaders who action oriented when thieving public resources. What a shame!

  17. Chistilu cha munthu says:

    what is wrong with this Guy, he can’t seem to do anything right. He is so out of touch with reality. Malawi is one of the most illiteratestates. How many people are to read that stupid book? Dude you need to get off your butt and work!

  18. Alungwana says:

    Tsamba Likagwa, apapa Pitala wachita chanzeru chanji?

  19. Flyboys says:

    Long Plan Ndiya Bwino Bvuto La Todays Ppl Timafuna Zachangu Pali Mwambi Umene Timati Quick Fire Always Runs Dry ,ndifukwa Tokha Amlw Tilibe Cidwicoya Mbisa Company Koma Kufuna ntchito Pamene Tili Ndi Kuthekela Koyambisa Small Scale Company

  20. Nac Gate says:

    I quote ” taking into account the current financial situation there is no better time than now for givernment and the private sector to share notes for the good of our beloved country Malawi” Muntharika pointed out.

    Is this to do with NACGATE notes/ Money sharing with Journalists thru Palace? So the NGO shared with Mlakho &Beam as pointed out. Oh ok.

  21. Mingo says:

    Thats where u hv to stand,strong and wise.ur david to strike goriath selfish and greedy politicians,and thts where u stand,i caint wait to witness.

  22. Chalume says:

    The same old game…producing papers!

  23. Yetson Nkhoma says:

    Go ahead our APM,let pple know that you are not just watching. pliz help us to get out from this economic crisis. We are in problems sir.

  24. Timothy says:

    Two things APM:
    1. Thats theory, we need practicals and we need someone with know-how on implementing those ideas. Just putting your thoughts on paper absolutely mean nothing to a poor person in the village.

    2. That book might work for Mulli Brothers and all big corps. What about a peasant farmer/ family shop owner in the deep rural area? Who is going to read and interpret it to him? I mean it is in english right? That is why we need you SPEAKING to us, not taking down notes and printing them for us to read on our own. You can use radio, tv and rallies for that.
    WHILE we are at it, can someone please check where the money for publishing the book came from? For all we know, we are talking about another book-gate here. With Pitala, you never know.

  25. Jimmy says:

    Stupid promises,how can you heal the economy yet your the one looting public funds for personal gains without addressing the concerns of Malawian people.You have already proven do not sympathise with poor people regarding the current situation in Malawi,hence you must go.

  26. Jimmy says:

    For Donor confidence your too late you would have started before NACGATE & CASHGATE.Donors are pregnant with anger towards your stupid administration of looting public funds.

  27. namatetule says:

    I have always suspected anyone who peddles themselves as professors and wants to pick up politics.The end result is almost always this.Books!!! I want to believe that in the long term,assuming anyone will take this memo/book or pamphlet seriously,the book will be useful.Short to medium term,dealing with grounding the kwacha and with some macro/microeconomic parameters would be ideal.
    on a lighter note,do you suppose by any chance that the illeterate Malawians will read this memo/pamphlet/book? Even the so called educated ones,you think they give 2 dimes and a fuck to read anything at all?the only education we have been taught,and the reading that matters to many riff raff Malawians, by our trash universities is to learn how to pretend to be educated,arrogance and Cash gating!!!As for my fellow poor Malawians,lets brace for hard times!! I believe tikayamba kufa ndi njala or any hunger related issues,the president will produce another book!!!!What a nation of crowns!!!

  28. khamani!! says:

    Unfortunately your actions make that book just theory, even lies actually. Give back NAC money ! You are speaking of independence of economic entities yet you bulldoze them at the same time ? Do you have shame ?

  29. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    APM please stop accepting bribes from Indians and instead ask them to pay their taxes and treat Malawians workers in an acceptable manner and to pay their workers a good wages. What investments are you promoting? Do you know what investments are? No for what you know best is:
    1) Tribalism
    2) Nepotism
    3) Corruption
    4) Looting NAC
    5) Looting Ministries
    And by the way we cannot understand your mumbling way of speaking.

  30. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Mabvuto Bamusi is another idiot now, i heard him talking rubbish on Mutharika Broadcasting Corporation. Benson Tembo also is now becoming a puppet of APM and DPP! koma Malawi yafika powawasa!!!!

  31. Ma battery a mlakho says:

    Action speaks louder than words!

  32. M'doko says:

    The mission is of book but to bring back our money and move out. We tired of you

  33. Nkhombokombo says:

    Politics is really a funny game. We’ve often heard the same type of tune but played in various different tunes. Malawi can not reduce the rate of consumption now because we are poor, instead it is becoming ever worse. As long as we don’t loby for industries to produce and manufacture the rate of consumption on foreign products and produce shall ever rise. Foreign Donors are increasingly losing confidence in us as we mishundle and interfere with the much talked about “cashgate” cases, the mismanagement of Donor funding in NAC and too much power experienced from the governing party. Gvt plans and projects are politically run. If we can experience the roles played the three arms of Gvt without nose pocking may be Donor confidence may return. Arrogancy unfortunately has hit us hard that we listen to advice given. Simple to pick and say but very difficult and hard to implement.

  34. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    Chilichonse angapange President koma kunyoza. Kodi ndimayesa amati if the boat sinks we will all sink. President akufuna kutukula dziko inu mukuti ai. You haters mungofuna kuti alephere in muziti zamukanika. Ayi ndithu pepani. this President will not fail. Mark my words. Bachedwani ndikutukwana. APM woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Congratulations bwana. Zaiunu timadziwa kale. Mulungu azikudalitsani ndikuwolikiza kukupatsani nzeru Malawi aone zina

    1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      He will sink alone. Bingu his brother sank with who?

    2. ndangodutsa chisale says:

      Mbuzi ya President ngati iyi sindinayambe ndaiyiona. Instead of solving issues of strikes that have paralyzed important sectors he is solving za unknown book. Ali ndwiii kugona.

  35. Alungwana says:

    We dont want written notes but we need tangible actions. Time for action and stop decieving Malawians.

  36. Mojamoja says:

    Too little too late. We need a short term solution, what you talking about is a long term solution bwana.

    1. Matokoso says:

      Short term solutions like what?

      1. Mamuna wa Chilonda says:

        Short term solutions like improving security in the country and improving the efficiency of the public sector. Basic things. There are many countries competing for investments – why should an investor choose to go to a country where things don’t work? A country where the major city supplies water through bowsers rather than pipes?

        APM has got things upside down – Malawi does not have low investment because it does not have bankable projects. Rather, Malawi registers low investment because basic things that investors take for granted [water, electricity, good roads, trained workforce, efficient public officers, reasonable tax regime, good communication facilities, etc] are hard to come by in Malawi. If we changed tack and invested in the basics first the investors would sit up and take notice and start flocking to Malawi.

        Rwanda is very similar to Malawi: Landlocked, densely populated, and with ‘few’ natural resources. However, the difference is that Rwanda is working on the basics mentioned above , especially ICT and ease of doing business, such that it is making great strides. All this despite the tragedy and devastation of 1994. Just producing a list of bankable projects without working on the basics is a complete waste of time…

      2. SILIYA says:

        THIS IS CAMPAIGN News nothing rlse !!

      3. Nabetha says:

        Mojamoja is right and it is not for him to find short term solution for this country. The government has to implement short term plans to rescue the nation from this economic crisis. Even a standard 6 pupil can make the same remarks as those made by what so called Zinjerthropus.

      4. ujeni says:

        Short term solutions like sorting the downward spiral of the kwacha and arresting now



    1. Saphwela says:

      Bravo APM

      A Mcp ndi pp zaka zisanu za nsanje

      Bwino chifukwa kuli BP

    2. Namu says:

      Hmmm Malawians Malawians, how come you are having worst presidents all the time?
      Yesterday it was JB and now it is APM, what’s the matter? What we should know is that life is not getting better anywhere in the world. The whole world is struggling. It’s not that they/he is the worst president no. He is trying his best and having sleepless nights as well. Please bear with him. May God bless Malawi and its people!

      1. tsetsefly says:

        We have the worst presidents always because the majority of voters are illiterate and semi-literate. They are unable to differentiate lies and substantial campaign. Often times voting is based not on what the candidate stand for but where they come from. For me the writing was on the wall that Peter had and has nothing to offer to the nation given the way he failed the ministries he headed during his brother’s regime. Now we have a situation where the nation needs to be encouraged but the man can not express himself in a manner that gives hope to the nation. Then you also hear from some circles that ‘ i dont care about they money the stole (MK92B). After all he did not pick it from my pocket.’ Fools indeed, don’t you know this money is what they mercilessly deduct from our peasant salaries and you dont care about it? Shameless he-goat.

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